The Autistic Community Take On The Anti Vaccine Cult VAXXED


Last week the Autistic community protested against the Autism hating anti-vaccine cult VAXXED.
We met up in Dublin city on Friday the 5th of May and waited in a coffee house to receive instructions from the VAXXED team.
When people purchase film tickets you are normally given details about the venue/location for the film you are about to see.
However VAXXED do not do that, instead they allow you only a few hours notice and clients are left panicking not knowing where the event will be held.
We purchased tickets for this propaganda film and we were assured we would receive a confirmation email on the morning of the event.
We did not receive any email.
We only found out the location from someone who is in one of the anti-vaccine closed  Facebook groups.
We were told it would be held at the Tivoli theatre in Frances street.
We quickly made our way towards the Tivoli.
My dear friends Alex and Emma flew in from London and I also met up with Pete, Frank, Ollie, John, Niche, Gerry and Rowan.
We displayed signs which aired our disgust for this reckless cult.
I use the word disgust because VAXXED are disgusting.
Not only are they spreading lies about vaccines but they are also dehumanising and exploiting Autistic people.
Please read about their vile behaviour here.
Autistic people are referred to as ‘brain damaged’ and ‘vaccine injured’.

VAXXED give Autistic children a ‘vaccine injured’ number and offer them T-Shirts with this number displayed, see below.


When we arrived at the Tivoli VAXXED camera-men Anu and Brian were there to greet us.
Both of them tried to sell their pseudoscience to my friends and I.
Anu presented as some kind of expert on Autism and vaccines.
He kept referring to ‘doctor’ Suzanne as his scientific source.
Suzanne Humphries is the ‘doctor’ that recommends Colloidal Silver to ‘treat’ a tooth abscess.
Read more about this quack here.
We tried to get into the venue and told security we had tickets but the doors were bolted and we were not allowed entry.
You could see Suzanne Humphries, Polly Tommey and their fans inside laughing and making faces at us.
So professional hey.
I could recognise some of their groupies, Jane and Christopher Hennessy from Cork.
Roma Rosborough Homeopath from Cork.
Clare Chambers who worked with conspiracy radio host Richie Allen.
Allison Edwards was there from the UK with her VAXXED mobile, parents decorate this car with signatures of their children.
Ann Monaghan Homeopath was there.
Then there was ex politician and Wakefield worshiper Kathy Sinnott.
We also discovered that the well known fake Psychologist Caroline Goldsmith was also there and apparently involved with the running of the event.
Basically a quack horror show.
See some photos of this cult below.
We stood up for our rights as we should and chanted ‘vaccines save lives’.
The manager of the Tivoli approached us and said he was not aware of what the event was about and told us he was going to cancel it immediately.
Sadly the manager lied and allowed the event to continue and permitted a later screening also.
The security guards at the door were very aggressive and would not allow my friend to use the bathroom.
They were also making faces and mocking us from behind the glass.
We watched outside as people were let in and locked in, people with children and babies.
One six month old baby was displayed in one of Polly’s videos and she bragged about the baby being unvaccinated.
The management then called the Police who appeared but said nothing to us, we had a right to protest this dangerous cult.
VAXXED filmed us and took photos and it was a bit like meeting the Scientology cult.
A friend of mine went to the seven o’clock screening, she had purchased a ticket.
When Goldsmith saw her trying to get into the theatre she swiftly alerted security and my friend who is also Autistic was physically removed from the theatre.
This is appalling and again highlights how vile this movement is.
Their hatred for Autism is abnormal and how they treat Autistic people is even worse.
I am Autistic and that day I met a scary cult who all share a common passion for hatred of difference.
We could see what this cult were saying about our protest from behind the bolted doors of the Tivoli.
They were streaming their event live on Facebook.
Polly and Suzanne were seen degrading Autistic people and making personal insults about our appearance, especially my hair.
Their sarcastic dehumanising slurs were being celebrated by their online groupies.
Some comments called us mentally ill, deranged, evil and more.
One woman suggested a lithium bath, see below.
A fake profile was created using my profile pic.
The online trolling grew and I am sharing some comments from VAXXED supporters below.
Our accents were judged and one man complained about autism being in housing estates.
You see VAXXED are not just about vaccines, they are brainwashed bigots who love to exploit, bully and discriminate.
Facing VAXXED in real life hurt like hell but it has made the Autistic community stronger.
Our passion for justice and commitment to ending this movement has grown further after meeting this CULT in real life.
Please support the Autistic community by signing and sharing our new petition thank you.

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