CCHR is a SCAM, a front group for the Scientology cult, read more about CCHR here.

They are anti psychiatry and prescribed medications but have no problem offering quack ‘treatments’ to Autistic children.

They believe that psychiatry is violating the human rights of children with mental health issues and conditions like Autism.

However giving unproven and unregulated products to Autistic children is not seen as a violation of human rights in their eyes.

Spokespersons for CCHR John Wood and Gemma Harris endorse pseudoscience, unproven and dangerous ‘therapies’ for Autism.

John and Gemma are Scientologists and they love to bully and stalk people on social media.

Gemma recently promoted ILLEGAL and TOXIC BLEACH product MMS on Twitter, see in screenshot below.


Gemma believes parents have a right to abuse their Autistic children with BLEACH!

Her partner John endorses quackery and today shared bogus information about fever benefits for Autism, see in screenshots below.




Learn more about Gemma and John here and here.

CCHR are endangering vulnerable peoples lives, especially children.

Their staff are not qualified and offer bogus advice.

I rang CCHR UK today to try and speak about my concerns regarding CCHR and Autism.

Brian Daniels picked up the phone, we have spoken before and he was most aggressive, listen to call I had with him last March here.

Todays call was short lived, Brian recognised me from before and refused to engage and hung up on me.

Hear this brief call in link below.

I then discovered the CCHR Florida website, it’s filled with unscientific ramblings about Autism but I was horrified to see them share an article endorsing dangerous, unproven ‘treatments’ Chelation and Secretin.

See some paragraphs from this article in screenshots below.






Read NICE guidelines here.

Chelation is not approved for Autism and children have died as a direct result of being given this ‘treatment’, a five year old Autistic boy died from Chelation in 2005, read about this here and here.

Secretin is also not approved for Autism and is dangerous and is derived from pig hormones.

I recently reported a UK Doctor to the General Medical Council, he was giving both Chelation and Secretin to Autistic children, read about this here.

This Doctors website was shut down but you can see what he was offering from an archived site here.

He was investigated and can no longer work with Autistic children, see screenshots from GMC hearing below.



I called CCHR Florida highlighting my concerns about their website and their article regarding Secretin and Chelation, they refused to connect me to a manager and said I should send them an email, I have emailed before and never received a reply.

Again my call was short lived, it seems CCHR are unable to respond to the general public and their legitimate concerns.

CCHR is basically quackery wrapped up in the Scientology cult.

I am sharing screenshots from CCHR social media pages, you can see their ignorant and quack views regarding Autism below.









Basically CCHR are LIARS claiming to care about people with mental health issues and Autism.

Truth is Scientology despise people with mental health issues, disabilities and Autism.

We are viewed as failures, degraded beings.

This is what Hubbard taught his followers, listen to this evil monster state this in link below.

Hubbard says Scientology is only for the ‘enabled’

He says “the insane and so forth, somebody else can have them, they have already failed”

Scientology and all their bogus front groups are dangerous and evil.





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