Irish Anti Vaxxers Embrace The VAXXED Cult.

2017-03-15 18.11.53-1
I have been observing the anti vaccine movement for many years now, their logic and how they operate.
They really are a selfish and unstable bunch.
We have suffered Andrew Wakefields lies for nearly twenty years now, he is still here spreading more harm than ever before.
His propaganda film VAXXED is causing immense damage.
We see an increase in preventable diseases since the release of his film last year.
Then we have the VAXXED team touring the US and now they are about to take on
Ireland and the UK.
Measles outbreaks are happening all around the world and children are dying.
We are also seeing outbreaks of Mumps and other preventable diseases.
We recently heard about the seven year old girl who contracted tetanus, she was not vaccinated against it.
She is in a critical condition suffering horrendous pain, read about tetanus and what it does to the body.
This is 2017, not the eighteenth century!
Children do not need to suffer from these PREVENTABLE diseases.
If we turn back the clock we did not have outbreaks like the ones we are witnessing in the past few years.
Ireland had over 30 confirmed cases of measles last year, we did not see this happen in previous years.
Wakefield and his VAXXED team are doing this.
They are bringing these preventable diseases back and killing children in the process.
They have blood on their hands.
Their followers are blinded by pseudoscience and live in a conspiracy bubble, not able to digest facts or accurate information.
You cannot reach these people.
Wakefield and his team prey on vulnerable parents and receive support from chiropractors, homeopaths and those in the alternative ‘therapy’ field.
Polly Tommey and her VAXXED team will arrive in Ireland at the end of April, with dates suggesting the 25th or 26th.
They plan to prey on parents and terrify them with their anti vaccine propaganda.
They have created an email for their Irish victims (
VAXXED are asking the people of Ireland to send in their stories.
It is not just about the MMR vaccine, any vaccine will do!
VAXXED blame vaccines for all ailments now!
I am disgusted to see this cult being supported by my fellow citizens here in Ireland.
I recognise some of these supporters.
See some screenshots from the Irish VAXXED fan club below.
Then we have the Homeopath helping them, lining up her ‘patients’ below.
They have a built a shrine for Wakefield and some have even traveled overseas to meet this fraud.
Vaxxed supporters keep saying that they have a right to decide whether they should vaccinate their children or not.
What about the rights of the child?
The right to be protected from deadly diseases.
Children have rights, a right to be safe and healthy.
These anti vaxxers are playing Russian Roulette with their children’s lives, this also affects society as a whole.
Their decision to not vaccinate decreases Herd Immunity which is what is needed to help keep these dreadful diseases away.
You are committing a selfish and dangerous act by not vaccinating your child.
I want our Government to act and treat this serious issue as a matter of urgency.
We have written to the Minster for Health and other Minsters and we need people to support us.
People can find relevant information from our Facebook page.
If this matter is not tackled effectively, we will see major outbreaks, not just with Measles and Mumps but other diseases also.
The anti vaccine movement get their information from frauds, quacks and conspiracy theorists.
Many parents think they are medical experts and Dr. Google has given them this qualification.
I have read insane comments from some parents and it is really frightening to see how brainwashed they have become.
Some comments have included ‘I would rather have a dead child than an Autistic child’
‘Tetanus is not as bad as the side effects from vaccines’
VAXXED exploit Autistic people, they instill a fear and hatred of Autism.
Autistic people are pawns for their reckless campaign.
I am on the Autistic spectrum and two of my wonderful children also.
VAXXED are hurting the Autistic community.
They mock us, insult us, belittle us.
They refer to us as an epidemic, holocaust, toxic, injured.
They are coming to Ireland to spread their hate, lies and destruction.
Who will be the ones that will suffer from this cult and their dangerous campaign?
The Autistic community.
Our children, they will get sick, seriously ill.
Some will end up disabled and some will die.
Because Andrew Wakefield and his cult VAXXED will have told their parents that there are NO SAFE VACCINES!
Some gullible parents will sadly believe this and some of these unvaccinated children will contract one of these PREVENTABLE diseases.
They will then spread this PREVENTABLE disease to others.
Some children will recover, others will not.
VAXXED do not talk about the children that die from these deadly diseases.
These diseases have not disappeared!
We have a proven and effective way of preventing them.
It is called VACCINATION!
Polly Tommey does not seem to care much about safety, not only is she spreading harm with her anti vaccine nonsense but she also chooses NOT to wear a seat belt whilst being a front seat passenger in her VAXXED RV.
Even her fans are asking her to put on her seat belt, see in screenshots below.
Tommey is actually breaking the law  by not wearing her seat belt.
Polly Tommey could seriously injure or kill a person if an accident should occur.
Today I cried thinking about the seven year old girl who is critically ill after contracting Tetanus.
She is the same age as our precious daughter Phoebe.
This little girl who is now fighting for her life was not vaccinated, not protected from this deadly disease.
She should NOT be in this condition.
VAXXED and the anti vaccine movement are maiming and killing our children.
That is a FACT!

2 thoughts on “Irish Anti Vaxxers Embrace The VAXXED Cult.

  1. So not only does Tommey protest against vaccines – which are meant to help keep people safe, and do NOT cause autism – but she also does not wear a seatbelt, which is also meant to help keep people safe. She just totally disregards any kind of safety. 😡


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