Crimes viewed as Mercy Killings

 An Irish Mother is currently on trial accused of playing a role in the death of her daughter.
This trial is happening because Police have evidence which links the Mother to this tragic event.
The little girl that died was 11 years old and was severely disabled.
Caring for a child with special needs can be very difficult, especially if you are not receiving proper supports.
I have Autistic children and I fully understand the lack of supports that are out there.
We see many disabled children murdered by their parents and carers.
I remember reading the awful story of a six year old Autistic boy who was killed by his Mother,
This is London in picture below, he loved to wear hats.
 London was thrown off a bridge.
The Mothers excuse for brutally killing her Son was that she could not take it anymore, she was not receiving enough support.
Then we have another case of an Autistic teenager stabbed to death by his mother, see Alex below.screenshot_2016-12-05-21-53-53-1
Again this Mother claims it was lack of supports that made her commit this heinous crime.
These are just some examples.
There are many more disabled children who are suffocated, poisoned, drowned.
Because they have a disability.
Because the parent could not take it anymore.
Then we see the media response, the comments on social media.
The majority of comments and media support the perpetrator.
The empathy is given to the person who committed these awful acts of violence.
We often see a brutal crime turned into a Mercy killing.
We see the child disappear from the equation.
Imagine those who are living with disabilities seeing these comments and media reports.
How it must make them feel.
How their lives are immediately seen as less then.
If an able bodied child is killed by a parent there is uproar, people rally around to have that parent charged and we read a completely different narrative in the media.
But if a disabled child is killed that seems to make it different?
Children have rights, disabled children too.
Nobody has the right to take someones life.
People have recently said to me that the trial of this Mother is unjust.
That she should not be under investigation.
Even though their is evidence linking the Mother to the death of her daughter.
See some comments from social media below.
Why shouldn’t this Mother be on trial?
Why should a disabled child’s death not receive the appropriate level of investigation?
Shouldn’t justice be sought for all beings in our society?
Does having a disability mean you should not be allowed those same rights?
A right to not be killed.
I shared this opinion on social media recently and I was met with an overwhelming negative response, saying I was without compassion and that I should butt out and not question the accused.
I was told not to share any articles that are discussing this case.
I believe someone must speak up for the child who has lost its life, it is never okay to brush aside the death of a disabled person simply because the parent/carer happened to be in a ‘desperate’ situation.
If a parent finds that they cannot cope, they should seek help.
Speak to your Doctor, family, friends.
Do not hurt your children, do not kill them.
If we as a society start to blame the system for unlawful killings, what will that lead to?

Registered Irish Homeopaths Initiating Harassment Campaign against Autistic Advocates.


Today I rang the Irish Society of Homeopaths to seek advice about making a formal complaint against Homeopaths here in Ireland who think they can bully and incite hatred towards those who speak out against pseudoscience.

Roma Rosborough is a Homeopath based in Cork, see below.


She has been one of the main players in bringing VAXXED to Ireland.

She believes Autism can be ‘treated’ with her sugar pills.

She does not like Autistic people speaking out against her quackery and I have seen her comment about me many times.

However she has now took it upon herself to join others in an organised plot to start a campaign to take me down.

Roma is joined by her Homeopath colleague Ann Monaghan, see below:



Rosborough and her buddies want to stop people like me speaking out and have apparently created a group on Facebook to discuss this.

The comments I have read about me from these people are not normal.

They wonder why I have not received death threats, they discuss my diagnosis and are apparently discussing it with the fake Psychologist Caroline Goldsmith who I sadly went to three years ago.

What kind of person discusses personal information like that?

One woman says I should be put down.

I am sharing screenshots of these crazy comments as I want people to know how some Homeopaths operate in Ireland today.

Roma Rosborough and Ann Monaghan are just two in a long list of an army of haters who can be seen in screenshots below supporting, promoting and fueling this vile vendetta against me.

NB: FOL is short for Fiona O’Leary in these poisonous conversations.






20170522_161142-1 (1)



















This is just the tip of a venomous snake pit.

I leave you with a link to the wise words of Dr David Robert Grimes on the Sham that is Homeopathy:










The Autistic Community Take On The Anti Vaccine Cult VAXXED


Last week the Autistic community protested against the Autism hating anti-vaccine cult VAXXED.
We met up in Dublin city on Friday the 5th of May and waited in a coffee house to receive instructions from the VAXXED team.
When people purchase film tickets you are normally given details about the venue/location for the film you are about to see.
However VAXXED do not do that, instead they allow you only a few hours notice and clients are left panicking not knowing where the event will be held.
We purchased tickets for this propaganda film and we were assured we would receive a confirmation email on the morning of the event.
We did not receive any email.
We only found out the location from someone who is in one of the anti-vaccine closed  Facebook groups.
We were told it would be held at the Tivoli theatre in Frances street.
We quickly made our way towards the Tivoli.
My dear friends Alex and Emma flew in from London and I also met up with Pete, Frank, Ollie, John, Niche, Gerry and Rowan.
We displayed signs which aired our disgust for this reckless cult.
I use the word disgust because VAXXED are disgusting.
Not only are they spreading lies about vaccines but they are also dehumanising and exploiting Autistic people.
Please read about their vile behaviour here.
Autistic people are referred to as ‘brain damaged’ and ‘vaccine injured’.

VAXXED give Autistic children a ‘vaccine injured’ number and offer them T-Shirts with this number displayed, see below.


When we arrived at the Tivoli VAXXED camera-men Anu and Brian were there to greet us.
Both of them tried to sell their pseudoscience to my friends and I.
Anu presented as some kind of expert on Autism and vaccines.
He kept referring to ‘doctor’ Suzanne as his scientific source.
Suzanne Humphries is the ‘doctor’ that recommends Colloidal Silver to ‘treat’ a tooth abscess.
Read more about this quack here.
We tried to get into the venue and told security we had tickets but the doors were bolted and we were not allowed entry.
You could see Suzanne Humphries, Polly Tommey and their fans inside laughing and making faces at us.
So professional hey.
I could recognise some of their groupies, Jane and Christopher Hennessy from Cork.
Roma Rosborough Homeopath from Cork.
Clare Chambers who worked with conspiracy radio host Richie Allen.
Allison Edwards was there from the UK with her VAXXED mobile, parents decorate this car with signatures of their children.
Ann Monaghan Homeopath was there.
Then there was ex politician and Wakefield worshiper Kathy Sinnott.
We also discovered that the well known fake Psychologist Caroline Goldsmith was also there and apparently involved with the running of the event.
Basically a quack horror show.
See some photos of this cult below.
We stood up for our rights as we should and chanted ‘vaccines save lives’.
The manager of the Tivoli approached us and said he was not aware of what the event was about and told us he was going to cancel it immediately.
Sadly the manager lied and allowed the event to continue and permitted a later screening also.
The security guards at the door were very aggressive and would not allow my friend to use the bathroom.
They were also making faces and mocking us from behind the glass.
We watched outside as people were let in and locked in, people with children and babies.
One six month old baby was displayed in one of Polly’s videos and she bragged about the baby being unvaccinated.
The management then called the Police who appeared but said nothing to us, we had a right to protest this dangerous cult.
VAXXED filmed us and took photos and it was a bit like meeting the Scientology cult.
A friend of mine went to the seven o’clock screening, she had purchased a ticket.
When Goldsmith saw her trying to get into the theatre she swiftly alerted security and my friend who is also Autistic was physically removed from the theatre.
This is appalling and again highlights how vile this movement is.
Their hatred for Autism is abnormal and how they treat Autistic people is even worse.
I am Autistic and that day I met a scary cult who all share a common passion for hatred of difference.
We could see what this cult were saying about our protest from behind the bolted doors of the Tivoli.
They were streaming their event live on Facebook.
Polly and Suzanne were seen degrading Autistic people and making personal insults about our appearance, especially my hair.
Their sarcastic dehumanising slurs were being celebrated by their online groupies.
Some comments called us mentally ill, deranged, evil and more.
One woman suggested a lithium bath, see below.
A fake profile was created using my profile pic.
The online trolling grew and I am sharing some comments from VAXXED supporters below.
Our accents were judged and one man complained about autism being in housing estates.
You see VAXXED are not just about vaccines, they are brainwashed bigots who love to exploit, bully and discriminate.
Facing VAXXED in real life hurt like hell but it has made the Autistic community stronger.
Our passion for justice and commitment to ending this movement has grown further after meeting this CULT in real life.
Please support the Autistic community by signing and sharing our new petition thank you.

Hear Our Voices


Autism ‘Awareness’ day will happen next Sunday the 2nd of April.

Lots of blue lights and slogans will be draped around us.
Be aware of Autism, the increase, the burden it brings.
I think awareness is important but we would like acceptance to be a part of this upcoming event also.
Autism ‘Awareness’ day has now been extended to Autism ‘Awareness’ month!
I am part of the Autistic community.
I have Autistic children and was diagnosed with Aspergers three years ago.
I campaign for the rights of Autistic people and campaign to end abusive unproven and unregulated Autism ‘treatments’
I have learned so much in the past three years.
I have discovered a wonderful community where Autistic people are celebrated for who they are, embraced and accepted.
I have learned so much from speaking to other Autistic people and I have felt understood.
I have also seen and entered a scary place where Autism is shunned and where Autistic people are viewed as less than.
We are called a burden, a tragedy, an epidemic.
This place allows Autistic people to be abused, experimented on, tortured and even murdered.
Then we have the evil quacks who operate their scams and inflict this abuse on Autistic people.
Abusive products/treatments are forced into Autistic children’s and adults bodies.
Products/treatments such as the toxic BLEACH MMS, unregulated blood product GcMAF, Chelation, Stem Cells and much more.
All NOT approved for Autism, most not regulated yet Autistic people are like lab rats for these unscrupulous quacks.
Autistic people suffer horrendous side effects from these bogus ‘treatments’
The charities that promote Autism ‘Awareness’ month do not really talk about this abuse and if it is discussed it is usually addressed by Autistic people themselves.
We do not see the big Autism charities bringing this injustice into the spotlight.
In fact we have to beg them to support us.
We are lucky if we get a few lines from the main Autism Charities but there is no appetite to tackle this abuse properly.
We have been asking Autism charities to help us get legislation to ban these unproven and unregulated Autism ‘treatments’ for three years now.
We are left fighting this issue unsupported by the very charities that claim to represent us.
Some of these charities even promote these abusive ‘treatments’
Then we have the Anti Vaccine CULT led by conspiracy theorist Andrew Wakefield.
Wakefield has been responsible for so much harm to children.
His MMR scam is contributing to the unnecessary deaths of children.
His film VAXXED is causing even further harm and his team which is fronted by Polly Tommey has no regard for the welfare of children.
VAXXED are ANTI – VACCINE, yes ALL vaccines!
It is hilarious when the VAXXED minions say that VAXXED are not anti – vaccine.
Polly tells parents that there are NO SAFE vaccines and to STAY AWAY from Pediatricians.
This advice is coming from a woman with ZERO qualifications.
Preventable diseases are returning as a direct result of this VAXXED CULT.
VAXXED also exploit Autistic people, claiming we are ‘vaccine injured’ and ‘brain damaged’
They terrify parents and get their Autistic children to sign their VAXXED bus.
Each child is given a number to mark them as being ‘vaccine injured’
It is disgusting to brand a child this way and especially when there is no truth in what VAXXED are saying to these families.
Polly Tommey recently said that she can tell if a child is not vaccinated by looking at their faces.
She can apparently detect them!
She has said that vaccinated children look ill and that their eyes look dead.
I want to share some pictures of Autistic VACCINATED children.
These beautiful photos are from my best friend and colleague Emma Dalmayne with her wonderful children, you see photos of my beautiful children also.
Our children are healthy, happy and definitely not ill.
Emma wants to say a few words about this issue.
“I’m so happy I got my kids vaccinated! Now I know they won’t catch measles, mumps, Rubella, Whooping cough and the big upcoming one…Diphtheria! The idea that vaccinated children as said by Polly Tommey look zombified, injured and lost is debunked right here”
Autistic advocates receive a lot of abuse from the Anti-Vaccine cult.
We are attacked and receive vile abuse on social media.
Recently I was a victim of their bullying.
I was called a slag, lobotomy, infected zombie, Charles Manson and more.
I am sharing some of these comments below.
I have met some amazing people that support us with our campaign work.
There are too many names to mention but you know who you are.
Special thanks to David, John, Eoin, Monique, Bobbi, Trevor, Ashley, Debbie.
I also want to thank those that support us from the skeptic and science communities.
I have formed strong friendships in the past three years and I want to celebrate them this Autism ACCEPTANCE month.
One dear friend is Alex Forshaw.
Alex is also a wonderful writer, please read her work.
This blog is dedicated to my best friend and colleague Emma.
She is my hero.
She is dedicated and passionate and has achieved so much.
She has written two books.
She has founded a wonderful organisation A.I.M
She even writes songs, listen to My Spectrum Baby.
Emma and I have witnessed such injustice together.
We will keep fighting for a better future.
Autism Acceptance will be recognised and celebrated.


2017-03-29 17.36.29-1

Irish Anti Vaxxers Embrace The VAXXED Cult.

2017-03-15 18.11.53-1
I have been observing the anti vaccine movement for many years now, their logic and how they operate.
They really are a selfish and unstable bunch.
We have suffered Andrew Wakefields lies for nearly twenty years now, he is still here spreading more harm than ever before.
His propaganda film VAXXED is causing immense damage.
We see an increase in preventable diseases since the release of his film last year.
Then we have the VAXXED team touring the US and now they are about to take on
Ireland and the UK.
Measles outbreaks are happening all around the world and children are dying.
We are also seeing outbreaks of Mumps and other preventable diseases.
We recently heard about the seven year old girl who contracted tetanus, she was not vaccinated against it.
She is in a critical condition suffering horrendous pain, read about tetanus and what it does to the body.
This is 2017, not the eighteenth century!
Children do not need to suffer from these PREVENTABLE diseases.
If we turn back the clock we did not have outbreaks like the ones we are witnessing in the past few years.
Ireland had over 30 confirmed cases of measles last year, we did not see this happen in previous years.
Wakefield and his VAXXED team are doing this.
They are bringing these preventable diseases back and killing children in the process.
They have blood on their hands.
Their followers are blinded by pseudoscience and live in a conspiracy bubble, not able to digest facts or accurate information.
You cannot reach these people.
Wakefield and his team prey on vulnerable parents and receive support from chiropractors, homeopaths and those in the alternative ‘therapy’ field.
Polly Tommey and her VAXXED team will arrive in Ireland at the end of April, with dates suggesting the 25th or 26th.
They plan to prey on parents and terrify them with their anti vaccine propaganda.
They have created an email for their Irish victims (
VAXXED are asking the people of Ireland to send in their stories.
It is not just about the MMR vaccine, any vaccine will do!
VAXXED blame vaccines for all ailments now!
I am disgusted to see this cult being supported by my fellow citizens here in Ireland.
I recognise some of these supporters.
See some screenshots from the Irish VAXXED fan club below.
Then we have the Homeopath helping them, lining up her ‘patients’ below.
They have a built a shrine for Wakefield and some have even traveled overseas to meet this fraud.
Vaxxed supporters keep saying that they have a right to decide whether they should vaccinate their children or not.
What about the rights of the child?
The right to be protected from deadly diseases.
Children have rights, a right to be safe and healthy.
These anti vaxxers are playing Russian Roulette with their children’s lives, this also affects society as a whole.
Their decision to not vaccinate decreases Herd Immunity which is what is needed to help keep these dreadful diseases away.
You are committing a selfish and dangerous act by not vaccinating your child.
I want our Government to act and treat this serious issue as a matter of urgency.
We have written to the Minster for Health and other Minsters and we need people to support us.
People can find relevant information from our Facebook page.
If this matter is not tackled effectively, we will see major outbreaks, not just with Measles and Mumps but other diseases also.
The anti vaccine movement get their information from frauds, quacks and conspiracy theorists.
Many parents think they are medical experts and Dr. Google has given them this qualification.
I have read insane comments from some parents and it is really frightening to see how brainwashed they have become.
Some comments have included ‘I would rather have a dead child than an Autistic child’
‘Tetanus is not as bad as the side effects from vaccines’
VAXXED exploit Autistic people, they instill a fear and hatred of Autism.
Autistic people are pawns for their reckless campaign.
I am on the Autistic spectrum and two of my wonderful children also.
VAXXED are hurting the Autistic community.
They mock us, insult us, belittle us.
They refer to us as an epidemic, holocaust, toxic, injured.
They are coming to Ireland to spread their hate, lies and destruction.
Who will be the ones that will suffer from this cult and their dangerous campaign?
The Autistic community.
Our children, they will get sick, seriously ill.
Some will end up disabled and some will die.
Because Andrew Wakefield and his cult VAXXED will have told their parents that there are NO SAFE VACCINES!
Some gullible parents will sadly believe this and some of these unvaccinated children will contract one of these PREVENTABLE diseases.
They will then spread this PREVENTABLE disease to others.
Some children will recover, others will not.
VAXXED do not talk about the children that die from these deadly diseases.
These diseases have not disappeared!
We have a proven and effective way of preventing them.
It is called VACCINATION!
Polly Tommey does not seem to care much about safety, not only is she spreading harm with her anti vaccine nonsense but she also chooses NOT to wear a seat belt whilst being a front seat passenger in her VAXXED RV.
Even her fans are asking her to put on her seat belt, see in screenshots below.
Tommey is actually breaking the law  by not wearing her seat belt.
Polly Tommey could seriously injure or kill a person if an accident should occur.
Today I cried thinking about the seven year old girl who is critically ill after contracting Tetanus.
She is the same age as our precious daughter Phoebe.
This little girl who is now fighting for her life was not vaccinated, not protected from this deadly disease.
She should NOT be in this condition.
VAXXED and the anti vaccine movement are maiming and killing our children.
That is a FACT!

Autism Charity Promoting Scam


We have discovered another Autism Charity who are allowing platforms to people who offer unscientific therapies for Autism.

Please see the Anna Kennedy charity below.

They are hosting an Autism event soon and one of their speakers is Shammi Kapoor.
Shammi is offering an unscientific brain training program called Brain Rx, it is the international program of Learning Rx.
Learning Rx is founded by Dr.Ken Gibson.
Ken Gibson was investigated by the Federal Trade Commission in the US last year and his Brain Training program was exposed as fraud.
Read official Press Release below.
“The developers and marketers of the LearningRx “brain training” programs have agreed to stop making a range of false and unsubstantiated claims and pay $200,000 under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.According to the FTC’s complaint, LearningRx Franchise Corp. and its CEO, Dr. Ken Gibson, deceptively claimed that their programs were clinically proven to permanently improve serious health conditions like ADHD, autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, and concussions and that the training substantially improved school grades and college admission test scores, career earnings, and job and athletic performance. They also allegedly claimed that LearningRx brain training is 10 times more cost-effective than tutoring.

“Companies that say they can significantly improve serious health conditions or how your brain functions in everyday situations need to back up those claims with sound science,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “In this case, the defendants couldn’t show their training provides the health or other real-world benefits they claimed.”

According to the FTC, the defendants promoted LearningRx through and affiliated websites, as well as through a blog, Facebook and Twitter posts, print and radio ads, and direct mail pieces. They also allegedly used Google search ads to target consumers searching for terms such as “cure for ADD,” “autism cure,” “Asperger cure,” and “severe traumatic brain injury cure.” The defendants, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, offered LearningRx training through more than 80 LearningRx centers that it franchised in 25 states”

See Shammi Kapoor below.


See Shammis website Brain Abilitiez below.

I rang Brain Abilitiez and spoke to Shammis Mother.

She told me that Shammi was diagnosed Autistic age nineteen but now he would not be able to receive an Autism diagnosis because of the wonders of this Brain Training.

She claimed it gave him eye contact and helped him speak!

Miraculous claims.

I asked her about scientific research and she said she would send me information and testimonials.

She said an initial consultation would cost £90 and then training is £50 per hour.

It is very intense with many hours needed and sometimes up to six months training is required, depending on the individual.

I asked who carried out the training, she said the training is carried out by herself and her Son Shammi.

I asked had she any training in Autism, or any other significant training?

She said no, she was just a Mother.

This Brain training is a recognised scam and its founder already prosecuted and fined.

See some of Brain Abilitiez posts, claiming to be professionals below.



I immediately contacted the Anna Kennedy charity regarding my concerns and spoke directly with Anna Kennedy.

She did not seem to be concerned about this speaker and said a colleague had organised it all.

I said it is important to research all speakers, especially those that are peddling scams.

Last year the Anna Kennedy charity allowed Carol Stott to speak at their event.

Carol Stott was a colleague of the discredited Doctor Andrew Wakefield and still promotes his MMR Vaccine scam to this day.

See below.



Carol Stott with Polly Tommey and Andrew Wakefield in Texas 2014 above.


Carol Stott speaking at the Anna Kennedy event last March 2016 above.

I also checked out the Anna Kennedy Autism charity website and was shocked to see a section titled ‘Useful Links’

Many of these links led to websites offering unscientific treatments, including Homeopathy, Reiki, Aromatherapy.

One link led to the Holistic Clinic website which has a multitude of bogus and dangerous ‘therapies’ listed.

I questioned Anna Kennedy about these links and she confirmed that they had been on her website for a long time.

Anna Kennedy has deleted these links since our phone call earlier today.

Please screenshots of these links below.




One link led to this website filled with quack therapies below.

Other links promoted ABA.

Anna Kennedy is also one of the founders of Baston House Autism school which formed in 2011, see their website below.


Baston House used to permit Spit Hoods, two Mothers reached out to me and told me this.

Spit Hoods are basically like a dog Muzzle and sometimes used for prisoners in extreme circumstances.

Please see Baston House Spit Hood Policy below, it was abolished in 2015.


I have not received any assurance from this charity regarding this speaker at their upcoming event on the 11th of March, they could still be speaking for all I know.

I am outraged to see this charity endorsing unproven, unregulated and dangerous ‘therapies’

It is vital that all charities only endorse scientifically proven and safe therapies, and all charities should reassess who and what they are promoting.

The fact that this continues without any consequence is extremely concerning for all those who are part of the Autistic community.

The Wakefield Cult


Andrew Wakefield is the leader of the ever growing anti vaccine movement.
A discredited doctor who spreads lies and misinformation about vaccines.
There are many articles about this dangerous individual.
Please also watch Brian Deers wonderful documentary.
I want to focus a little on Wakefield himself.
The type of person he is and how he operates.
I once saw Wakefield speak at an Autism event many years ago at the University College Cork Ireland.
I was invited by former MEP Kathy Sinnott.
This event happened in the late 90s.
Our first born child was diagnosed Autistic at age three.
We knew Dillon was Autistic from an early age, long before he had his MMR shot.
I attended this Autism event and I thought it would be about Autism in general.
On arrival I met this former MEP and she was very excited and said that they had a very important speaker lined up.
I asked who this speaker was and she said Dr.Wakefield.
I immediately had concerns, I knew who Wakefield was and had been following the MMR scare in the media.
Wakefield was introduced like he was some kind of hero.
The minute he started to speak I knew he was a fraud.
I met with Kathy Sinnott after the talk and she asked me what I thought.
I told her that our Son was Autistic from birth.
There were no changes after he had his MMR shot.
Her response was just crazy!
She said that my Son was a ‘DIP’ kid!
I said what do you mean a ‘DIP’ kid?
She then diagnosed my beautiful boy on the spot, saying he was damaged by the Diphtheria shot.
She had never met my Son.
Here was a politician spreading fear and lies.
She appeared to be brainwashed and had a glazed look in her eyes.
That was nearly twenty years ago and I actually can’t believe that Wakefield is still here today, spreading his lies.
I have been actively campaigning against pseudoscience and the anti vaccine movement for some years now.
Wakefields supporters are not able to look at facts and science, basically they are just members of a cult.
Wakefields movement is like a new Religion, zero evidence needed, just believe in your leader, it is basically brainwashing!
His supporters, who seem to be mostly women, talk about Wakefield like he is some God.
I have heard him being referred to as a saint, a hero, and even compared to Nelson Mandela.
See some recent comments below.
Anyone that questions Wakefield and his dangerous movement face abuse, bullying and personal attacks.
His followers will protect everything he says and does.
Even when he bullies and exploits the Autistic community.
He can do no wrong in their eyes.
This reckless cult are growing, especially since the release of Wakefields propaganda film VAXXED.
Wakefields conspiracy ideologies have turned him into a full blown conspiracy quack!
Preventable diseases are returning because of Wakefield, children are suffering and some are dying.
Wakefield is connected to Charlatans who peddle dangerous Autism ‘treatments’ and he even delivered a lecture in Ireland in 2002 with fellow quack the late Dr. Bradstreet.
Bradstreet killed himself in 2015 after being raided by the FDA.
See screenshots from the Irish Times advertising Wakefield and Bradstreet below.
Wakefields colleague Polly Tommey was recently exposed in two separate news reports, her charity is anti vaccine and has been promoting dangerous unproven and unregulated products for many years now, including the toxic bleach product MMS.
The sad thing is the Wakefield cult don’t care, even when they are told about Autistic children being harmed by dangerous products, they still remain loyal to Wakefield.
This is how a cult operates.
Programmed to believe, no matter what!
I have listened to Wakefield speak on his many videos and I have seen his propaganda film VAXXED.
Wakefield uses the Autistic community for his campaign, we are exploited, bullied and abused by his movement.
Autistic children and adults are filmed without consent in their most vulnerable moments, always shown screaming, crying, sometimes with little clothing.
Cameras are shoved into the faces of screaming children, like in recent VAXXED video.
Wakefield uses these pieces of film to sell his lies.
Telling the world that Autism is a disease, a plague, a holocaust, a THREAT!
We are depicted as incompetent and seem to hold no purpose in this world.
We are called vaccine injured, toxic, poisoned.
We the Autistic community have to live with this vile rhetoric.
For me as a mother to autistic children and someone who is also on the autistic spectrum, this means fighting for our rights every day.
I do this with great passion and I know our campaigning is making a difference.
Please see evidence of this in Wakefields recent video.
This video is of Andrew Wakefield and his VAXXED team at the Regents University London hosting their anti vaccine conference on February the 14th.
We have managed to cancel many of the VAXXED conferences but sadly this one went ahead under the guise of a Homeopathic talk.
In this excerpt of this conference Andrew Wakefield is asked a question from the audience.
It is obvious that this question was deliberately put out there to bully me.
The question was about me Fiona O’Leary and suggested that Wakefield should come to the tiny village where I live in West Cork Ireland.
The person asking the question disclosed where I lived and Wakefield laughingly said organise it and I’ll be there.
The large audience who seemed to know of me laughed mockingly along with Wakefield.
Then Wakefield spoke about me.
Saying he knows of me and hears that I am on the Autistic spectrum and if that is true, his heart goes out to me.
Basically Wakefield belittled and humiliated me, implying the I am to be pitied because I am autistic.
I believe this question was most definitely planned prior to the event.
This was a big mistake on Wakefields part as it clearly highlighted how vile he really is.
To resort to bullying an Autistic woman is simply pathetic.
Wakefield has threatened me before, I was sent a letter last year from his film distributors, ordering me to shut up or they would sue me.
Wakefields name was included in that letter.
Wakefield calls himself a doctor, a professional.
Is this what ‘professionals’ do?
Exploit and bully Autistic people?
Pick on Autistic women?
Wakefield has not got the balls to say these things to my face.
He is a coward, a fraud, a charlatan.
The leader of a dangerous and sinister cult.
The Wakefield cult…

Statement Regarding Identity Ireland


Last year I ran in the General Election and spoke out against Racism and Discrimination and the vile group Pegida.

I received threatening messages from a troll connected to far right groups like Pegida and Identity Ireland.

I reported these threats to the Police.

The media reported on this, see in link below.

At the time I also received a phone call from Identity Ireland’s leader Peter O’Loughlin, he was also running in the General Election.


The phone call involved Peter screaming at me down the phone, demanding that I retract comments that I had made to the media.

He was roaring at me, it was very unnerving.

I have Aspergers and Peter asked  me was I mentally deficient.

I have never engaged with such an unstable and aggressive person in my life.

The thought of O’Loughlin and his party gaining political power scared me.

Fortunately O’Loughlin only received a handful of votes.

I promote equality, diversity and justice.

O’Loughlin and his party promote the complete opposite.

Listen to me discuss these issues in a radio interview below.

Soundcloud 96fm

Identity Ireland have recently started sending me nonsense on Twitter, initially for reasons unknown to me.

Asking me to ‘justify’ my life.

See these crazy comments below.







I will not explain myself to racists and far right groups like Identity Ireland.

This is the kind of hate filled and unstable mindset we sadly see in these groups.

They must wake up every morning growling, fists clenched!

Identity Ireland’s reason for this sudden interest in my life became apparent when they hankered after a public debate with me.

I told them that I would debate them publicly no problem, I have debated their racist buddy Justin Barrett of the National party on radio last year.

Listen below.


However, I know why Peter and Identity Ireland really want this debate, it is because they are falling apart and nobody wants to give them a platform.

They were hoping they could get a platform via meeting me.

I will not be falling for this obvious attempt to gain a public platform by using me and my name as leverage.

Therefore I will not be meeting Peter or Identity Ireland.

These racist bullies should NOT be given any invites and the less platforms they have the better.

I  will of course continue to speak out against these dangerous groups, should they ever surface in the media or the public eye in the future.

Fiona O’Leary


The Conspiracy Sickness.


We are living in a privileged time, brilliant scientists and doctors are doing their very best to keep our world healthy and safe.
We are very lucky to have such privileges.
Diseases that once maimed and killed thousands have been all but eradicated.
The introduction of vaccines into our health system changed the world forever.
We see our children not having to suffer from serious diseases, we see people living longer.
Millions of lives have been saved.
Herd immunity is so important, because when you vaccinate you are not only protecting yourself but others as well.
We need herd immunity to keep these awful diseases away.
However we have a large movement who are hell bent on destroying the good work that doctors and scientists do.
The anti vaccine movement are basically conspiracy theorists led by the discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield and his cohorts.
Wakefield was part of a conspiracy cruise last year, read here.
They anti vaccine movement believe that vaccines are dangerous and are part of some big conspiracy.
This movement is growing and they are infecting society with their dangerous rhetoric.
We see Measles and Mumps outbreaks everywhere now.
We see babies choking from Whopping Cough.
Sadly some of these babies die.
Most fatalities from lack of vaccination are in the under five age group.
We have even seen cases of Diphtheria in recent times.
These diseases are crawling back into our communities.
This is a direct result of the anti vaccine movement.
It is time that Governments took action and addressed this awful matter.
Conspiracy theorists have many platforms and there are many radio hosts and media outlets endorsing the anti vaccine movement.
David Icke is one we all know of, then there is his side kick Richie Allen.
Richie Allen recently interviewed Wakefield and it was painful to listen to, he is so deeply down the conspiracy rabbit hole that I actually pity him.
Not once did Allen challenge Wakefield in any way.
Many people tried to have their comments put to Wakefield but Allen did not allow one single comment.
Biased from start to finish.
In fact Allen licked Wakefields ass.
Then we have foul mouthed full blown quack Sean Maguire.
Formerly of PIR radio but recently ousted.
He is best friends with the Genesis II Church and loves MMS.
He has used his platform regularly (in my absence) to refer to me as a bitch, pharma whore, mad and evil.
These are just a few examples, sadly there are many more.
That is why I think conspiracy theorists have a sickness.
They are brainwashed, paranoid and delusional.
They believe they are thinking for themselves but they are not.
They ignore evidence and facts.
They spend so much time staring at the sky looking at ‘chemtrails’ it must really hurt their necks.
That is when the conspiracy quacks can help them.
Many Chiropractors are the conspiracy theorists best friend, along with Naturopaths.
Some Chiropractors are anti vaccine and support quacks like Wakefield.

Snapping your back can apparently protect you from life threatening diseases.

Then the conspiracy theorists and anti vaccine movement moan about big pharma taking our money.
However they have no problem handing out hundreds of pounds to Chiropractors and Quacks that CANNOT TREAT anything.
They are blinded by pseudoscience and cannot seem to think straight.
It is one thing adults making these choices for themselves but when children are victims of this conspiracy sickness that makes me fume.
We see Wakefield and his team doing this, using children to spread their reckless message.
We see babies and children missing out on life saving vaccines.
We see parents opting out of proper medical care and instead ‘treating’ their children with quack products.
Some of these children die.
Conspiracy sickness is happening all around the world and now Trump is in power this sickness will grow even more.
The anti vaccine movement are aggressive and attack anyone who questions their unfounded beliefs.
I know all about this and have been bullied by this movement for the past two years.
Blogs, trolls on Facebook and the vile petition against me are all from the anti vaccine movement.
Wakefield and his film distributors even threatened to sue me last Summer.
They rant about freedom of speech but if we dare question their reckless behaviour we are attacked.
Some Twitter comments from a member of the anti vaccine movement after Wakefields interview on the Richie Allen show recently accused my colleague Emma and I of being B**tards, Cu*ts and phonies.

This is normal language for the anti vaccine brigade.

Then the anti vaccine movement have their more serious trolls who write blogs and form petitions.
Meet Mary Kelly Godley.
Mary wrote a blog last year demanding that I apologise to her and has since become the anti vaccine movements best friend here in Ireland.
She accuses me of initiating a smear campaign against her after I was quoted in  a newspaper article, a piece I did not write, regarding unregulated Autism Treatments.
She is not mentioned ANYWHERE and was always an unknown entity.
As by the usual conspiracy theorist and anti vaccine standards, Mary decided to publicly slander me anyway.
She has not removed this slander and continues to defame me.
She also signed the vile petition against me, and regularly shares it.

The effort these trolls put into their bullying is commendable and in fairness you can’t say they don’t work hard.

Then they have the support from Quacks like Amanda Mary, Kerri Rivera, and some like minded Naturopaths and Chiropractors.
The quacks need the conspiracy theorists and anti vaccine movement to keep them in business.
It is a bit like that film ‘little shop of horrors’ and the ‘feed me Seymour‘ clip.
The Quacks are a monstrous plant being fed by conspiracy theorists and anti vaxxers.
Then we have some REAL doctors being infected with this conspiracy sickness.
I believe more than ever that ‘conspiracy sickness’ is a real condition and who knows maybe the DSM-5 will add it to their manual one day.
People, please do NOT fall prey to this sickness.
Listen to REAL doctors not QUACKS!
Do NOT take medical advice from the likes of these below.
Listen to FACTS and SCIENCE.



My message to people starting this New Year is to ‘Say NO to Quacks’

The Anti Vaccine movement led by Andrew Wakefield is growing and we see their conspiracy theories multiplying.


They now believe that we are all a big experiment for big pharma and vaccines are basically created to attack us.

They cannot seem to acknowledge the millions of lives that are saved by vaccines.

They seem to forget all the deadly diseases that vaccines have removed from our society.

They live in a conspiracy bubble.


The worrying thing is, that bubble is growing and many more are buying into Wakefields Vaxxed propaganda.

Now that Trump is in power things can only worsen and movements like Vaxxed will only garner more support.

Polly Tommey, Del Big tree and Andrew Wakefield need to be challenged more than ever before.

Their message against vaccines is not the only concern.

They also tell parents that pediatricians are dangerous and people should stay away from them.

They encourage parents to take their children to quacks and chiropractors.

They are not scientists but act like specialists in the field.

They are aggressive in their quest to harm and bully doctors and experts in this area.

They have minions who troll those of us who want our families to be safe from disease.

They have representatives like Sarah Jayne Cox who gave her Autistic son BLEACH product MMS.

Read all about Sarah below.

Polly Tommey is operating an Autism Charity called ‘Autism Trust’

Autism Trust are a threat to the Autistic community.

Anyone who ends up in their clutches will not be cared for properly.

They will be told not to get vaccinations and will be encouraged to see quacks instead of REAL doctors.

Polly has big plans for her Autism Trust, read about this horror below.

Here is a reminder of what Polly is like in links below.


Then Polly mocks me below.


The worst part of the Vaxxed team is how they exploit Autistic people.

They refer to us as vaccine injured.

They compare us to the Holocaust.

They liken us to dogs and chimps, see below.


They use autistic children to inject their fear mongering into society.

Wakefield is like the pied piper gathering Autistic children and then displaying them like performing seals whilst he mocks and belittles them.

This is a common theme with the Vaxxed team.

When Autistic people try and raise their concerns, we are set upon, mocked, bullied and accused of working for big pharma.

Last year I was threatened with legal action by the Vaxxed team, see below.


Because I spoke the truth about this dangerous movement.

Vaxxed, with their lack of debating skills, only highlight how unprofessional they are.

They think their bus tour is research and that they are going to prove something big based on bumping into individuals and chatting with them.

This is their idea of science.

Remember all of this Vaxxed ‘research’ is being fronted by a big liar!

Then we have another element that really disgusts me.

Vaxxed invading the homes of Autistic children.

See this clip below where Polly just couldn’t help herself.


She goes into the private space of an Autistic woman, her bedroom.

This woman was in bed, in the dark!

She was obviously resting.

Oh but that couldn’t stop the Polly.


Polly climbs on this young womans bed and shoves a camera into her face.

No regard for her privacy, no preparation, no consent given.

This is what Vaxxed do.

They then take Autistic children to their bus and get them to sign their name.

Many of these kids do not understand what they are signing and those that do are being used as pawns for Wakefields lies.

It is truly evil what Vaxxed are doing to Autistic people.

Then Vaxxed receive donations and gifts.

Look at Christmas and all the gift cards and presents Andy and Co received.

I wonder how many children are suffering because of Vaxxed, how many have developed unnecessary diseases, how many have died?

Whilst Andy opens his Vaxxed Bauble for the tree, there is a child not alive because of his evil lies, a child that did not get to open a Christmas present this year.

Do Vaxxed ever think about those children?

The deaths that are happening because of their lies.

I think Vaxxed only care about themselves.

Governments need to act and investigate movements like Vaxxed and the harm they are causing.

Autism organisations need to speak out against Wakefield and Tommey.

I will close with probably the cruelest and most despicable thing Wakefield and Tommey have done.

The exploitation of Alex Spourdalakis for the Anti Vaccine Campaign.

How a young Autistic boys murder became a propaganda film, ‘Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis’ produced by Wakefield and Tommey in a despicable effort to free his murderers and divert attention from their own involvement and the effects this had on Alex in the last months of his life by laying all the blame on the ‘establishment’.

Ultimately their efforts bore fruit, they avoided a murder trial in which they would have undoubtedly been drawn into, to explain their actions and ‘treatment’ of Alex and their influence upon his Mother, one of Alexs eventual murderers.

As the initial murder charge was reduced to manslaughter and the murderers entered a guilty plea, the trial never happened and so Alex has never found justice.

His murderers walk free now only three years later, while Polly and Andy gloat of the influence which they exerted via their connections and propaganda film.

See below:

The battle has only begun!



Defamation and Bullying on Platform

Goodbye 2016 and good riddance.
I think many people feel the same way about this year and all the horror it has delivered.
We should really be more concerned about the year ahead and the dangerous clowns who are placing their hands on the controls.
We need to prepare ourselves, stand up and fight against hate and injustice.
I want to speak about the past three years and our campaign to end the abuse of Autistic people.
We have been trying to stop Autistic people being experimented on with dangerous and unregulated products such as BLEACH product MMS, unregulated blood product GcMAF and many more.
We have fought very hard for this and have made great progress.
My colleagues inspire me, especially Emma Dalmayne who puts her heart and soul into protecting the Autistic community.
The best part of this year was when I stood in court with the Irish Authorities against the Genesis II Church and their BLEACH product MMS.
MMS was made illegal here in Ireland at the end of October.
See below.
This means anyone manufacturing, selling or using MMS in Ireland are breaking the law and will be prosecuted.
We have educated many about these dangerous products and had many media reports.
It has been exhausting but also rewarding.
The worst part of this campaign is the abuse we receive from the quacks and their supporters.
We are bullied on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, by email, by phone and some have even dedicated their time to writing blogs about us.
A blog was presented to me on Christmas Eve titled ‘Fiona O’Leary the most evil woman in Ireland’
Of course the author is yet another anonymous coward.
My colleague and best friend Emma has received horrendous abuse also.
We always rise above the bullies and focus on our campaign work.
However this time one bully went too far.
A faceless troll decided to create a petition against me in July of this year.
Meet Donald Calavour also known as Donald Macintosh!
The worst part is that the highly respected platform facilitated this petition which is slander and just a personal attack on the campaign work that I do.
The petition is aimed solely at me with a photograph of me to add further harm.
The petition is updated regularly with fresh slander and they have even dragged Emma into their slander pit.
This petition breaches Change.orgs guidelines but Change have not addressed it even though I have begged them to many times.
See guidelines below.



The comments on the petition were even worse than the content.
We recognise many of the comments to be from those who give BLEACH product MMS to their Autistic children.
The comments are from the anti vaccine community who support quacks and pseudoscience.
One man from the north of Ireland David McCrea said I was a scumbag who should be in jail, see below.
I have never met these people, never spoke to them in my life.
They are hate filled sheep signing a petition without knowing anything about me.
Yes I am against pseudoscience and I am entitled to voice my opinion. have allowed this defamatory petition to remain for six months now.
It has caused great upset to me and my reputation.
Please see some comments from this petition below.
I have even been compared to Hitler!
My dear friend and colleague Emma wants to say a few words about this petition also.
{“The fact that have allowed this slanderous discriminatory inaccurate petition to run for six months is extremely worrying.

The petition against well known autism advocate Fiona O’Leary, an autistic woman and mother to autistic children should never have been allowed.

Fiona advocates and fights for the rights and protection of autistic individuals daily, and I am also mentioned in updates and comments.

I find the abuse I received sickening, I am also autistic and this caused me great anxiety as it did Fiona.

I was branded a child abuser and a fake amongst other things, all unfounded, all pointless slander with comments from charlatans and their supporters, concentrated attacks that coincided with each campaign gain we made in the media.

A new person or case of abuse revealed a guaranteed new update.

We demand an apology at the very least, though at this stage I feel legal action will be the next step”

Emma Dalmayne.}
I have done my best to ignore this petition but I do think it is very damaging and will not tolerate it any longer.
I have sought legal advice and will be taking further action in the New year.
The Police will be addressing this petition also.
I recently shared a screenshot of a comment from this petition on Twitter and shared it on the Twitter handles.
It must have scared as they have suddenly sent me an email out of the blue, see below.
They have ignored all my previous complaints and this is the first serious response I have received from them.
This petition is harassment and there are many liable comments throughout. have all of a sudden deleted and disabled the many vile comments that were publicly available to humiliate and upset me over the past six months.
Why did they decide to remove them now?
Because they know they have done wrong and are obviously worried.
Not concerned about my welfare but maybe the fact that they are in trouble!
However they still did not disable this vile personal attack on me which is posing as a petition.
This petition is not about regulating Advocates.
It does not speak of anyone but me and my best friend Emma.
It is a personal slanderous attack aided and delivered by
It shows my photo and no photos of any other Advocates.
It accuses me of things I have never done.
It claims our organisation ‘Autistic Rights Together’ does not exist and that it is simply a Tumblr Blog?
Please see Autistic Rights Together website, which was created in April 2015 in link below.
It says I went to college for five days, I studied in University for one year.
It says I am not Police vetted when I am.
I do not work for anyone and do not receive a salary.
Our campaign work is done on a voluntary basis.
There are many other false accusations presented on this prestigious platform.
It is defamation and I think are finally aware of that after six months of me highlighting it to them.
We fortunately took screenshots of all comments and have filed these as evidence.
The cowards who decided to join the BULLY BUS will be held accountable.
As for they will be held accountable for the harm they have caused me and my family.
We will NEVER stop speaking out and will continue to protect the Autistic community from quacks and unregulated products.
I want to thank all those who support what we do and wish all my friends and family a happy new year.
A big thank you to my dear friend Emma who stands beside me and fights the good fight for justice, I LOVE YOU!
I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite poets.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.  –Robert Frost