Facebook Group Advocating Dangerous Doses Of Vitamin C, Niacin (B3) And Borax (Detergent), Meet The Vitamin C Cult

I campaign against quack treatments and I have been exposing charlatans that give unproven and dangerous treatments to children for over five years now.

I have given evidence in Court regarding the toxic bleach product MMS.

Learn more about MMS here and here.

I have recently found yet another Facebook group that is experimenting on babies and children.

This closed group has over 48,000 members.

It is one of the biggest groups I’ve seen on Facebook, it is called ‘Vitamin C & Orthomolecular Medicine For Optimal Health’

This group is giving medical advice to its members, yet none of the admins are doctors or health professionals.

See Admins in screenshot below.

Some admins are also selling products to their members.

Katie Gironda runs Revitalize Wellness, see below.

Katie is one of the founding members of this Facebook group, she sells products and dishes out medical advice even though she is not a doctor or a health professional.

By Katies own admission, she says this Facebook group is run by her own business, see in screenshot below.

See some of katies products in screenshots below.

Katie displays dangerous claims regarding Vitamin C preventing and even curing Cancer, see below.

Katie has videos on her Facebook page which are advising pregnant Mothers to take dangerously high does of vitamin C and she makes bogus claims about vitamin C making labour shorter and less painful.

Listen to Katie spew misinformation here.

Pregnant women and nursing Mothers should not take such high doses of vitamin C as it can put them and their babies health at risk.

Please read guidelines for vitamin C intake for pregnant women and nursing Mothers here and here.

Katies vitamin C chart displays dangerously high doses of vitamin C, see below.

Compare Katies chart to the recommended safe vitamin C doses issued by the department of health in table above, Katies doses are not safe, especially for babies, children and nursing Mothers.

Katie also tells pregnant women to take massive doses of vitamin C up to 5000 mgs/5 grams or more, the safe pregnancy daily allowance is 85 mgs.

Many pregnant women and Mothers of newborn babies are taking these high doses even when their midwives advise them not to, see some screenshots from Katies Facebook group below.

These Mothers call their babies vitamin C babies.

They are giving their babies and children dangerously high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Again these doses are not recommended, not safe and come with unpleasant and sometimes serious side effects.

Please see again the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C for babies and children in screenshot below.

Side effects of such high doses of vitamin C include vomiting, painful stomach cramps, diarrhoea and more.

High levels of vitamin C have also been linked to kidney stones, see below.

High doses of vitamin C can interact with prescribed medications, such as heart medications and Cancer medications, see below.

Learn more about this here, here and here.

Linus Pauling is one of the quacks noted for spreading misinformation about vitamin C, read about him here.

The people in this group believe that Vitamin C in very high doses can CURE all ills. Their babies and children are being fed dangerously high does of AA (Ascorbic Acid) and SA (Sodium Ascorbate ), they also use Lipo C.

These parents are also giving their children dangerously high doses of Niacin (vitamin B3)

Learn about safe levels of Niacin/B3 and its side effects here.

There are many posts in this Facebook group offering protocols to ‘treat’ Autism.

Niacin in high doses is strongly recommended for Autistic children.

This Facebook group is advocating dangerous levels of Niacin/B3 to children and breast feeding Mothers, see in screenshots below.

Katie who is not a doctor encourages high doses of Niacin for a child who is suffering from Cancer, see below.

There is no scientifically proven benefits to ingesting such high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3.

In fact it can cause serious side effects which can harm ones health.

These children are being dosed with dangerously high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3 when they are well, however if they get sick Katie and her admins tell parents to up the dose and encourages them to administer reckless amounts of these vitamins, sometimes every 15 minutes whilst their children are sick.

The other barbaric and torturous protocol used is the ‘vitamin C flush’

This is carried out to estimate your BT (Bowel Tolerance), meaning how much vitamin C can you ingest until your bowel explodes!

It is bad enough adults doing this but to see children being forced to suffer stomach pains, nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting which is what happens with a vitamin C flush, it is blatant endangerment.

They feed their children high doses of vitamin C until their children suffer watery diarrhoea, diarrhoea is DANGEROUS and can quickly lead to dehydration.

Parents are doing this for no biological reason whatsoever.

See screenshot taken from this Facebook group discussing the child vitamin C flush below.

As mentioned above side effects of vitamin C overdose are dangerous for babies and children, diarrhoea is not the only nasty side effect, rashes are common in this group, please see some upsetting images/posts taken from this Facebook group below.

Even adults are having serious reactions to these dangerous quack protocols, see below.

Please see some more crazy posts from this group in screenshots below.

MMS BLEACH is also being promoted, see below.

The other quack treatment they endorse is BORAX, parents are ingesting a laundry detergent and also administering this to their children, see posts below.

Teachers are even feeding this DETERGENT to children in school as seen in screenshot above.

Read about the dangers of BORAX here and here.

Most parents in this group are anti-vaccine and do not want to give their children safe and proven medications.

Many children are being deprived from receiving proper care and are instead being dosed with unproven and dangerous treatments.

There are people from all over the world in this group including quite a sizeable amount from Ireland where I live.

Most parents buy these products online.

Myself and others are repeatedly reporting groups like this to Facebook but Facebook do nothing.

In fact Facebook do not have a category for reporting such quackery, this makes it even harder for us to report such groups.

Facebook are offering platforms to quacks and anti-vaxxers and are allowing children to be experimented on with dangerous, unproven and unregulated products.

It is one thing adults experimenting on themselves but to see tiny babies and children being treated this way is unforgivable and disturbing.

Please report this group and alert all relevant authorities in your area, wherever that may be.

Thank you!

Crimes viewed as Mercy Killings

 An Irish Mother is currently on trial accused of playing a role in the death of her daughter.
This trial is happening because Police have evidence which links the Mother to this tragic event.
The little girl that died was 11 years old and was severely disabled.
Caring for a child with special needs can be very difficult, especially if you are not receiving proper supports.
I have Autistic children and I fully understand the lack of supports that are out there.
We see many disabled children murdered by their parents and carers.
I remember reading the awful story of a six year old Autistic boy who was killed by his Mother,
This is London in picture below, he loved to wear hats.
 London was thrown off a bridge.
The Mothers excuse for brutally killing her Son was that she could not take it anymore, she was not receiving enough support.
Then we have another case of an Autistic teenager stabbed to death by his mother, see Alex below.screenshot_2016-12-05-21-53-53-1
Again this Mother claims it was lack of supports that made her commit this heinous crime.
These are just some examples.
There are many more disabled children who are suffocated, poisoned, drowned.
Because they have a disability.
Because the parent could not take it anymore.
Then we see the media response, the comments on social media.
The majority of comments and media support the perpetrator.
The empathy is given to the person who committed these awful acts of violence.
We often see a brutal crime turned into a Mercy killing.
We see the child disappear from the equation.
Imagine those who are living with disabilities seeing these comments and media reports.
How it must make them feel.
How their lives are immediately seen as less then.
If an able bodied child is killed by a parent there is uproar, people rally around to have that parent charged and we read a completely different narrative in the media.
But if a disabled child is killed that seems to make it different?
Children have rights, disabled children too.
Nobody has the right to take someones life.
People have recently said to me that the trial of this Mother is unjust.
That she should not be under investigation.
Even though their is evidence linking the Mother to the death of her daughter.
See some comments from social media below.
Why shouldn’t this Mother be on trial?
Why should a disabled child’s death not receive the appropriate level of investigation?
Shouldn’t justice be sought for all beings in our society?
Does having a disability mean you should not be allowed those same rights?
A right to not be killed.
I shared this opinion on social media recently and I was met with an overwhelming negative response, saying I was without compassion and that I should butt out and not question the accused.
I was told not to share any articles that are discussing this case.
I believe someone must speak up for the child who has lost its life, it is never okay to brush aside the death of a disabled person simply because the parent/carer happened to be in a ‘desperate’ situation.
If a parent finds that they cannot cope, they should seek help.
Speak to your Doctor, family, friends.
Do not hurt your children, do not kill them.
If we as a society start to blame the system for unlawful killings, what will that lead to?

Fascist Attack On Streets Of Dublin. NAZIS And Their NOOSES.

Fascists held a hate rally in Dublin last Saturday July 11th, claiming it was a protest against Paedophiles when in reality they were spreading hate and discrimination, targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

It was led by FASCISTS Hermann Kelly of the Irish Freedom Party, Justin Barrett of the National Party and their Fascist supporters, learn more about them here, here, here.

The National Party and their leader Justin Barrett held signs displaying Nooses.

Just like the KKK!

Yes this happened on the streets of Dublin in 2020.

The speeches from these Fascists were vile, talking about execution and traitors, displaying a deep hatred for the LGBTQ+ community.

Speakers included John Connors, Hermann Kelly, Paddy Manning, Dolores Cahill, Justin Barrett.

Hundreds gathered joining in on this hate fest.

The Gardai (Irish Police) were warned in advance, this rally was a hate rally deliberately targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

They could have prevented this happening but instead allowed it to go ahead even when it targeted Minister for children Roderic O’Gorman.

The Gardai told me it was a freedom of speech protest.

No it was not!

It was HATE speech, inciting violence, murder.

Don’t forget these Fascists are also spreading dangerous pseudoscience and misinformation regarding Covid19, vaccines, many promote dangerous quack treatments also.

To see Gardai stand alongside Nazis, allowing them to display signs with Nooses was chilling viewing.

This sign displayed by the National Party ‘NPP9’ refers to execution in their manifesto.

Barrett of the National party was interviewed by Fascist Grand Torino and spoke about executing doctors who carried out abortions.

The National party and all these Fascists are inciting violence fact!

Yet Gardai say it’s freedom of speech.

Yeah until someone is hurt, killed.

However violence did occur at this hate rally.

A small group of peaceful Anti-Fascist protestors also friends of mine were attacked by Fascists.

They were not allowed to voice their concerns or challenge this blatant hatred and discrimination.

Within minutes of assembling they were assaulted, attacked by Nazis.

Nazi males attacked Women, smashing their sign, destroying equipment.

I’ve spoken to the victims of this assault.

I’m told Nazi males only assaulted female protestors, some Women have bumps and bruises, one Woman suffered a head injury after a bottle of water was hurled at her head.

You can see video footage of this attack here, here and here.

See some images of these violent thugs abusing Women and smashing equipment below.

Then Fascist Grand Torino set fire to their Anti-Fascist banner.

To learn more about this Nazi attack and the growth of Fascism in Ireland please check out my friend and brave activist Leah Dohertys Twitter account in link below.

Take a look at Leah Wear A Mask Doherty (@LeahNiD): https://twitter.com/LeahNiD?s=09

We must fight the growth of Fascism in Ireland, politicians must speak out and help us stop the Far-Right hurting people.

Gardai must stop these Fascist gatherings and the media must expose these dangerous individuals.

The one thing I know is that Nazi males fear strong Women.

We suffer awful abuse for speaking out but we will never be silent.

We will continue to fight to end Fascism.

We fight to protect minorites, we fight to protect our childrens future.

We do not want Hitler in Ireland.

Lock up the Nazis!








Meet The 10 Bleaching Bishops, Catholic Church Supports Criminals, Experimentation And Torture

I recently exposed BLEACHING Bishop Wick of Ecuador.

Now I’ve learned that 10 Bishops in Ecuador are supporting poisoning vulnerable people with bleach.

They recently penned a letter to the government asking bleach to be offered as a ‘treatment’ for Covid19.

See translation below.

H.E. Mr. Lenin Moreno Garcés Constitutional President of the Republic of Ecuador

JUL, 09, 2020

In view of the information received from the cases of corruption, we feel indignation and sorrow at the evidence of the latest findings on the issue of cards for people with disabilities, issued to assembly members and government officials, or the overpricing of inputs purchased for public health centers, etc.

On the other hand, we think that the Ministry of Health seems to be dedicated, through its employees and officials, to pursuing doctors and small distributors of Chlorine Dioxide, a substance that has been shown to cure COVID-19. Many doctors know this, but they fight this irrefutable knowledge, refusing to conduct clinical studies only because the FDA and the WHO do not do them, nor do they approve them.

On several occasions, communications have been addressed to the Ministry on the subject, and their responses have been negative. That is why we are addressing you, so that, by your authority, you can stop this persecution of Chlorine Dioxide, so that there are no more deaths of defenseless Ecuadorians who suffer from this disease due to the inefficiency of the Ministry of Health.

Mr President, let us combat corruption and not become accomplices by not taking the necessary decisions and remaining only in words. Therefore, we ask you to authorize the use of chlorine dioxide and enter history as a president who knows not only how to listen to the cries of the suffering people, but also how to oppose those who do not seem to want to avoid the economic damage caused by the spending of billions and extremely costly inputs from pharmaceutical networks.

The signatory Bishops, in line and coherence with the last open letter to the Ecuadorian people from the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference, ask that, the resignation of all the officials who have shown themselves to be corrupt and inefficient be requested, as well as that of the person responsible for them, that is, the Minister, the holder of the health portfolio.

We believe that you, Mr. President, can demonstrate by your actions that you love your people and treat them justly, especially in these difficult historical moments due to the pandemic.

With confidence in God and in your heart as father of this nation, we hope that your response will be favorable to our request, acting in accordance with God’s will.


+Rafael Cob

Bishop Vicariate of Puyo

President of REPAM Ecuador

+Celmo Lazarri

Bishop Vicariate of Sucumbios

+Adalberto Jimenez

Bishop Vicariate of Aguarico

+Mons. Walter Heras

Bishop of Loja

Vicar Apostolic of Zamora

+Geovanni Paz

Bishop of Latacunga

+Adelio Pasqualotto

Bishop Vicariate of Napo

+Giovanny Pazmiño

Bishop of Ambato

+Nestor Montesdeoca

Bishop Vicariate of Mendez

+Patricio Bonilla

Bishop Vicariate of Galapagos

+Bertram Wick

Bishop of Santo Domingo

They are supporting charlatans/criminals led by bleach quack Andreas Kalcker.

Kalckers colleagues the Grenons of bleach cult Genesis II Church have been arrested in recent days, the bleach they are promoting known as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) or CD/CDS (Chlorine Dioxide) is toxic and not fit for human consumption.

It is banned in most Countries and side effects from ingesting this bleach can be fatal.

Yet representatives from the Catholic Church still support this lethal quackery even after government warnings.

Bishops have great influence on vulnerable and sometimes desperate people.

These Bishops are helping normalise this awful quackery and the Pope must stop them.

See these quack Bishops below.

Bishop Wick.

Bishop Adelio Pasquelotto.

Bishop Geovanni Paz.

Bishop Giovanny Pazmino.

Monsignor Adalberto Jimenez.

Monsignor Nestor.

Bishop Patricio Bonilla.

Bishop Rafael Cob.

Bishop Walter Heras.

There will be more to follow on this important story but please report this abuse and experimentation to everyone.

Thank you for reading.



Irish Barrister, Hairdresser, HSE Physiotherapist Involved In Groups Sharing Dangerous Misinformation, Pseudoscience, Anti-Vaccine, Far-Right Propaganda

I came across an Irish Barrister and his Hairdresser wife whilst reporting a Physiotherapist who works for the HSE in Limerick recently.

Physiotherapist Anna Marie Stack Rivas has been attending protests run by quacks, racists and conspiracy theorists.

She gave an interview recently advising people not to wear masks, referring to Covid19 as a hidden agenda.

She introduces herself as a Physiotherapist, watch her awful video here.

Anna Marie has also said that HSE Covid19 deaths numbers are false, see below.

Anna Marie shares Anti-Vaccine posts on her Facebook page and other disgusting Far-Right hate.

See her posts below.

Anna Marie is registered with Coru, see below.

I made an official complaint to the HSE and received this response, see below.

Anna marie shared a post that led me to a new Facebook group called Informed Consent, a group full of misinformation and quackery regarding vaccines, Covid19, 5G etc.

This group also has a website, see below.

Anna Marie mentioned Barristers being involved in this dangerous quack group/website, after investigating further with the help of my friend Ted we discovered that the Barrister involved is one Gerard Martin Byrne also known as Randy Roxx.

This Barrister refers to himself as Martin Byrne. Martin also a musician has the stage name Randy Roxx, he failed dreadfully at X-Factor.

Randy even appeared on the Late Late Show.

He also had another act called Silly Connolly, rather embarrassing.

I rang this Barrister two days ago and my conversation with him was shocking.

He praised Anti-Vaxxers like Del Bigtree and Andrew Wakefield, implied that Covid19 was exaggerated and praised Irish Far-Right FASCISTS Grand Torino and Dave Cullen, he also praised Irish Freedom party Dolores Cahill and other quacks. He told me he did interview with Cahill and Doctor De Brun recently, watch them here.

I shared my concerns with a reporter and the Times published an article today.

To be clear this Barrister didn’t join this quack group, he is creator along with a man called Fintan Dunne.

I posted the Times article in their quack group and Fintan shared this post, see below.

It seems this Informed Consent group does not want to be informed after all, I’m now banned from the group.

See Barrister Byrne aka Randy Roxx Facebook posts below.

I’ve also discovered this Barristers wife Veronika Byrne, Veronika runs a hair salon in Monaghan and has apparently won awards for her craft.

Her Facebook page and Twitter are full of similar quack posts but her posts are far worse than her Barrister husbands, see Veronikas posts below.

These people are not hiding their views, all shared publicly.

I will be reporting this Barrister, as for the Hairdresser you can make up your own mind.



Fascists Hate Protest Should Not Be Tolerated

Hermanns hate filled hermits Irish Freedom party are advertising a protest targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

These fascists have been spreading hatred for a long time now.

Social media platforms them, helping them hurt people.

Mainstream media have published some articles but most are not describing these people for what they really are, FASCISTS!

The Gardai allow them to incite hatred, harass and threaten people.

They allow them to break #COVID19 #lockdown laws.

They are holding a protest blatantly discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community and targeting the new Minister for children Roderic O’Gorman.

Many Far-Right supporters are violent and some are under investigation by the Gardai as we speak.

We have moved forward in Ireland and this rally should not be tolerated.

If it goes ahead politicians must speak out against this blatant discrimination.

I’m disgusted seeing posters and comments fueling a lie that was created by the Far-Right which is now garnering support from some mainstream media talk show hosts like Ciara Kelly.

Ciara is being celebrated by the Far-Right.

Who engages with such people even if controversy is the tool they use to garner publicity.

That is really sinking to the lowest level.

Plus Ciara is fully aware of Hermann Kelly’s Far-Right views and his Irish Freedom party who also promote dangerous pseudoscience.

I am disgusted seeing Ciara reply to fascists who are endangering society with their hate filled views.

Ciara is helping normalise their message by engaging with them this way.

Some comments from posters on Facebook are suggesting violence, see below.

Contact the Gardai, politicians.

Voice your concerns.

ZERO tolerance for hate and discrimination.








Autistic Man From The UK Operating BLEACH Facebook Groups

I’ve been campaigning against the toxic BLEACH product MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide) or CDS for 7 years now.

Read one of my recent blogs here.

I’ve helped shut down 18 Facebook BLEACH groups recently but sadly some remain.

I found a Facebook page with a private group called Chlorine Dioxide Testimonials Page.

The group has 182 members and advocates poisoning people with BLEACH, posts suggesting it for Covid19, Cancer etc.

They promote BLEACH monster Kalcker.

The page and group are operated by Craig Schulze from Cheshire England.

Craig responded to me on Facebook messenger, I messaged him voicing my concerns.

He shared his telephone number with me and asked me to call him.

Last night we spoke for nearly 30 minutes, he told me was on the Autism spectrum, he said he was considering giving this toxic BLEACH product to his parents if they contracted Covid19.

It was very worrying listening to him.

I tried to persuade him to walk away from this dangerous quackery but my concerns fell on deaf ears.

I told him what he was doing was reckless and possibly illegal.

He hung up on me and shared this post to his BLEACH group.

See my Facebook messages with Craig below.

I then found a man selling this BLEACH in Craigs group, Jason Nei works for the large chemical company Unibrom, they are based in China but have branches in the US and Germany also.

Jason listed his contact details, email and telephone number.

I emailed Jason asking about purchasing his BLEACH for Covid19, see our correspondence below.

Jason responded to me on Facebook messenger, our conversation didn’t end well when he accused me of being a cheater, see below.

These people are endangering the public and putting vulnerable peoples lives at risk.

Please report this page and group here and here.

Thank you for reading and please share this blog and help us end this abuse.

Thank you.

BLEACHER QUACK FRAUDSTER Andreas Kalcker Selling Bogus Machines Via His Company Medalab.

I have been campaigning against the toxic bleach product MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide) for seven years now.

I’ve helped ban it in Ireland and I’m trying  to ban it worldwide.

Autistic children are being forced to drink bleach and forced to have burning bleach enemas.

Side effects from ingesting this bleach include vomiting, diarrhoea, burns, seizures, breathing difficulties, liver and kidney failure.

Deaths have occurred.

Bleach enemas cause Autistic children to shed intestinal tissue, blood and mucous.

Recent news reports show that just one recommended dose of this bleach can rust a steel bar in just a few hours, watch here.

There are many bleach peddlers out there, some have been prosecuted.  Social media has been platforming them for many years, especially Facebook.

I managed to get 18 bleach Facebook groups shut down recently, some groups had up to 60,000 members, most of the victims are Autistic children, people with Cancer and Covid19.

My recent blogs highlight this awful abuse, learn more here and here.

Andreas Kalcker is one of the biggest bleach peddlers operating right now, learn more about Kalcker here.

Kalcker has infiltrated the Spanish speaking communities and is experimenting on thousands, possibly millions of vulnerable people, especially Autistic children.

His bleach Bible ‘Forbidden Health’ has a bleach protocol for every condition imaginable.

He charges people to read his bogus scam via his website, see below.

He offers a bleach forum also.

Kalcker should be in jail for his crimes, instead he is travelling all over the world poisoning vulnerable people with a BANNED BLEACH product.

He is making huge profit from his bleach scam.

It’s bad enough Kalcker is poisoning people with bleach but Kalcker is also selling bogus machines to the vulnerable, these machine cost up to 11,000 euros per machine.

He sells his machines via his company Medalab, they have operations in Spain, Switzerland, US and South America.

His machines which look like lie detectors or the machine (E-Meter) used by Scientologists claim to cure diseases like Cancer and even claim to cure Autism!

You just set the frequency for your condition and bingo you’re cured, even cures Covid19!

Andreas Kalcker runs his Medalab company with another quack called Martin Vetsch.

See their company details below.

Medalab operate a pyramid scheme and their sales reps operate on a global level.

I managed to join their Facebook group recently, it sells one of Kalckers machines called Biotrohn.

The Biotrohn is one of three quack machines Kalcker and his cohorts sell.

Meet the other two machines, CLO2 GENERATOR and PLASMATHRON below.

These machines are pseudoscience, one of them helps make Kalckers toxic BLEACH product CDS, the other two involve holding onto metal handles whilst pressing buttons.

Sadly many vulnerable people fall for this nonsense, some are desperate, seriously ill.

These charlatans are worse than drug dealers, they give false hope to those who are very sick, even those with a terminal illness.

They make huge profit experimenting on vulnerable adults/children.

They are monsters.

I found a sales rep for Kalckers machines on Facebook.

His name is Willy Curbelo.

I messaged Willy and he told me that Andreas Kalckers machines and BLEACH could cure Autism.

We spoke on Facebook messenger for a long time and eventually connected via email.

He sent me a breakdown of costs for the three machines, he also said he could ship bleach to me from Germany.

His email said I must pay over 13,000 euro for these three quack machines.

Payment would be divided, part PayPal and the rest into Andreas Kalckers Swiss bank account.

Please see my email from Willy in screenshots below.

Please see my Facebook conversation with this quack in screenshots below.

I asked Willy to walk away, he chose not to.

Today I searched for Andreas Kalckers partner Martin Vetsch.

I found him on Facebook, his profile listed a contact telephone number.

I rang Martin and recorded our call.

He told me he was a business partner of Andreas Kalcker and lived in Switzerland.

He spoke about the authorities being against this toxic bleach product and spoke about Trumps support and bleacher Nun Teresa Forcades.

He confirmed that Kalcker left his native Germany due to the authorities investigating him.

He told me Kalcker lives in East Switzerland and is there at present.

He told me these quack machines with this toxic and banned bleach product could cure Autism and Covid19.

I know I face further abuse for exposing these monsters but I know it is the right thing to do.

I know I’m protecting vulnerable children/adults.

Please listen to my phone call with Andreas Kalckers bleach partner Martin here.

Please share this blog and help us end this vile ABUSE.

Thank you 😊

Catholic Church Supports The BLEACH Cult

I have recently managed to shut down Facebook groups which are abusing Autistic children and vulnerable people with a toxic and illegal bleach product called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide) or CDS.

I’ve been campaigning against this toxic bleach scam for seven years now, read my recent blogs here, here and here.

It’s bad enough that Facebook are platforming these toxic bleach quacks but to see representatives of the Catholic Church endorse this abusive quackery is disgusting.

I have reported a Bishop in Ecuador to the Vatican Embassy recently, he has been advocating this toxic BLEACH as a cure for Covid19.

This Bishop is called Bertram Wick and is originally from Switzerland.

He gave an interview with a News site in Ecuador and wrote to the ministry for health asking them to give this bleach to #COVID19 patients, see below.

I sent an email to Bishop Wick voicing my concerns, see his replies below.

The Bishop then sent me his mobile number and we arranged a time to speak on the phone, see below.

I rang him, the connection was bad but you can hear him clearly supporting bleaching people and at 15 minutes admitted to taking this bleach himself, hear my call with this Bishop here.

Then we have the nun in Spain advocating this bleach scam, she is Sister Teresa Forcades. She is also a doctor and has a lot of influence, see her below.

She has even visited Ireland, see below.

She has been promoting this toxic bleach for many years, see below.

Teresa Forcades has been shared in bleach groups on Facebook and recently in a large group I’ve discovered with over 22,000 members, see below.

This group is called Dioxido De Cloro.

It has two admins, one is a radio station (RCA Radio) dedicated to bleaching people under the guidance of bleach quack Andreas Kalcker.

The radio station is run by Oscar Gherero.

I spoke to Oscar today on Facebook messenger, I asked him not to promote bleaching Autistic children and vulnerable people.

He got very aggressive and kept threatening me with God talk, see below.

I really believe these bleachers feel confident because of the support they are receiving from the Catholic Church, they are giving them a blessing and helping to normalise this abuse.

We all know that the Catholic Church has a history marred by child abuse.

I did not receive a response to the complaints I made regarding Bishop Wick and Sister Forcades.

I’ve also learned about a Cardinal in Spain who has recently referred to attempts to find a Covid19 Vaccine as the work of the devil, read here.

Therfore it’s safe to say that the Catholic Church especially in Spanish speaking communities has helped promote and strengthen the Bleach cult and the Anti-Vaccine movement.

The Catholic Church should address this serious issue and follow the guidelines issued by health authorities worldwide, most recently this warning by the World Health Organisation (WHO) below.

Please report this bleach group here.

Please report this radio stations Facebook page here.

Please share this blog and help us end this abuse.

Thank you.


I usually write about Mothers who are abusing their Autistic children with BLEACH but I want to expose a Father who is poisoning his Autistic children with bleach, forcing them to drink bleach and forcing them to have burning bleach enemas.

Read my recent blogs about bleacher Moms here and here.

This ‘Father’ is also admin of large bleach group on Facebook called Parasitosis Autista Incio, see below.

Meet Felix Paez.

Felix plays in a rock band called Avengra.

Felix has been sending me threatening emails recently, threats of legal action because I speak out against his Facebook group that abuses Autistic children with bleach, see some of his threats below.

Felix lives in Villa Mercedes, San Luis Argentina.

I’ve seen some awful posts from bleachers but Felixs posts are some of the worst, he’s a butcher, referring to giving bleach enemas to his children as the ‘hunt’ ‘safari’.

He is like Hannibal Lecter.

His Autistic children will not have any intestinal tissue left if he keeps bleaching them.

Again these images are disturbing viewing but imagine the pain these Autistic children are suffering after receiving burning bleach enemas.

**Trigger Warning ⚠️**

Please report Felix Paez profile to Facebook, link here.

Please report his abusive bleach group to Facebook, link here.

Facebook still won’t remove bleach groups abusing Autistic children even after receiving so many reports.

Please share this blog.

Thank you for your support.


Meet BLEACHER Mom No. 2

Yesterday I exposed a Mother who is poisoning her Autistic child with bleach, read my blog here.

She is part of a large Facebook group called Parasitosis Autista Incio, it has over 16,300 members.

Members are forcing their Autistic children to drink bleach and forcing them to have burning bleach enemas.

I exposed this group two weeks ago, read here.

Meet BLEACHER Mom no. 2 Elivert Ventura, she lives in Santo Domingo.

Elivert has been in this bleach group since 2016, she is giving bleach to her Autistic daughter and is also suggesting treating her elderly Father-in-law with bleach, he has Alzheimers.

She has been abusing me on social media since exposing this vile bleach group, see some of her comments below.

See Eliverts disturbing posts in bleach group below.

Facebook have been made aware of this group and other bleach groups many times.

I recently reported this group and others to Facebook product management via Twitter, they promised they would do something, that was nearly a week ago.

I am calling on Facebook to shut down this abusive bleach group and other groups/pages abusing Autistic children.

See some recent posts from other members below.

Please share this blog and report this group, see link here.

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Parents are giving a banned toxic bleach product to their Autistic children.

This product is Chlorine Dioxide BLEACH, charlatans call it MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) or CD/CDS.

I’ve been campaigning against this dangerous quackery for seven years now and helped ban it in Ireland in 2016.

I’m trying to get bleach Facebook groups/pages shut down, some have been removed but sadly many remain.

Facebook does not have a quackery report function so our reports fall on deaf ears.

The only time we manage to get these abusive groups shut down is when the media expose them.

Autistic children are being ABUSED.

They are FORCED to drink bleach all day long and FORCED to have BURNING BLEACH ENEMAS!

Bleach enemas corrode their insides and they shed intestinal tissue, blood and mucous.

They also suffer vomiting, diarrhoea, rashes, blisters on skin, breathing difficulties, liver and kidney failure.

Deaths have occured from ingesting this bleach.

Learn more about dangers and warnings of ingesting this bleach here and here.

Yesterday I saw a disturbing post in one of the worst bleach groups on Facebook, learn more about this awful group in my recent blog.

It was from a Mother who is poisoning her Autistic Son with bleach.

This Mother is Erika Guerra, she lives in Mexico.

I was horrified reading this post and searched this awful group for further posts by this Mother.

I discovered she has four children, her Autistic Son is six years old and has been ingesting bleach since last November.

He is drinking bleach and having burning bleach enemas along with a bogus restricted diet and other quackery.

I found more images of her poor Son, images of sores on his bottom and legs, sores on his face and photos of intestinal tissue after receiving bleach enemas.

These are disturbing images but Facebook must see them, see what Autistic children are suffering.

See Erikas posts below.

This image below is worst of all, this poor boy must be in agony with these sores, bleach enemas do this.

Then this Mother doesn’t want him checked or have medicine to help him, just awful.

Remember these images are shared in a group with over 16,200 members.

I was so disturbed reading Erikas posts and was really concerned for her Autistic Son, I decided to message her on Facebook.

She said she would get her other Son to translate our conversation.

I spent two hours begging this Mother to stop bleaching her child, I sent her information of dangers, sent reports of bleach peddlers prosecuted etc.

She said she was a very busy Mother with four children and was complaining that she couldn’t give enough bleach to her Son due to being so busy!

Her Son translated perfectly and she called the product she is giving her Autistic Son BLEACH!

I was crying listening to this horror, abuse.

She then said she would leave group but she lied.

Instead she put up a photo of me in bleach group and mocked our conversation, see below.

Afterwards I started to receive abuse on Facebook from her posting in group about me, see tiny amount I received below.

Erika is a liar and still wants to poison her Autistic Son with bleach.

I have uploaded her Facebook voice messages on YouTube, listen to this bleacher here.

This is what BLEACHERS are like, they don’t care if their child is sick, in agony.

They DO NOT listen to Science or warnings.

I have NO sympathy for these parents, they are CHILD ABUSERS FACT!

I am here to protect children, stop this awful ABUSE being carried out courtesy of Facebook!

Please share this blog and help me end this abuse, thank you.