Scientology Quack Maulfair Still At Large


Meet Conrad Maulfair, Osteopath and Alternative practitioner.

Conrad is a Scientologist and involved in the Scientology front group CCHR.

He offers unproven protocols for many conditions including Autism.

Maulfair is linked to the brutal murder of Scientologist Elli Perkins.

Elli was stabbed to death 77 times by her Son in 2003.

Elli and her Son Jeremy were part of the Scientology Cult for many years.

Her Son Jeremy developed mental health issues and was diagnosed Paranoid Schizophrenic, however because Scientology are anti psychiatry this meant that Jeremy was not allowed to receive proper care for his serious illness.

Elli took her Son to Maulfair, he suggested Chelation therapy and supplements to ‘treat’ Jeremy.

Chelation therapy would cost 1000 dollars per round, Maulfair recommended 10 rounds of Chelation for Jeremys serious mental illness.

Schizophrenia cannot be treated with supplements and Chelation therapy but that did not stop quack Maulfair from advising this bogus treatment.

Elli decided to put her Son on supplements but Jeremys mental health deteriorated rapidly.

In 2003 Jeremy brutally murdered his Mother.

OSA (Office Of Special Affairs) for Scientology swiftly got involved warning Ellis husband Don and daughter Danielle and demanding that they not divulge information to the Police about their involvement in Scientology.

All files belonging to Jeremy within the Scientology cult were seized.

Jeremy was evaluated by a psychiatric team and his diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia was confirmed once more.

Jeremy was sent to a psychiatric facility and courts ruled that he was not in his right frame of mind when he killed his Mother.

Maulfair made some news stories but was not held accountable for his involvement in Jeremys health care.

Please see Maulfairs websites here.

Yesterday I received a message from a Mother of an Autistic child based in America, she had watched my recent video here.

She was alerting me to the fact that Maulfair was also treating Autistic children and in fact had treated her own daughter with the unapproved ‘therapy’ Chelation.

She told me Maulfairs clinic was filled with Scientology propaganda and that she had given at least 1000 dollars to Maulfair.

She wishes to remain anonymous, please read her passionate words below.

“I would want to say to any parents with children diagnosed with autism that these treatments have not been clinically studied by accredited researchers nor have they been proven to effectively treat autism or behavioral symptoms.  They use bogus labs, such as doctor’s data,  to test a child’s hair for heavy metals. They also believe intestinal problems (leaky gut) are the root to behavior issues.  My family, ten years ago, was referred by a parent with a child with autism to find a Defeat Autism Now doctor.  I was being led to believe that vaccines my daughter received had given her mercury poisoning which caused her autism. We did not do enough research then about the DAN employees or their practices. We were vulnerable targets trying to help our child.  It is not only a waste of money, it is dangerous.  Any treatment or supplements given to a child should only be done under a pediatrician’s advice and monitoring.  I deeply regret giving my daughter such an unsafe treatment without researching it first.  It is misleading because these individuals portray themselves as experts in the medical field and can be very convincing.

Autism is still being diagnosed at an increasing rate since our daughter’s diagnosis in 2003.  It is a very lucrative business for predators targeting desperate parents seeking help for their children.  And now knowing that organizations such as DAN, or TACA (talk about curing autism) claiming to cure autism were all started by those with Scientology beliefs is frightening.  I’m amazed ten years later that the medical community or governments are not stopping these practices or at least investigating their misleading claims.  How many children have to die like Abubakar Tariq Nadama, who had received his third treatment of chelation therapy and died from cardiac arrest, before someone puts a stop to this madness.

The doctor responsible for Abubakar’s death was sentenced in 2009, but the practice of chelation is still being administered to remove metal toxins.

I’ve attached the lab results of my daughter’s hair sample.  Doctor’s Data have been investigated but are still up and running. (info link below)  The other lab results were used to tell us what foods she should avoid to stop yeast overgrowth (leaky gut).  Again, completely non-scientific and inaccurate.  It’s been so long ago, but I’m pretty sure until I had my daughter tested I could not have a consult with dr maulfair.   Also, at his facility there were adults getting IV chelation therapy”

Please see her daughters Lab results below.



This Mother is disgusted to see Maulfair still offering this quackery.

I decided to call his clinic today and I spoke to his secretary who seemed to have difficulty understanding me.

However she confirmed that Maulfair does work with Autistic children, offers Chelation and told me that he is a Scientologist.

Listen to my short but bizarre call with Maulfairs secretary here.

Scientology are knee deep in quackery, infecting communities with their front groups.

They are telling people with serious health conditions to walk away from professional care and take their unproven pseudo-scientific ‘treatments’

This dangerous behaviour leads to death FACT!

Would Elli Perkins be alive today if it was not for Scientologys anti psychiatry rhetoric?

Would her Son have received proper care and would this story be different?

Scientology are committing heinous crimes against vulnerable people, they are endangering adults and childrens lives.

Will you join our fight in ending this cult?

Support us here and here.





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