Facebook Group Advocating Dangerous Doses Of Vitamin C, Niacin (B3) And Borax (Detergent), Meet The Vitamin C Cult

I campaign against quack treatments and I have been exposing charlatans that give unproven and dangerous treatments to children for over five years now.

I have given evidence in Court regarding the toxic bleach product MMS.

Learn more about MMS here and here.

I have recently found yet another Facebook group that is experimenting on babies and children.

This closed group has over 48,000 members.

It is one of the biggest groups I’ve seen on Facebook, it is called ‘Vitamin C & Orthomolecular Medicine For Optimal Health’

This group is giving medical advice to its members, yet none of the admins are doctors or health professionals.

See Admins in screenshot below.

Some admins are also selling products to their members.

Katie Gironda runs Revitalize Wellness, see below.

Katie is one of the founding members of this Facebook group, she sells products and dishes out medical advice even though she is not a doctor or a health professional.

By Katies own admission, she says this Facebook group is run by her own business, see in screenshot below.

See some of katies products in screenshots below.

Katie displays dangerous claims regarding Vitamin C preventing and even curing Cancer, see below.

Katie has videos on her Facebook page which are advising pregnant Mothers to take dangerously high does of vitamin C and she makes bogus claims about vitamin C making labour shorter and less painful.

Listen to Katie spew misinformation here.

Pregnant women and nursing Mothers should not take such high doses of vitamin C as it can put them and their babies health at risk.

Please read guidelines for vitamin C intake for pregnant women and nursing Mothers here and here.

Katies vitamin C chart displays dangerously high doses of vitamin C, see below.

Compare Katies chart to the recommended safe vitamin C doses issued by the department of health in table above, Katies doses are not safe, especially for babies, children and nursing Mothers.

Katie also tells pregnant women to take massive doses of vitamin C up to 5000 mgs/5 grams or more, the safe pregnancy daily allowance is 85 mgs.

Many pregnant women and Mothers of newborn babies are taking these high doses even when their midwives advise them not to, see some screenshots from Katies Facebook group below.

These Mothers call their babies vitamin C babies.

They are giving their babies and children dangerously high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Again these doses are not recommended, not safe and come with unpleasant and sometimes serious side effects.

Please see again the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C for babies and children in screenshot below.

Side effects of such high doses of vitamin C include vomiting, painful stomach cramps, diarrhoea and more.

High levels of vitamin C have also been linked to kidney stones, see below.

High doses of vitamin C can interact with prescribed medications, such as heart medications and Cancer medications, see below.

Learn more about this here, here and here.

Linus Pauling is one of the quacks noted for spreading misinformation about vitamin C, read about him here.

The people in this group believe that Vitamin C in very high doses can CURE all ills. Their babies and children are being fed dangerously high does of AA (Ascorbic Acid) and SA (Sodium Ascorbate ), they also use Lipo C.

These parents are also giving their children dangerously high doses of Niacin (vitamin B3)

Learn about safe levels of Niacin/B3 and its side effects here.

There are many posts in this Facebook group offering protocols to ‘treat’ Autism.

Niacin in high doses is strongly recommended for Autistic children.

This Facebook group is advocating dangerous levels of Niacin/B3 to children and breast feeding Mothers, see in screenshots below.

Katie who is not a doctor encourages high doses of Niacin for a child who is suffering from Cancer, see below.

There is no scientifically proven benefits to ingesting such high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3.

In fact it can cause serious side effects which can harm ones health.

These children are being dosed with dangerously high doses of vitamin C and vitamin B3 when they are well, however if they get sick Katie and her admins tell parents to up the dose and encourages them to administer reckless amounts of these vitamins, sometimes every 15 minutes whilst their children are sick.

The other barbaric and torturous protocol used is the ‘vitamin C flush’

This is carried out to estimate your BT (Bowel Tolerance), meaning how much vitamin C can you ingest until your bowel explodes!

It is bad enough adults doing this but to see children being forced to suffer stomach pains, nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting which is what happens with a vitamin C flush, it is blatant endangerment.

They feed their children high doses of vitamin C until their children suffer watery diarrhoea, diarrhoea is DANGEROUS and can quickly lead to dehydration.

Parents are doing this for no biological reason whatsoever.

See screenshot taken from this Facebook group discussing the child vitamin C flush below.

As mentioned above side effects of vitamin C overdose are dangerous for babies and children, diarrhoea is not the only nasty side effect, rashes are common in this group, please see some upsetting images/posts taken from this Facebook group below.

Even adults are having serious reactions to these dangerous quack protocols, see below.

Please see some more crazy posts from this group in screenshots below.

MMS BLEACH is also being promoted, see below.

The other quack treatment they endorse is BORAX, parents are ingesting a laundry detergent and also administering this to their children, see posts below.

Teachers are even feeding this DETERGENT to children in school as seen in screenshot above.

Read about the dangers of BORAX here and here.

Most parents in this group are anti-vaccine and do not want to give their children safe and proven medications.

Many children are being deprived from receiving proper care and are instead being dosed with unproven and dangerous treatments.

There are people from all over the world in this group including quite a sizeable amount from Ireland where I live.

Most parents buy these products online.

Myself and others are repeatedly reporting groups like this to Facebook but Facebook do nothing.

In fact Facebook do not have a category for reporting such quackery, this makes it even harder for us to report such groups.

Facebook are offering platforms to quacks and anti-vaxxers and are allowing children to be experimented on with dangerous, unproven and unregulated products.

It is one thing adults experimenting on themselves but to see tiny babies and children being treated this way is unforgivable and disturbing.

Please report this group and alert all relevant authorities in your area, wherever that may be.

Thank you!

Crimes viewed as Mercy Killings

 An Irish Mother is currently on trial accused of playing a role in the death of her daughter.
This trial is happening because Police have evidence which links the Mother to this tragic event.
The little girl that died was 11 years old and was severely disabled.
Caring for a child with special needs can be very difficult, especially if you are not receiving proper supports.
I have Autistic children and I fully understand the lack of supports that are out there.
We see many disabled children murdered by their parents and carers.
I remember reading the awful story of a six year old Autistic boy who was killed by his Mother,
This is London in picture below, he loved to wear hats.
 London was thrown off a bridge.
The Mothers excuse for brutally killing her Son was that she could not take it anymore, she was not receiving enough support.
Then we have another case of an Autistic teenager stabbed to death by his mother, see Alex below.screenshot_2016-12-05-21-53-53-1
Again this Mother claims it was lack of supports that made her commit this heinous crime.
These are just some examples.
There are many more disabled children who are suffocated, poisoned, drowned.
Because they have a disability.
Because the parent could not take it anymore.
Then we see the media response, the comments on social media.
The majority of comments and media support the perpetrator.
The empathy is given to the person who committed these awful acts of violence.
We often see a brutal crime turned into a Mercy killing.
We see the child disappear from the equation.
Imagine those who are living with disabilities seeing these comments and media reports.
How it must make them feel.
How their lives are immediately seen as less then.
If an able bodied child is killed by a parent there is uproar, people rally around to have that parent charged and we read a completely different narrative in the media.
But if a disabled child is killed that seems to make it different?
Children have rights, disabled children too.
Nobody has the right to take someones life.
People have recently said to me that the trial of this Mother is unjust.
That she should not be under investigation.
Even though their is evidence linking the Mother to the death of her daughter.
See some comments from social media below.
Why shouldn’t this Mother be on trial?
Why should a disabled child’s death not receive the appropriate level of investigation?
Shouldn’t justice be sought for all beings in our society?
Does having a disability mean you should not be allowed those same rights?
A right to not be killed.
I shared this opinion on social media recently and I was met with an overwhelming negative response, saying I was without compassion and that I should butt out and not question the accused.
I was told not to share any articles that are discussing this case.
I believe someone must speak up for the child who has lost its life, it is never okay to brush aside the death of a disabled person simply because the parent/carer happened to be in a ‘desperate’ situation.
If a parent finds that they cannot cope, they should seek help.
Speak to your Doctor, family, friends.
Do not hurt your children, do not kill them.
If we as a society start to blame the system for unlawful killings, what will that lead to?

Greally A Bully Who Defames Autistic Activists

As promised I’m sharing the disgusting bullying and defamation I’ve suffered from so called Autistic activist John Greally.

People can learn more about him here.

It started in 2018, learn more here and here.

See Greally’s recent slander and hate shared in his Facebook group in screenshots below.

Emma Dalmayne, Maqqi and Lindsay support this bullying and slander.

Of course it’s a closed group and they thought this would not get back to me.

Kieron Rose Greally’s colleague likes to defame and harass me also, see below.

They claim they are inclusive but target and bully anyone that doesn’t obey their rules.

I’m not standing for it any longer and Autistic people need to be aware of their bullying.

Two of their groups are The Autistic Co-operative (TAC) and Autism Inclusivity.

I’ve asked Greally to apologise for his disgusting behaviour where he compares me to an ‘Autism Mom’

A term used to describe Mothers that give quack treatments to their Autistic children.

It is the most disgusting and slanderous thing to say about me.

I’ve been campaigning for six years, protecting Autistic children from quack treatments.

Read about my campaign work here.

I will not allow my good name to be smeared this way by keyboard warriors.

Thank you for reading and be safe Autistic community.

Large Telegram Group ‘Brasil MMS’ BLEACH Group ABUSING Autistic Children, Animals And The Seriously Ill.

This is my last MMS BLEACH blog of 2019.

**Trigger Warning Upsetting Images**

Most MMS BLEACH platforms have been shut down on Facebook, YouTube etc.

However Telegram are now facilitating this ABUSE.

Kerri Rivera and her cohorts have several groups on Telegram, read more here.

But none are as large as Brasil MMS.

I discovered Brasil MMS by chance yesterday whilst looking at a small group on Telegram called MMS Health.

They advertised Brasil MMS there.

Brasil MMS seems to be operated by members of the Genesis II Church BLEACH cult.

See two Genesis II operators of this large BLEACH group below.

First meet Leo Araujo.

Leo is abusing his children with BLEACH.

He even has a video of his young child mixing these toxic chemicals, watch here.

See some screenshots of Leo sharing his childrens intestinal tissue after they received burning BLEACH enemas below.

Leo is telling people to poison their Autistic children with BLEACH and tells those with serious diseases like Cancer to ingest MMS BLEACH also.

See some of Leo’s victims below, sadly animals are being abused too.

Next is Sanderson Oliveira.

Sanderson is admin of this lethal BLEACH group and a ‘bishop’ of the Genesis II Church BLEACH cult.

Sanderson advises victims in the group.

Another admin is Fatima Montenegro.

See her childrens insides in screenshots below.

See Fatimas disgusting video of more intestinal tissue here.

Bright red bloody intestinal tissue.

These quacks are targeting poor people with Malaria also.

Tiny babies are being poisoned with BLEACH, see below.

This group has over 1500 members and growing.

What is worrying is how children are being used to advertise MMS BLEACH.

Like seen in these images below.

I found a video of a child seriously sick and distressed after ingesting MMS, upsetting viewing here.

Ana shares a BLEACH protocol for animals below.

Daniel Baia handles the MMS shopping channel below.

See some more upsetting posts from this group below.

Telegram must be exposed and these abusive groups shut down.

I have campaigned for six years and helped ban MMS in Ireland.

We need governments to act and shut down all operations belonging to these child abusers, these unscrupulous charlatans.

I know this blog contains upsetting images but think about those being abused, how they feel.

As the saying goes.

Seeing is believing.





Thank you for your support

Happy New Year.

Over and out!

Fiona 💞🦄💞

Surviving Christmas

Christmas brings much joy but can also bring much sorrow.

We try our best to smile and be festive but most families are burying some kind of pain.

There is a pressure placed on us as we desperately try to bring everyone together.

This is when the sadness sets in.

If you come from a fragmented family you will understand.

I get very sad this time of year.

And that is perfectly fine.

I think we should embrace this sadness and not bury it.

I miss people in my life, some of them are living which makes it even harder.

Truth is they walked out and never returned.

You try to reach them, hoping they will change, hoping they will say sorry.

You count the years, Christmas gives you hope but nothing arrives.

As they grow older, hope fades.

I watch the Father of my beautiful children be the best Dad in the world.

This brings me much joy.

I miss not having a Dad.

What was wrong with me, how could a parent be so cold?

The Father and Daughter bond is special.

I see my Daughter’s smiling and laughing with their Dad, I gaze on in wonder.

How lucky they are, to have such a kind, caring and loving Dad.

I remember Christmas as a child, it was marred by violence and fear.

My Mother did her best for us all.

Every Christmas I think about him, I think maybe this will be the year.

The year he will send a card, pick up the phone.

Ask me what his five beautiful Grandchildren are like.

You see there is a void in my heart.

Pride can be a curse, I forgive but I fear we will never see each other again.

My favourite memory with you is this.

We will always have that Father.

This Christmas cry, embrace the pain.

It is okay to be sad 💞💞💞

2019 Xmas Quackers

2019 is coming to an end.

I’ve been campaigning against quackery and racism for many years now and 2019 has been my toughest year so far.

A year that delivered the most vile abuse and harassment, court cases and more.

I campaign on a voluntary basis, I fight to protect diversity and acceptance.

Autistic people suffer so much abuse, experimentation and discrimination.

Unscrupulous charlatans experiment on Autistic children and adults with unproven and dangerous quackery. Bogus diets, supplements, chelation, HBOT, GcMAF, MMS BLEACH and more.

The Anti-Vaccine movement spew deadly LIES, telling parents not to vaccinate their children, claiming vaccines cause Autism.

78 deaths from the PREVENTABLE disease Measles have recently occurred in Samoa.

The Far-Right supports the Anti-Vaccine movement, they also support charlatans that prey on vulnerable people.

I have suffered lots of abuse online from quacks and Anti-Vaxxers but the abuse/harassment I’ve received from the Far-Right has been horrendous.

I’ve reported this harassment to the Gardai (Irish police) and they are investigating as we speak.

2019 started with me winning part of an ongoing court case.

Ben Gilroy tried to bring an injunction against me but failed.

This court case was incredibly difficult, even more disturbing was the mob that turned up to support Gilroy in court.

This mob included convicted MMS BLEACH peddler Patrick Merlehan, Anti-Vaxxer/BLEACH advocate Jim Corr, a fake Psychologist, Anti-Vaxxers, and Far-Right creep Rowan Croft aka Grand Torino.

I attended my court case with just my husband and my legal team, fighting for my right to protect Autistic children.

This mob jeered at me, it was pure intimidation.

My campaign work led me to exposing and reporting a large Anti-Vaccine/Vitamin C quack group on Facebook in January/February.

In February I exposed and reported a quack who was giving MMS BLEACH to disabled children in an orphanage in Ghana.

In March I exposed Gemma O’Doherty and her vile group ACI (Anti Corruption Ireland)

In March I also exposed and reported an Amazon employee and his wife who were giving MMS BLEACH to their children.

April was about raising awareness regarding Far-Right quack Gemma O’Doherty, she ran in EU elections and didn’t succeed.

Gemma threatened me and my family in March, she was reported to the Gardai at the time.

May led my campaign work to a shocking discovery.

50,000 vulnerable people in Uganda were being poisoned with MMS BLEACH.

I reported the Global Healing Christian Missions to the Authorities.

The Guardian did follow up stories.

These charlatans were arrested and thousands of people were saved.

In May I also exposed convicted quack David Noakes.

In June I exposed another quack Autism facebook group, Autism Biomedical Treatments.

In July we held a protest against Gemma O’Doherty and her Far-Right minions.

In July I also exposed Gemma O’Doherty Supporters group on facebook.

August was all about head BLEACHER Kerri Rivera and how Telegram are allowing her platforms to ABUSE and TORTURE Autistic children.

I reported Kerri Rivera to the Police in Bremerhaven Germany and I’m delighted to confirm that they are now investigating her for her crimes against the most vulnerable.

In September I exposed BLEACHER Mom Laurel Austin.

In October I wrote about Irelands upcoming Hate Speech laws.

December I exposed Far-Right Niall McConnell who was allowed to spew hate at the European Parliament recently.

December I also wrote one of my most upsetting blogs to date, the totally PREVENTABLE deaths of now 78 babies and children in Samoa from Measles.

Some achievements I’m proud of this year include helping shut down facebook pages and groups of the most vile and dangerous quack Amanda Mary Jewell.

I’ve been reporting Jewell to the Authorities in the UK, US, Mexico and Belize over the past six years.

I worked with Business Insider media site, they sent all my concerns about Jewell to Facebook.

During the Summer I cried happy tears as I watched Jewell’s facebook pages and groups disappear.

I’ve seen so many vulnerable children and adults suffer at the hands of this quack, I’ve sadly witnessed many deaths due to her experimentation and exploitation.

Learn more about Jewell here and here.

YouTube has finally listened to our concerns and have banned MMS BLEACH videos on their platform recently.

My campaign work has recently featured in a French TV report about quackery.

December also saw Transference Healing scam being exposed in the Sunday World Newspaper.

Then came my important court case against a Scientology staff member from the Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin.

This staff member had made abusive and threatening calls to me in 2017.

Nathan Moore was found guilty and was given a 3 month jail term, it would be suspended on the conditions that he keep the peace for two years and that the Scientology centre pay 10,000 euros to an Irish Autism charity.

I believe it to be the first criminal conviction against Scientology in Ireland.

Read more here and here.

2019 has been busy, it’s a year that I’ve suffered much harassment and also much victory.

I’m disgusted by the inaction of governments worldwide who continue to ignore the dangers of racism, abuse and quackery.

Look how hard we have to work (UNPAID) to protect children and vulnerable people in our society.

To all the brave activists that fought with me and supported me this year (you know who you are), THANK YOU!


Many thanks to the compassionate and brave journalists who listened to my concerns and stood with the Autistic community.

Special thanks to Ed Pilkington from the Guardian, Tom Porter from Business Insider and Patrick O’Connell from the Sunday World.

Finally I could not have achieved all this without my beautiful husband Tim and my darling children by my side.

Also much love and thanks to my beautiful Mum Una who has always believed in me 💞

I fight so hard because I want my beautiful children to inherit a better and safer world.

Tim, Dillon, Vito, Romy, Sienna and Phoebe, I love you so much 💞💞💞

To my darling best friends Yvonne Whelan and Sinead Larkin, thank you for holding me this year.

I love you both very much xxx

Special thanks also to Simon, you’ve been so good to me this year xxx

Happy Xmas, be safe and love each other.

Love and much gratitude Fiona xxx

Far-Right ‘Irish Patriot’ Incites Hatred At European Parliament, Invited By Greek MEP!

“I want to tell you that after decades of Irish nationalism being completely controlled
by socialist communist and atheists there
is now an explosion and Gaelic right-wing
nationalism. However many still do
not understand that without Christianity
people will demand an alternative
ideology. I believe it was the holy faith
of our forefathers that protected and
defended the Irish nation for fifteen
hundred years and despite war genocide
pogroms and famine we survived because
we clung on to the cross and the blood
of our holy martyrs. The whole of Europe
will soon face times of terrible
persecution and Ireland will face its
final battle. Nationalists, patriots,
traditionalists will face brutal
persecution at the hands of the
totalitarian liberals and a war to the
death on top with the jihadi Islamists,
the Zionist elite have imported into
our cities and towns. This coming war
will not be won by ideology but by faith
and our capacity to sacrifice and where
do we find faith and sacrifice where do
we find faith and sacrifice,
only in the one true faith of Christ and
the blood sacrifice of the cross.
Ireland faces a huge battle on paper
this battle is unwinnable. One quarter
of our country is filled with foreigners.
Half of our own Irish people are
brainwashed liberal zombies even our
Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, our taoiseach
as you call in Ireland is a part Indian
gay man. However, I believe in my heart
that the fighting Irish spirit, united
under the faith of our fathers and the
blood of our martyrs not only can but
will but will free Ireland from our
current oppression and plans of
destruction. Ireland will rise. Ireland
will be free in sovereign and in this holy
crusade I place my life. Éire abú. Go raibh míle maith agat”

The above manifesto is that of Far-Right Niall McConnell aka ‘Irish Patriot’

Niall is from Donegal, he presents himself as a softly spoken friendly guy but truth is he is filled with hate and racism.

He is also anti vaccine and anti choice for Women’s reproductive rights.

He is also anti LGBTQ.

He operates a YouTube channel and social media pages and has been spewing hatred and quackery for a long time now.

Some say it’s best to ignore people like Niall but truth is the Far-Right is growing and this hatred hurts minorities and vulnerable people.

I myself have suffered abuse from the Far-Right in Ireland.

Niall McConnell was allowed to deliver his Nazi manifesto at the Euoprean Parliament last Wednesday December 11th.

The Greek MEP Athanasios Konstantinou brought him there.

This MEP is affiliated with a Nazi group called Golden Dawn.

Niall referred to our Taoiseach as a part Indian gay man.

Nialls manifesto is similar to that of terrorists like Breivik.

Niall has shared his threatening manifesto on his YouTube channel and it is disturbing viewing.

He talks about a ‘holy crusade’ and sacrificing his life for the cause.

The Gardai are aware of his activities but do nothing.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube offer platforms to potential terrorists and we’ve seen terrorists spew similar manifestos on social media prior to carrying out terrorist attacks.

All of them driven by HATE!

I refuse to share this RACISTS YouTube channel but this video of Nialls talk at the European Parliament is published on his Irish Patriot YouTube channel along with other vile videos.

A recent video is an interview with another racist Jim Dowson, he talks about poor Jo Cox who was brutally murdered by a Nazi.

Dowson seems to justify this brutal murder/terrorist attack of an amazing activist who fought for equality and acceptance.

These racists incite hatred which can lead to terrorist attacks FACT!

The only way to stop them is by disabling their platforms and banning them from speaking.

I can’t believe that the European Parliament allowed this dangerous racist a platform to threaten and incite hatred and there must have been other MEP’s who knew about this event.

Niall was allowed to spew nazi rhetoric unchallenged and this must be exposed.

He must be banned from the European Parliament and all his social media platforms should be immediately shut down.

I have made complaints to the European Parliament today and I’ve spoken with an Irish MEP who was not aware of this event but will be taking steps to address this awful matter.





Charlatans Experimenting On Seriously Ill Children With Measles In Samoa. Over Sixty Deaths, All PREVENTABLE!

Samoa is on lockdown after an horrific breakout of the PREVENTABLE disease Measles.

The Anti-Vaccine movement are responsible for this breakout which has led to over sixty deaths and rising.

The deaths are mostly of tiny babies and children, see table below.

These poor babies will not celebrate Christmas this year.

Children weren’t vaccinated and parents were and still are being fed dangerous misinformation about vaccines.

Anti-Vaccine activist Taylor Winterstein met up with Anti-Vaxxer Robert F Kennedy Jr in Samoa last Summer.

Kennedy also wrote to the Samoan Prime Minister recently.

Of course all Anti-vaxxers are led by Andrew Wakefield, he told a deadly LIE about vaccines causing Autism many years ago.

A LIE that has been debunked countless times.

Social media continues to allow platforms to Anti-Vaxxers and it is why we are seeing so many children suffer from PREVENTABLE diseases.

Wakefield, Kennedy and their cohorts should be charged with child endangerment, however they are allowed to walk free and continue to harm the most vulnerable in our society.

Anti-Vaxxers often target communities that lack education regarding vaccination, they prey on these vulnerable groups.

The Anti-Vaccine movement not only tells parents not to vaccinate their children, they also offer them bogus quackery as alternatives to protect their children from deadly diseases.

Charlatans work with the Anti-Vaccine movement, they tell parents that their quackery will ‘recover’ their children.

Charlatans in Samoa are experimenting on babies and children who have contracted Measles.

One Charlatan is farmer Edwin Tamasese, he was giving quack vitamin C protocols to these poor children along with other unproven remedies.

I spoke to Edwin via Facebook messenger last Wednesday December 4th.

Edwin was arrested not long after our conversation, he told me that he had experimented on 58 children with Measles, see our brief conversation below.

These UNPROVEN protocols of supplements are given in very high doses and are not safe for children.

Small children cannot cope with such high doses and they suffer serious side effects such as vomiting, diarrhoea and rashes on their skin.

These charlatans say these side effects are a positive sign, they tell parents that toxins and disease is leaving the body.

Read more about the dangers of vitamin C quackery here.

Edwin was telling parents not to vaccinate their children and telling parents to remove their gravely ill children from hospitals in Samoa.

He also told parents not to give paracetamol and antibiotics to their children suffering from Measles.

Many children with Measles can develop bacterial infections that require antibiotics.

Edwins advice is reckless and dangerous.

Remember Edwin is NOT a doctor.

See some of Edwins reckless posts below.

What’s really important is that Edwin was supported by Anti-Vaxxers like Taylor Winterstein.

Taylor Winterstein operates Tay’s Way and has been providing supplements to Edwin, see her Facebook page and website below.

I contacted Taylor Winterstein by email asking her about the supplements that are being given to children with Measles in Samoa.

See Taylor’s reply below.

An Anti-Vaccine ‘doctor’ called Jim Meehan has been helping Edwin Tamasese spread misinformation about vaccines in Samoa.

He is also encouraging parents to use UNPROVEN and DANGEROUS quack treatments on their seriously ill children.

Meehan is being rolled out as the ‘professional’

He has apparently contacted the Samoan authorities and penned a letter of support for Edwin, endorsing his dangerous quack protocols.

See Edwin confirm this below.

See Jim Meehans letter below.

Meehan is a documented Anti-Vaxx quack, his Facebook pages are painful to read.

However I believe that his so called ‘Dr’ title has given weight to Edwins scam.

Edwin has been arrested and jailed for his dangerous quackery but Meehan has not.

He sits comfortably in his clinic in Oklahoma.

Meehan treats people with addiction problems, which is concerning.

He then presents himself as an expert in vaccines and diseases which he clearly is not!

I noticed that conspiracy theorist/Anti-Vaxxer/Quack Jim Corr shared a Jim Meehan post about Samoa recently, see below.

Corr has recently been issued with a warning (Anti-Vaxxer tag) by Facebook, see below.

Jim Corr is the guitarist with Irish pop group the Corrs, they will be touring next year, see below.

Jim Corr has also promoted and even used the BANNED and TOXIC BLEACH product MMS, see below.

I rang Jim Meehans clinic on the 4th of December and spoke to his secretary.

I wanted to chat to Jim about Samoa.

His secretary told me to phone back at 7 pm Irish time.

I rang Jim Meehan (undercover) at 7pm and spent nearly 50 minutes talking to him.

I was verbally assaulted with pseudoscience.

He loved that I was phoning from Ireland and spoke fondly of his Irish ancestors.

His words were disturbing, Meehan suggested that Mothers may be to blame for the deaths of their babies and children in Samoa, saying it might be because the Mothers had the Measles vaccine or didn’t breastfeed their children.

I recorded this phone call and I’m sharing it because I do NOT want to see anymore babies DIE from this PREVENTABLE disease.

Listen to my phone call with this awful man here.

I have also started a petition demanding that social media delete accounts spreading LIES about life saving vaccines.

As of today December 7th there are 65 deaths mostly of babies and tiny children in Samoa from Measles.


To all the victims of #SamoaMeasles

We are sorry 😥

Rest In Peace beautiful children.

I‘m not a child anymore
I’m tall enough
To reach for the stars 💞💞💞

No Hate Speech!

Hate speech is NOT free speech and causes serious harm.

As discussed in this video, hate speech has a snowball effect that can lead to suicide and murder.

I am a campaigner against racism and dangerous quack treatments.

I am used to receiving the odd nasty comment because of my campaign work but the past year has been horrendous.

I want to show you just a handful of the hate speech, abuse and harassment I have received online.

Most of these comments are from individuals I don’t know.

Some are from people I know who are now being investigated by the Gardai (Irish Police)

I have blanked out their names because of this investigation.

I welcome minister Charlie Flanagans proposal for updating hate speech legislation and I hope it will be implemented very soon.

I want you to read these comments and imagine what it feels like.

I am in receipt of this hate speech on a daily basis now.

Some days are worse than others.

It doesn’t just affect me but my whole family and friends.

All of these posts are displayed publicly.

The Irish government needs to speak to the victims of hate speech, believe me there are thousands of us.

To those who made these vile posts about me and my family, I pity you.

You don’t know me or my family yet you wish me harm, defame and mock me.

It only shows that you are in need of help and I hope you get that help real soon.

See screenshots below.

Thank you for reading.


Beware Of Dubious Candidates Running In Upcoming By-Elections

I campaign against the Far-Right and pseudoscience.

I expose charlatans that prey on vulnerable people.

I help prosecute quacks that sell MMS BLEACH as a ‘treatment’ for Autism.

It is bad enough watching these unscrupulous vultures prey on the vulnerable but when I see candidates running in elections spreading misinformation, I think it’s important that the public be made aware.

I have exposed failed EU candidate Gemma O’Doherty in the past and she is set to run in the upcoming By-elections in Ireland in November.

Another candidate running in Co.Wexford is Melissa O’Neill.

Melissa is a close pal of Gemma and is interviewed regularly by Far-Right activists, watch here and here.

Melissa also promotes misinformation regarding life saving vaccines and has rerecently been exposed in the Newspapers.

I have voiced my concerns about Melissa in the past, she was once a councillor.

After I voiced my concerns she spread vile defamatory posts about me and my family.

One of my more serious concerns is regarding the toxic BLEACH product MMS which is banned in Ireland since 2016.

I discovered that Melissa is friends with the man who peddled this poison, he was subsequently prosecuted for manufacturing and selling this toxic bleach.

Patrick Merlehans Facebook page is Ark Hamlet, see below.

Why would a once elected councillor and wanna be politician be friends with a man that poisons Autistic children with bleach?

Last August the Genesis II church bleach cult who are responsible for poisoning the vulnerable with bleach held a seminar in New York.

There was uproar.

What was more shocking was discovering that the New York bleach seminar connected with Irish convicted bleach peddler Patrick Merlehan.

A SKYPE connection allowed bleachers in New York to connect with Irish bleachers.

Stupidly one of the head bleachers in New York Mark Grenon shared a photo of New York connecting with Patrick Merlehan in Co. Kildare Ireland.

I managed to get a copy of this photo which I immediately sent to the authorities in Ireland.

What is more concerning about this photo is that I believe I recognise one of the persons at this MMS Bleach seminar.

See photos below.

How can a man already convicted for peddling MMS as a medicine continue to hold seminars in Ireland with no consequences?

The mind boggles.

Back to the dubious cacandidates.

I decided to call Melissa today via her election page phone number listed on Facebook.

The response from a candidate running for a seat in upcoming elections was shocking.

The minute I mentioned my name she got abusive.

Screaming at me, calling me a psychopath and a lunatic.

I did not get an opportunity to ask her my question which I think is very important.

Melissa is running in Irish elections and the public has the right to question her.

Instead she decided to share a defamatory post on her Facebook page after my phone call.

Referring to me as ‘looney’ O’Leary, see below.

Comments from her buddies below.

This is a woman running in upcoming elections.

Melissa, Gemma and your ilk, we have a right to question you.

A right to challenge your backward and quack views.

If you don’t like it, tough!

Don’t put yourself forward to run in elections and for God’s sake calm down.

Burying The Scars

I watched her walk on eggshells and smile.

A strong hard working Woman who did her best to make life appear as normal as possible.

However it was far from normal.

In fact it was like living in a war zone.

As a child you are confused and you think the first time is the last time.

I was around three years old.

My ears and tummy hurt.

The screams and smashing sounds, what was happening?

This was the first time.

After the third and fourth time I began to realise that this wasn’t going away.

As I grew I thought of ways to escape, maybe we could start a new life somewhere without him.

However we could not find support, the police sent us home.

It’s just a domestic they’d say.

Back to the fear, dread and sadness.

You go to school and bury it all, warned not to talk, afraid of further abuse.

You try to focus on your school work but your mind is always on alert, what if?

And it happened.

After school she wasn’t there.

She was always there.

We stood together waiting, me comforting my younger sibling.

Bad thoughts ran through my head.

Then the car appeared, he was driving.

My heart jumped and tummy flipped.

I held my sibling tight.

‘Get in’ he said.

He drove fast not speaking a single word.

I thought it was over.

I was six years old.

He then pulled into a pub and left us in the car whilst he got drunk.

We were in the car for a few hours.

I remember him coming back, getting in the car and the drive home.

Now my fear was hitting the sky, my sibling was crying.

I tried to comfort her and focus on us seeing her again.

As we drove into our yard the front door was wide open.

I ran with my sibling into the kitchen, there were ashes everywhere.

There had been a fire, I called out for her but couldn’t see her.

Then I heard sobbing.

I found her at the bottom of the garden battered and bruised.

I held her and kept him away from her.

This was the day I grew up, the day I knew I had to find a way to keep us safe.

The abuse intensified and she sustained serious injuries, hospitalised many times.

Again the police did nothing.

We had nowhere to go and spent many nights in our car.

Listening to…

She always kept smiling and we often spoke about a better future.

After seventeen years of violence we left him.

We had nowhere to go but the last beating nearly killed her.

Again the police did nothing.

That day I saved her life and then began to realise the awful injustice Women face when it comes to reporting abuse.

That was in 1988.

I met my husband not long after and we share a special love and friendship.

I was lucky.

I have met many Women who have suffered similar injustice and sought protection but have been denied it.

So many Women are murdered by their spouses, so many families broken by domestic violence.

Now as a Mother to five beautiful children and a campaigner against dangerous quack treatments, I am again a victim of abuse.

There are men abusing me online, threatening me, using the same hate filled language he used towards her.

C**t was his favourite and it seems it’s their favourite too.

It’s been going on for months now, their abuse is triggering and sends me back to my childhood and I relive that trauma all over again.

The fear, pain and what ifs..

As I walk I shed a tear, not for me but for the forgotten victims.

I will keep speaking out, fighting for equality and peace.

I live in hope that one day justice will come.

Through it all she always smiled sweetly.

For Mum and all the other victims.

I love you Mum 💞💞💞

Meet The Matrix Charlatan

I am a campaigner against quack treatments and health scams.

I have exposed many charlatans over the past six years and even helped prosecute some.

I have seen some crazy quacks but the Matrix Drops scam is mind blowing.

Matrix Drops Ireland is based in Portlaoise in Co. Laois.

It is operated by one Istvan Hrepka.

Istvan is Hungarian but has been living in Ireland scamming people for the past ten years.

I fell upon the Matrix Drops scam on Facebook.

See Matrix Drops Facebook pages below.

See some of the bogus claims made by Matrix Drops including curing Cancer below.

They even claim they can connect to dogs, see below.

Istvan will present his scam at the upcoming Cork Mind Body Experience festival at Cork City hall on October 12th, 13th.

The Matrix Drops scam has been operating for many years and was founded by AndrásKovács-Magyar.

These charlatans tell people that they can heal diseases and conditions with their bogus miracle drops which are apparently only water.

However nobody knows what’s in these bottles, there could be bacteria in there or other dangerous substances.

Matrix scam also scan their victims with what looks like some kind of toy from the Harry Potter merchandise.

They say they can search the soul with their scanner and that they can detect viruses and toxic metals in the body.

They even claim that they can detect ghosts or spirits that may be attached to you.

Their promotional video is downright creepy and looks like a cult similar to Scientology, watch here.

They claim diseases like Cancer are caused by geopathic stress.

I decided to call Istvan in PortLaoise and ask him about Matrix Drops and if he had treated Autistic children with his scam.

My conversation with Istvan was alarming to say the least.

He told me that he had ‘treated’ Autistic children and was ‘treating’ an Autistic child as we speak.

He said he even treated a child with Cancer with this quackery.

He spewed misinformation regarding vaccines and said that the HPV vaccine was banned in America.

He suggested that people should stop taking prescribed medicines and that Matrix Drops was the only medicine needed.

He spoke about resetting the brains of my Autistic children and suggested that my Autistic children could be cured in two years if I followed his protocol.

I have two Autistic children and Istvan said his bogus scan would cost 80 euro per child and then 130 euros per child for his magic drops for a 3 month supply.

I would need to add 20 euro extra for postage.

He also suggested that I place my Autistic children on a gluten free diet.

Istvan is not a doctor, he practises quackery and offers massages and ‘bone setting’ too.

Matrix also have their own skincare range, see below.

I have reported this scam to the authorities in Ireland and voiced my concerns with Cork City hall.

I am hoping that Cork County Council will protect the public from unscrupulous charlatans preying on the most vulnerable in our society.

Please listen to my call with Istvan from Matrix Drops Ireland here.