Scientology Cult Invades Ireland


We held a protest last Saturday the 14th of October at Firhouse Dublin.

We were protesting against the insidious Scientology cult.

I have been campaigning against this cult for a few years now and have written many blogs about this dangerous scam, read some of my work here, here and here.

Our peaceful protest consisted of ex Scientologists, concerned citizens and residents from the Firhouse area.

We had every media outlet at our protest, even RTE news.

Scientology security at Firhouse were most aggressive and you can see some videos of security threatening me here and here.

See Scientology security assault my friend here.

See security call a tiny child a weapon here.

I engaged with many residents in the Firhouse and Tallaght area and they were all very concerned about the opening of this huge Scientology building.

Residents spoke about Scientology staff patrolling the streets of Dublin, targeting young people at bus stops and schools.

Bar staff in nearby pubs spoke about Scientology staff questioning the locals drinking habits, one Mother says Scientology Lawyers referred to her Autistic children as defective.

Scientology Lawyer Peter Hodkin and his buddy Massimo Angius from OSA (Office Of Special Affairs) were waiting at a nearby pub when I arrived in Dublin Friday evening, they started to take photos off my colleagues and I.

Hodkin said he had heard of me before.

Earlier that Friday evening I had received a vile email from a Scientologist known as Louanne Lee, the email was defamatory and even spoke about my children.

Hodkin and Massimo are employed to harass and intimidate those that speak out against this cult.

See Hodkin and Massimo in the local Firhouse pub in photo below.


Please see some photos of our passionate and well attended protest below.














Sea Org spy listens in on our conversation in nearby coffee shop here.


See parents bringing young children into this Cult below.


Scientology security strutting their stuff below.

Screenshot_20171018-162033 (1)


See photos of the new Scientology building, notice how tacky it is, like a Leprechauns palace!



See the INTERROGATION rooms below.


Screenshot_20171018-165740 (1)

See the horrendous Purification Centre below, this is where Scientology poisons children and adults with lethal doses of supplements, read about it here.


See some more videos of our protest here, here, here, here and here.

Autistic teenager speaks out against the Scientology cult here.

What really concerns me are the Scientology front groups like CCHR and Truth About Drugs, we know that HSE staff atttended the opening of this cults new building.

See Nicola Keating who is an Outreach worker for the HSE in screenshots below.



It is shocking to see people who work for the department of health promoting this dangerous cults bogus unscientific programmes.

A spokesperson for the charity SARI (Sport Against Racism Ireland) also attended this opening and promotes this cults programmes, see Sari rep Amina below.



In an Update I have contacted the Head Office of SARI and they have promised to address this issue with their CEO. They do not seem to know why Amina was speaking at the event. I await further response.

Then we have Irish Poets endorsing this scam also, see below.


Group photo with cult leader Miscavige below.


Miscavige looking like an evil Leprechaun below.


More concerning are movements like Nation Of Islam who are linking themselves with Scientology, Nation Of Islam are hate filled and anti vaccine, I wrote about this recently, see here.

When I was looking through the photos displayed on the website I noticed a photo of a man who was with Scientologists, these included Irish based Scientologists Margaret McNair and Kieron Swords.

They were at their National Affairs office in Dublin, see this man in screenshots below.



I rang Islam Ireland and raised my concerns and they said this man is not connected to Islam Ireland but to a group called Ahmadiyya.

The Islam Ireland rep referred to them as a cult.

Update: I have spoken to the Leaders of the Ahmadiyya group and it seems that Ahmadiyya favour a more open and liberal form of Islam and they have promised to address the issue of why one of their members is attending Scientology events.

See Ahmadiyya website here.

My worry is Scientology seems to be gathering support from other groups, religions, charities and those working in the department of health.

Why are these groups endorsing a dangerous cult whose front groups stem from pseudoscience?

How can any professional be allowed to do that?

This building is set to be the European Hub for Scientology and Scientology staff are already out on the streets of Dublin offering their services to residents and vulnerable people.

Politicians need to WAKE UP!

It is not enough to say this is wrong, they need to take action NOW!

Please watch the wonderful Captain Will release alien balloons outside this cults new building  here.


I want to thank all who participated in our protest, so much hard work and expense went into this event, Killian, Karl, Hayley, William, Mathew, Mike, Mario, John D, Tim and special thanks to John McGhee!

Apologies if I left any names out.

This is just the beginning, we need to stand together and fight this vile cult!










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