Facebook Group Advocating Dangerous Doses Of Vitamin C, Niacin (B3) And Borax (Detergent), Meet The Vitamin C Cult

I campaign against quack treatments and I have been exposing charlatans that give unproven and dangerous treatments to children for over five years now.

I have given evidence in Court regarding the toxic bleach product MMS.

Learn more about MMS here and here.

I have recently found yet another Facebook group that is experimenting on babies and children.

This closed group has over 48,000 members.

It is one of the biggest groups I’ve seen on Facebook, it is called ‘Vitamin C & Orthomolecular Medicine For Optimal Health’

This group is giving medical advice to its members, yet none of the admins are doctors or health professionals.

See Admins in screenshot below.

Some admins are also selling products to their members.

Katie Gironda runs Revitalize Wellness, see below.

Katie is one of the founding members of this Facebook group, she sells products and dishes out medical advice even though she is not a doctor or a health professional.

By Katies own admission, she says this Facebook group is run by her own business, see in screenshot below.

See some of katies products in screenshots below.

Katie displays dangerous claims regarding Vitamin C preventing and even curing Cancer, see below.

Katie has videos on her Facebook page which are advising pregnant Mothers to take dangerously high does of vitamin C and she makes bogus claims about vitamin C making labour shorter and less painful.

Listen to Katie spew misinformation here.

Pregnant women and nursing Mothers should not take such high doses of vitamin C as it can put them and their babies health at risk.

Please read guidelines for vitamin C intake for pregnant women and nursing Mothers here and here.

Katies vitamin C chart displays dangerously high doses of vitamin C, see below.

Compare Katies chart to the recommended safe vitamin C doses issued by the department of health in table above, Katies doses are not safe, especially for babies, children and nursing Mothers.

Katie also tells pregnant women to take massive doses of vitamin C up to 5000 mgs/5 grams or more, the safe pregnancy daily allowance is 85 mgs.

Many pregnant women and Mothers of newborn babies are taking these high doses even when their midwives advise them not to, see some screenshots from Katies Facebook group below.

These Mothers call their babies vitamin C babies.

They are giving their babies and children dangerously high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Again these doses are not recommended, not safe and come with unpleasant and sometimes serious side effects.

Please see again the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C for babies and children in screenshot below.

Side effects of such high doses of vitamin C include vomiting, painful stomach cramps, diarrhoea and more.

High levels of vitamin C have also been linked to kidney stones, see below.

High doses of vitamin C can interact with prescribed medications, such as heart medications and Cancer medications, see below.

Learn more about this here, here and here.

Linus Pauling is one of the quacks noted for spreading misinformation about vitamin C, read about him here.

The people in this group believe that Vitamin C in very high doses can CURE all ills. Their babies and children are being fed dangerously high does of AA (Ascorbic Acid) and SA (Sodium Ascorbate ), they also use Lipo C.

These parents are also giving their children dangerously high doses of Niacin (vitamin B3)

Learn about safe levels of Niacin/B3 and its side effects here.

There are many posts in this Facebook group offering protocols to ‘treat’ Autism.

Niacin in high doses is strongly recommended for Autistic children.

This Facebook group is advocating dangerous levels of Niacin/B3 to children and breast feeding Mothers, see in screenshots below.

Katie who is not a doctor encourages high doses of Niacin for a child who is suffering from Cancer, see below.

There is no scientifically proven benefits to ingesting such high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3.

In fact it can cause serious side effects which can harm ones health.

These children are being dosed with dangerously high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3 when they are well, however if they get sick Katie and her admins tell parents to up the dose and encourages them to administer reckless amounts of these vitamins, sometimes every 15 minutes whilst their children are sick.

The other barbaric and torturous protocol used is the ‘vitamin C flush’

This is carried out to estimate your BT (Bowel Tolerance), meaning how much vitamin C can you ingest until your bowel explodes!

It is bad enough adults doing this but to see children being forced to suffer stomach pains, nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting which is what happens with a vitamin C flush, it is blatant endangerment.

They feed their children high doses of vitamin C until their children suffer watery diarrhoea, diarrhoea is DANGEROUS and can quickly lead to dehydration.

Parents are doing this for no biological reason whatsoever.

See screenshot taken from this Facebook group discussing the child vitamin C flush below.

As mentioned above side effects of vitamin C overdose are dangerous for babies and children, diarrhoea is not the only nasty side effect, rashes are common in this group, please see some upsetting images/posts taken from this Facebook group below.

Even adults are having serious reactions to these dangerous quack protocols, see below.

Please see some more crazy posts from this group in screenshots below.

MMS BLEACH is also being promoted, see below.

The other quack treatment they endorse is BORAX, parents are ingesting a laundry detergent and also administering this to their children, see posts below.

Teachers are even feeding this DETERGENT to children in school as seen in screenshot above.

Read about the dangers of BORAX here and here.

Most parents in this group are anti-vaccine and do not want to give their children safe and proven medications.

Many children are being deprived from receiving proper care and are instead being dosed with unproven and dangerous treatments.

There are people from all over the world in this group including quite a sizeable amount from Ireland where I live.

Most parents buy these products online.

Myself and others are repeatedly reporting groups like this to Facebook but Facebook do nothing.

In fact Facebook do not have a category for reporting such quackery, this makes it even harder for us to report such groups.

Facebook are offering platforms to quacks and anti-vaxxers and are allowing children to be experimented on with dangerous, unproven and unregulated products.

It is one thing adults experimenting on themselves but to see tiny babies and children being treated this way is unforgivable and disturbing.

Please report this group and alert all relevant authorities in your area, wherever that may be.

Thank you!

Crimes viewed as Mercy Killings

 An Irish Mother is currently on trial accused of playing a role in the death of her daughter.
This trial is happening because Police have evidence which links the Mother to this tragic event.
The little girl that died was 11 years old and was severely disabled.
Caring for a child with special needs can be very difficult, especially if you are not receiving proper supports.
I have Autistic children and I fully understand the lack of supports that are out there.
We see many disabled children murdered by their parents and carers.
I remember reading the awful story of a six year old Autistic boy who was killed by his Mother,
This is London in picture below, he loved to wear hats.
 London was thrown off a bridge.
The Mothers excuse for brutally killing her Son was that she could not take it anymore, she was not receiving enough support.
Then we have another case of an Autistic teenager stabbed to death by his mother, see Alex below.screenshot_2016-12-05-21-53-53-1
Again this Mother claims it was lack of supports that made her commit this heinous crime.
These are just some examples.
There are many more disabled children who are suffocated, poisoned, drowned.
Because they have a disability.
Because the parent could not take it anymore.
Then we see the media response, the comments on social media.
The majority of comments and media support the perpetrator.
The empathy is given to the person who committed these awful acts of violence.
We often see a brutal crime turned into a Mercy killing.
We see the child disappear from the equation.
Imagine those who are living with disabilities seeing these comments and media reports.
How it must make them feel.
How their lives are immediately seen as less then.
If an able bodied child is killed by a parent there is uproar, people rally around to have that parent charged and we read a completely different narrative in the media.
But if a disabled child is killed that seems to make it different?
Children have rights, disabled children too.
Nobody has the right to take someones life.
People have recently said to me that the trial of this Mother is unjust.
That she should not be under investigation.
Even though their is evidence linking the Mother to the death of her daughter.
See some comments from social media below.
Why shouldn’t this Mother be on trial?
Why should a disabled child’s death not receive the appropriate level of investigation?
Shouldn’t justice be sought for all beings in our society?
Does having a disability mean you should not be allowed those same rights?
A right to not be killed.
I shared this opinion on social media recently and I was met with an overwhelming negative response, saying I was without compassion and that I should butt out and not question the accused.
I was told not to share any articles that are discussing this case.
I believe someone must speak up for the child who has lost its life, it is never okay to brush aside the death of a disabled person simply because the parent/carer happened to be in a ‘desperate’ situation.
If a parent finds that they cannot cope, they should seek help.
Speak to your Doctor, family, friends.
Do not hurt your children, do not kill them.
If we as a society start to blame the system for unlawful killings, what will that lead to?

Amazon Employee And His Wife Gave Toxic Bleach Product MMS To Their Children

I campaign against quack treatments, MMS BLEACH being one of many.

My campaign work has led to MMS being banned in Ireland.

I have seen so many awful cases of MMS abuse but this case has shook me to the core.

Ben and Emily Cressey have two children, one neurotypical daughter and an Autistic Son.

Ben works for Amazon, see in screenshots below.

Emily is involved in marketing, see below.

See Emily punching the air below!

Emily and Ben gave MMS bleach to both of their children, they used Kerri Riveras CD (chlorine dioxide) protocol from her book Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism.

Riveras book has recently been banned on Amazon.

Emily and Ben gave MMS bleach to their chidren orally and also gave them burning bleach enemas.

Emily Cressey also appears to advocate the eating of Guinea Pigs, see in screenshot below.

Ben and Emily Cressey gave MMS to their children four years ago but Emily still advocates MMS and is in Kerri Riveras groups on Facebook, she talks about using MMS to remove moles from her daughters face, yes pouring burning bleach on a little girls face, see in screenshots below.

Please see screenshots of Emily Cressey discussing MMS and other quackery below.

My colleague in the US reported this family to child protection services, an investigation opened last August 2018.

In January this year the investigation closed, no action was taken against these parents who poisoned their children with BLEACH!

See in screenshot below.

They could still be feeding their children bleach as we speak.

Emily Cressey is still in Kerri Riveras groups promoting her quack treatments.

Kerri Rivera is now also suggesting a 72 hour fast with her dangerous BLEACH protocols, see in screenshots below.

Children starving for 72 hours whilst being fed burning BLEACH!

See Riveras 2019 CD PROTOCOL below.

I am going to close and share two horrific videos.

The first video shows Kerri Rivera interviewing Emily Cressey, second video shows Emily’s Son Blake talking about his bottom hurting.

Please see photo of Emily Cresseys childs insides after an MMS BLEACH enema below.

Any parent giving BLEACH to their children must be arrested and charged with ABUSE.

These children seem to be invisible in the eyes of child protection.

We will keep fighting for these children.


Bleach Quacks Defamatory Blog Has Caused Anti-Vaxxers To Issue Death Threats

Today I awoke to death threats from one Tiger Rox Mission.

I am used to getting online abuse from quacks and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists but to see a grown man say “she needs to be killed” scares me.

I do not know this man yet he has read a vile defamatory blog by MMS/GcMAF quack Amanda Mary Jewell and published this death threat over night.

He posted this comment in a closed Australian anti-vaccine group with 17,000 members.

The group is called Anti-Vaccination Australia.

See Tiger Rox Missions comment in screenshots below.

I am sharing this because I want people to understand the mindset of anti-vaxxers and highlight how dangerous they are.

Tiger says he is married on his Facebook page and looks like a family man.

He works at a company called Datec, See Tiger and his workplace in screenshots below.

This man deserves to be exposed and held accountable for his threatening and dangerous behaviour.

The fact that he would issue death threats to a Mother in Ireland and not care to think about the consequences of his actions proves how warped the minds of anti-vaxxers are.

If anyone can offer support in reporting this man to the police in Papua New Guinea please contact me.

Thank you.

Cancer Quack Fleecing Vulnerable People Of Thousands Of Pounds And Holding Talks In UK And Scotland

Patrick Vickers peddles quack treatments and operates a clinic offering bogus Gerson therapy.

He makes thousands of pounds off the backs of desperate and vulnerable people.

I discovered Vickers via monstrous MMS BLEACH/GcMAF quack Amanda Mary Jewell.

Vickers is a member of her closed Facebook group GcMAF Oracle.

Amanda Mary tells Cancer patients to avoid life saving proven treatments and offers them unproven, dangerous and banned products instead.

Amanda Mary is not a medical professional yet she poses as a Cancer researcher and preys on both Cancer patients and Autistic children.

She is affiliated with the evil MMS BLEACH cult Genesis II Church, see her below.

She is wanted by the UK authorities for her vile and criminal behaviour.

She is a UK citizen presently seeking refuge in Mexico/Belize/Bulgaria.

She has hurt so many vulnerable children and adults, she defames and abuses anyone who exposes her disgusting behaviour.

She shared a post in her GcMAF group recently talking about her visit to Patrick Vickers Gersons quack clinic in Mexico, see this post below.

Vickers comments on this post along with a lady called Kate Shemirani.

See comments below.

Vickers is not only experimenting on vulnerable people with unproven and dangerous Gerson therapy but he is also offering banned blood product GcMAF to his victims.

Big peddler of GcMAF David Noakes was jailed last November for manufacturing and selling GcMAF as a cure for Cancer and Autism.

Both Vickers and Jewell are breaking the law by selling and administering GcMAF.

Kate Shemirani is a patient of Vickers, see below.

Kate Shemirani started harassing me on Facebook after I published a short video about my concerns regarding Patrick Vickers hosting talks in the UK and Scotland.

Vickers recently held a talk in the UK, it was organised by Sue and Robert Olifent.

They operate an organisation that spreads misinformation about vaccines and promotes unproven and dangerous quack treatments for Cancer.

See their ACT website here.

I rang Robert Olifent undercover and had a crazy conversation with him.

He praised Patrick Vickers quack treatments and praised Amanda Mary Jewell.

He also spoke about the benefits of MMS BLEACH and told me that he had tried it.

He said my Autistic children could have become Autistic due to my amalgam fillings.

He spewed anti-vaccine nonsense and said that cancer can be healed by ones own body, eating sweets doesn’t help.

He said chemotherapy causes tumours.

Now Vickers is set to host another talk, in April, this time in Scotland.

Heal Scotland are organising this event.

Kate Shemirani was not happy with me raising awareness about this serious issue, see some of her comments below.

Kate calls herself a nurse but is anti-science and advocates dangerous quack treatments.

I hope that she is not a registered nurse!

I have received horrible abuse online in the past 48 hrs, I was hacked on Facebook and Patrick Vickers sent me this message below.

Amanda Mary Jewell has written yet another vile defamatory blog, calling me a murderer and more.

I’ve been campaigning against quack treatments and the anti-vaccine movement for six years now.

I have given evidence in court cases which led to the banning of MMS BLEACH in Ireland where I live.

Amanda Marys blogs clearly highlight how important my campaign work is and how effective I have been to date.

I will do my very best to BAN future talks by Patrick Vickers.

I will NEVER stop campaigning and if I save one child/adult from this quackery I know that I have made a difference.

Rest In Peace all of the victims that have suffered at the hands of these unscrupulous quacks!

Amanda Mary, remember who you really are

Thanks for reading.

Orphanage In Ghana Run By American Religious Charity WAMM Poisoning Disabled Children With MMS BLEACH!

I am a campaigner and campaign against quack treatments and the charlatans that peddle them.

One of these quack ‘treatments’ is MMS.

MMS is a toxic bleach product created by a cult called the Genesis II Church.

MMS is NOT approved for any health condition and is banned in many Countries including Ireland where I live.

Learn more about this toxic BLEACH scam here, here and here.

My friends and I have found an orphanage called HOMe ( House Of Mercy) in Ghana where they are administering this toxic bleach product to severely disabled children.

The orphanage is run by a religious American based charity called WAMM (West African Mercy Ministries)

Brian and Debbie McIntyre founded WAMM in 2005, see them below.

WAMM is a registered charity and Brian seems to be collecting a nice salary, to the tune of $72,000, see in screenshots below.

See how happy Brian is with his fat salary below.

WAMM has board members and directors, one of them is Jim Ferwerda. Jim is president of WAMM, he is also a teacher in Wisconsin, see in screenshots below.

The HOMe orphange is run by Ghana representatives of WAMM William and Priscilla Deku, see them below.

Priscilla is in charge of the ten babies and children in this orphanage which is in Accra Ghana.

The babies and children in this orphanage have serious health issues and disabilities.

These include HIV, Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus and more.

These are vulnerable children that need and deserve proper and safe care.

Priscilla seems like a nice and caring lady, see her below.

However she has a responsibility to make sure that these vulnerable babies and children receive safe and proper care.

Priscilla has put these vulnerable children at risk, she has invited the Genesis II Church BLEACH cult into this orphanage.

In December 2018 Priscilla brought a ‘Bishop’ of the Genesis II Church to HOMe.

Bishop Barima aka Stephen Oduro entered this orphange armed with the toxic bleach product MMS.

He said he was here to help these children, he called them the Genesis II children.

I believe he was accompanied by Mark Grenon of the Genesis II Church.

Barima had MMS on his person and gave this poison to Priscilla Deku.

He showed her how to make it, he told her how to administer it.

He said the children should drink it regularly and also have baths of MMS BLEACH.

He also advocated an MMS spray.

He said it would transform these childrens lives.

Priscilla jumped up and down with delight at the thought of BLEACHING these vulnerable children.

Barima was then brought into a room where a severerly sick baby was lying on a mattress.

This baby is called Michael, Michael has Hydrocephalus and was screaming and crying and frothing at the mouth.

Barima poured the burning MMS BLEACH liquid into this seriously ill babys mouth.

It is probably one of the most awful things I have ever seen.

See some disturbing images from video footage of these events below.

As I write this blog I discovered that Barima has deleted all videos from his Youtube channel. There were four uploads including the two videos of his trip to this orphange, see in screenshot below.

Luckily I dowloaded these two disturbing videos, you can watch them here and here.

I believe these videos have been removed as a direct result of my complaints to Brian McIntyre, Jim Ferwerda and WAMM.

I spoke to Brians assistant Alicia, she must have alerted Brian, see her below.

Alicia also contacted Jim Ferwerda, Jim emailed me late last night.

Jim did not help me with my concerns but instead accused me of being a scammer, see below.

I tried so hard to contact Brian at his US number but I had no luck.

Eventually I found an African number for Brian, I called it today and I was so pleased when he confirmed that it was he who I was speaking to.

I thought the founder of this charity WAMM, a holy man would take my concerns seriously but no I was wrong.

Brian didn’t offer me a chance to explain this serious issue, he just yelled “It isn’t true” and hung up on me.

This is from the founder of a charity that helps disabled children.

I was shocked!

I rang back two more times and again Brian hung up on me.

WAMM obviously has something to hide. They must have got in touch with the Genesis II Church BLEACH Bishop and ordered him to remove any trace of a connection to their orphanage.

Listen to Brian Mcintyre hang up on me here.

I rang Bishop Barima who is actually based in Holland, Barima sells his BLEACH scam home and abroad.

I spoke to Barima undercover but lost it at the end of our conversation, listen to this vile BLEACH quack admit to poisoning babies at the orphanage in Ghana here.

See Barima in screenshots below.

See Barima poisoning children below.

This is the most horrific abuse carried out by individuals who claim to work under the guidance of god.

They are receiving huge donations and enjoying fat salaries and more.

These vulnerable children are already suffering and to see unscrupulous charlatans poison these babies with burning BLEACH makes me physically ill!

I had assumed when I first learned of this horror that the charity WAMM were unaware that the Genesis II Church had infiltrated their orphanage in Ghana.

However I believe that they are aware and are desperately trying to bury this serious issue.

We hope that the children at this orphanage will be rescued.

We are fighting for you…


If there is anyone that can help us report and expose this abuse please contact me.

Thank you.

Fake Facebook Profile Mary Phelan Leading Targeted Harassment Campaign Against Me

A Facebook profile called Mary Phelan reached out to me on Facebook last August.

She quizzed me about a court case I am involved in and asked me many personal questions about my case.

I blocked her and did not engage with her/it any further.

In October I received a bizarre and concerning message on Facebook from one Lynn Bachhuber, see this crazy message below.

I had no idea who this person was, her Facebook page looked like it was a fake account.

Her twisted comments concerned me, especially comments regarding my family.

I thought it was a troll and ignored.

On November 16th something very sinister happened, I received a card from Lynn Bachhuber in the post, it was posted from Portland Oregon US.

See this weird card below.

Again this stranger apologises for the hurt she has caused my family.

This scared me, how did this person get my address?

I had only been living at this address for eight months when I received this card.

My friends and I did some research and found a Lynn Bachhuber in Portland, she has a criminal record, see her below.

I was obviously freaked out when I saw this and I made attempts to contact her family.

I found her Father Stephen on Facebook and sent him a message, see below.

Stephen never replied, I also tried some telephone numbers I found online but I could not reach this family.

I moved on and hoped that I wouldn’t hear from this person again.

On January 27th I received an email from Lynn Bachhuber, again creepy and apologising, see this email below.

Lynn states that a Mary Phelan had told her to send me a card from America and also says that Phelan gave her my personal email address.

This really concerns me as I knew Mary Phelan had trolled me on Facebook regarding my court case in the past.

I replied to Lynns email demanding information about Mary Phelan and asked what she was up to.

Lynn was not forthcoming with information, I then decided to message a few relatives of Lynns Father Stephen on Facebook.

His Son in law replied and I shared my contact information with him, he said he would get Lynns Father Stephen to contact me.

Stephen did contact me but his email brought no clarity to this horrible situation, see below.

His daughter has been stalking me, harassing me and linking in with this troll Phelan on Facebook.

I rang Stephen Bachhuber, his number was listed at the bottom of his email.

We spoke for 15 minutes and his response was awful, he blamed Autism for his daughters behaviour, Lynn came on the phone and she sounded perfectly aware of what was going on.

He also knew about this harassment back in November and never bothered to notify me, he knew about his daughter stalking me, talking about my children, sending me the card and even knew about Mary Phelan.

He told me all correspondence with his daugher and Phelan had been deleted, he did not want to help me.

His daughter has all my personal information and this does not concern him.

Our call ended. Not long after I received another email from Lynn with a so called deleted post of Mary Phelan, Phelan gives my home address, emails and telephone number and even my unlisted husbands number to Lynn Bachhuber, see Phelans post below.

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Not only had Phelan given out my address and told this unstable Woman to send me a card, she contacted her again recently and gave her my email address.

Mary Phelan has also been sending threatening emails to my friends who have supported me throughout my court case.

Phelan is garnering people to harass me and is even exploiting Autistic people with her hate campaign.

I have a good idea of who Phelan may be, Goldfraud comes to mind.

I will find you Phelan and we will have our day in court.

If anyone has any information regarding Mary Phelan please contact me.

Thank you.

Yellow Vest Ireland Spokespersons Spewing Misinformation About Vaccines, Fluoride, Chemtrails And Endorsing Quacks Who Experiment On Autistic Children And Cancer Patients

Jenny Mortell and her buddies are responsible for the banners and posters displayed at marches run by the Yellow Vest movement here in Ireland.

Banners and posters displaying conspiracy theories and dangerous pseudoscience.

Jenny and her cohorts also endorse jailed quack David Noakes, he experimented on Cancer patients and Autistic children with unproven and banned blood product GcMAF, learn about Noakes here.

See Jenny promote him below.

Jenny also promotes monsterous quack Amanda Mary Jewell, Jewell experiments on Autistic children and Cancer patients with MMS BLEACH, banned blood product GcMAF, bogus stem cells and more.

Learn about Jewell here and here.

See Jenny promote Jewell below.

Jenny also promotes leader of the Anti-Vaccine movement, vile fraud Andrew Wakefield, learn about Wakefield here and here.

See Jenny promote him below.

Her colleague Chiarràin is just as bad, see some of his posts below.

See some more bogus posts, including Jenny sharing posts mocking the LGBT community in screenshots below.

People supporting this movement need to know that they are supporting quacks who advocate quack treatments which endanger childrens lives.

Learn more about Yellow Vest Ireland here and here.



Yellow Vest Ireland Run By Quacks And Far-Right Activists

The Yellow Vest movement has reached Ireland.

They present themselves as a peoples movement without any leaders and say they welcome all people from all walks of life.

This is far from the truth.

‘Journalist’ Gemma O’Doherty supports the Yellow Vest movement here in Ireland, see her in full swing here.

I have been watching the Yellow Vest movement in Ireland for some time now, I have watched their videos, read their posts and kept a close eye on the main players.

What I see is a movement led by conspiracy theorists, many anti vaxxers and quacks marching with banners filled with misinformation and pseudoscience, see below.

They are roaring into megaphones telling people not to pay their bills and to boycott mainstream media.

See some clips of Yellow Vest Ireland here and here.

These are all classic red flags of a conspiracy mindset.

See some of the main players of Yellow Vest Ireland in screenshots below.

Many Yellow Vest spokespersons are also anti choice for women and the LGBT community.

Some are linked to the freeman/sovereign movement.

Now a Yellow Vest branch has opened in Cork where I live. I decided to take a look at their Facebook page.

They too are displaying posts which contain pseudoscience and comments against refugees, see below.

They shared an awful video by a well known anti vaxxer in France/Belgium, she talks about healing her Son with quack treatments and spews misinformation about vaccines and Autism, see below.

This endorsement of dangerous lies hurts children.

The Yellow Vest movement is doing this.

Many Yellow Vest supporters display far-right views, at first they tried to hide this but we all soon discovered how hate filled some of this group really are.

Yesterdays march January 12th shows their true colours about immigration, listen to their spspokespersons scream about refugees here.

I also managed to talk to an admin from the Cork Yellow Vest Facebook page recently.

A nice friendly woman called Sharon.

She told me that she had shared the post about vaccines and Autism and made a reckless comment about Doctors being badly trained, see our conversation below.

Imagine if I was not aware of this quackery and trusted her advice and this is from the head admin for the Yellow Vest Facebook page Cork.

The following day she told me that she had been removed as admin by Glen Miller, see Glen again below.

She said Yellow Vest Ireland is being controlled by 50 activists in the council, so not a peoples movement as they proclaim, see some messages Sharon sent me from Glen below.

Basically Yellow Vest Ireland is not to be trusted as it is delivering a narrative of hate and divide. It is also knee deep in quackery and anti choice rhetoric for women and the LGBT community.

Grand Torino is also endorsing Yellow Vest Ireland, please sign and share our petition to help us shut down his social media platforms where he spews nothing but hatred, people can find this petition here.

Goodbye Yellow Brick road!

REPORT YouTube Channels That Promote Racism, Hatred And Abuse Of Women

There are channels on Youtube that spew racism and hatred and allow vile comments that threaten and abuse women and activists who challenge racism.

I am a victim of this abuse. It first started on a Youtube channel called Orlared, two videos were uploaded of interviews I gave on the radio.

I was speaking about my concerns regarding the growth of the far right movement in Ireland.

I said I supported refugees, this led to a targeted attack and hundreds of comments gathered on Orlareds two videos.

I am used to receiving nasty comments from quacks due to my campaign work but I’d never witnessed abuse like this before and on such a large scale.

Read more about this abuse here.

Both uploads on Orlareds channel have nearly 900 comments between them, all abusing me and my family also.

Death threats have also been made.

Some comments are from fake accounts others are from real accounts like Mcmanus Watches. The man operating this Youtube channel is John Mcmanus, he is the most abusive and says that I should be executed, see him below.

See his comments below.

Another is Malcolm Mulvihill, he lives overseas, see Malcolm below.

See Malcolms comment below.

Another account is Fintan Stack, not sure if that that is his real name but his comments state that he is living in Cork Ireland where I live.

Fintan shares a lot of anti Islam videos and his comments towards me are vile.

See Fintans channel below.

See Fintans comments below.

Fintan shares anti Islam propaganda, see below.

He also shares another Youtube channel that is abusing me called the Spinmaster, see below.

I am obviously upset by this vile abuse but it won’t stop me speaking out.

Their hatred towards me proves that they fear my message of love and acceptance.

Please report the Youtube channels I have mentioned in this blog thank you.

Say NO to racism and hatred and let’s hope 2019 brings some justice to those that deserve it the most.

Happy New Year!

RACISTS Show Their True Colours!

I am a campaigner and speak out against quacks and racism.

I was on the radio recently regarding my concerns about the rise of the Far Right in Ireland.

I am used to trolling from quacks online but I was not prepared for the vile abuse I would receive after my interview on Corks 96 fm radio.

I first started to receive prank calls from a blocked number, they said an advert had been placed with my number offering rooms to Refugees for Christmas.

Then a blog was published on Reddit with a photograph of my home, details of my address and telephone number.

It was shared on Twitter by two trolls who have abused me in the past, they support giving MMS BLEACH to Autistic children.

See them share this blog in screenshots below.

I then gave another interview on 96 fm after this blog was published.

This is when the racists got extra nasty.

A Youtube channel uploaded both of my interviews.

There are nearly 700 comments in total abusing and threatening me, wishing me death, calling me and my Autistic children retarded and more.

Most of the comments come from people in Ireland but there are some from other Countries too.

I am also receiving abuse on Twitter and on my Youtube channel.

This is because I am against racism and support Refugees.

There are many Far Right groups in Ireland and they are growing, some groups supporting a message of hate are IREXIT, Grand Torino, Generation Identity and many more.

Generation Identity are the worst, watch recent documentary that exposes these Nazis.

I am going to leave you with some of the comments from these despicable people.

I am sad seeing so much hatred and ignorance but this bullying and intimidation will not stop me speaking out.

In fact it proves that my voice is important, the fact that these cowards go to these lengths clearly highlights how pathetic they are.

Please share this blog and alert the world to this HATE.

I hope that one day these people will see the light and learn to love again.

I will leave you with this song

See comments in screenshots below.