Crimes viewed as Mercy Killings

 An Irish Mother is currently on trial accused of playing a role in the death of her daughter.
This trial is happening because Police have evidence which links the Mother to this tragic event.
The little girl that died was 11 years old and was severely disabled.
Caring for a child with special needs can be very difficult, especially if you are not receiving proper supports.
I have Autistic children and I fully understand the lack of supports that are out there.
We see many disabled children murdered by their parents and carers.
I remember reading the awful story of a six year old Autistic boy who was killed by his Mother,
This is London in picture below, he loved to wear hats.
 London was thrown off a bridge.
The Mothers excuse for brutally killing her Son was that she could not take it anymore, she was not receiving enough support.
Then we have another case of an Autistic teenager stabbed to death by his mother, see Alex below.screenshot_2016-12-05-21-53-53-1
Again this Mother claims it was lack of supports that made her commit this heinous crime.
These are just some examples.
There are many more disabled children who are suffocated, poisoned, drowned.
Because they have a disability.
Because the parent could not take it anymore.
Then we see the media response, the comments on social media.
The majority of comments and media support the perpetrator.
The empathy is given to the person who committed these awful acts of violence.
We often see a brutal crime turned into a Mercy killing.
We see the child disappear from the equation.
Imagine those who are living with disabilities seeing these comments and media reports.
How it must make them feel.
How their lives are immediately seen as less then.
If an able bodied child is killed by a parent there is uproar, people rally around to have that parent charged and we read a completely different narrative in the media.
But if a disabled child is killed that seems to make it different?
Children have rights, disabled children too.
Nobody has the right to take someones life.
People have recently said to me that the trial of this Mother is unjust.
That she should not be under investigation.
Even though their is evidence linking the Mother to the death of her daughter.
See some comments from social media below.
Why shouldn’t this Mother be on trial?
Why should a disabled child’s death not receive the appropriate level of investigation?
Shouldn’t justice be sought for all beings in our society?
Does having a disability mean you should not be allowed those same rights?
A right to not be killed.
I shared this opinion on social media recently and I was met with an overwhelming negative response, saying I was without compassion and that I should butt out and not question the accused.
I was told not to share any articles that are discussing this case.
I believe someone must speak up for the child who has lost its life, it is never okay to brush aside the death of a disabled person simply because the parent/carer happened to be in a ‘desperate’ situation.
If a parent finds that they cannot cope, they should seek help.
Speak to your Doctor, family, friends.
Do not hurt your children, do not kill them.
If we as a society start to blame the system for unlawful killings, what will that lead to?

Leader Of Irish Political Party Direct Democracy Ireland Is Endorsing Pseudoscience And Treating Vulnerable Cancer Patients With Unlicensed, Unproven And Dangerous Treatments.

Pat Greene is leader of Irish political party Direct Democracy Ireland.

Learn more about Direct Democracy Ireland here.

Pat Greene promotes pseudoscience on his Facebook page, see some posts below.

He shares misinformation about vaccines also, see below.

Pat also signed a petition against me last year which supports MMS BLEACH peddlers. He accuses me of harming people and says my opinions are ill founded, see in screenshot below.

If this is not bad enough I have tortured myself by listening to a recent interview Pat gave on the Irish quack radio show ‘Open Your Mind’ in May of this year.

Pat Greene is introduced as leader of Direct Democracy Ireland.

The show is filled with quack talk, Pat talks about the dangers of white rice, pasta and ice cold water but has no issue with signing and sharing a petition that supports MMS BLEACH PEDDLERS!

I could not believe my ears, especially since this comes from a leader of a political party.

Thank goodness these quacks are not elected.

As I was nearing the end of this torturous quackery my concerns grew even more, Pat Greene started to talk about how he had ‘treated’ a woman with Cancer.

Pat Greene is NOT a doctor nor a Cancer specialist yet he took it upon himself to prey on a vulnerable woman with a serious Cancer diagnosis.

This woman was 38 years old when Pat experimented on her with unlicensed, unproven and dangerous treatments.

He says he used Ozone therapy, IV Vitamin C therapy, Gerson therapy on this woman and more.

These documented quack treatments and scams have injured many people.

They involve invasive procedures, where is Pat Greene carrying out these experiments?

Read about these dangerous quack treatments here, here, here and here.

Listen to a segment from the interview with Pat Greene on Open Your Mind radio here.

People can listen to the full interview here.

Pat says this woman eventually died, his quackery never cured her, he blames chemotherapy medication for her death and suggests that Cannabis Oil could have saved her.

I am disgusted with this man, this charlatan who thinks he can experiment on the seriously ill with dangerous quack treatments.

I have complained to the communications officer of Direct Democracy Ireland today and they say they will investigate their leaders behaviour.

However I see that previous leaders/members of Direct Democracy Ireland have also endorsed pseudoscience, like Jan Van De Ven, see in screenshots below.

Direct Democracy Ireland must stop their leaders and spokespersons endorsing dangerous and misinformed quackery.

I will be reporting Pat Greene to the Authorities.

Pat Greene will not respond to my concerns, even after I made several attempts to contact him.

MMS Peddlers Are Full Of Arrogance And Devoid Of Empathy

The MMS war continues and even though we have had great success exposing and prosecuting BLEACH quacks the fight to end MMS ABUSE continues.

Last Sunday we exposed Irish MMS peddler Frank Carey.

I reported Carey to the Irish authorities back in 2014. Patricia Devlin of the Sunday World went undercover and caught Carey selling MMS BLEACH red handed.

Read her great exposè here.

Bleach peddler Carey below.

Carey makes his own MMS, see bottle below.

The Irish authorities are investigating Carey as we speak.

Jim Corr of Irish pop band the Corrs is a documented conspiracy theorist, he spews anti vaccine nonsense and promotes quack treatments, see Jim to right of photo below.

Jim promoted and used MMS, see screenshots of Corrs posts about MMS below.

Jim advertised websites that sold this toxic bleach, one website he advertised was, see below.

I googled this website, it was taken down but I found information about it in the internet archives.

I also found a sister site for US customers called

The contact details for these websites led to a man called Christian Pankhurst.

His phone number and email were listed along with MMS products for sale and information about Jim Humble.

These MMS websites seemed to operate between 2009/2011.

The websites also mentioned someone called Roel.

See screenshots of Christian Pankhursts MMS websites below.

Pankhursts MMS shop was investigated by Trading Standards but he denied this on the phone to me.

Meet The Man Who Apparently Brought Toxic BLEACH Product MMS To Ireland

I have spent the last five years of my life campaigning against a toxic, unproven and dangerous BLEACH product called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide)

I have done this on a voluntary basis.

I have reported people who were selling and using MMS to the authorities.

It has been exhausting and traumatic, I have suffered awful abuse for speaking out.

Learn more about MMS ABUSE here, here and here.

In 2016 MMS was banned in Ireland, Irish man Patrick Merlehan was found guilty of manufacturing and selling MMS as a medicine to treat diseases and conditions like Autism.

In 2014 I received an email from Mark Kishon Christopher of the Genesis II Church, see screenshots below.

Mark was hosting a seminar in Ireland instructing people on how to poison themselves with MMS BLEACH.

He was organiser and key speaker at this event, another speaker was one Reverend Richard Sharpe.

Mark Kishon sent information to me about Reverend Sharpe, he described Richard Sharpe as the first person to bring MMS to Ireland, a business man and a ‘Common Law Lawyer’, see screenshot below.

See other MMS seminars Richard Sharpe was part of in screenshots below.

I have been trying to trace Richard Sharpe for many years now.

To think that this man may be the root cause of MMS in Ireland makes me so angry.

All the Autistic children who have suffered and still suffer from this torture, all the BLEACH enemas, pain and fear.

Here is another reminder of what MMS does to vulnerable children, see in screenshots below.

How can any human endorse this torture?

The Genesis II Church and their members do this for one reason, MONEY!

They are selling a proven scam, they do not care about the Autistic children writhing in pain nor the vulnerable people they are duping.

Mark Kishon Christopher introduced me to Richard Sharpe but Mr. Sharpe has been very silent in recent years.

I started to delve into Richard Sharpes background and discovered that he is based in Co. Wicklow, Avoca I believe.

I discovered that he was connected to the Common Law Society and was involved in the group ‘Attack The Tax’ and the company Acorn To Oak Communications.

Sharpe offered bogus legal advice to people and apparently took money from individuals for his misinformed advice.

Sharpe is also listed as Director of Companies Enviro and Sharp Fuels, see in screenshots below.

I rang a contact number listed on Acorn To Oak Communications and got through to a lady at their old Dublin office, she told me that Sharpes company Acorn To Oak Communications was shut down and called it a scam, she says many people ring her looking for information on Sharpe, she said that the company had apparently been reported to the Gardai.

Facebook posts discuss Acorn To Oak Communications and Attack The Tax, read here, here and here.

More information about Attack The Tax/Acorn To Oak Communications here.

Richard Sharpe is linked to the Common Law Society also known as the Sovereign Movement.

I have been talking about the links between the Common Law Society and MMS for a long time now.

We know that Patrick Merlehan used Common Law tactics in the Courts but these pseudolaws failed him dreadfully.

The MMS Ireland website advertised the Common Law Society, see how ‘Attack The Tax’ is listed on the Common Law Society website, see in screenshots below.

See the Common Law Society website here.

I kept searching for information on Richard Sharpe and found a director listed on one of his companies, a man called Jonathan sharpe, see in screenshot below.

I put Jonathan Sharpes name into Facebook with Avoca attached and a post appeared of a woman looking to purchase coal from Jonathan sharpe, another woman replied sharing Jonathans mobile number, see screenshot below.

I rang Jonathan Sharpe but he never picked up, I left a voice message asking about Richard.

He phoned me back but I missed his call, he texted me and we arranged a call yesterday evening.

I rang Jonathan yesterday evening and he told me that he was Richard Sharpes brother and lived in Wicklow.

He confirmed that Richard lived in the same area.

He also confirmed that Richard was a Reverend of the Genesis II Church and was involved in MMS.

He also knew of Mark Kishon Christopher.

I asked Jonathan for Richards number, Jonathan gave me his number.

Hear my call with Jonathan sharpe here.

I then rang Richard Sharpe on his mobile, he picked up but was eating at the time, he said he would call me back.

Hear my first brief call with Richard Sharpe here.

Richard did ring me back as promised.

I posed interest undercover, saying I was looking for MMS for my friend.

Richard confirmed that he is a Reverend of the Genesis II Church and said he could get me MMS, he asked me to text him an email address and talked about a company in Germany that offers this bleach for sale.

He also said that he was one of the first people to bring MMS to Ireland just like Mark Kishon Christopher had stated.

He seemed proud of that!

Richard was very cautious and suspicious during our conversation.

Listen to my second call with Richard Sharpe here.

I texted an email address to Richard Sharpe but I have not received any information yet.

I plan to report Sharpe to the authorities but I also believe that those involved in the BLEACH cult should be named and shamed.

Autistic children like my children are suffering because of people like Sharpe.

They are giving talks, telling vulnerable people to ingest this poisonous substance.

Sharpe portrays himself as a business man and is probably popular because of that.

However he is part of the MMS chain and just like the song is running in the shadows.

We must BREAK the MMS chain!

MMS Cases And The Heartless Charlatans Who Peddle BLEACH For Profit

I will never recover from when I first learned about MMS and how Autistic children were being forced to drink MMS BLEACH and being forced to suffer burning BLEACH enemas.

Irish Newspapers acted swiftly and published an article in 2014.

After campaigning against MMS BLEACH for many years the tears still fall regularly, it does not get any easier.

People can learn about MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide) here, here and here.

I now face another MMS hearing, I have to stand up and fight for Autistic children once more.

My evidence helped to convict an MMS peddler called Patrick Merlehan in 2016, read about this here and here.

I now face a professional who was selling MMS and advocating it as a ‘treatment’ for Autism.

A fitness to practise hearing will happen in a few days time.

This ‘professional’ seems to lack remorse and has not expressed any feelings of regret to date.

I reported this professional in 2014 and it has taken four years to get to this point.

Tell me do these images upset you?

Do you think MMS protocols should be banned worldwide?

I have been speaking out against MMS for nearly five years now, I have tried to educate parents and help prevent this torture.

However the truth is those that advocate MMS are trapped inside conspiracy bubbles, they are beyond reach.

They are anti-vaccine and anti-science.

They are anti-government and spend their days staring at ‘chemtrails’

Many of them support right wing politics, they spew God talk, trying to convince themselves that they are good people.

It is really twisted and macabre.

Those promoting and selling MMS must be stopped, they are maiming and torturing children.

Minimum jail terms must be introduced to end this abuse of vulnerable adults and children.

I am now being sued by people because I speak out against MMS.

I am a witness in an MMS case and being sued for speaking out all at the same time!

MMS has changed my life, I am happy knowing we have protected many children but we need to do more.

I want everyone to view MMS abuse from an Autistic childs perspective.

Not from a parent of an Autistic child but from the child.

Walk in their shoes if you will for a few minutes.

Imagine their fear, their confusion, their dread.

Imagine them running away from the enema hose which is full of burning BLEACH.

Imagine them passing blood, intestinal tissue.

Imagine their pain.

Imagine them swallowing this BLEACH, their tiny throats being burned with every drop, watch here!

Imagine them vomiting.

Imagine them fainting, screaming, lacking oxygen, having seizures, covered in sores and burn marks on their skin.

Imagine them enduring this torture every day.

Everyday some Autistic children are drinking BLEACH all day long coupled with burning BLEACH ENEMAS.

Imagine them watching their parents and carers place their insides, intestinal tissue on paper plates.

Photos are then taken of their insides and uploaded on the internet for the whole world to see.

Imagine that humiliation, invasion of privacy.

I will never forget the words of a Mother discussing how she and her family members pinned down their Autistic child and stuck a hose of BLEACH into their rectum.

The Autistic child was trying to run away, they did not want this torture.

They sat on this Autistic child and pinned them down, they were gloating about achieving this torture.

Thousands of Autistic children and adults are being abused with MMS and other quack treatments.

It must stop.

When you read about this abuse, remember what it feels like for them.

They are the victims, not the parents.

I will continue to speak out and fight for justice.

I will think of these beautiful children on Thursday.

This is for them.

Wish me luck!

Evidence Suggests Sovereign Movement May Have Brought MMS BLEACH Cult To Ireland

I have been campaigning against quack treatments for many years now.

I have exposed, reported and helped to prosecute those who peddle a lethal bleach product known as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) or CD (Chlorine Dioxide)

Read more about my campaign work here, here and here.

I am due to give evidence regarding another MMS case in two weeks time.

I have five children, two of my children are on the Autism spectrum.

Autistic children are being experimented on and abused with quack treatments like this BLEACH product MMS.

They are being poisoned, forced to drink this toxic BLEACH all day long, then they are pinned down whilst burning BLEACH ENEMAS are forced into their bodies.

All government bodies, Child Protection Agencies, the HSE and the Gardai call MMS child abuse.

Investigations are ongoing into parents who gave this toxic BLEACH to their Autistic children.

Patrick Merlehan was found guilty of manufacturing and selling MMS as a treatment for Autism in 2016, I was a witness in this case.

MMS was banned in Ireland in 2016.

I have fought hard to end this abuse of vulnerable adults and children.

I have done this on a voluntary basis, sacrificing my time to help protect people from this vile quackery.

I have suffered vile abuse from peddlers of MMS and other unproven quack treatments, anti vaxxers and their fan clubs.

It has been extremely traumatic and upsetting.

It is one thing trying to comprehend quacks abusing Autistic children but to see professionals involved in this abuse is shocking.

Dr Magee was a registered Doctor offering MMS to Autistic children, read about him here and here.

After five years exposing and speaking out against MMS I have discovered that the Sovereign Movement are closely linked to the abusive MMS practise here in Ireland, learn more about this here.

Convicted MMS peddler Patrick Merlehan is involved in the Sovereign Movement, he used Sovereign techniques to try and wiggle his way through the courts.

Of course these ‘techniques’ failed him dreadfully.

Merlehan seems brainwashed and appears to be duped by the Sovereign Movement, they are nothing more than a cult.

Many vulnerable people are duped by peddlers of Sovereign pseudolaws, they sadly end up losing in the courts.

I am told that some of these vulnerable people offer sums of cash to the Sovereign Movement, they put their trust in this cult.

The Sovereign Movement is most commonly known for its exploitation of vulnerable families who are facing eviction due to repossession of their homes.

I want to draw attention to an even darker side of the Sovereign cult.

Spokespersons for the Sovereign Movement include Ben Gilroy and Billy Maguire.

Read more about these two here, here and here.

Then there are the online radio shows that promote the Sovereign cult, I know of two, Tir Na Saor and Peoples Internet Radio.

These radio shows spew pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.

I think Tir Na Saor is not operating anymore but Peoples Internet Radio is still running unfortunately.

I have written about Vincent Byrne of Peoples Internet Radio before and his endorsement of MMS, read about this here.

Vin Byrne wants research into MMS abuse, see below.

Byrnes friends like his posts about MMS, Ben Gilroy is one, see below.

I have pleaded with Byrne and asked him not to endorse a product that tortures Autistic children and vulnerable people.

He did not listen to me and instead chose to bully and harass me online.

Byrne has dedicated radio shows to me, he slanders and abuses me and others who are trying to end MMS abuse.

He even jokes about the abuse of women, listen here.

Byrne also endorses anti-vaccine propaganda.

Byrnes colleague Sean Maguire also advocates MMS and regularly interviews and promotes the quacks who peddle this poison.

He started promoting MMS back in 2010, see screenshots below.

See Maguire to the right in screenshot below.

Maguire has also harassed me and is in my opinion a dangerous individual.

Listen to Maguire here.

Then we have pop star Jim Corr of the Corrs promoting this toxic BLEACH in the past, he even directed people to websites to purchase this poison, see below.

Jim Corr is also involved in the Sovereign cult and a documented conspiracy theorist.

Patrick Merlehan, Vincent Byrne, Jim Corr, Sean Maguire are all involved in the Sovereign and BLEACH cult!

Primetime did a great exposè about MMS in 2015, they went to Merlehans home undercover when an MMS seminar was being hosted by the Genesis II Church cult.

Jim Humble is the creator of MMS, once a Scientologist but decided to start his own cult with BLEACH.

Jim Humble founded the Genesis II Church and his seminars are held all over the world.

Vincent Byrnes Peoples Internet Radio advertised Genesis II Church seminars back in 2013, see in screenshot below.

You can see that the Seminar above discusses Kerri Rivera, she is also in the BLEACH cult and is the person who created MMS BLEACH as a ‘treatment’ for Autism.

See Kerri in screenshot below.

Read about this monstrous woman here.

Rivera has had her groups shut down on Facebook because of our campaign work and the many complaints made by myself and others.

However she has recently opened another group called Kerri Rivera.

See some posts which include a member wanting to put this toxic BLEACH into a newborns eyes and more in screenshots below.

Peoples Internet Radio also endorsed Kerri Rivera, see below.

A person called Reverend Rashers shared Riveras ‘Curing’ Autism with BLEACH video.

The ‘Reverend’ title is given when you join the Genesis II Church cult.

I have been wondering who this Reverend Rashers was for many years now and I was recently able to identify him.

The Sovereign Movement ‘Tir Na Saor’ group messaged me on Facebook and gave me his name, his name is Andrew Bradshaw.

I do not know why they did this, I have asked them about him before but they refused to help.

See this message below.

I searched for posts linking Andrew Bradshaw to MMS and sadly found many, see below.

I found an article on RTE news about Andrew Bradshaw facing eviction, he was looking for pity regarding his financial situation but at the same he time he was involved in this abusive BLEACH cult.

Don’t forget that Bradshaw is also linked to the Sovereign cult.

Bradshaw aka Reverend Rashers and his Sovereign buddies seem to have started this toxic BLEACH cult way back in 2010.

Ex Policeman Anthony Carlin from Northern Ireland was also involved in the BLEACH cult, he too is involved in the Sovereign cult.

Read about Carlin here.

See screenshots from some other Irish people linked to the Sovereign and MMS BLEACH cult below.

The fact is that citizens of Ireland contributed to the torture of Autistic children and vulnerable people, many of them profited from this abuse.

I tried to contact some of the individuals in this blog but they chose to ignore me, some blocked me on Facebook.

Are these people still involved in this abusive practise?

Here is a small reminder of what MMS BLEACH does to Autistic children, upsetting images below.


Everyone mentioned in this blog should be questioned by the Gardai and the HPRA.

I will continue to fight to help end this abuse and seek justice for Autistic children.

We must protect our children from these insidious charlatans.

Autistic Pride Day

Today June 18th is Autistic Pride Day.

Two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum.

I was diagnosed with Aspergers four years ago at the age of 42.

I have spent the past five years campaigning against quack treatments.

I have written about cults and peddlers of pseudoscience.

I have given evidence in court regarding the toxic bleach product MMS and I will be a witness in another MMS case in a few weeks time.

I have two Sons on the Autism spectrum, D is 25 and V is 14.

They are wonderful young men and I am very proud of them.

Both of my Sons need support, they are both on the Autism spectrum but very different.

Their personalities and individuality plays a huge role in that difference.

Their challenges whilst similar affect each of them in different ways.

When I was diagnosed four years ago I believed that I would finally be able to understand myself better and hopefully be part of a community that accepts and supports.

The Neurodiversity movement sold that message to me and I decided to investigate it further.

The Neurodiversity movement is all about acceptance.

The Autism community displays a message of acceptance on social media but in reality my experience with the Autism community has not always been about acceptance, read about this here.

There are many social media pages and groups promoting acceptance but some of the groups are not allowing individuals the right to an opinion.

Rules and manifestos are created, telling Autistic people what should and should not be.

If you question these rules you are ostracised and removed from groups which claim to support you.

Parents of Autistic children are often shunned by Autistic adults because they sometimes choose to discuss the negative elements of Autism.

As a parent and being diagnosed I know that there are negative elements to Autism.

I have felt unable to discuss these negative elements in the past for fear of being shunned by the online Autism community.

Yes there are parents that say dreadful things about their Autistic children, anti vaccine parents and those who use dangerous quack treatments, these parents are not helping Autistic people.

However there are many good parents who should be allowed to discuss the challenges their children have without being met with aggression and hostility from Autistic adults.

Many of these Autistic adults don’t even have children.

I have witnessed this on social media.

Once I wrote a post about the challenges of Autism and I was attacked by so called accepting Autistic people.

Some Autistic people do not want to speak about Autism being a disability.

What is wrong with the word disabled?

I have no problem referring to Autism in that light.

I have seen Autistic people talk about Autism culture, Autism being depicted as a race, a religion.

There are many Autistic children and adults who are unable to live independent lives.

They will always need support, they have a disability.

Parents and carers are their lifeline and they should not be shunned by elitist groups who seem to ignore the disabling factors of an Autism diagnosis.

These parents and carers depend on supports from our governments.

To claim that Autism is not a disability will only lead to less supports for the families who desperately need them.

I am on the spectrum but I am not the same as my eldest Autistic Son.

My Son cannot do what I can do and needs assistance with nearly everything in his life.

Many Autistic people are against functioning labels but without labels my Sons would not be entitled to the few supports that they have today.

If we remove disability from Autism then the supports will disappear.

Having difficulties socialising, sensory issues etc is not the same as classic Autism.

My eldest Son was diagnosed with classic Autism.

As I get older I see my Sons challenges in a more negative light, yes I accept Autism but many of these challenges cause huge stress and upset to my Sons lives.

Do I like to see my Sons upset and stressed?


I worry for my Sons future, adults on the spectrum are still in need of supports but there is hardly anything out there.

Yes Autism brings many positive things to peoples lives but to say that we should celebrate the negative elements of Autism is ridiculous.

I want to be able to discuss all elements of Autism freely, I’m a parent to Autistic children and I am also on the spectrum.

I am against quackery and promote acceptance but I also want acceptance to speak about the difficulties raising Autistic children, the ongoing challenges that Autistic people experience.

Acceptance should be about the positive and the negative.

I am proud of my Autistic children but would I like it if life was easier for them?

Of course I would.

Autism is a complex condition and each Autistic person is unique.

We must be realistic and accurate when discussing Autism.

SUPPORT Autistic people, parents, carers and their families.

Do not divide and segregate.

Listen and respect each other.

Agony Autie Remove Video Slandering Me Now!

Agony Autie is an Autistic Advocate who disccuses Autism via Vlogs on Facebook and YouTube.

Agony Autie is run by Autistic woman Sara Jane Harvey.

Sara published a very distressing video a few days ago talking about going to hospital claiming Autistic advocates had sent her abusive messages that day.

She claimed that I had sent these abusive messages and states my name Fiona O’Leary.

She makes it sound like these messages have driven her to being sent to hospital.

These are serious accusations, her video is emotionally driven, it makes me sound like some kind of monster.

She provides no evidence for these serious accusations.

I did NOT message Agony Autie that day or any day in recent months.

The only contact I’ve had with this woman was once when we spoke about the National Autistic Society and the court case regarding quack treatment MMS back in October 2017 and February of this year, the only other contact I had with her was via Emma Dalmayne in April this year.

Emma questioned Agony Auties Go Fund Me page which asks for money for expensive equipment, things like cameras, laptops and microphones.

See some screenshots below.


Emma and I noticed there were vulnerable people donating, Autistic people who survive on Disability Allowance and have little to give.

We felt that this was something that should be addressed.

Emma opened a private message on Facebook with Agony Autie and added me to this message.

Agony Autie was approached in a civil manner but Emma and I got nowhere and it ended up with Agony Auties husband attacking us, Agony Autie then got aggressive, I managed to save one of her aggressive messages, listen to her voice recording in Emmas Facebook message calling me toxic here.

I let this all go, I am busy campaigning against quack treatments, I give evidence in court cases and I am due to give evidence regarding MMS again in July.

I receive a lot of abuse from quacks but have also been in receipt of abuse from Autistic people, read about this here.

It has got a lot worse in recent weeks and now Agony Autie making a video slandering me is just appalling.

Agony Autie has admitted that she lied about me and told me she would apologise and remove her video lying about me.

However she is not true to her word and her video is still on her pages and groups as we speak, it has more than 10,000 views and nearly 500 comments.

All her viewers are being fed lies about me.

This is not professional behaviour for an advocate and these lies are causing huge hurt to me and my family.

My Autistic children, family and friends can see these lies.

This is defamation and I have no choice but to expose Agony Autie for this vile act.

Please listen to Agony Autie telling me she will remove this video and apologise here and here.

Listen to Agony Autie saying I did not message her but instead blames another person called Siobhan here.

I want a public apology from Agony Autie and these lies retracted or legal action will be taken.

Anyone out there calling themselves advocates that tell lies to garner attention should be ashamed of themselves.

Such people are not worthy of the title of advocate.

Stand Strong, A Tale Of Abuse And Control…

I have been through hell lately, targeted harassment orchestrated and delivered by male Autistic advocates.

All of the suspects present themselves as noble, accepting and caring individuals.

Last February one of these ‘advocates’ messaged me on Facebook.

His name is John Greally and is well known in the Autistic community. He runs many Facebook pages and groups.

People have warned me about his aggressive and bullying behaviour, John makes up rules and if you do not like his rules he will toss you out and defame you.

I was added to a group called TAC (The Autistic Cooperative) last February.

I questioned their narrow and unhealthy manifesto and was immediately met with aggression and warnings, ‘it’s my way or the highway’ rhetoric.

Kieran Rose is one of the admins in TAC and shared this manifesto, see below.

Autism is compared to Religion by another member of TAC, she also proudly confirms their ‘No debate’ rule.

How unhealthy is that?

Vulnerable people not allowed to question or debate, this can only lead to a negative outcome.

I was swiftly removed from TAC and not long after ostracised by Greally and his minions.

Greally is founder of TAC and refers to admins as his appointees, meaning they work for him.

Read about my experience with TAC here.

My Mother was rushed to hospital whilst all this drama was happening.

She was seriously ill and I was so worried about her.

My Autistic Son also had to have surgery on his toe.

I also had an appointment with an eye surgeon about my complex eye condition.

On top of that I had to go to court to give evidence regarding MMS, read here.

This was all happening at the same time.

It was safe to say I had a lot on my plate and certainly did not need aggression and bullying from Greally and Co.

However Greally didn’t care and proceeded to send disgusting messages targeting my seriously ill Mother, telling me to shut up about her and my eyes, see below.

I really didn’t think he could be this twisted but he is.

After winning in court regarding MMS, I then had to deal with a series of vile blogs penned anonymously on the Reddit website by ‘Autistic Lives Matter’

This Reddit user registered the same time all this drama happened with Greally and TAC and discusses it at length.

The blogs are defamatory and abusive, sexist and drag members of my family into them.

See ‘Autistic Lives Matter’ blogs here.

It is evident they are linked to Greally and Co, Greallys Au (Autistic Union) rules are mentioned and they mention a phone call I had with Greally, nobody knew about that call but Greally and his other minion Maqqi.

See some snippets of these blogs below.

Then I receive a phone call from another Autistic male called Roderik Plas who tells me that John Greallys colleague Maqqi had spoken to him about me on the telephone last August 2017.

See Maqqis Facebook profile below.

Maqqi had told Roderik he wanted to seek revenge and was planning an attack on me, he said John Greally had given his approval to attack me.

Read about this scary and vile harassment here.

I confronted both Maqqi and John about this serious issue and they both ran away and would not engage, Greally refused to speak to me, listen to him here.

Then Greally sent an aggressive message on Facebook from his other Jung Gui Li profile, mentioning my Mother again, see below.

Greally has multiple profiles he uses to spy and bully with.

Maqqi then changed his tune when I told him that I had a recording of my conversation with Roderik accusing him of this targeted harassment.

Maqqi starts to panic and demands the phone recording, see below.

Then Maqqi starts to point blame at others.

Craig Frattura another Autistic male is someone that I knew a few years back.

We had differing views, we parted and went our seperate ways.

Maqqi immediately blames Craig for these blogs and says it’s the general consensus.

So here we have Greally and his cohorts linked to a planned attack on me, blogs were written discussing Greallys dictatorship and then they point the blame at Craig.

Well Craig has messaged me and has given me consent to share our messages.

Craig believes that Greally wrote these vile blogs, he says it’s his writing style and spoke about how Greally has abused, threatened and bullied his friends in the past.

See our messages below.

He then sent me a conversation he had with Greally, it’s Greally ordering Craig and telling him it’s over.

Remeber there is NO debate with dictator Greally!

See conversation below.


“This is a personal conversation where John Greally makes all sorts of untrue and outlandish claims. Asking for evidence finishes our relationship together.

Hi Craig,

The sickest character attacking autistics at present is a ‘Darien Darko’, self-publicising as the ‘worst psychopathic nightmare you could meet’.

He founded and runs Aspie Fight Club. Hospitalized two so far. There is a 41-strong Autistic Admin group that has just the task of keeping him at bay.

His deviousness is beyond imagination.

His aliases are many – as fast as FB closes his accounts, he opens a new one.

Currently he is MIKARO WARD, an anagram for I AM DARKO RAW.

I almost lost my bank account, ISP, FB a/c to him yesterday morn. My pages/groups were down for 2 hours till I recovered with help from FB. His technical capabilities are almost sufficient to wreak havoc.
September 21st, 1:10am
Wow ! What i can’t understand is that is I added Mikardo Ward into the group today but this facebook page is years old ? Shouldn’t it have been shut down ?

How do you know it was him ?
Sorry all this has happened to you
My mistake . Only opened account August 30.
Mikado Ward Âû
is this the person who apparently works at Arby’s ?
September 21st, 7:53am

I don’t know where her works as I have him blocked. I only know from his attacks on 13-16 year olds, and then he came after me. Then, his person I never spoke to in my life, taunted me the day of the worst attacks by messaging me “Is there anything I can do to help”. He went back to his AFC bully group and had two hours fun with that. Matt Bevan and Connor Lamphard and Xandra Black and AJ Marotto are in the group watching who he goes after next (confidential). He thinks they are his friends, but they loathe what he does.

The picture you sent I cannot get access to.

All Darien’s accounts must be new, because so many people (60+ Admins did last time) report him whenever he re-appears (wherever vulnerable young boys like Mitchell Thomas, Randell Porter, Alex Harpur, Dominic Heath are – always young lads with well-under 90 IQ’s).
September 21st, 10:17am

My most senior trusted deputy is Matt Bevan, he is in your group, and Mikaro Ward just appointed him an Admin of his evil group (to his great shock! this morning). Ask him anything, but mark it “in confidence”. He knows so much more than I can, as I have positive stuff to focus on like you.
Wow what an opportunity to take the group down ! Although easy to rebuild

Sadly, every time FB takes one of theirs down (6 so far), they rebuild. we have to wait till they get bored. Autistically speaking, that could be a year or two. Lol.
Thanks John, I may ask for some info from Matt. Nice to know exactly what is going on
Sunday 10:44am

Hi Craig,
You are not listening to me. In fact, you are doing the opposite of listening to me. I warned you about very bad people. So YOU went and joined with them in their groups. The opposite of what I expected as a reasonable and senior member of the autistic community.

This has now come to reflect very poorly on your judgement in the eyes of other Admins, many of them. They no longer trust you. You can imagine where that leads to over a period of time inevitably.

Darien Darko is a psychopath. You are in his groups that he manipulates from above in master or senior groups. I am in those groups and see him laughing at you being duped.

In the first attachment you will see that Mikaro Ward, Darien Darko, is commenting on your page when I have him blocked and cannot see.

In another group that Darien runs, he is laughing at how you and others are duped.

He is making fun of how he stripped my Au from my name. he is a BULLY Craig. Do you get that? Have you missed something? He is their leader.

Autismo Ceto Au has been nearly driven to suicide by this. Craig, you are supporting that behaviour.

Craig, it is very disheartening to see a person supporting someone who has so viciously attacked me and others, hospitalizing some, costing some accommodation, causing some to lose their FB accounts, using Randell Porter and Dominic Heath, mere children.

Darien is focusing on you, because he can’t get in anywhere else. He is not seeking rehabilitation. he is seeking power – and you are his dupe.

Before long, as part of the procedure to quarantine Darien, it will become necessary to quarantine not only you, but also 3000 further people from the 57,000 in the groups covered by the Admins.

If you cannot see that he is behaving like scum, and that you are coddling him – we are FINISHED HERE.

I need your assurance that he will be gone.

You may think I am the antagonist in this picture, but I am not. I am the ONLY person advocating for you, and that is something I have done against MANY from Day 1 when I became aware of your existence.
John, I am not being duped by anyone. I am seeking to find information about him, which others have not being able to provide.

He has been very helpful in producing some good material for the ban cd mms website and i am grateful for that. I am wary of him based on everything you have told me, but I still haven’t seen any evidence against him.
If people don’t trust me, it shows to me that there are too many rumours circulating without fact.
Why hasn’t Matt Bevan provided me with any facts ?
Moe’s au wasn’t taken away by Darien.
I am not and will not support any bad behaviour of any kind.
Sunday 7:06pm

The material you say he produced Craig, if you read it again is YOU and others being duped by a psycho who loves LOVES to talk about anuses and use every dirty word he can. It is plagiarised from To2 site – with the dirty words added in. You are being duper Craig. I bet my whole life and everything I own and have every done on THAT FACT.

Craig, Matt will not provide evidence to you BECAUSE HE DOES NOT TRUST YOU ANYMORE. No one will provide you with evidence any more. This is a LAST DITCH EFFORT to wake you up before abandoning you as a lost cause.

If you were to show Mikaro Ward what I gave you today from Matt – it would destroy my best friendship and cause Matt to be thrown out from AFC.

Moe’s Au was taken by Marcus Morris, a pedophile that ONLY goes to teen groups. Every major Admin knows who he is, how he does what he does, why police will not act. There is a reason you do not know about this, and that is BECAUSE MIKARO WARD WAS NOT IN YOUR GROUP BEFORE, NOR MARCUS, NOR ZACHARY, NOR AMELIA. If they were, many would have warned you. Instead they asked ME to do that job.

it’s been, from my perspective, a waste of time.
Marcus isn’t in my group. Sorry that excuse about Matt not trusting me any more doesn’t make any sense. He has never provided evidence to me, before I had even spoken to “Mikado” .
As you have stated I have the evidence to destroy the relationship between Mikado and Matt, so why not actually show me some real evidence that I can act on ? Not trusting me is totally ridiculous, I would have already destroyed their relationship if |I was untrustworthy.
Sunday 9:07pm

Craig, your EVERY conversation with AFC, Uncensored, Mikaro is bared to me. When you say out loud that “I am not friend’s with John” and everything else… it comes back to me as hard-copy. Why is that so? Because you are supping with wolves.

I just spoke to Matt and he is of the opinion to leave you once again to be taken down by some appalling person you trusted wrongly and to learn the hard way yet again.

It hurts that you would rate Mikado over me and Matt and all the other Admins too, so I will end this conversation here – stripped as I am of the symbol of autistic progress I have made for my brothers and sisters, stripped by your friend that you value.

This is goodbye Craig”


Greally is a control freak and a bully.

Others have reached out to me sharing similar stories about Greally but are afraid to speak out for fear of being met with similar abuse that I have to endure.

Some have said that Greally has tracked down where they live and work, created files and blacklists of those he does not like, of those that do not follow his orders.

If this is not fascist behaviour I don’t know what is.

All I know is that I will not tolerate abuse or threats, especially from men.

These groups run by Greally and Co pose great risk to vulnerable people, people like my Autistic children, they could be easily sucked in and exploited by Greally and his minions.

This is why we must speak out and expose such vile behaviour.

These people are not accepting, they are not advocates for the Autistic community.

They only support those who agree with Greallys terms, it’s disgusting.

Groups like TAC are growing on social media, I am told Greally and his ‘appointees’ are infiltrating Autistic groups and pages on Facebook, bullying people and taking control.

Greally is a cult and his movement is robbing vulnerable people of their RIGHT to an opinion, their RIGHT to free thought.

This is how Nazi Germany started, when you disallow debate and form rules that must be obeyed, elitism and segregation will follow.

It is especially wrong when Greally knows how vulnerable Autistic people are.

Autistic people are the perfect community to exploit.

I will always speak out against injustice, quackery and abuse.

I am not afraid of the Greallys of this world.

As for the male Autistic advocates who blame each other for the abuse I have received, take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and think about what you have become.

The fact that you target women anonymously proves how despicable you are.

It is obvious that either one, two or all three of you are responsible for the abuse I am suffering.

Let’s see if you three can deliver some truth?

Some advice, always think for yourself, steer clear from groups governed by dictators like Greally.

Question everything and please look after yourself!

A Planned Attack On Me Orchestrated By Men

An Autistic man called Maqqi apparently discussed me in a phone conversation last August.

Maqqi spoke to another Autistic male called Roderik.

They discussed myself and Emma Dalmayne.

Maqqi apparently said he wanted revenge and was planning an attack on me.

John Greally another Autistic male consented to this attack.

I have suffered vile abuse online, publicly defamed and abused in Reddit blogs and petitions, all carried out by an anonymous bully.

Roderik told me that he believes Maqqi is behind the Reddit blogs about me and said one blog had the content of their phone conversation in it.

I am obviously very upset and concerned about males planning an attack on me.

These blogs are disgusting, abusive and sexist.

I have reached out to both Maqqi and Greally.

At first Maqqi was unresponsive but when I told him I had a recording of my conversation with Roderik he quickly changed his tune.

He says Roderick is lying.

Greally would not speak to me but sent aggressive messages to me on Facebook.

I will not tolerate men abusing women.

My Mother was a victim of domestic violence.

A man saying he wants to attack a woman is not normal and I have tried to find the truth regarding this abuse.

I now have no choice but to share segments of my phone call with Roderik in a bid to push these abusers to the surface.

Maybe all involved will learn a lesson and think twice about targeting Mothers who spend their precious time campaigning to protect Autistic children from quacks.

Hear brief segments of my call with Roderick here.