Scientology Cult Abusing Children with Dangerous Unproven and Experimental ‘Treatments’


We campaign against bogus unproven and unregulated Autism treatments.

The Scientology cult are very much involved in the promotion and offering of these bogus ‘treatments’.

Learn more here and here.

I have unfortunately crossed paths with two prominent members of the UK Scientology Cult.

Meet John Wood and Gemma Harris below.


Wood and Harris like to bully and spread lies on Twitter about their crazy cult and their many front groups which include Narconon, CCHR and many more.

Scientology front groups present themselves as kind and caring groups who want to save mankind.

However they are the complete opposite of kind and caring and are really quite evil.

They prey like vultures on vulnerable people.

They reel people in with their brainwashing tactics promising them the sun, moon and stars.

This all comes with a hefty price tag.

Scientology is based on the ramblings of L. Ron Hubbard.

Learn more about this monster here and here.

Scientology robs people, breaks up families and destroys peoples lives.

John Wood and Gemma Harris have been proving how dangerous this cult are online for some time now.

Harris has targeted me with online nonsense, spewing anti vaccine garbage, promoting quack protocols.

See screenshots of her ramblings below.











She particularly focuses on Scientologys infamous purification rundown protocol.

Read about the dangers of purification rundown here and here.

Gemma Harris was introduced to this cult via her fiance John Wood, so I am told.


John Wood claims he was President of front group Narconon, see below.


They both operate WorldWidePR

Wood spends his time lying to the general public, telling people with mental health issues to avoid getting professional help and instead buy into their dangerous and bogus protocols.

Wood and Harris are both anti psychiatry, anti science and anti vaccine.

Wood even promotes the vile VAXXED campaign, see below.


My real worry lies with the children that are being abused by this cult.

We know that this cult are also abusing Autistic children with their bogus protocols, which include auditing (brainwashing) and purification rundowns.

I  recently exposed the Mace-Kingsley Scientology Center in Clearwater Florida and also reported their abusive protocols to Child Protection Services, read about this here

Purification rundown involves ingesting dangerously high does of Niacin and other supplements along with lengthy periods of time in a sauna and an intense exercise regime.

Adults are given 5000 mg of Niacin and suffer immediate side effects, read about excessive Niacin side effects on children here.

Scientology cult believe children are adults in tiny bodies and have no problem giving the same dangerous dose adults receive to children as young as six years old.

Imagine the impact that has on their bodies, their kidneys, heart and liver.

Scientology are basically abusing children with these crazy pseudo-scientific protocols, Scientology pose a great risk to public health.

Scientology have recently purchased a very large premises at Firhouse in Dublin, read more about this here.

Many people are saying this will be the European Hub for this cult.

We have created a Facebook page to raise awareness about this new development in Ireland and a petition which I would encourage you to sign.

People are saying this new building will open next month, Scientology are calling this new development ‘Ideal Ireland’ see their new website here.

Notice how they are begging for donations, yes Scientology is one big SCAM!

Kieron Swords from Dublin seems to be the one responsible for the ‘Ideal Ireland’ promotional video, watch here.

Kieron is also an admin in a new closed group on Facebook called ‘Ideal Ireland’, there are 63 members and I am sharing this members list below.










Kieron Swords Facebook page below.


Anyone involved in this dangerous cult should be named and shamed as they are promoting pseudoscience and aiding this cult with their abusive practices, especially towards children.

I am not afraid of this cult and their idle threats, I was recently given a warning by one of their members from their National Affairs office in Dublin, listen here.

We need to tackle this cult head on and must not allow them an opportunity to hurt vulnerable people and children.