Facebook Group Advocating Dangerous Doses Of Vitamin C, Niacin (B3) And Borax (Detergent), Meet The Vitamin C Cult

I campaign against quack treatments and I have been exposing charlatans that give unproven and dangerous treatments to children for over five years now.

I have given evidence in Court regarding the toxic bleach product MMS.

Learn more about MMS here and here.

I have recently found yet another Facebook group that is experimenting on babies and children.

This closed group has over 48,000 members.

It is one of the biggest groups I’ve seen on Facebook, it is called ‘Vitamin C & Orthomolecular Medicine For Optimal Health’

This group is giving medical advice to its members, yet none of the admins are doctors or health professionals.

See Admins in screenshot below.

Some admins are also selling products to their members.

Katie Gironda runs Revitalize Wellness, see below.

Katie is one of the founding members of this Facebook group, she sells products and dishes out medical advice even though she is not a doctor or a health professional.

By Katies own admission, she says this Facebook group is run by her own business, see in screenshot below.

See some of katies products in screenshots below.

Katie displays dangerous claims regarding Vitamin C preventing and even curing Cancer, see below.

Katie has videos on her Facebook page which are advising pregnant Mothers to take dangerously high does of vitamin C and she makes bogus claims about vitamin C making labour shorter and less painful.

Listen to Katie spew misinformation here.

Pregnant women and nursing Mothers should not take such high doses of vitamin C as it can put them and their babies health at risk.

Please read guidelines for vitamin C intake for pregnant women and nursing Mothers here and here.

Katies vitamin C chart displays dangerously high doses of vitamin C, see below.

Compare Katies chart to the recommended safe vitamin C doses issued by the department of health in table above, Katies doses are not safe, especially for babies, children and nursing Mothers.

Katie also tells pregnant women to take massive doses of vitamin C up to 5000 mgs/5 grams or more, the safe pregnancy daily allowance is 85 mgs.

Many pregnant women and Mothers of newborn babies are taking these high doses even when their midwives advise them not to, see some screenshots from Katies Facebook group below.

These Mothers call their babies vitamin C babies.

They are giving their babies and children dangerously high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Again these doses are not recommended, not safe and come with unpleasant and sometimes serious side effects.

Please see again the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C for babies and children in screenshot below.

Side effects of such high doses of vitamin C include vomiting, painful stomach cramps, diarrhoea and more.

High levels of vitamin C have also been linked to kidney stones, see below.

High doses of vitamin C can interact with prescribed medications, such as heart medications and Cancer medications, see below.

Learn more about this here, here and here.

Linus Pauling is one of the quacks noted for spreading misinformation about vitamin C, read about him here.

The people in this group believe that Vitamin C in very high doses can CURE all ills. Their babies and children are being fed dangerously high does of AA (Ascorbic Acid) and SA (Sodium Ascorbate ), they also use Lipo C.

These parents are also giving their children dangerously high doses of Niacin (vitamin B3)

Learn about safe levels of Niacin/B3 and its side effects here.

There are many posts in this Facebook group offering protocols to ‘treat’ Autism.

Niacin in high doses is strongly recommended for Autistic children.

This Facebook group is advocating dangerous levels of Niacin/B3 to children and breast feeding Mothers, see in screenshots below.

Katie who is not a doctor encourages high doses of Niacin for a child who is suffering from Cancer, see below.

There is no scientifically proven benefits to ingesting such high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3.

In fact it can cause serious side effects which can harm ones health.

These children are being dosed with dangerously high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3 when they are well, however if they get sick Katie and her admins tell parents to up the dose and encourages them to administer reckless amounts of these vitamins, sometimes every 15 minutes whilst their children are sick.

The other barbaric and torturous protocol used is the ‘vitamin C flush’

This is carried out to estimate your BT (Bowel Tolerance), meaning how much vitamin C can you ingest until your bowel explodes!

It is bad enough adults doing this but to see children being forced to suffer stomach pains, nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting which is what happens with a vitamin C flush, it is blatant endangerment.

They feed their children high doses of vitamin C until their children suffer watery diarrhoea, diarrhoea is DANGEROUS and can quickly lead to dehydration.

Parents are doing this for no biological reason whatsoever.

See screenshot taken from this Facebook group discussing the child vitamin C flush below.

As mentioned above side effects of vitamin C overdose are dangerous for babies and children, diarrhoea is not the only nasty side effect, rashes are common in this group, please see some upsetting images/posts taken from this Facebook group below.

Even adults are having serious reactions to these dangerous quack protocols, see below.

Please see some more crazy posts from this group in screenshots below.

MMS BLEACH is also being promoted, see below.

The other quack treatment they endorse is BORAX, parents are ingesting a laundry detergent and also administering this to their children, see posts below.

Teachers are even feeding this DETERGENT to children in school as seen in screenshot above.

Read about the dangers of BORAX here and here.

Most parents in this group are anti-vaccine and do not want to give their children safe and proven medications.

Many children are being deprived from receiving proper care and are instead being dosed with unproven and dangerous treatments.

There are people from all over the world in this group including quite a sizeable amount from Ireland where I live.

Most parents buy these products online.

Myself and others are repeatedly reporting groups like this to Facebook but Facebook do nothing.

In fact Facebook do not have a category for reporting such quackery, this makes it even harder for us to report such groups.

Facebook are offering platforms to quacks and anti-vaxxers and are allowing children to be experimented on with dangerous, unproven and unregulated products.

It is one thing adults experimenting on themselves but to see tiny babies and children being treated this way is unforgivable and disturbing.

Please report this group and alert all relevant authorities in your area, wherever that may be.

Thank you!

Crimes viewed as Mercy Killings

 An Irish Mother is currently on trial accused of playing a role in the death of her daughter.
This trial is happening because Police have evidence which links the Mother to this tragic event.
The little girl that died was 11 years old and was severely disabled.
Caring for a child with special needs can be very difficult, especially if you are not receiving proper supports.
I have Autistic children and I fully understand the lack of supports that are out there.
We see many disabled children murdered by their parents and carers.
I remember reading the awful story of a six year old Autistic boy who was killed by his Mother,
This is London in picture below, he loved to wear hats.
 London was thrown off a bridge.
The Mothers excuse for brutally killing her Son was that she could not take it anymore, she was not receiving enough support.
Then we have another case of an Autistic teenager stabbed to death by his mother, see Alex below.screenshot_2016-12-05-21-53-53-1
Again this Mother claims it was lack of supports that made her commit this heinous crime.
These are just some examples.
There are many more disabled children who are suffocated, poisoned, drowned.
Because they have a disability.
Because the parent could not take it anymore.
Then we see the media response, the comments on social media.
The majority of comments and media support the perpetrator.
The empathy is given to the person who committed these awful acts of violence.
We often see a brutal crime turned into a Mercy killing.
We see the child disappear from the equation.
Imagine those who are living with disabilities seeing these comments and media reports.
How it must make them feel.
How their lives are immediately seen as less then.
If an able bodied child is killed by a parent there is uproar, people rally around to have that parent charged and we read a completely different narrative in the media.
But if a disabled child is killed that seems to make it different?
Children have rights, disabled children too.
Nobody has the right to take someones life.
People have recently said to me that the trial of this Mother is unjust.
That she should not be under investigation.
Even though their is evidence linking the Mother to the death of her daughter.
See some comments from social media below.
Why shouldn’t this Mother be on trial?
Why should a disabled child’s death not receive the appropriate level of investigation?
Shouldn’t justice be sought for all beings in our society?
Does having a disability mean you should not be allowed those same rights?
A right to not be killed.
I shared this opinion on social media recently and I was met with an overwhelming negative response, saying I was without compassion and that I should butt out and not question the accused.
I was told not to share any articles that are discussing this case.
I believe someone must speak up for the child who has lost its life, it is never okay to brush aside the death of a disabled person simply because the parent/carer happened to be in a ‘desperate’ situation.
If a parent finds that they cannot cope, they should seek help.
Speak to your Doctor, family, friends.
Do not hurt your children, do not kill them.
If we as a society start to blame the system for unlawful killings, what will that lead to?

Exposing Gemmas Closed Facebook Group. Meet The Irish ‘Patriots’

I am an activist, I speak out against quack treatments, racism and the far right.

Gemma O’Doherty has become a leading voice for the far-right in Ireland.

She also endorses quack treatments, conspiracy nonsense and anti-vaccine propaganda, learn more here and here.

Myself and other brave and passionate activists have been exposing her vile behaviour for a year now.

Channel 4 exposed Gemma in recent months and Gemmas two YouTube accounts were removed for breaching Hate Speech laws just a few days ago.

Hate speech causes harm to vulnerable people and leads to violence.

Gemma has garnered a mob of so called Irish ‘Patriots’

They bully, threaten and harass those that speak out against their message of hate.

I myself have made several statements to the Gardai due to threats from Gemmas supporters, Gemma herself has threatened me also.

Her mob mostly abuse on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, however I’ve received threatening calls from her loyal supporters, listen to an example of one of these many calls here.

Gardai are investigating these calls.

I have recently discovered a closed group on Facebook dedicated to Gemmas cause.

The Gemma Supporters Group Group has 121 members.

The people in this group endorse all Gemmas hate and quackery.

They are ordinary people, Fathers, Mothers.

The male supporters frequently threaten and abuse women like myself and other outspoken activists in Ireland.

They send threats of violence, attack our appearance, call us mentally ill.

I can’t understand how anyone could pen such disgusting comments, many of these men have children, daughters.

What message are they sending to their loved ones?

They are saying it is okay to abuse women, this is abuse of women and social media is normalising this abuse.

What’s more shocking are the female Gemma supporters who condone and encourage this abuse of women.

One Ray O’Neil says that there is not one womanly bone in my body and that puke is more attractive.

Aidan Quinlan comments about Rays post and Ray is proud of his vile behaviour, see below.

Members list below.

I am going to leave you with posts from this group and you can see what the far right in Ireland are all about.

One thing I know is that these far right men fear strong women.

Gemmas supporters are warped in their thinking, the danger is that they are grooming our youth, teaching them hatred and discrimination.


My message to Gemma and the FAR-RIGHT is this.

We are not afraid and we will fight your message of HATE with every essence of our being.

We are here and we are not going away.

Listen and learn!

Social Media Providing Platforms For Dangerous And Illegal Quack Treatments, Meet Autism Biomedical Treatments.

I am a Mother to five beautiful children, two of my children are Autistic.

I have been campaigning against quack treatments for six years now.

Some of these quack treatments include MMS BLEACH, banned blood product GcMAF, Chelation, HBOT and more.

I have helped prosecute an MMS peddler in Ireland which led to MMS being banned in Ireland in 2016.

None of these quack treatments are approved for Autism, many are illegal and they hurt Autistic children.

Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are all guilty of facilitating this quackery but Facebook is the worst.

Our campaign work has led to some Facebook pages/groups being shut down but it has taken years to achieve this.

Sadly many quack pages and groups still remain on Facebook.

Most of these Facebook groups are closed or secret which makes them harder to report.

I am going to focus on one group in this blog, it is a group that I fell upon recently.

It is called Autism Biomedical Treatments.

It had nearly 6,500 members and is led by one Becky Dav.

Becky has Autistic children and experiments on them with unproven, dangerous and even banned quack treatments like GcMAF.

Becky admits to not being a doctor but dishes out medical advice to her members via her Facebook group and her Youtube channel.

She gives lorry loads of bogus supplements to her children, she films them when they are upset and even doses her children with dangerous unproven Chelation products whilst they are sleeping.

Chelation has killed children.

Becky is in MMS BLEACH/GcMAF quack Amanda Mary Jewells GcMAF Oracle group.

I found Becky commenting there two weeks ago, see quack Jewell below.

Becky was asking Amanda Mary about purchasing the BANNED blood product GcMAF for the members of her Facebook group, see below.

Becky is working with a monstrous woman who sells BLEACH and BANNED GcMAF to Autistic children and Cancer patients.

Amanda Mary Jewell is wanted by the UK authorities but hides in Mexico and operates her quack shop from there.

Learn more about this evil quack here, here, here and here.

Becky is fully aware that GcMAF is illegal yet she pushes it and encourages parents to administer this ILLEGAL product to their Autistic children.

GcMAF charlatan Noakes was recently jailed and he faces possible extradition to France in the near future for his crimes.

His colleagues are under investigation also.

You would think that this would stop Becky from promoting this illegal product but no, she even admits to making her own GcMAF nasal spray, see below.

Beckys group promotes a multitude of quack treatments even MMS/CD BLEACH, see below.

Beckys group warns parents about how to deal with Child Protection Services, her Youtube link leads to screenshot below.

Beckys group also warns members about campaigners like myself, see below.

The members of this group seem to be FULLY aware of the dangers and illegality of these quack treatments but it doesn’t stop them experimenting on their Autistic children.

Most of these poor children are on bogus restricted diets and they are fed massive amounts of quack treatments, see examples below.

These quack treatments come with horrible side effects and when I hear these charlatans say that there are no side effects it makes me so angry.

The charlatans aren’t the ones ingesting this crap, Autistic children are guinea pigs for this dangerous quackery.

They are suffering because of these charlatans and their parents seem to have no regard for their childrens health.

I have seen so many posts from parents talking about their Autistic children vomiting, being in pain and developing awful rashes from ingesting these quack treatments.

Last night Irish Youtuber Gemma O’Doherty interviewed convicted criminal/charlatan David Noakes and both of them boasted about his BANNED quack treatment GcMAF, claiming it has no side effects.

See Gemma O’Doherty below.

See David Noakes below.

I am writing this blog for the Autistic children who are being experimented on, I want readers to see the SIDE EFFECTS that Gemma and Noakes say do not exist.

It is Youtube channels like Gemma O’Doherty and Ian R Crane that are endangering vulnerable peoples lives.

See Ian R Crane below.

They promote dangerous charlatans like Noakes only to get likes for the conspiracy, far-right garbage that they profit from.

I am closing with some upsetting images and comments from this group.

I want people to see the suffering, the side effects that these Autistic children endure.

I want Facebook and all social media platforms to shut down all these groups/ pages and help us protect these poor children from this experimentation, this abuse.

Please report groups mentioned and share this blog.

Thank you.

MMS BLEACH Peddlers Uganda/New Jersey Exposed.

I campaign against quack treatments, especially the toxic bleach product MMS.

I have been campaigning against MMS for six years and helped prosecute an MMS peddler in Ireland which led to MMS being banned in Ireland in 2016.

I recently fell upon the worst MMS cases I’ve ever seen, a registered charity called Global Healing Christian Missions, they were poisoning up to 50,000 vulnerable people in Uganda with this toxic BLEACH product.

I rang their headquarters in New Jersey and spoke to the founder of this charity one Robert Baldwin, I spoke to this BLEACH peddler undercover for nearly one hour and he told me that he could CURE Cancer, Malaria, Aids, all diseases with this banned BLEACH product.

Listen to my undercover call with Robert Baldwin.

See Robert Baldwins Facebook page below.

I was horrified especially at the scale of this abuse, he said up to 50,000 Ugandans were being fed bleach on a monthly basis.

He told me children and tiny babies were being poisoned with MMS also.

See some photos of the victims of Global Healing Christian Missions BLEACH scam below.

Baldwin told me that he gives MMS to his own children also.

Baldwin said he served at his local church ‘Converge’ in Moorestown New Jersey.

Pastor Jonathan Leath is spokesperson for Converge church.

Converge church used to be called Destiny church, it merged with another church and became Converge, see below.

You can see Robert Baldwins involvement in screenshots below.

Baldwin told me via text message that the Converge church donated $500 to his BLEACH scam, however the church in New Jersey had to keep quiet about donating due to the illegality of MMS, see Baldwins text message to me below.

I rang pastor Jonathan Leath after I spoke to Baldwin, Leath admitted to knowing about Baldwin heading to Uganda to poison thousands with MMS BLEACH but did nothing.

Leath didn’t report Baldwin to the authorities or the police.

If Leath had reported Baldwins BLEACH mission to the authorities I believe that these poor people would have been protected from this toxic bleach product.

Leath also told me that he did not donate to Baldwins scam in our phone call but that clearly is not the case, listen to my call with Jonathan Leath here.

Leath has not dealt with this serious and criminal issue in a proper fashion, he is more concerned about protecting his church as heard in our call above.

In fact Leath welcomed Baldwin back to New Jersey after his MMS trip to Uganda last April and was excited about hearing about Baldwins testimonies, see below.

Leath also told me that Baldwins wife Sharon does not support her husbands BLEACH scam yet she donated to his MMS fundraiser, see below.

Remember Baldwin told me that he gives MMS BLEACH to his own children so I assume his wife Sharon is aware of this.

I reported Robert Baldwin to the New Jersey police after our phone call, I also reported Jonathan Leath to the police.

Leath has sent me a rather threatening email, he copied his Lawyer on this email, see below.

Leath admits to donating to Baldwins scam in letter above, he now condems MMS but why didn’t he act last December and report Baldwin to the relevant authorities?

Truth is Leath knew about Baldwins MMS scam and did nothing and is now trying to cover his ass!

I then received threatening emails from one ‘Anita’, see below.

Baldwin sent me crazy text messages after I reported him to the police, see below.

Baldwin worked with other charlatans, one is UK citizen Sam Little, he apparently donated to Baldwins bleach scam.

I spoke to Sam Little undercover on Facebook messenger and led him to believe that I would donate to his two scams, one was setting up an orphanage and the other was his MMS BLEACH work.

Little told me he needed 10,000 dollars to cover costs for his orphanage and MMS projects.

He spoke about CURING Aids and Malaria with MMS and said he needed to purchase HCL the (activator) which is mixed with sodium chlorite to make MMS which is chlorine dioxide BLEACH.

He also said he needed to purchase bottles for MMS.

Please see my undercover conversation with Sam in screenshots below.

I gave this shocking information to the Guardian newspaper and an article was published on May 18th, read article here.

This article went viral, another great article then followed by Business Insider.

Last Thursday 23rd of May I spoke to the police in Uganda, they told me that Sam Little and two of his cohorts Samula Albert and Samula Tadeo had been arrested for their involvement in MMS, see these charlatans below.

Read more about this here and here.

I have written about Samula Tadeo before.

Last Friday I received secret film from a reporter who was present at the arrests of Sam Little and his cohorts.

Sam Little can be seen being interrogated by the police in Fort Portal Uganda.

Little lies and pretends he doesn’t know what MMS is, he blames Robert Baldwin for everything. Little was also caught with marijuana which is apparently illegal in Uganda, see these clips here, here and here.

Youtube has banned most MMS channels but Facebook is still allowing MMS pages and groups like this one below.

In this group I found an Alter for MMS BLEACH, see below.

I am happy that these three MMS charlatans have been arrested but what about Robert Baldwin, why hasn’t he been arrested?

Why has the Converge church not been questioned regarding their donation to Baldwins bleach scam?

There is also another man connected to this bleach scam in Uganda, he is Tim Tom, see below.

See Tim Tom poisoning people with Sam Little below.

All of these despicable quacks must be prosecuted.

I’m told that the Ugandan authorities are testing the MMS products they seized from Little and his cohorts.

Little and his cohorts are still in jail as I write this blog, a court case will follow in the near future.

However I want the main perpetrator of these crimes held accountable and that is Robert Baldwin of Willingboro New Jersey USA.

Baldwin seems to think that he is untouchable and shows no remorse for his heinous crimes.

In fact he recently shared an article promoting this toxic bleach product on his facebook page, see below.

Robert Baldwin also claims that God has ordered him to BLEACH vulnerable people and thinks that God will protect him from the law.

I will not rest until Baldwin is brought to justice.


Charlatan Noakes Personal Emails Prove Just How Wicked He Is

I campaign against quack treatments and reported prosecuted quack David Noakes to the authorities back in 2015.

He experimented on Autistic children and Cancer patients with unproven, unregulated and banned blood product GcMAF.

His company was called First Immune.

GcMAF is derived from human and sometimes bovine blood.

Noakes factory was shut down, read here.

He made millions, he claimed he could cure Cancer and Autism with his snake oil.

Noakes is not a doctor and has no medical training whatsoever, he worked with other quacks and some REAL Doctors, he lived a life of luxury, private plane etc.

Please see some reports about this charlatan here, here, here and here.

David Noakes has threatened me on the phone and made vile comments about me on his website and in email, see below.

Noakes used to be involved with Far-Right party UKIP.

Noakes was sentenced to 15 months in jail for his crimes last November 2018, he has recently been released after serving only 5 months of his 15 month sentence.

However it’s likely that he will be extradited to France in the near future, the French authorities are investigating him also.

If found guilty in France he may face a much longer prison term.

Noakes has colleagues who were also prosecuted and some are still awaiting trial.

Noakes girlfriend Lyn Thyer also faces possible extradition to France, she too experimented on Autistic children and Cancer patients with this dangerous quackery.

See Lyn Thyer below.

David Noakes ex PA contacted me after I featured in articles and BBC reports about Noakes.

I will protect her name because I admire her bravery plus she has received enough harassment from Noakes already.

She forwarded me emails of her and Noakes from 2012, these emails discussed Noakes working with Doctors, Dentists, even Vets.

Emails regarding quack Bradstreet also, see Noakes and Bradstreet below.

Emails discussing bank accounts etc.

I discovered that Noakes wasn’t just selling GcMAF but also another unproven Cancer treatment called DCA.

He also sold Hemp oil.

The worst thing about these emails are his clients reaching out for medical advice, many of these clients had Cancer, some were terminal.

Noakes claims to Cure Cancer and dishes out medical advice publicly but when patients wrote to his GcMAF website seeking medical advice his response to their serious concerns was shocking.

Noakes responds via his PA, he says he is not a Doctor and suggests that his patients should google their concerns.

His patients complain about GcMAF not working and side effects but Noakes response to their emails can only be described as inhumane and criminal.

He was taking thousands of pounds from vulnerable people, promising them miracle cures.

Remember Autistic children were also being injected with this bogus blood product.

Noakes treated his PA like dirt and she soon began to realise that Noakes was operating a dangerous scam.

Noakes fired her and warned her to delete the emails I’m about to share.

She has given me full consent to publish these emails.

I have not shared these emails until now because of the ongoing investigation, but now it’s over in the UK and Noakes is out of jail I want people to see how evil this man is.

Noakes PA also told me that Noakes apparently used his own blood when making GcMAF, it was cheaper!

She complained about the dirty environment he lived in and Noakes giant pet snails which left trails of slime behind them.

Remember Noakes and his girlfriend brought victims to their home also, hear Noakes and Thyer admit this in recent interview with conspiracy theorist Ian Crane.

Noakes claims he cured thousands of Cancer patients and Autistic children in this recent interview also.

Noakes pleaded guilty in the courts but now says he is not guilty and is promoting GcMAF as we speak, see recent email Noakes sent to the media below.

GcMAF is still being sold by insidious quack Amanda Mary Jewell!

See her Facebook page below.

Facebook are giving platforms to charlatans, they play a key role in this scam.

Treating Autism charity now called Thinking Autism worked with Noakes and Bradstreet, giving this bogus product to Autistic children, see email below.

I will close with emails from Noakes to his PA, they speak for themselves!

I hope Noakes and his colleagues receive a lifetime of punishments as they deserve to suffer for their monstrous crimes.

Do Not Vote For Gemma Of Anti Corruption Ireland In The European Elections

I am an activist who campaigns against quack treatments, the anti-vaccine movement, racism, discrimination and hate.

I have been campaigning for six years and have spoken on multiple media platforms.

I’ve been a key witness in the prosecution of a quack who peddled MMS BLEACH as an Autism ‘treatment’

My campaign work is carried out on a voluntary basis, I am also a Mum to five beautiful children, two of my children are Autistic.

I want to help build a safer and more accepting world for our children.

By speaking out I believe we can help stem the growth of discrimination and injustice.

Sadly fighting injustice is a daunting task, it can be extremely upsetting and then you have to deal with the daily abuse and harassment you receive from trolls and those who are trying to silence you.

Somedays can be so bad that you feel like quitting but then I look at my beautiful family and I am swiftly reminded of how important my campaign work is.

I want to draw your attention to someone I have been voicing my concerns about for almost a year now.

Gemma O’Doherty is a failed Presidential candidate, she calls herself an investigative journalist.

She is running in the upcoming EU elections.

She is leader of Anti Corruption Ireland.

She has been exposed and criticised by thousands of people for spewing misinformation regarding life saving vaccines, she also spews crtisism regarding Muslims, LGBT community and immigrants.

Listen to Gemma here, here, here and here.

She also publishes bizarre comments about unicorns and rainbows.

See some of her vile and crazy posts below.

She shares conspiracy theories and doesn’t care who she hurts, see below.

She called the Christchurch terrorist attacks a false flag, see below.

She interviews quacks and conspiracy theorists on her Youtube channel.

I have spoken out against what Gemma and ACI are saying, it is my right to challange and criticise what I view as dangerous quackery and hate speech.

However Gemma doesn’t like being challenged as you can see here and here.

Gemma has harassed and threatened me on Youtube, see here.

She has taken issue with the fact that my family are housed by Cork County Council, she has defamed me dreadfully.

I have reported Gemma to the Gardai and also have my Solicitor on board.

See Gemmas vile behaviour in screenshots below.

After Gemma made her video threatening me and after her posts on Twitter, I started to receive vile abuse online.

See some of this abuse in screenshots below.

We must not vote for candidates who are anti science and pro disease.

We must not vote for candidates that promote hatred and discrimination.

Please think of our childrens future and do NOT vote for Gemma O’Doherty.

Thank you for reading.