Don’t Be A Sheep, Be A Lion!

I campaign against quack treatments and cults.

I have been exposing Scientology, their abusive practises and quack treatments for a few years now.

Scientology targets vulnerable people and offers bogus cures for many conditions including Autism.

I live in Ireland but campaign on a global level and have been involved in many media reports around the world.

Recently we have witnessed a lot of infighting amongst those who speak out against Scientology.

There are people taking control and dictating, telling others how to present themselves, speak and act.

I have been wrapped up in this infighting.

As someone who is relatively new to this fight against Scientology I am observing all this behaviour and find it quite creepy.

I put alot of my time and energy into speaking out against the Scientology cult.

I have written multiple articles and helped organise and run a very successful protest in Dublin recently, read about this here.

I have reported the Scientology Mace Kingsley Centre to Child Protection Services in Florida last Summer, reported a Scientology quack to the FDA this week and filed official complaints with Child Protection Services in Ireland, the Irish Medical Council and the Gardai regarding the new Scientology Community Centre at Firhouse Dublin.

I am working with journalists as we speak on important articles to help expose the Scientology Cult even further in Ireland, UK and the US.

I do this voluntarily.

I do not have a donate button on my blog and believe me I am struggling like many others out there financially.

I have five children, two of my children are on the Autism spectrum.

I do not object to people having charitable status if it benefits others in the community.

I also do not have an issue with those having Go Fund Me accounts to raise money for genuine and worthy causes.

However I do not think people should expect  continuous funding for campaigning against Scientology like we see here.

This Go Fund Me for Pete Griffiths has gathered many bizarre comments.

Scientology critic Tony Ortegas wife Arielle says Pete is ‘forced’ to drive a 15 year old car and live in council housing.


Is Pete tied to the wheel?

What is wrong with living in council housing?

My family live in council housing and it’s just fine!

We can all complain, my family of seven are ‘forced’ to travel in a nearly 18 year old falling apart minibus.

See this ridiculous comment below.


This other comment from Tony Ortegas blog is reckless, asking people to put their credit card details in the comments section, see below.

Helping people out to attend protests etc is fine but what I’m witnessing lately is bizarre.

Some bloggers are making money from the victims of the Scientology cult.

Their stories and experiences are reported on and that is important but I think it’s wrong to expect these people to have to pay for their stories.

Journalists do not have a donate button and I think the victims of this CULT have been through enough already.

I was asked to add a donate button to my blog by some people from the ex Scientology Community recently.

I cannot do that, I think it’s wrong.

Many of these bloggers with donate buttons are already comfortably well off.

A recent article by Tony Ortega has targeted my fellow activists and I.

Read this article here.

We are viewed as trouble makers or people who do not follow the pack.

We take action and report Scientology and their abusive practises in a bid to END the CULT.

These other campaigners seem quite content to talk about Scientology forever, endless blogs and stories, endless meet ups etc.

They are bringing awareness but action is also needed to help stop Scientologys evil and dangerous behaviour.

These campaigners also welcome ‘Indie’ Scientologists into their ‘anti Scientology’ campaign.

Read about ‘Indie’ Scientologists here.

The ‘Indies’ are basically hypocrites, they are against Scientologys boss man Miscavige but still follow the teachings and practises of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

It is like someone saying ‘I’m a vegetarian but eat chicken’, utter nonsense.

Remember these campaigners are also profiting by keeping this endless narrative alive.

The more they talk about it, the more money rolls into their bank accounts.

I find it very strange and wonder how these anti Scientology campaigners can write and talk about the abuses of Scientology but will not report those that carry out these abuses to the relevant authorities.

One example of this is Scientology quack Dr. Conrad Maulfair.

Maulfair is well known in the ex Scientology community, he was even linked to the brutal murder of Scientologist Elli Perkins.

I wrote about Maulfair and his wife here and here.

Maulfair has been giving unapproved, dangerous ‘treatments’ to adults and children for over 40 years now.

He is based in Pennsylvania.

I recently reported Maulfair to the FDA and was shocked to hear that not one person had reported him to date, I was the first.

I live in Ireland and I am the one reporting this dangerous quack, why aren’t those campaigning against Scientology and the bloggers writing about this awful matter reporting quacks like Maulfair?

However I am deemed a trouble maker by these campaigners.

In fact I have been in receipt of some vile abuse from those who think they are in charge of this campaign.

There is NO leader but some individuals seem to think otherwise and they choose to bitch behind peoples backs, stirring and turning people against each other.

Then they are also trying to frighten you, advising you to back off or the big Scientology monster will eat you.

This has happened to me in recent months.

Pete Griffiths has been one such individual who messaged me, warning me about activists, saying I should not engage with this person etc.

He also tried to cause agro between me and my friend by sending me messages he dug up from a few years ago.

I was shocked to witness such infantile behaviour.

He then allowed me to be bullied and mocked in his group SPs ‘r’ US, my Autistic children and I were referred to as insane by one of his members.

This member did not apologise and was allowed to remain in the group.

The post stayed up for nearly 10 hours.

See screenshot below.

Pete actually tried to justify this vile comment.

I have also found a message that he sent me on Facebook from last August.

He lists names of those he believes to be in OSA, then he refers to other activists as the crazy gang, some of these people are friends of mine on Facebook.

Whatever about Pete having differences with other activists, referring to them as crazy is uncalled for.

See his list of names in screenshot below.

Then we have Tony Ortega, a famous blogger and Scientology critic.

I have worked with Tony and his colleague Rod Keller in the past.

I gave my story about the Mace Kingsley Centre offering me the dangerous unapproved purification rundown to ‘treat’ Autism and how I reported them to Child Protection Services in Florida to Rod Keller.

Rods article included my name throughout and also included a video of me disccusing this awful issue.

Quotes I gave to Rod were also included in this important article.

The story was published on Ortegas website last August.

I was writing a blog recently and was going to include this article as a reference, however when I went to Tonys website I discovered that the article had been changed.

All of my involvement had been removed.

My video, name and quotes were deleted.

Tony never contacted me to tell me he was deleting my input and I was very upset as I did not know why this had happened, plus this was my story, I put hours of work into this story, calling the Mace Kingsley Centre many times and  Child Protection Services in Florida.

I contacted Rod Keller who wrote the story and he told me that Tony had decided to delete all trace of me, I was shocked at Rod allowing Tony to take his story and hack it to pieces this way.

Rod did not seem to care or was afraid to speak out!

Then I tried to contact Tony, my husband and others reached out to Tony too.

Tony did respond to one person, my friend John.

He told John he did not want my work on his website.

If he does not want my work why didn’t he remove the article?

Now it remains on his website without my input and reads very badly.

Please see this article as it is now here.

Please see original article with my name and quotes in the Wayback Archives here.

Tony Ortega has still not given me an explanation to his horrible behaviour and instead continues to bully and slander me for no just reason.

He took it upon himself to refer to me as a ‘vicious hatemonger’ on his blog a few weeks ago.

I commented on his blog but he deleted my comments and other peoples comments too, luckily I took screenshots.

See some of his comments below.

Then I started to get more hassle from one of Tonys fans on Twitter, he is known as Dice.

Dice had always been pleasant to me but seemed annoyed because I dared to question Tony Ortegas bullying behaviour.

He started to dictate to me about where I should be campaigning and told me to stick to campaigning on European issues.

Then he said I was trying to ‘rock the boat’ and  that this will not happen.

I could not believe my ears!

Who the hell do these people think they are?

I can speak about Scientology abuses regarding all of the Countries it infects, I do not need permission from the Tony fan club.

See some of these ridiculous remarks below.

Tony Ortega eventually replied to my message on Twitter.

However he did not address my upset at all, see below.

Tonys wife Arielle has also made nasty comments, comparing me to Scientologist Gemma Harris who promotes the toxic bleach product MMS.

Arielle decided to bully me with some troll called Georgina, see these comments which were shared in Pete Griffiths group SPs ‘r’ US group below.


I do not understand their hostility.

I think it stems from controlling and egotistical behaviour displayed by some campaigners who believe that they rule the roost and we must obey their rules or we will be ostracised and set upon.

Then we have another sheep called Mike Garde.

He has a blog called Dialogue Ireland.

I was introduced to Mike a few years ago during the height of our campaign against the toxic bleach product MMS and the Genesis II church.

He wrote some blogs about this and decided to call me on the phone.

I found his manner most rude and could not believe it when he started to attack me on the phone about my Son celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 rising in his school.

I had shared a photo of my 11 year old son with a replica he had made to commemorate the event.

The whole school partook in this event.

He said my Son and my family were celebrating terrorists and said it was like we were supporting Isis!

I thought he was joking but soon found out he meant every crazy word he said.

I told him to go to hell and never spoke to him again.

Calling my Autistic son a supporter of Isis! 

Garde also has a donate button on his blog and is even registered as a charity!

A charity for what?

Garde is a member of the the Mennonite religion.

He exposes cults and condemns them but truth is his own religion is pretty similar to a cult.

I have discovered that Mennonites are not so unlike Scientology in some ways, they are also endorsing pseudoscience regarding Vaccinations, read about this here.

Garde has also written a blog about Pete Griffiths and John McGhee, it is filled with slanderous comments regarding McGhee and clearly exposes Gardes misinformed, jealous and bitter mind.

Read this trash here.

I am not going to be told what to say, how to conduct myself or who I should engage with whilst campaigning against Scientology.

I am not a sheep and rocking the boat is badly needed.

There are some incredible people working very hard in the front lines and behind the scenes.

We all have one thing in common, ending the Scientology cult!

These passionate activists deserve recognition and respect.

Report the Scientology CULT to the authorities like I have done here.

If you do not like how we operate things then leave us alone to get the job done! 


5 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Sheep, Be A Lion!

  1. A word of advice: It’s best to include both sides of an online dispute, otherwise people are left to guess at what you said to people like Georgina Smith and Dice. And they may think you omitted your side because you said something mean or crazy.


  2. At last someone has the balls to put this whole anti scientology cult under the microscope.
    I personally have withdrawn from all anti scientology sites that has anything to do with Tony Ortega. Indies and Pete. I continue to fight this church in my own way. My friends are few. But we fight like lions. We dont seek praise or fame or fortune. We only want this cult to end. Thanks Fiona for this article.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Mike Garde says “I can only see that the Pied Piper John McGhee has seduced a whole group of ex Scientologists as the Edinburgh protest entering into the Scientology building demonstrates. You will note that Pete was still under the influence then as he was still participating in these actions”.
    Wow! So poor Pete has been brainwashed by John all this time into traveling around the world and protesting Scientology? Pete Griffiths and Mike Garde are a strange pair of bedfellows. Which is the organ grinder and which is the organ grinder’s monkey enquiring minds would like to know?

    Liked by 1 person

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