The Conspiracy Sickness.


We are living in a privileged time, brilliant scientists and doctors are doing their very best to keep our world healthy and safe.
We are very lucky to have such privileges.
Diseases that once maimed and killed thousands have been all but eradicated.
The introduction of vaccines into our health system changed the world forever.
We see our children not having to suffer from serious diseases, we see people living longer.
Millions of lives have been saved.
Herd immunity is so important, because when you vaccinate you are not only protecting yourself but others as well.
We need herd immunity to keep these awful diseases away.
However we have a large movement who are hell bent on destroying the good work that doctors and scientists do.
The anti vaccine movement are basically conspiracy theorists led by the discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield and his cohorts.
Wakefield was part of a conspiracy cruise last year, read here.
They anti vaccine movement believe that vaccines are dangerous and are part of some big conspiracy.
This movement is growing and they are infecting society with their dangerous rhetoric.
We see Measles and Mumps outbreaks everywhere now.
We see babies choking from Whopping Cough.
Sadly some of these babies die.
Most fatalities from lack of vaccination are in the under five age group.
We have even seen cases of Diphtheria in recent times.
These diseases are crawling back into our communities.
This is a direct result of the anti vaccine movement.
It is time that Governments took action and addressed this awful matter.
Conspiracy theorists have many platforms and there are many radio hosts and media outlets endorsing the anti vaccine movement.
David Icke is one we all know of, then there is his side kick Richie Allen.
Richie Allen recently interviewed Wakefield and it was painful to listen to, he is so deeply down the conspiracy rabbit hole that I actually pity him.
Not once did Allen challenge Wakefield in any way.
Many people tried to have their comments put to Wakefield but Allen did not allow one single comment.
Biased from start to finish.
In fact Allen licked Wakefields ass.
Then we have foul mouthed full blown quack Sean Maguire.
Formerly of PIR radio but recently ousted.
He is best friends with the Genesis II Church and loves MMS.
He has used his platform regularly (in my absence) to refer to me as a bitch, pharma whore, mad and evil.
These are just a few examples, sadly there are many more.
That is why I think conspiracy theorists have a sickness.
They are brainwashed, paranoid and delusional.
They believe they are thinking for themselves but they are not.
They ignore evidence and facts.
They spend so much time staring at the sky looking at ‘chemtrails’ it must really hurt their necks.
That is when the conspiracy quacks can help them.
Many Chiropractors are the conspiracy theorists best friend, along with Naturopaths.
Some Chiropractors are anti vaccine and support quacks like Wakefield.

Snapping your back can apparently protect you from life threatening diseases.

Then the conspiracy theorists and anti vaccine movement moan about big pharma taking our money.
However they have no problem handing out hundreds of pounds to Chiropractors and Quacks that CANNOT TREAT anything.
They are blinded by pseudoscience and cannot seem to think straight.
It is one thing adults making these choices for themselves but when children are victims of this conspiracy sickness that makes me fume.
We see Wakefield and his team doing this, using children to spread their reckless message.
We see babies and children missing out on life saving vaccines.
We see parents opting out of proper medical care and instead ‘treating’ their children with quack products.
Some of these children die.
Conspiracy sickness is happening all around the world and now Trump is in power this sickness will grow even more.
The anti vaccine movement are aggressive and attack anyone who questions their unfounded beliefs.
I know all about this and have been bullied by this movement for the past two years.
Blogs, trolls on Facebook and the vile petition against me are all from the anti vaccine movement.
Wakefield and his film distributors even threatened to sue me last Summer.
They rant about freedom of speech but if we dare question their reckless behaviour we are attacked.
Some Twitter comments from a member of the anti vaccine movement after Wakefields interview on the Richie Allen show recently accused my colleague Emma and I of being B**tards, Cu*ts and phonies.

This is normal language for the anti vaccine brigade.

Then the anti vaccine movement have their more serious trolls who write blogs and form petitions.
Meet Mary Kelly Godley.
Mary wrote a blog last year demanding that I apologise to her and has since become the anti vaccine movements best friend here in Ireland.
She accuses me of initiating a smear campaign against her after I was quoted inĀ  a newspaper article, a piece I did not write, regarding unregulated Autism Treatments.
She is not mentioned ANYWHERE and was always an unknown entity.
As by the usual conspiracy theorist and anti vaccine standards, Mary decided to publicly slander me anyway.
She has not removed this slander and continues to defame me.
She also signed the vile petition against me, and regularly shares it.

The effort these trolls put into their bullying is commendable and in fairness you can’t say they don’t work hard.

Then they have the support from Quacks like Amanda Mary, Kerri Rivera, and some like minded Naturopaths and Chiropractors.
The quacks need the conspiracy theorists and anti vaccine movement to keep them in business.
It is a bit like that film ‘little shop of horrors’ and the ‘feed me Seymour‘ clip.
The Quacks are a monstrous plant being fed by conspiracy theorists and anti vaxxers.
Then we have some REAL doctors being infected with this conspiracy sickness.
I believe more than ever that ‘conspiracy sickness’ is a real condition and who knows maybe the DSM-5 will add it to their manual one day.
People, please do NOT fall prey to this sickness.
Listen to REAL doctors not QUACKS!
Do NOT take medical advice from the likes of these below.
Listen to FACTS and SCIENCE.



My message to people starting this New Year is to ‘Say NO to Quacks’

The Anti Vaccine movement led by Andrew Wakefield is growing and we see their conspiracy theories multiplying.


They now believe that we are all a big experiment for big pharma and vaccines are basically created to attack us.

They cannot seem to acknowledge the millions of lives that are saved by vaccines.

They seem to forget all the deadly diseases that vaccines have removed from our society.

They live in a conspiracy bubble.


The worrying thing is, that bubble is growing and many more are buying into Wakefields Vaxxed propaganda.

Now that Trump is in power things can only worsen and movements like Vaxxed will only garner more support.

Polly Tommey, Del Big tree and Andrew Wakefield need to be challenged more than ever before.

Their message against vaccines is not the only concern.

They also tell parents that pediatricians are dangerous and people should stay away from them.

They encourage parents to take their children to quacks and chiropractors.

They are not scientists but act like specialists in the field.

They are aggressive in their quest to harm and bully doctors and experts in this area.

They have minions who troll those of us who want our families to be safe from disease.

They have representatives like Sarah Jayne Cox who gave her Autistic son BLEACH product MMS.

Read all about Sarah below.

Polly Tommey is operating an Autism Charity called ‘Autism Trust’

Autism Trust are a threat to the Autistic community.

Anyone who ends up in their clutches will not be cared for properly.

They will be told not to get vaccinations and will be encouraged to see quacks instead of REAL doctors.

Polly has big plans for her Autism Trust, read about this horror below.

Here is a reminder of what Polly is like in links below.


Then Polly mocks me below.


The worst part of the Vaxxed team is how they exploit Autistic people.

They refer to us as vaccine injured.

They compare us to the Holocaust.

They liken us to dogs and chimps, see below.


They use autistic children to inject their fear mongering into society.

Wakefield is like the pied piper gathering Autistic children and then displaying them like performing seals whilst he mocks and belittles them.

This is a common theme with the Vaxxed team.

When Autistic people try and raise their concerns, we are set upon, mocked, bullied and accused of working for big pharma.

Last year I was threatened with legal action by the Vaxxed team, see below.


Because I spoke the truth about this dangerous movement.

Vaxxed, with their lack of debating skills, only highlight how unprofessional they are.

They think their bus tour is research and that they are going to prove something big based on bumping into individuals and chatting with them.

This is their idea of science.

Remember all of this Vaxxed ‘research’ is being fronted by a big liar!

Then we have another element that really disgusts me.

Vaxxed invading the homes of Autistic children.

See this clip below where Polly just couldn’t help herself.


She goes into the private space of an Autistic woman, her bedroom.

This woman was in bed, in the dark!

She was obviously resting.

Oh but that couldn’t stop the Polly.


Polly climbs on this young womans bed and shoves a camera into her face.

No regard for her privacy, no preparation, no consent given.

This is what Vaxxed do.

They then take Autistic children to their bus and get them to sign their name.

Many of these kids do not understand what they are signing and those that do are being used as pawns for Wakefields lies.

It is truly evil what Vaxxed are doing to Autistic people.

Then Vaxxed receive donations and gifts.

Look at Christmas and all the gift cards and presents Andy and Co received.

I wonder how many children are suffering because of Vaxxed, how many have developed unnecessary diseases, how many have died?

Whilst Andy opens his Vaxxed Bauble for the tree, there is a child not alive because of his evil lies, a child that did not get to open a Christmas present this year.

Do Vaxxed ever think about those children?

The deaths that are happening because of their lies.

I think Vaxxed only care about themselves.

Governments need to act and investigate movements like Vaxxed and the harm they are causing.

Autism organisations need to speak out against Wakefield and Tommey.

I will close with probably the cruelest and most despicable thing Wakefield and Tommey have done.

The exploitation of Alex Spourdalakis for the Anti Vaccine Campaign.

How a young Autistic boys murder became a propaganda film, ‘Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis’ produced by Wakefield and Tommey in a despicable effort to free his murderers and divert attention from their own involvement and the effects this had on Alex in the last months of his life by laying all the blame on the ‘establishment’.

Ultimately their efforts bore fruit, they avoided a murder trial in which they would have undoubtedly been drawn into, to explain their actions and ‘treatment’ of Alex and their influence upon his Mother, one of Alexs eventual murderers.

As the initial murder charge was reduced to manslaughter and the murderers entered a guilty plea, the trial never happened and so Alex has never found justice.

His murderers walk free now only three years later, while Polly and Andy gloat of the influence which they exerted via their connections and propaganda film.

See below:

The battle has only begun!