Autism Charity Promoting Scam


We have discovered another Autism Charity who are allowing platforms to people who offer unscientific therapies for Autism.

Please see the Anna Kennedy charity below.

They are hosting an Autism event soon and one of their speakers is Shammi Kapoor.
Shammi is offering an unscientific brain training program called Brain Rx, it is the international program of Learning Rx.
Learning Rx is founded by Dr.Ken Gibson.
Ken Gibson was investigated by the Federal Trade Commission in the US last year and his Brain Training program was exposed as fraud.
Read official Press Release below.
“The developers and marketers of the LearningRx “brain training” programs have agreed to stop making a range of false and unsubstantiated claims and pay $200,000 under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.According to the FTC’s complaint, LearningRx Franchise Corp. and its CEO, Dr. Ken Gibson, deceptively claimed that their programs were clinically proven to permanently improve serious health conditions like ADHD, autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, and concussions and that the training substantially improved school grades and college admission test scores, career earnings, and job and athletic performance. They also allegedly claimed that LearningRx brain training is 10 times more cost-effective than tutoring.

“Companies that say they can significantly improve serious health conditions or how your brain functions in everyday situations need to back up those claims with sound science,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “In this case, the defendants couldn’t show their training provides the health or other real-world benefits they claimed.”

According to the FTC, the defendants promoted LearningRx through and affiliated websites, as well as through a blog, Facebook and Twitter posts, print and radio ads, and direct mail pieces. They also allegedly used Google search ads to target consumers searching for terms such as “cure for ADD,” “autism cure,” “Asperger cure,” and “severe traumatic brain injury cure.” The defendants, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, offered LearningRx training through more than 80 LearningRx centers that it franchised in 25 states”

See Shammi Kapoor below.


See Shammis website Brain Abilitiez below.

I rang Brain Abilitiez and spoke to Shammis Mother.

She told me that Shammi was diagnosed Autistic age nineteen but now he would not be able to receive an Autism diagnosis because of the wonders of this Brain Training.

She claimed it gave him eye contact and helped him speak!

Miraculous claims.

I asked her about scientific research and she said she would send me information and testimonials.

She said an initial consultation would cost £90 and then training is £50 per hour.

It is very intense with many hours needed and sometimes up to six months training is required, depending on the individual.

I asked who carried out the training, she said the training is carried out by herself and her Son Shammi.

I asked had she any training in Autism, or any other significant training?

She said no, she was just a Mother.

This Brain training is a recognised scam and its founder already prosecuted and fined.

See some of Brain Abilitiez posts, claiming to be professionals below.



I immediately contacted the Anna Kennedy charity regarding my concerns and spoke directly with Anna Kennedy.

She did not seem to be concerned about this speaker and said a colleague had organised it all.

I said it is important to research all speakers, especially those that are peddling scams.

Last year the Anna Kennedy charity allowed Carol Stott to speak at their event.

Carol Stott was a colleague of the discredited Doctor Andrew Wakefield and still promotes his MMR Vaccine scam to this day.

See below.



Carol Stott with Polly Tommey and Andrew Wakefield in Texas 2014 above.


Carol Stott speaking at the Anna Kennedy event last March 2016 above.

I also checked out the Anna Kennedy Autism charity website and was shocked to see a section titled ‘Useful Links’

Many of these links led to websites offering unscientific treatments, including Homeopathy, Reiki, Aromatherapy.

One link led to the Holistic Clinic website which has a multitude of bogus and dangerous ‘therapies’ listed.

I questioned Anna Kennedy about these links and she confirmed that they had been on her website for a long time.

Anna Kennedy has deleted these links since our phone call earlier today.

Please screenshots of these links below.




One link led to this website filled with quack therapies below.

Other links promoted ABA.

Anna Kennedy is also one of the founders of Baston House Autism school which formed in 2011, see their website below.


Baston House used to permit Spit Hoods, two Mothers reached out to me and told me this.

Spit Hoods are basically like a dog Muzzle and sometimes used for prisoners in extreme circumstances.

Please see Baston House Spit Hood Policy below, it was abolished in 2015.


I have not received any assurance from this charity regarding this speaker at their upcoming event on the 11th of March, they could still be speaking for all I know.

I am outraged to see this charity endorsing unproven, unregulated and dangerous ‘therapies’

It is vital that all charities only endorse scientifically proven and safe therapies, and all charities should reassess who and what they are promoting.

The fact that this continues without any consequence is extremely concerning for all those who are part of the Autistic community.

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