Exposing Scientology Quack Coleen Maulfair, Wife Of Dr. Conrad Maulfair

I recently wrote about Scientology quack Dr. Maulfair, read about him here.

Maulfair is a Scientologist and peddles dangerous, unapproved ‘therapies’

I spoke to him on the phone recently and he told me Autism is curable and offered me the deadly unapproved ‘treatment’ Chelation along with other bogus remedies.

Maulfair treated Scientologist Elli Perkins Son Jeremy, he offered quack treatments to treat Jeremys serious mental health issues.

Elli Perkins was brutally murdered by her Son who was suffering from Schizophrenia.

Read more about this here

Maulfair continued to practise as a quack after this brutal murder.

I have also found more shocking information regarding Dr. Maulfair. 

In 1984 Maulfair was sued by a woman who had been duped by his quack ‘treatment’ Chelation.

This woman suffered serious side effects from Maulfairs quackery.

She ended up losing both her legs, they had to be amputated.

Read about this tragedy here.

Maulfair seems to be protected by his Scientology cult, not held accountable for his criminal behaviour.

In fact it is quite eerie to see this quack being allowed to practise as a ‘doctor’

The Maulfair clinic is operating as we speak, charging hundreds of dollars for pseudoscientific ‘treatments’

I am in the process of reporting this clinic to the authorities and I decided to call this clinic again today, you can hear my first call to Dr. Maulfair in my blog attached above.

Today I did not speak to Dr. Maulfair, I spoke to his wife Coleen.

She told me she was in charge of Dr. Maulfairs patients.

She again offered Chelation as an Autism ‘treatment’ but also offered another deadly ‘treatment’ called IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.

IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy is again not approved and has been linked to the death of a Woman.

Read about this here and here.

Please also read this recent report about IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy here.

I was outraged listening to this woman who also offered  Scientologys speciality the ‘Purification Rundown’

These monsters are experimenting on Autistic children like they are lab rats!

Coleen also told me the FDA can’t be trusted and said they are working with pharmaceutical companies, the usual quack conspiracy narrative.

She also spoke about her husbands lawsuit, Elli Perkins murder and more.

Listen to my bizarre conversation with Coleen here.

Coleen hung up on me and within minutes shared this post on The Maulfair Clinic Facebook page, see below.

 They are obviously panicking and know that their ‘treatments’ are not approved by the authorities and fear the worst.

They should be afraid because I will make sure their dangerous scam is shut down for good!


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