Scientology, In or Out?

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I am anti Scientology, its dangerous ‘therapies’ and beliefs.
I speak out, blog, and have even reported the Mace-Kingsley Scientology Center to Child Protection Services in Florida.
Read my blogs here here and here.
I have made good friends with some ex Scientologists, they also campaign against this dangerous cult.
Scientology is not a religion but a dangerous cult that brainwashes people, their teachings and techniques are insane.
L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of this cult and you can learn more about this maniac here and here.
Scientology is basically quackery and its teachings are anti science and logic.
Scientology tell its followers that their techniques which include auditing and purification rundowns will protect them from getting sick and may even cure serious health conditions.
Hubbard claimed he could cure many conditions with his quackery.
I have heard heartbreaking stories about Scientologists who contracted Cancer and believed they could be cured with Scientologys quack interventions, these people did not get professional care and sadly died.
Many Scientologists are anti vaccine and against conventional medicine and much prefer to attend Naturopaths and Chiropractors.
They are anti psychiatry also.
Scientology have many front groups like Narconon and CCHR which prey on vulnerable people.
These groups are also offering the same quack ‘treatments’
There have been reported deaths from those that attended centers operated by Scientologys front groups, read here and here.
I have recently learned about a group of people who call themselves Independent Scientologists.
They are against Scientology being operated by the present leader David Miscavige.
Miscavige is a horrendous creature, that is true, but what shocks me is that Independent Scientologists will condemn Miscavige and his operation but still worship Hubbard.
Miscavige did not create this evil cult, Hubbard did.
All the teachings and techniques were created by Hubbard.
It is these teachings and techniques that are really harming people.
People are being fed pseudo-scientific nonsense about aliens being attached to their bodies.
This quackery is also inflicted on children.
Children even babies are being subjected to Scientologys vile protocols.
Auditing which is basically interrogation is being forced on very young children, Scientology like to brainwash kids from a young age.
Children are also fed the same quackery about vaccines and conventional medicine, many children are not receiving proper health care.
Children are then forced to endure Hubbards insane purification rundowns, children are being poisoned with lethal doses of vitamins which include Hubbards favourite Niacin.
All of this dangerous quackery stems from Hubbard not Miscavige.
At least with Miscavige we can see how crazy it all is and if anything Miscavige probably prevents people from being sucked in to this cult.
The Independent Scientologists or ‘Indies’ are much more devious about it all.
Independent Scientologists are also more aware of the dangers of this cult and have access to a lot more information which makes them true believers at the end of the day.

I have been reading information from some Independent Scientology websites, see screenshots below.
What enrages me is the fact that some Independent Scientologists are presenting themselves as ‘victims’ of Scientology under the governance of Miscavige.
This reeks with hypocrisy!
They don’t like Scientologys present leader, what’s to like?
However they still endorse the insanity that is Scientology which means they endorse ABUSE!
It is Hubbards teachings that lead children to being brainwashed and abused.
It doesn’t matter who is steering the Scientology ship, it is the core beliefs of Scientology that are evil.
I have been watching the excellent Leah Rimini Aftermath show which highlights the evil and madness of Scientology.
However I was extremely disappointed to see her allow Independent Scientologists Ronit and Joseph Charny on her show and offer them sympathy.
Ronit Charny is still endorsing the abusive practices of this cult and apparently profiting greatly in the process, read about this here.


See information about Ronit on this website here.
I checked out Ronits Facebook page and was not surprised to see her promoting quackery and anti vaccine nonsense.
See some screenshots from her Facebook page below.
I decided to send Ronit a Facebook friend request in a bid to talk to her about why she still endorses this cult and ask her about her promotion of quackery.
She immediately blocked me from being able to friend her.
Independent Scientologists need to remember that they are keeping this evil and dangerous cult alive.
They are playing a role in the abuse of children.
They are promoting pseudoscience and quackery.
At least Miscavige is straight up and you know where you stand with him.
The ‘Indies’ are trying to dumb down this evil cult and make it sound harmless.
To me the Indies are the ones we should be really concerned about.
There is no such thing as CLEAR!

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