Exposing The Dangerous Nation Of Islam/Scientology Cocktail!

I recently fell upon a Facebook group called Dianetically Speaking, see below.

This group is operated by members of the extremist group Nation Of Islam.

I have already written about Nation Of Islam working with Scientology and the anti vaccine movement, read about this concerning issue here.

Nation Of Islam and the Scientology cult are infiltrating communities, they are on a mission to brainwash society with their bogus quackery and hate filled propaganda.

I decided to pose some questions to the members of the Dianetically Speaking Facebook group recently.

I am already aware of Scientology and Nation Of Islams crazy beliefs but I thought it would be an interesting exercise and boy was I right.

Please see my post and comments that followed in screenshots below.

Two comments came from Mothers of Autistic children, one Mother called Colleen Marie admitted to being a Scientologist and made vile comments about Autism.

Colleen believes that vaccines cause Autism.

Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism and this has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven countless times.

Colleen speaks about a quack from MIT, this is the one and only Stephanie Seneff who featured in the anti vaccine propaganda film VAXXED.

Seneff claimed that Autism rates will rise to 80 percent in males by the year 2030 and Colleen says there will be no men left to carry out important jobs such as fire fighters and the army etc.

Seneff is also working with the MMS BLEACH monster Kerri Rivera, read about this here.

Colleen is basically saying Autistic people will never amount to anything, they will never fill the role of a fire fighter or a soldier.

What utter garbage!

Yes Autistic people have challenges and these vary from one Autistic person to the next, there are no two Autistic people the same.

I am on the Autism spectrum and two of my Sons also.

To say my Sons will never get employment or amount to anything is disgusting.

I am watching my Sons flourish, one of them is getting top marks in school, my other Son is starting a job very soon.

I also discovered that Colleen is not just spewing nonsense about vaccines but also endorsing quack treatments and even supporting dangerous quacks like Amanda Mary Jewell.

Amanda Mary Jewell is wanted by the UK authorities for selling the toxic bleach product MMS and unregulated blood product GcMAF to seriuosly ill people and Autistic children.

Colleen shared Amanda Marys post, see below.

Colleen also promotes the vile organisation AutismOne who also endorse unapproved, dangerous bogus treatments like MMS, GcMAF, Chelation, HBOT and more.

See Colleens quack posts below.

This is a member of the Scientology cult accepting and promoting dangerous unapproved treatments but vehemently against life saving vaccinations.

It is absolutely insane!

However this is what Scientology and Nation Of Islam endorse.

Looking through the Dianetically Speaking Facebook group I found so many posts promoting dangerous pseudoscience.

Members of Nation Of Islam can be seen with their certificates from courses they have completed with the Scientology cult, see below.

Some members have completed Auditing courses, others the dangerous purification rundown programme and some have reached the state of Clear.

Big celebrations happened recently when a Nation Of Islam Sister was awarded her certificate for Clear, see below.

She is the first ‘Sister’ to have achieved this apparently.

Fu Mei wife of Scientology whale Jim Mathers can be seen with this Sister below.

A whale is someone who donates large amounts of money to the Scientology Cult.

Mathers was photographed at the recent Scientology IAS event in the UK with Tony Muhammad of Nation Of Islam, both can be seen celebrating the opening of the new Irish Org at Firhouse Dublin, see below.

We also see posters of Nation Of Islam representatives claiming that Scientologys bogus treatments can ‘treat’ mental illness, one such bogus treatment is ‘Assists’, see below.

Read about this quackery here.

There are various types of ‘Assists’, one is the ‘Touch Assist’ which involves ‘touching’ people in a bid to heal them.

They claim ‘Assists’ can make drunk people sober and even bring people out of a coma.

This is batshit crazy and poses a serious risk to those with serious health issues.

Nation of Islam are calling ‘Assists’ modern day healing for mental health.

One of the members of the Dianetically Speaking Facebook group is Rizza Islam, Rizzas real name is Ronnie.

Rizza said he would be happy to answer some questions for me.

I sent Rizza some questions on Facebook messenger.

On researching Rizza Islam I discovered he is the Son of Alfreddi Johnson.

Alfreddi was one of the first African Americans to join Scientology, he also managed to get singer Isaac Hayes wrapped up in this cult.

Alfreddi also introduced leader of Nation Of Islam Louis Farrakhan to Scientology.

Rizza and his family have a very murky past with investigations into fraud.

I posed 10 questions to Rizza and was expecting bizarre responses but not to the extent of absolutely insane!

Rizza told me vaccines cause Autism and that science proves this.

His scientific source was the one and only fraud Andrew Wakefield and his propaganda cult VAXXED.

Nation of Islam have been working with the anti vaccine movement for some time now.

They believe vaccines are deliberately targeting the African American community, they compare vaccines to genocide and believe they are trying to cull African American children.

He told me Autism is a condition caused by metal toxicity.

He said it can be cured with alternative ‘treatments’ like Chelation.

He even endorsed the toxic bleach product MMS and mentioned the name of a woman who could help me with information regarding MMS.

This woman is Michelle Maher Ford, see her below.

He told me he had worked with an Autistic boy and even given him the dangerous purification rundown.

Rizza told me that purification rundowns can heal many conditions.

He told me that Nation of Islam have 1000 Auditors.

Leader of Nation Of Islam Louis Farrakhan wants every African American to join the Scientology cult, see below.

Scientology are working their way into many groups in our society but they could not have chosen a more dangerous, misinformed and hate filled group to work with.

Nation of Islam are also anti LGBT.

Rizzas replies to my questions regarding homosexuality were disgusting and downright shocking.

It shows how ignorant and backward the Nation of Islam are.

I know many religious group have problems with homosexuality but I believe Nation of Islam get the Oscar for being most stupid when it comes to this issue.

Rizza told me that you are not born gay, it is something one catches!

Yes this is what he said to me.

The causes of homosexuality are Cannabis and wait for it, Soy!

Yes Soy sauce makes you gay!

I said does this apply for both men and women and he said yes, soy makes men feminine and women masculine.

I told him we love our Soy sauce and he suggested we stop eating it!

What a CRAZY thing to say and how insulting to the LGBT community.

He also said homosexuality can be cured!

He told me to listen to his colleague Wesley Muhammad and suggested I watch a lecture titled ‘how to make a homosexual’

Rizza gave many more bizarre comments in my interview with him but he did not finish our conversation, probably because he realised that I was not supporting his vile cult.

Please see screenshots of my conversation with Rizza Islam below.

I am ENRAGED by this deluded fool and his vile cult Nation of Islam.

The fact that they have joined forces with the Scientology cult makes them twice as dangerous.

Tiny children are being brainwashed by these two cults, poisoned with bogus therapies, deprived of professional care and life saving vaccinations and medications.

These cults are ABUSING children and vulnerable people FACT.

I then decided to call one of the Nation Of Islam quacks advertised on Facebook.

His name is ‘Dr’ Alim of My Abundant Health, see his Facebook page here.

He is offering bogus treatments and some vile looking green cake, see below.

I rang his clinic in Maryland US posing interest undercover and spoke to his colleague.

The green cake was recommended to help ‘treat’ Autism along with other quackery.

This clinic also states that vaccines cause Autism and directed me to VAXXED.

An appointment with these quacks would cost 175 dollars.

I recorded this crazy call, listen here.

Nation of Islam and Scientology are INSANE and their criminal behaviour must be reported to the authorities.

I have some comfort knowing that the Irish authorities and police are investigating Scientology orgs in Ireland and a criminal investigation has begun in recent weeks.

I hope this will address their vile behaviour and lead to legislation to protect our loved ones and put an end to these cults for good.

Other groups need to join forces to tackle cults like Nation of Islam and Scientology, especially the LGBT community, disabled community and those with mental health issues.

These cults are already abusing the vulnerable in our society and all of us have a duty to protect our children and fellow man.

Nation Of Islam and Scientology are also profiting hugely with their scams and are nothing more than FRAUDS!

Remember Soy sauce does NOT make you gay!

Don’t Be A Sheep, Be A Lion!

I campaign against quack treatments and cults.

I have been exposing Scientology, their abusive practises and quack treatments for a few years now.

Scientology targets vulnerable people and offers bogus cures for many conditions including Autism.

I live in Ireland but campaign on a global level and have been involved in many media reports around the world.

Recently we have witnessed a lot of infighting amongst those who speak out against Scientology.

There are people taking control and dictating, telling others how to present themselves, speak and act.

I have been wrapped up in this infighting.

As someone who is relatively new to this fight against Scientology I am observing all this behaviour and find it quite creepy.

I put alot of my time and energy into speaking out against the Scientology cult.

I have written multiple articles and helped organise and run a very successful protest in Dublin recently, read about this here.

I have reported the Scientology Mace Kingsley Centre to Child Protection Services in Florida last Summer, reported a Scientology quack to the FDA this week and filed official complaints with Child Protection Services in Ireland, the Irish Medical Council and the Gardai regarding the new Scientology Community Centre at Firhouse Dublin.

I am working with journalists as we speak on important articles to help expose the Scientology Cult even further in Ireland, UK and the US.

I do this voluntarily.

I do not have a donate button on my blog and believe me I am struggling like many others out there financially.

I have five children, two of my children are on the Autism spectrum.

I do not object to people having charitable status if it benefits others in the community.

I also do not have an issue with those having Go Fund Me accounts to raise money for genuine and worthy causes.

However I do not think people should expect  continuous funding for campaigning against Scientology like we see here.

This Go Fund Me for Pete Griffiths has gathered many bizarre comments.

Scientology critic Tony Ortegas wife Arielle says Pete is ‘forced’ to drive a 15 year old car and live in council housing.


Is Pete tied to the wheel?

What is wrong with living in council housing?

My family live in council housing and it’s just fine!

We can all complain, my family of seven are ‘forced’ to travel in a nearly 18 year old falling apart minibus.

See this ridiculous comment below.


This other comment from Tony Ortegas blog is reckless, asking people to put their credit card details in the comments section, see below.

Helping people out to attend protests etc is fine but what I’m witnessing lately is bizarre.

Some bloggers are making money from the victims of the Scientology cult.

Their stories and experiences are reported on and that is important but I think it’s wrong to expect these people to have to pay for their stories.

Journalists do not have a donate button and I think the victims of this CULT have been through enough already.

I was asked to add a donate button to my blog by some people from the ex Scientology Community recently.

I cannot do that, I think it’s wrong.

Many of these bloggers with donate buttons are already comfortably well off.

A recent article by Tony Ortega has targeted my fellow activists and I.

Read this article here.

We are viewed as trouble makers or people who do not follow the pack.

We take action and report Scientology and their abusive practises in a bid to END the CULT.

These other campaigners seem quite content to talk about Scientology forever, endless blogs and stories, endless meet ups etc.

They are bringing awareness but action is also needed to help stop Scientologys evil and dangerous behaviour.

These campaigners also welcome ‘Indie’ Scientologists into their ‘anti Scientology’ campaign.

Read about ‘Indie’ Scientologists here.

The ‘Indies’ are basically hypocrites, they are against Scientologys boss man Miscavige but still follow the teachings and practises of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

It is like someone saying ‘I’m a vegetarian but eat chicken’, utter nonsense.

Remember these campaigners are also profiting by keeping this endless narrative alive.

The more they talk about it, the more money rolls into their bank accounts.

I find it very strange and wonder how these anti Scientology campaigners can write and talk about the abuses of Scientology but will not report those that carry out these abuses to the relevant authorities.

One example of this is Scientology quack Dr. Conrad Maulfair.

Maulfair is well known in the ex Scientology community, he was even linked to the brutal murder of Scientologist Elli Perkins.

I wrote about Maulfair and his wife here and here.

Maulfair has been giving unapproved, dangerous ‘treatments’ to adults and children for over 40 years now.

He is based in Pennsylvania.

I recently reported Maulfair to the FDA and was shocked to hear that not one person had reported him to date, I was the first.

I live in Ireland and I am the one reporting this dangerous quack, why aren’t those campaigning against Scientology and the bloggers writing about this awful matter reporting quacks like Maulfair?

However I am deemed a trouble maker by these campaigners.

In fact I have been in receipt of some vile abuse from those who think they are in charge of this campaign.

There is NO leader but some individuals seem to think otherwise and they choose to bitch behind peoples backs, stirring and turning people against each other.

Then they are also trying to frighten you, advising you to back off or the big Scientology monster will eat you.

This has happened to me in recent months.

Pete Griffiths has been one such individual who messaged me, warning me about activists, saying I should not engage with this person etc.

He also tried to cause agro between me and my friend by sending me messages he dug up from a few years ago.

I was shocked to witness such infantile behaviour.

He then allowed me to be bullied and mocked in his group SPs ‘r’ US, my Autistic children and I were referred to as insane by one of his members.

This member did not apologise and was allowed to remain in the group.

The post stayed up for nearly 10 hours.

See screenshot below.

Pete actually tried to justify this vile comment.

I have also found a message that he sent me on Facebook from last August.

He lists names of those he believes to be in OSA, then he refers to other activists as the crazy gang, some of these people are friends of mine on Facebook.

Whatever about Pete having differences with other activists, referring to them as crazy is uncalled for.

See his list of names in screenshot below.

Then we have Tony Ortega, a famous blogger and Scientology critic.

I have worked with Tony and his colleague Rod Keller in the past.

I gave my story about the Mace Kingsley Centre offering me the dangerous unapproved purification rundown to ‘treat’ Autism and how I reported them to Child Protection Services in Florida to Rod Keller.

Rods article included my name throughout and also included a video of me disccusing this awful issue.

Quotes I gave to Rod were also included in this important article.

The story was published on Ortegas website last August.

I was writing a blog recently and was going to include this article as a reference, however when I went to Tonys website I discovered that the article had been changed.

All of my involvement had been removed.

My video, name and quotes were deleted.

Tony never contacted me to tell me he was deleting my input and I was very upset as I did not know why this had happened, plus this was my story, I put hours of work into this story, calling the Mace Kingsley Centre many times and  Child Protection Services in Florida.

I contacted Rod Keller who wrote the story and he told me that Tony had decided to delete all trace of me, I was shocked at Rod allowing Tony to take his story and hack it to pieces this way.

Rod did not seem to care or was afraid to speak out!

Then I tried to contact Tony, my husband and others reached out to Tony too.

Tony did respond to one person, my friend John.

He told John he did not want my work on his website.

If he does not want my work why didn’t he remove the article?

Now it remains on his website without my input and reads very badly.

Please see this article as it is now here.

Please see original article with my name and quotes in the Wayback Archives here.

Tony Ortega has still not given me an explanation to his horrible behaviour and instead continues to bully and slander me for no just reason.

He took it upon himself to refer to me as a ‘vicious hatemonger’ on his blog a few weeks ago.

I commented on his blog but he deleted my comments and other peoples comments too, luckily I took screenshots.

See some of his comments below.

Then I started to get more hassle from one of Tonys fans on Twitter, he is known as Dice.

Dice had always been pleasant to me but seemed annoyed because I dared to question Tony Ortegas bullying behaviour.

He started to dictate to me about where I should be campaigning and told me to stick to campaigning on European issues.

Then he said I was trying to ‘rock the boat’ and  that this will not happen.

I could not believe my ears!

Who the hell do these people think they are?

I can speak about Scientology abuses regarding all of the Countries it infects, I do not need permission from the Tony fan club.

See some of these ridiculous remarks below.

Tony Ortega eventually replied to my message on Twitter.

However he did not address my upset at all, see below.

Tonys wife Arielle has also made nasty comments, comparing me to Scientologist Gemma Harris who promotes the toxic bleach product MMS.

Arielle decided to bully me with some troll called Georgina, see these comments which were shared in Pete Griffiths group SPs ‘r’ US group below.


I do not understand their hostility.

I think it stems from controlling and egotistical behaviour displayed by some campaigners who believe that they rule the roost and we must obey their rules or we will be ostracised and set upon.

Then we have another sheep called Mike Garde.

He has a blog called Dialogue Ireland.

I was introduced to Mike a few years ago during the height of our campaign against the toxic bleach product MMS and the Genesis II church.

He wrote some blogs about this and decided to call me on the phone.

I found his manner most rude and could not believe it when he started to attack me on the phone about my Son celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 rising in his school.

I had shared a photo of my 11 year old son with a replica he had made to commemorate the event.

The whole school partook in this event.

He said my Son and my family were celebrating terrorists and said it was like we were supporting Isis!

I thought he was joking but soon found out he meant every crazy word he said.

I told him to go to hell and never spoke to him again.

Calling my Autistic son a supporter of Isis! 

Garde also has a donate button on his blog and is even registered as a charity!

A charity for what?

Garde is a member of the the Mennonite religion.

He exposes cults and condemns them but truth is his own religion is pretty similar to a cult.

I have discovered that Mennonites are not so unlike Scientology in some ways, they are also endorsing pseudoscience regarding Vaccinations, read about this here.

Garde has also written a blog about Pete Griffiths and John McGhee, it is filled with slanderous comments regarding McGhee and clearly exposes Gardes misinformed, jealous and bitter mind.

Read this trash here.

I am not going to be told what to say, how to conduct myself or who I should engage with whilst campaigning against Scientology.

I am not a sheep and rocking the boat is badly needed.

There are some incredible people working very hard in the front lines and behind the scenes.

We all have one thing in common, ending the Scientology cult!

These passionate activists deserve recognition and respect.

Report the Scientology CULT to the authorities like I have done here.

If you do not like how we operate things then leave us alone to get the job done! 


Exposing Scientology Quack Coleen Maulfair, Wife Of Dr. Conrad Maulfair

I recently wrote about Scientology quack Dr. Maulfair, read about him here.

Maulfair is a Scientologist and peddles dangerous, unapproved ‘therapies’

I spoke to him on the phone recently and he told me Autism is curable and offered me the deadly unapproved ‘treatment’ Chelation along with other bogus remedies.

Maulfair treated Scientologist Elli Perkins Son Jeremy, he offered quack treatments to treat Jeremys serious mental health issues.

Elli Perkins was brutally murdered by her Son who was suffering from Schizophrenia.

Read more about this here

Maulfair continued to practise as a quack after this brutal murder.

I have also found more shocking information regarding Dr. Maulfair. 

In 1984 Maulfair was sued by a woman who had been duped by his quack ‘treatment’ Chelation.

This woman suffered serious side effects from Maulfairs quackery.

She ended up losing both her legs, they had to be amputated.

Read about this tragedy here.

Maulfair seems to be protected by his Scientology cult, not held accountable for his criminal behaviour.

In fact it is quite eerie to see this quack being allowed to practise as a ‘doctor’

The Maulfair clinic is operating as we speak, charging hundreds of dollars for pseudoscientific ‘treatments’

I am in the process of reporting this clinic to the authorities and I decided to call this clinic again today, you can hear my first call to Dr. Maulfair in my blog attached above.

Today I did not speak to Dr. Maulfair, I spoke to his wife Coleen.

She told me she was in charge of Dr. Maulfairs patients.

She again offered Chelation as an Autism ‘treatment’ but also offered another deadly ‘treatment’ called IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.

IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy is again not approved and has been linked to the death of a Woman.

Read about this here and here.

Please also read this recent report about IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy here.

I was outraged listening to this woman who also offered  Scientologys speciality the ‘Purification Rundown’

These monsters are experimenting on Autistic children like they are lab rats!

Coleen also told me the FDA can’t be trusted and said they are working with pharmaceutical companies, the usual quack conspiracy narrative.

She also spoke about her husbands lawsuit, Elli Perkins murder and more.

Listen to my bizarre conversation with Coleen here.

Coleen hung up on me and within minutes shared this post on The Maulfair Clinic Facebook page, see below.

 They are obviously panicking and know that their ‘treatments’ are not approved by the authorities and fear the worst.

They should be afraid because I will make sure their dangerous scam is shut down for good!


Scientology Community Centre Firhouse Dublin Selling Unapproved Pseudoscientific Purification Rundowns To Children

The new Scientology Community centre at Firhouse Dublin opened last month.

They are targeting communities with their brainwashing quackery.

There are many Scientology quacks offering pseudoscientific ‘treatments’ to people with serious health issues, Autistic children are victims of this quackery also.

Read about one of these Scientology quacks here.

I have been campaigning against Scientology for many years now.

Scientology are anti science and anti psychiatry and encourage people to walk away from professional care.

They believe that auditing and purification rundowns can keep you free from sickness, they also claim to cure many conditions you may have.

Many reports exist of members of the Scientology cult who have died because of this crazy belief.

The purification rundown involves sweating in a sauna for many hours, an intense exercise regime and ingesting dangerously high doses of supplements.

This insane practise operates on a daily basis for approximately 4 weeks.

Many supplements are given in this bogus ‘therapy’ but Niacin (B3) is viewed as the most powerful.

Niacin is given in a very high dose of 5000 mg.

This dose is not recommended by any health professional as it can cause toxicity which leads to serious side effects, read about Niacin side effects here.

This insane dose is not just given to adults but to children also, some children are as young as 6 years old.

Scientology view children as adults trapped in tiny bodies and have no problem giving these dangerously high doses to tiny children.

Read more about Purification Rundowns here and here.

The side effects from Niacin overdose include flushing of skin, itching, nausea, vomiting and more.

These symptoms are celebrated by the Scientology cult, they believe these horrible side effects are a sign that their bogus ‘therapy’ is ‘healing’ their victims.

Children and adults doing the purification rundown are not monitored by any health professional and the vile side effects are not addressed by this cult.

Last Summer I discovered the Mace Kingsley Scientology centre in Florida.

I called them and they told me they were giving the purification rundown to young children.

Many children suffering this abuse are sadly already in the Scientology cult but they told me they are offering this quackery to non Scientologists also.

They told me that they were giving these bogus and experimental ‘treatments’ to Autistic children and even claimed to have made a non verbal Autistic child talk.

Mace Kingsley centre are charging thousands of dollars for this quackery.

Learn more about the Mace Kingsley centre here.

I reported the Mace Kingsley centre to Child Protection Services in Florida.

I did not receive a follow up to my complaint.

Purification rundowns are used in Scientology Front groups programmes also, Narconon is a fine example of this.

Learn about this FRAUD and the deaths associated with Narconon here and here.

I have been trying to gather information about the new Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin since it opened last month.

I have rang several times asking about their services and prices etc.

They do not divulge information over the phone and their website does not display any prices for services either.

Out of desperation I decided to take their free online personality test, I thought it may give me an opportunity to find out more about their operations at Firhouse.

I did the test on October 30th, you have to give your telephone number and email address to complete the test.

The test involved around 200 questions, some were bizarre!

Seeing as it was an online test I thought I would get my results immediately or that they would be sent to me by email.

I did not receive anything online but the next day Scientology Firhouse called me on the phone.

I actually missed the call but swiftly called them back.

I gave my name and mentioned the personality test that I took online.

I was connected to a man who called himself Laszlo.

He said he was the person responsible for delivering my personality test results.

He said I would have to come into their centre at Firhouse to get my results.

Basically the online test is a trap to get you to come into their building.

I said I could not get to Dublin and he told me he would consult with his senior and phone me back.

Laszlo did phone me back and said it was not normal practice to give out results over the phone but they would allow it this time.

To be honest I thought he would not call me, Scientology Firhouse are aware of me and my campaign work, we recently staged a protest outside their premises.

Laszlo told me he had just moved to Ireland, he said he was originally from Hungary.

He has been a Scientologist for 10 years and has two daughters age 6 and 8 years.

He started to break down my results in a graph form, highlighting weaknesses in my life, – 26 for stability, +72 for communication etc.

He said I need Scientology in my life to make me a better person.

I knew to expect this crap with my results but seized the moment and decided to question him about the purification rundown.

I was horrified when he told me that Firhouse were offering the purification rundown not just to adults but children also.

He said he was planning on giving the purification rundown to his young daughters.

He started to talk about the L. Ron Hubbard book Clear Body Clear Mind.

This book discusses the purification rundown and makes miraculous claims about purification rundown CURING many conditions.

He wanted to sell this book to me on the spot, asking me for my credit card over the phone.

He said purification rundown cured a soldier from the side effects of a Nuclear bomb!

I then mentioned Autism, I have Aspergers and two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum.

I could not believe my ears when he said that the purification rundown works 100 percent for Autism!

I felt sick to my stomach.

Thinking of this CULT experimenting on Autistic children brought tears to my eyes.

He told me I could do the purification rundown with my 13 year old Autistic Son.

We would do this at their new centre at Firhouse.

It would cost 1500 euros each, 100 euros extra for the supplements.

The purification rundown lasts for 4 weeks, I would need to stay in Dublin for the duration of this quackery.

He then offered me a room to rent for 80 euros a week.

I was so angry learning that this experimentation and abuse was being carried out in my Country.

I recorded our conversations, first call is Laszlo discussing my appointment to read my personality test results, second call is Laszlo selling me the purification rundown, the second call is 40 minutes long and also discusses my personality test results but I have edited it to highlight the Scientology cult at Firhouse offering me the purification rundown.

Please listen to these calls in links below.

1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4H5dYCCvnD5cGY4bk0yOGc0MEk/view?usp=drivesdk

2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4H5dYCCvnD5TWkyUm12ZGJtM28/view?usp=drivesdk

I rang Scientology Firhouse yesterday and asked to speak to Laszlo about his promotion of the purification rundown, I was not allowed to talk to Laszlo and another staff member accused me of harassment.

Listen to my conversation with this angry American Scientologist at Firhouse below.


I have reported the Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin to Child Protection Services in Dublin, the Irish Medical Board and the Gardai.

My complaint is currently being looked into.


Please support us and contact the authorities in Ireland, the more complaints made will lead to stronger action being taken.

Please follow our campaign work at our Facebook group here thank you.

Scientology Quack Maulfair Still At Large


Meet Conrad Maulfair, Osteopath and Alternative practitioner.

Conrad is a Scientologist and involved in the Scientology front group CCHR.

He offers unproven protocols for many conditions including Autism.

Maulfair is linked to the brutal murder of Scientologist Elli Perkins.

Elli was stabbed to death 77 times by her Son in 2003.

Elli and her Son Jeremy were part of the Scientology Cult for many years.

Her Son Jeremy developed mental health issues and was diagnosed Paranoid Schizophrenic, however because Scientology are anti psychiatry this meant that Jeremy was not allowed to receive proper care for his serious illness.

Elli took her Son to Maulfair, he suggested Chelation therapy and supplements to ‘treat’ Jeremy.

Chelation therapy would cost 1000 dollars per round, Maulfair recommended 10 rounds of Chelation for Jeremys serious mental illness.

Schizophrenia cannot be treated with supplements and Chelation therapy but that did not stop quack Maulfair from advising this bogus treatment.

Elli decided to put her Son on supplements but Jeremys mental health deteriorated rapidly.

In 2003 Jeremy brutally murdered his Mother.

OSA (Office Of Special Affairs) for Scientology swiftly got involved warning Ellis husband Don and daughter Danielle and demanding that they not divulge information to the Police about their involvement in Scientology.

All files belonging to Jeremy within the Scientology cult were seized.

Jeremy was evaluated by a psychiatric team and his diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia was confirmed once more.

Jeremy was sent to a psychiatric facility and courts ruled that he was not in his right frame of mind when he killed his Mother.

Maulfair made some news stories but was not held accountable for his involvement in Jeremys health care.

Please see Maulfairs websites here.

Yesterday I received a message from a Mother of an Autistic child based in America, she had watched my recent video here.

She was alerting me to the fact that Maulfair was also treating Autistic children and in fact had treated her own daughter with the unapproved ‘therapy’ Chelation.

She told me Maulfairs clinic was filled with Scientology propaganda and that she had given at least 1000 dollars to Maulfair.

She wishes to remain anonymous, please read her passionate words below.

“I would want to say to any parents with children diagnosed with autism that these treatments have not been clinically studied by accredited researchers nor have they been proven to effectively treat autism or behavioral symptoms.  They use bogus labs, such as doctor’s data,  to test a child’s hair for heavy metals. They also believe intestinal problems (leaky gut) are the root to behavior issues.  My family, ten years ago, was referred by a parent with a child with autism to find a Defeat Autism Now doctor.  I was being led to believe that vaccines my daughter received had given her mercury poisoning which caused her autism. We did not do enough research then about the DAN employees or their practices. We were vulnerable targets trying to help our child.  It is not only a waste of money, it is dangerous.  Any treatment or supplements given to a child should only be done under a pediatrician’s advice and monitoring.  I deeply regret giving my daughter such an unsafe treatment without researching it first.  It is misleading because these individuals portray themselves as experts in the medical field and can be very convincing.

Autism is still being diagnosed at an increasing rate since our daughter’s diagnosis in 2003.  It is a very lucrative business for predators targeting desperate parents seeking help for their children.  And now knowing that organizations such as DAN, or TACA (talk about curing autism) claiming to cure autism were all started by those with Scientology beliefs is frightening.  I’m amazed ten years later that the medical community or governments are not stopping these practices or at least investigating their misleading claims.  How many children have to die like Abubakar Tariq Nadama, who had received his third treatment of chelation therapy and died from cardiac arrest, before someone puts a stop to this madness.

The doctor responsible for Abubakar’s death was sentenced in 2009, but the practice of chelation is still being administered to remove metal toxins.


I’ve attached the lab results of my daughter’s hair sample.  Doctor’s Data have been investigated but are still up and running. (info link below)  The other lab results were used to tell us what foods she should avoid to stop yeast overgrowth (leaky gut).  Again, completely non-scientific and inaccurate.  It’s been so long ago, but I’m pretty sure until I had my daughter tested I could not have a consult with dr maulfair.   Also, at his facility there were adults getting IV chelation therapy”

Please see her daughters Lab results below.



This Mother is disgusted to see Maulfair still offering this quackery.

I decided to call his clinic today and I spoke to his secretary who seemed to have difficulty understanding me.

However she confirmed that Maulfair does work with Autistic children, offers Chelation and told me that he is a Scientologist.

Listen to my short but bizarre call with Maulfairs secretary here.

Scientology are knee deep in quackery, infecting communities with their front groups.

They are telling people with serious health conditions to walk away from professional care and take their unproven pseudo-scientific ‘treatments’

This dangerous behaviour leads to death FACT!

Would Elli Perkins be alive today if it was not for Scientologys anti psychiatry rhetoric?

Would her Son have received proper care and would this story be different?

Scientology are committing heinous crimes against vulnerable people, they are endangering adults and childrens lives.

Will you join our fight in ending this cult?

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