Scientology Community Centre Firhouse Dublin Selling Unapproved Pseudoscientific Purification Rundowns To Children

The new Scientology Community centre at Firhouse Dublin opened last month.

They are targeting communities with their brainwashing quackery.

There are many Scientology quacks offering pseudoscientific ‘treatments’ to people with serious health issues, Autistic children are victims of this quackery also.

Read about one of these Scientology quacks here.

I have been campaigning against Scientology for many years now.

Scientology are anti science and anti psychiatry and encourage people to walk away from professional care.

They believe that auditing and purification rundowns can keep you free from sickness, they also claim to cure many conditions you may have.

Many reports exist of members of the Scientology cult who have died because of this crazy belief.

The purification rundown involves sweating in a sauna for many hours, an intense exercise regime and ingesting dangerously high doses of supplements.

This insane practise operates on a daily basis for approximately 4 weeks.

Many supplements are given in this bogus ‘therapy’ but Niacin (B3) is viewed as the most powerful.

Niacin is given in a very high dose of 5000 mg.

This dose is not recommended by any health professional as it can cause toxicity which leads to serious side effects, read about Niacin side effects here.

This insane dose is not just given to adults but to children also, some children are as young as 6 years old.

Scientology view children as adults trapped in tiny bodies and have no problem giving these dangerously high doses to tiny children.

Read more about Purification Rundowns here and here.

The side effects from Niacin overdose include flushing of skin, itching, nausea, vomiting and more.

These symptoms are celebrated by the Scientology cult, they believe these horrible side effects are a sign that their bogus ‘therapy’ is ‘healing’ their victims.

Children and adults doing the purification rundown are not monitored by any health professional and the vile side effects are not addressed by this cult.

Last Summer I discovered the Mace Kingsley Scientology centre in Florida.

I called them and they told me they were giving the purification rundown to young children.

Many children suffering this abuse are sadly already in the Scientology cult but they told me they are offering this quackery to non Scientologists also.

They told me that they were giving these bogus and experimental ‘treatments’ to Autistic children and even claimed to have made a non verbal Autistic child talk.

Mace Kingsley centre are charging thousands of dollars for this quackery.

Learn more about the Mace Kingsley centre here.

I reported the Mace Kingsley centre to Child Protection Services in Florida.

I did not receive a follow up to my complaint.

Purification rundowns are used in Scientology Front groups programmes also, Narconon is a fine example of this.

Learn about this FRAUD and the deaths associated with Narconon here and here.

I have been trying to gather information about the new Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin since it opened last month.

I have rang several times asking about their services and prices etc.

They do not divulge information over the phone and their website does not display any prices for services either.

Out of desperation I decided to take their free online personality test, I thought it may give me an opportunity to find out more about their operations at Firhouse.

I did the test on October 30th, you have to give your telephone number and email address to complete the test.

The test involved around 200 questions, some were bizarre!

Seeing as it was an online test I thought I would get my results immediately or that they would be sent to me by email.

I did not receive anything online but the next day Scientology Firhouse called me on the phone.

I actually missed the call but swiftly called them back.

I gave my name and mentioned the personality test that I took online.

I was connected to a man who called himself Laszlo.

He said he was the person responsible for delivering my personality test results.

He said I would have to come into their centre at Firhouse to get my results.

Basically the online test is a trap to get you to come into their building.

I said I could not get to Dublin and he told me he would consult with his senior and phone me back.

Laszlo did phone me back and said it was not normal practice to give out results over the phone but they would allow it this time.

To be honest I thought he would not call me, Scientology Firhouse are aware of me and my campaign work, we recently staged a protest outside their premises.

Laszlo told me he had just moved to Ireland, he said he was originally from Hungary.

He has been a Scientologist for 10 years and has two daughters age 6 and 8 years.

He started to break down my results in a graph form, highlighting weaknesses in my life, – 26 for stability, +72 for communication etc.

He said I need Scientology in my life to make me a better person.

I knew to expect this crap with my results but seized the moment and decided to question him about the purification rundown.

I was horrified when he told me that Firhouse were offering the purification rundown not just to adults but children also.

He said he was planning on giving the purification rundown to his young daughters.

He started to talk about the L. Ron Hubbard book Clear Body Clear Mind.

This book discusses the purification rundown and makes miraculous claims about purification rundown CURING many conditions.

He wanted to sell this book to me on the spot, asking me for my credit card over the phone.

He said purification rundown cured a soldier from the side effects of a Nuclear bomb!

I then mentioned Autism, I have Aspergers and two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum.

I could not believe my ears when he said that the purification rundown works 100 percent for Autism!

I felt sick to my stomach.

Thinking of this CULT experimenting on Autistic children brought tears to my eyes.

He told me I could do the purification rundown with my 13 year old Autistic Son.

We would do this at their new centre at Firhouse.

It would cost 1500 euros each, 100 euros extra for the supplements.

The purification rundown lasts for 4 weeks, I would need to stay in Dublin for the duration of this quackery.

He then offered me a room to rent for 80 euros a week.

I was so angry learning that this experimentation and abuse was being carried out in my Country.

I recorded our conversations, first call is Laszlo discussing my appointment to read my personality test results, second call is Laszlo selling me the purification rundown, the second call is 40 minutes long and also discusses my personality test results but I have edited it to highlight the Scientology cult at Firhouse offering me the purification rundown.

Please listen to these calls in links below.



I rang Scientology Firhouse yesterday and asked to speak to Laszlo about his promotion of the purification rundown, I was not allowed to talk to Laszlo and another staff member accused me of harassment.

Listen to my conversation with this angry American Scientologist at Firhouse below.

I have reported the Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin to Child Protection Services in Dublin, the Irish Medical Board and the Gardai.

My complaint is currently being looked into.


Please support us and contact the authorities in Ireland, the more complaints made will lead to stronger action being taken.

Please follow our campaign work at our Facebook group here thank you.

4 thoughts on “Scientology Community Centre Firhouse Dublin Selling Unapproved Pseudoscientific Purification Rundowns To Children

  1. Stellar work, and thoroughly researched, as ever, Fiona. This cult is being exposed thanks to the hard work of people like you who will not bow down to scientology’s bullying tactics and intimidation. I stand by everything you say here and can verify, as an ex member of this cult,that everything they told you is what they truly believe themselves, and that they shun and frown upon actual science, medicine, psychiatry and academia in general; believing firmly that scientology supersedes all of what we hold to be credible.


  2. Fiona, I heard about what happened to your Tony article article in your video posted at Alanzo’s blog. I left you a comment there, but in case you haven’t seen it here is what I said.

    Link to comment:

    —-Comment text

    Hi Fiona,

    I think this is terrible that this happened to you, so I did a little research..

    If you would like proof that the article DID name you as of August 30 2017, I found it for you in the internet archive here:

    You can compare that to the current version and now you will have proof that Tony Ortega changed it some time in the last few months.

    I saved it also in a PDF form so if it goes missing you can contact me through the comments section of any post at our blog and I’ll email it to you.

    Virginia McClaughry

    Hope this is of some assistance to you.


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