Trick Or Treat? Scientology, Its Ex Members And The Creepiness Of It All


Its is Halloween, the time of year to be spooked.

However ghosts and goblins do not scare me but the evil behaviour of the Scientology cult, its members and some of its ex members does.

I have been campaigning against this cult for some time now and I have watched and witnessed lies, bullying, intimidation and more.

What is shocking is that this behaviour is not only stemming from those in the cult but also from some ex members and so called activists opposing Scientology.

We have genuine people who oppose the cult who are not afraid to speak out, then we have individuals speaking out who choose to hide their identity.

One individual hiding their identity is Georgina, a woman who calls herself an activist and campaigns against Scientology.

Georgina uses a fake name to carry out her campaign work, she also does not like people to have differing views and will track down anyone who opposes her views and rip them to shreds.

Sadly I have been one of Georginas victims.

Georgina behaves just like a Scientologist, using similar bull-baiting and bullying techniques.

In fact I would say this woman is more vicious and vindictive than any Scientologist I have engaged with to date.

She is incapable of debating in a rational and calm way, she abuses, swears and sinks to the lowest levels of depravity.

I am on the Autism spectrum and Georgina took it upon herself to use my diagnosis in her personal attacks, implying that I’m not competent.

I have seen my diagnosis discussed a few times now from so called ex Scientologists and people who oppose this cult.

I find this disgusting, I am competent and well able to make up my own mind.

I am not impaired or in need of others to guide me.

This is something I will not tolerate, it is not just about me being on the spectrum, this ignorance spreads further misinformation about Autistic people.

Using my diagnosis to try and silence me is pretty twisted!

See some of this vile behavior in screenshots below.







Then Georgina shares harassment blogs written by MMS Bleach advocates and Scientologists, throwing any principals she may have out the window, see below.



Then this woman has the cheek to compare me to Scientology scumbag Gemma Harris, see below.


Does Arielle know that Gemma promotes MMS Bleach as a ‘treatment’ for Autism, read about Gemma here and here. I have spent 4 years campaigning against this abuse and to be compared to this Scientology monster is downright disgusting!

This is how I am treated by people who are apparently against this cult.

If you do not agree with how they operate, you are bullied, mocked and silenced.

Your posts are deleted in groups, you are banned and censored.

Remember these comments are not from Scientologists but from those who apparently oppose the cult.

The anti Scientology community seems to be forming its own cult, led by dictators who think they are in charge and do their best to silence those they do not agree with.

I see many ex Scientologists who are obsessed with being in the spotlight and want to keep talking about Scientology forever, some are also profiting in the process, many have donate buttons attached to their websites.

Then we have the Independent Scientologists, learn about ‘Indies’ here.

They too bully those who challenge their beliefs.

People like Patricia below.


Notice how Patricia plugs her book.

Independent Scientology is Bulls**t fact!

Indies still worship Hubbard, his insane teachings and bogus unscientific protocols.

Hubbard endorses child abuse, see screenshot from his book Dianetics below.


Then we have those that like to bully and threaten in a more serious way.

I have received vile abuse from Scientologist Gemma Harris, she joined forces with MMS peddlers and people like Vin Byrne, read about him here.

Two weeks ago we staged a protest against the new Scientology Center at Firhouse Dublin, read about this here.

I started to receive emails the week before the protest from one Louanne Lee.

This person apparently operates the website Scientology Myths, see this website here.

At first this person was questioning my campaign work but then they got nasty and started blackmailing me and asking me for information about my family.

I did not give out any details but this person managed to find information about my children and I.

The day before the protest I boarded a train from Cork to Dublin, the minute the train set off I received another email from Louanne.

This time it was much more threatening and abusive, it spoke about my children, especially my two Autistic Sons.

This email was titled ‘The Sad Story of Fiona O’Leary’

It was designed to make me feel threatened, this troll was obviously blackmailing me and thought I would stop speaking out when my children were brought into their sick game.

I do not make deals with Scientology scum and this lunatics story is filled with defamation and lies.

They even mention one of my lecturers from University and accuse me of taking drugs whilst pregnant.

This coward published a short story on their website but were not brave enough to share the vile content they sent me.


Because they knew it was libel.

I want people to see what this troll sent me and how low these bullies can sink to.

See screenshots of Louanne Lees emails below.






This trash above is blatant slander and highlights the kind of sick twisted mindset of those who are wrapped up in this cult.

At first I thought this slander was written by a Scientologist but now I am not so sure.

Recent infighting in the anti Scientology community makes me wonder.

This person is obviously watching me closely and engaging with people who know me.

Louanne started emailing me again last night, see in screenshots below.



This is just a taste of the abuse I receive for standing up and protecting children from bogus experimental therapies delivered by CULTS like Genesis II and Scientology.

Anyone claiming to be against Scientology should be against Scientologists too, however some ex Scientologists seem to only be against the Scientology ‘church’ and their leader Miscavige.

How can you be against Scientology but support the Scientologists who are harming vulnerable adults and children?

It is Scientologists that are hurting people.

Anti Scientology campaigner Pete Griffiths seems to think so, see below.


To be truly against the Scientology cult should equate to opposing all elements of Scientology, including Scientologists who spread this dangerous garbage.

Scientologists are following Hubbards teachings and protocols, they are subjecting their families to these abusive practices.

It is time to tackle this cult head on, no more niceties, no more game playing.

Do NOT be afraid to speak out!





















One thought on “Trick Or Treat? Scientology, Its Ex Members And The Creepiness Of It All

  1. Fiona,
    It could be that Georgina et al are working in conjunction with OSA
    I have noticed a lot of $hit stirring as of late within the critic community and IMO it is an attempt to take down the critics.
    Don’t engage with the haters! Pete said it perfectly, but I would add, no one deserves to be harrassed, including the critics.

    Clearly you are making an impact. That is why they are turning up the heat. Keep up the fight!
    In all honesty, when I see vulgarity and ad hominem attacks like that, I chalk it up to OSA, move on and do not engage.
    You know you’re getting under their skin!😀


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