CCHR Scientology Cult Exposed

Screenshot_20170724-170949Last year I went undercover and spoke to Margaret McNair of the Scientology cult.

I called their headquarters in Dublin Ireland.

McNair is a prominent Scientologist and is leading the Irish CCHR campaign.

CCHR is an organisation founded by Scientology, they are anti psychiatry and anti pyschiatric medications.

CCHR is basically a front group for Scientology and pose a great risk to society.

They present themselves as caring citizens and worm their way into communities offering support to the homeless etc.

Truth is CCHR are a sinister organisation.

They peddle dangerous ideologies and prey on vulnerable people.

McNair is brainwashed and arrogant, her ramblings terrified me.

She spoke about quacks like Andrew Wakefield with passion and admiration.

She promoted unproven treatments.

CCHR want to abolish medications that treat mental illness but have no problem promoting alternative quack treatments.

Many people with mental illness depend on medications to survive and McNair and her cult are basically putting peoples lives at risk by making crazy claims, McNair and her minions are not doctors but act like experts in the mental health field.

McNair says Autistic children are being given treatments which are more harmful than the condition itself.

She says Autism is brain damage and referred to it as a physical condition, she said vaccines and allergies could be a cause of Autism and says psychiatry should have no involvement in Autism whatsoever.

She says alternative therapies are better for Autism, she suggests that parents get allergy testing for their Autistic children and says prescribed psychatric medications are causing Autistic children to become violent.

McNair spoke about Naturopaths and holistic treatments for Autism.

McNair says she would like to work with Autism groups in Ireland, she says parents of Autistic children work with her CCHR group in the UK.

McNair says Autistic people should not be given psychiatric drugs.

McNair is dishing out advice but has not training in the mental health field whatsoever.

She says mental health conditions are not biological in nature and referred to mental illness as a symptom of an underlying cause, claiming that there is a physical condition responsible for all mental health symptoms.

Schizophrenia can be treated with vitamin B12 and vitamin C she says.

She says some medical professionals are supporting their movement.

CCHR are against prescribed psychiatric medications that DO help many people but have no problem promoting dangerous high doses of vitamins which have zero evidence to support their claims.

Millions of people are living a good life thanks to prescribed pyschiatric medications, I have seen people at deaths door who were saved by psychiatric medications.

I know psychiatric medications can have side effects but they also offer incredible support to people who suffer from mental illness.

Professionals in the mental health field are qualified to look after their clients, Scientology spokespersons are not.

Scientology/CCHR do not know what they are talking about, they are harming adults and children with mental health issues.

McNair says psychiatry does not work.

Think about that statement.

She says mental health conditions do not exist.

McNair spoke about Wakefield and the debunked link regarding vaccines and Autism and displayed great sympathy for him, she says he was attacked.

McNair said that she attended Wakefields hearing in the UK and shook his hand.

She encourages the vaccine/Autism theory and spoke about documents regarding the MMR vaccine.

She is suggesting that there is a link between vaccines and Autism.

How dangerous is that!

She says she gives people the facts and claims that parents are not being given the facts.

She says she gives parents the other side of the story.

Her campaign in Ireland will target children who are availing of psychiatric supports.

McNair encourages parents to walk away from professional help and promotes quack treatments and pseudoscience.

This cult are CRAZY and DANGEROUS and must be STOPPED!

Please listen to phone calls I had with this woman in links below, first call is from last year and the second one is from this year.

The first call discusses all of the above and the second call is McNair trying to say that CCHR is not linked to Scientology, however she admits that Scientology sponsor CCHR and also work with CCHR.

We need to ban this CULT ASAP.






6 thoughts on “CCHR Scientology Cult Exposed

  1. Thank you for helping to expose this insidious cult. Scientology is deadly and on a mission to recruit any youngsters it can into its billion – year contacted slave labour camp (the Sea Organisation). I was a member for 15 years. It’s a cult, and a dangerous one at that. Keep scamatology out of your beautiful country.


  2. I guess we should all go back to the mental health state and take our medications, then. Vaccines and psych medications are the answer! Real science!

    This is the stupidest hateful article I have ever read. LOVE YOUR SLAVERY. BOW TO YOUR MASTERS.


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