Statement Regarding Identity Ireland


Last year I ran in the General Election and spoke out against Racism and Discrimination and the vile group Pegida.

I received threatening messages from a troll connected to far right groups like Pegida and Identity Ireland.

I reported these threats to the Police.

The media reported on this, see in link below.

At the time I also received a phone call from Identity Ireland’s leader Peter O’Loughlin, he was also running in the General Election.


The phone call involved Peter screaming at me down the phone, demanding that I retract comments that I had made to the media.

He was roaring at me, it was very unnerving.

I have Aspergers and Peter asked  me was I mentally deficient.

I have never engaged with such an unstable and aggressive person in my life.

The thought of O’Loughlin and his party gaining political power scared me.

Fortunately O’Loughlin only received a handful of votes.

I promote equality, diversity and justice.

O’Loughlin and his party promote the complete opposite.

Listen to me discuss these issues in a radio interview below.

Soundcloud 96fm

Identity Ireland have recently started sending me nonsense on Twitter, initially for reasons unknown to me.

Asking me to ‘justify’ my life.

See these crazy comments below.







I will not explain myself to racists and far right groups like Identity Ireland.

This is the kind of hate filled and unstable mindset we sadly see in these groups.

They must wake up every morning growling, fists clenched!

Identity Ireland’s reason for this sudden interest in my life became apparent when they hankered after a public debate with me.

I told them that I would debate them publicly no problem, I have debated their racist buddy Justin Barrett of the National party on radio last year.

Listen below.


However, I know why Peter and Identity Ireland really want this debate, it is because they are falling apart and nobody wants to give them a platform.

They were hoping they could get a platform via meeting me.

I will not be falling for this obvious attempt to gain a public platform by using me and my name as leverage.

Therefore I will not be meeting Peter or Identity Ireland.

These racist bullies should NOT be given any invites and the less platforms they have the better.

I  will of course continue to speak out against these dangerous groups, should they ever surface in the media or the public eye in the future.

Fiona O’Leary


One thought on “Statement Regarding Identity Ireland

  1. Absolutely right Fiona, let these fascistic idiots and their ‘party’ rot on the vine, they do not represent Ireland or the Irish people


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