Hear Our Voices


Autism ‘Awareness’ day will happen next Sunday the 2nd of April.

Lots of blue lights and slogans will be draped around us.
Be aware of Autism, the increase, the burden it brings.
I think awareness is important but we would like acceptance to be a part of this upcoming event also.
Autism ‘Awareness’ day has now been extended to Autism ‘Awareness’ month!
I am part of the Autistic community.
I have Autistic children and was diagnosed with Aspergers three years ago.
I campaign for the rights of Autistic people and campaign to end abusive unproven and unregulated Autism ‘treatments’
I have learned so much in the past three years.
I have discovered a wonderful community where Autistic people are celebrated for who they are, embraced and accepted.
I have learned so much from speaking to other Autistic people and I have felt understood.
I have also seen and entered a scary place where Autism is shunned and where Autistic people are viewed as less than.
We are called a burden, a tragedy, an epidemic.
This place allows Autistic people to be abused, experimented on, tortured and even murdered.
Then we have the evil quacks who operate their scams and inflict this abuse on Autistic people.
Abusive products/treatments are forced into Autistic children’s and adults bodies.
Products/treatments such as the toxic BLEACH MMS, unregulated blood product GcMAF, Chelation, Stem Cells and much more.
All NOT approved for Autism, most not regulated yet Autistic people are like lab rats for these unscrupulous quacks.
Autistic people suffer horrendous side effects from these bogus ‘treatments’
The charities that promote Autism ‘Awareness’ month do not really talk about this abuse and if it is discussed it is usually addressed by Autistic people themselves.
We do not see the big Autism charities bringing this injustice into the spotlight.
In fact we have to beg them to support us.
We are lucky if we get a few lines from the main Autism Charities but there is no appetite to tackle this abuse properly.
We have been asking Autism charities to help us get legislation to ban these unproven and unregulated Autism ‘treatments’ for three years now.
We are left fighting this issue unsupported by the very charities that claim to represent us.
Some of these charities even promote these abusive ‘treatments’
Then we have the Anti Vaccine CULT led by conspiracy theorist Andrew Wakefield.
Wakefield has been responsible for so much harm to children.
His MMR scam is contributing to the unnecessary deaths of children.
His film VAXXED is causing even further harm and his team which is fronted by Polly Tommey has no regard for the welfare of children.
VAXXED are ANTI – VACCINE, yes ALL vaccines!
It is hilarious when the VAXXED minions say that VAXXED are not anti – vaccine.
Polly tells parents that there are NO SAFE vaccines and to STAY AWAY from Pediatricians.
This advice is coming from a woman with ZERO qualifications.
Preventable diseases are returning as a direct result of this VAXXED CULT.
VAXXED also exploit Autistic people, claiming we are ‘vaccine injured’ and ‘brain damaged’
They terrify parents and get their Autistic children to sign their VAXXED bus.
Each child is given a number to mark them as being ‘vaccine injured’
It is disgusting to brand a child this way and especially when there is no truth in what VAXXED are saying to these families.
Polly Tommey recently said that she can tell if a child is not vaccinated by looking at their faces.
She can apparently detect them!
She has said that vaccinated children look ill and that their eyes look dead.
I want to share some pictures of Autistic VACCINATED children.
These beautiful photos are from my best friend and colleague Emma Dalmayne with her wonderful children, you see photos of my beautiful children also.
Our children are healthy, happy and definitely not ill.
Emma wants to say a few words about this issue.
“I’m so happy I got my kids vaccinated! Now I know they won’t catch measles, mumps, Rubella, Whooping cough and the big upcoming one…Diphtheria! The idea that vaccinated children as said by Polly Tommey look zombified, injured and lost is debunked right here”
Autistic advocates receive a lot of abuse from the Anti-Vaccine cult.
We are attacked and receive vile abuse on social media.
Recently I was a victim of their bullying.
I was called a slag, lobotomy, infected zombie, Charles Manson and more.
I am sharing some of these comments below.
I have met some amazing people that support us with our campaign work.
There are too many names to mention but you know who you are.
Special thanks to David, John, Eoin, Monique, Bobbi, Trevor, Ashley, Debbie.
I also want to thank those that support us from the skeptic and science communities.
I have formed strong friendships in the past three years and I want to celebrate them this Autism ACCEPTANCE month.
One dear friend is Alex Forshaw.
Alex is also a wonderful writer, please read her work.
This blog is dedicated to my best friend and colleague Emma.
She is my hero.
She is dedicated and passionate and has achieved so much.
She has written two books.
She has founded a wonderful organisation A.I.M
She even writes songs, listen to My Spectrum Baby.
Emma and I have witnessed such injustice together.
We will keep fighting for a better future.
Autism Acceptance will be recognised and celebrated.


2017-03-29 17.36.29-1

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