The Pathological Liar


I recently watched the new film about Andrew Wakefield titled the Pathological Optimist, you can see my video review here.

The film is very badly presented and has zero input from Autistic people as usual.

The other Wakefield worshiping film Vaxxed From Cover Up To Catastrophe did this also, read my review of Vaxxed here.

The director of The Pathological Optimist Miranda Bailey spent five years making this film which basically portrays Wakefield as a victim and someone we should all feel sorry for.

Wakefields daily life is documented with scenes of him at the Gym and chopping wood etc.



Wakefield and his family are interviewed and unveil one sob story after the other.

Wakefields corrupt and fraudulent behaviour is not delivered in a balanced way throughout this film.

Wakefield is a documented FRAUD!

Learn about Wakefield here.

His lies continue to maim and kill children all around the world.

Read about Measles here.

I find it shocking, downright dangerous and very odd that a film maker such as Bailey would want to offer her time and energy to such a parasite as Wakefield.

Does she not realise the harm she is causing and how her film will contribute to further misinformation and destruction.

Wakefield is a professional charlatan and this is so transparent in this film.

He targets wealthy people who he knows have money to throw at his scam, he preys on vulnerable families and literally prostitutes himself.

Throwing his arms around women, flirting his way into their bank accounts.


In one scene you see Wakefield at a fundraiser hosted by Chiropractors.

People are asked to donate for the Wakefield ’cause’

Misinformed individuals and vulnerable parents can be seen signing cheques and offering massive amounts of money which is presented to Wakefield at the end of the evening.

This particular fundraiser raised over 50,000 dollars.


Wakefield can be seen grinning like a Cheshire cat.



Throughout this film Wakefield spends most of his time being entertained with fancy dinners, wine flowing and money rolling in.


The film briefly speaks about Wakefield and his involvement at Thoughtful House.

However it does not discuss his collaboration with unscrupulous quacks like Dr. Bradstreet and others, read about Bradstreet here.

Learn more about how awful Wakefield is here and here.

Wakefield and his cohorts threatened to sue me because I speak out against their dangerous anti vaccine movement, read about this here.

Autistic people and the Science community would welcome a balanced documentary, not one that presents Wakefield as some sort of victim and hero.

Autistic people are suffering at the hands of Wakefield and his quack cult, we are being exploited and abused.

We are being experimented on with dangerous unproven and unregulated ‘treatments’

Is there any film maker out there willing to tell our story?

Wakefield does not deserve any platform, any celebrating, any voice.

He has blood on his hands and deserves to be in jail.

He is the Pathological Liar!


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