Scientology Front Group Youth For Human Rights, Islam And Ahmadiyya


Scientology have many front groups which include Narconon, Truth About Drugs, CCHR and more.

I want to focus on one group called Youth For Human Rights.

They say “The purpose of Youth for Human Rights International is to teach youth about human rights, specifically the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and inspire them to become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace”

Youth For Human Rights was founded in 2001 by a Scientologist called Mary Shuttleworth.

Shuttleworth is also president of this organisation.

Youth For Human Rights operate under the guidance and teachings of the Scientology CULT.


See some screenshots regarding Mary Shuttleworth below.



Read more about Shuttleworth here.

Youth For Human Rights have their claws in many Countries, even in Ireland where I live.

The Irish representative for this front group is Scientologist Ryan Ellory.

See him at a Youth For Human Rights event in Ireland last April with president Mary Shuttleworth in screenshot below.


Ryan Ellory is first left to right in picture, Mary Shuttleworth is next in line.

Read more about Ellory below.


Speakers at the Youth For Human Rights event in Dublin can be seen in screenshot below.


One of the speakers listed above is Rebeeb Mirza of Ahmadiyya, see details here.

Rebeeb can be seen with Scientology members at the Youth For Human Rights event in screenshot below.


See Rebeeb hiding his face whilst leaving the grand opening of the new Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin below.


I have contacted Rebeeb and his colleague Mr. Noonan at Ahmadiyya Galway about this serious issue, Noonan says he does not support Scientology and is planning on making a statement in the future but must speak with his ‘leader’ first.

However I had rather a heated conversation with Mr. Noonan today where it seems he has spent a lot of time engaging with people who are handing him dirt and lies in an attempt to discredit me. Are these Scientologists he has encountered while conducting his inquiries into the cult? Time will tell.

Noonan says he was ringing around and says many people have given him information about me, apparently I am a troublemaker. In the course of our conversation Mr Noonan also mistakenly made a defamatory comment about me, saying that there is a restraining order against me.

No such restraining order exists.

Rebeeb has not made a statement to date regarding his involvement with this cult.

On further research I have found Ahmadiyya linked to Scientology in the UK and other Countries.

Read articles about this connection here and here.

See screenshot of Ahmadiyya women attending the home of Scientology Cults founder L. Ron Hubbard last March below.


See screenshots of comments made by Ahmadiyya community below.



Islam are also supporting Scientology, read here.



To conclude, I will continue to expose all who are promoting and supporting the Scientology CULT, I will do this regardless of race, religion or creed.

Do not use the racism card with me when trying to justify your involvement with the Scientology CULT, I will not tolerate intimidation, bullying or false accusations.

All religions around the world need to stand up against Scientology.

Scientology is a CULT and all I want is for our children and vulnerable people to be safe from this evil scam.







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