Three Dangerous CULTS Working Together!


There has been a growing concern regarding the Cult Nation Of Islam and their links to the anti-vaccine Cult VAXXED.

See Nation Of Islam website here.

Nation Of Islam are also aligning themselves with the Scientology Cult.

Nation Of Islam are extremists and promote dangerous pseudoscience regarding vaccines, telling society that they are toxic and cause Autism, see recent photos they shared on social media below.



Nation Of Islam (NOI) also spew insane nonsense about homosexuality, read here.

Learn more about Nation Of Islam here.

Last weekend Scientologists from all around the world gathered at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead UK to celebrate the IAS (International Association Of Scientologists)

Nation Of Islam attended this big event along with business tycoon Jim Mathers.

Mathers is a Scientologist and donates a lot of money to this Cult, he is known as a whale.

Mathers can be seen at the IAS event with Nation of Islam and their spokespersons promoting the upcoming opening of the new Scientology building at Firhouse Dublin.


See screenshots of Nation of Islam with Mathers and other Scientologists at the recent IAS event below.





Jim Mathers says his relatives come from Cork Ireland and I decided to call Mathers to have a chat about this new building opening in Dublin.

Mathers secretary told me to call Mathers wife Fu Mei, see her Facebook page below.

She told me she was at the IAS event with her husband Jim and confirmed Jims Irish roots.

She said there would be tonnes of people at the Irish opening this Saturday the 14th of October and David Miscavige would most likely be there.

She said that her and Jim can’t attend the Irish opening due to a business meeting.

Jim Mathers is strongly linked to Nation Of Islam and you can see him with their representatives from 2013 in screenshot below.


Last night October 10th Nation Of Islam held a screening of the anti vaccine propaganda film VAXXED at their UK branch in Brixton London.

I did not know this was happening but Scientologist John Wood shared details about this event on his Twitter page, see screenshot below.


There was a poster advertising it with a phone number which I rang, I spoke to a Nation Of Islam representative called Hakim, he said that the screening had an attendance of 150 people.


I discovered that the Nation Of Islam representatives Tony Muhammad and Abdul Hakeem Muhammad who were at the IAS Scientology event in Saint Hill were also at the screening of this anti vaccine film VAXXED, and were spokespersons and orgainsers for this VAXXED event.

This is most concerning, not only do we have to worry about children getting preventable and deadly diseases because of quack Wakefield and his dangerous cult VAXXED, we have Scientology and Nation Of Islam joining forces with them which will lead to further destruction.

Tony Muhammad was also at a convention at the Scientology London Org, see him in his Pyjamas below.


See more screenshots from Tony below.





Then I also found Scientologist Charlie Wakley who works at the London Org endorsing VAXXED on his Facebook page, see below.



See Wakley at the IAS event with Jim Mathers below.


Then I have Scientologists telling me they are pro-science, pro-vaccine, really?

Scientologists are dangerous QUACKS working with other crazy CULTS in a bid to reek havoc on society.

VAXXED, Nation Of Islam and Scientology pose a huge risk to Public Health and they must be STOPPED!

Please support our protest this Saturday, see details here.











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