The Wakefield Cult


Andrew Wakefield is the leader of the ever growing anti vaccine movement.
A discredited doctor who spreads lies and misinformation about vaccines.
There are many articles about this dangerous individual.
Please also watch Brian Deers wonderful documentary.
I want to focus a little on Wakefield himself.
The type of person he is and how he operates.
I once saw Wakefield speak at an Autism event many years ago at the University College Cork Ireland.
I was invited by former MEP Kathy Sinnott.
This event happened in the late 90s.
Our first born child was diagnosed Autistic at age three.
We knew Dillon was Autistic from an early age, long before he had his MMR shot.
I attended this Autism event and I thought it would be about Autism in general.
On arrival I met this former MEP and she was very excited and said that they had a very important speaker lined up.
I asked who this speaker was and she said Dr.Wakefield.
I immediately had concerns, I knew who Wakefield was and had been following the MMR scare in the media.
Wakefield was introduced like he was some kind of hero.
The minute he started to speak I knew he was a fraud.
I met with Kathy Sinnott after the talk and she asked me what I thought.
I told her that our Son was Autistic from birth.
There were no changes after he had his MMR shot.
Her response was just crazy!
She said that my Son was a ‘DIP’ kid!
I said what do you mean a ‘DIP’ kid?
She then diagnosed my beautiful boy on the spot, saying he was damaged by the Diphtheria shot.
She had never met my Son.
Here was a politician spreading fear and lies.
She appeared to be brainwashed and had a glazed look in her eyes.
That was nearly twenty years ago and I actually can’t believe that Wakefield is still here today, spreading his lies.
I have been actively campaigning against pseudoscience and the anti vaccine movement for some years now.
Wakefields supporters are not able to look at facts and science, basically they are just members of a cult.
Wakefields movement is like a new Religion, zero evidence needed, just believe in your leader, it is basically brainwashing!
His supporters, who seem to be mostly women, talk about Wakefield like he is some God.
I have heard him being referred to as a saint, a hero, and even compared to Nelson Mandela.
See some recent comments below.
Anyone that questions Wakefield and his dangerous movement face abuse, bullying and personal attacks.
His followers will protect everything he says and does.
Even when he bullies and exploits the Autistic community.
He can do no wrong in their eyes.
This reckless cult are growing, especially since the release of Wakefields propaganda film VAXXED.
Wakefields conspiracy ideologies have turned him into a full blown conspiracy quack!
Preventable diseases are returning because of Wakefield, children are suffering and some are dying.
Wakefield is connected to Charlatans who peddle dangerous Autism ‘treatments’ and he even delivered a lecture in Ireland in 2002 with fellow quack the late Dr. Bradstreet.
Bradstreet killed himself in 2015 after being raided by the FDA.
See screenshots from the Irish Times advertising Wakefield and Bradstreet below.
Wakefields colleague Polly Tommey was recently exposed in two separate news reports, her charity is anti vaccine and has been promoting dangerous unproven and unregulated products for many years now, including the toxic bleach product MMS.
The sad thing is the Wakefield cult don’t care, even when they are told about Autistic children being harmed by dangerous products, they still remain loyal to Wakefield.
This is how a cult operates.
Programmed to believe, no matter what!
I have listened to Wakefield speak on his many videos and I have seen his propaganda film VAXXED.
Wakefield uses the Autistic community for his campaign, we are exploited, bullied and abused by his movement.
Autistic children and adults are filmed without consent in their most vulnerable moments, always shown screaming, crying, sometimes with little clothing.
Cameras are shoved into the faces of screaming children, like in recent VAXXED video.
Wakefield uses these pieces of film to sell his lies.
Telling the world that Autism is a disease, a plague, a holocaust, a THREAT!
We are depicted as incompetent and seem to hold no purpose in this world.
We are called vaccine injured, toxic, poisoned.
We the Autistic community have to live with this vile rhetoric.
For me as a mother to autistic children and someone who is also on the autistic spectrum, this means fighting for our rights every day.
I do this with great passion and I know our campaigning is making a difference.
Please see evidence of this in Wakefields recent video.
This video is of Andrew Wakefield and his VAXXED team at the Regents University London hosting their anti vaccine conference on February the 14th.
We have managed to cancel many of the VAXXED conferences but sadly this one went ahead under the guise of a Homeopathic talk.
In this excerpt of this conference Andrew Wakefield is asked a question from the audience.
It is obvious that this question was deliberately put out there to bully me.
The question was about me Fiona O’Leary and suggested that Wakefield should come to the tiny village where I live in West Cork Ireland.
The person asking the question disclosed where I lived and Wakefield laughingly said organise it and I’ll be there.
The large audience who seemed to know of me laughed mockingly along with Wakefield.
Then Wakefield spoke about me.
Saying he knows of me and hears that I am on the Autistic spectrum and if that is true, his heart goes out to me.
Basically Wakefield belittled and humiliated me, implying the I am to be pitied because I am autistic.
I believe this question was most definitely planned prior to the event.
This was a big mistake on Wakefields part as it clearly highlighted how vile he really is.
To resort to bullying an Autistic woman is simply pathetic.
Wakefield has threatened me before, I was sent a letter last year from his film distributors, ordering me to shut up or they would sue me.
Wakefields name was included in that letter.
Wakefield calls himself a doctor, a professional.
Is this what ‘professionals’ do?
Exploit and bully Autistic people?
Pick on Autistic women?
Wakefield has not got the balls to say these things to my face.
He is a coward, a fraud, a charlatan.
The leader of a dangerous and sinister cult.
The Wakefield cult…

2 thoughts on “The Wakefield Cult

  1. I’ve just listened to ESP#062. I have heard you before (on The Skeptic Zone) but never so angry. I think you have every right to be. Wakefield and his followers are some of the most disgraceful excuses for human beings that I have had the misfortune to hear about.
    As for polio being a hoax, I just can’t fathom this at all. Mind you I was born in 1953, so I was in the first generation to have the good fortune to receive the vaccine, unlike some of my older school mates. Don’t these people have parents, or grandparents?
    Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This man and his followers are disgusting. I was aware of him and the whole MMR scare previously but I had no idea of the extext of the damage he is doing to those with autism. And those treatments he promotes. You are justifiable in your anger. This is child abuse and as you mentioned in the ESP poscast governments need to stand out against this. We also need prosecutions of those causing this abuse.

    Liked by 1 person

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