Scientology Cult Firhouse Sink To Depths Of Depravity!

I campaign against the Scientology Cult, their dangerous brainwashing and their quack treatments.

I recently reported their new Centre at Firhouse Dublin to the authorities and the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation and HSE (department of health) are investigation this cults vile behaviour as we speak.

Read more about this here and in screenshot below.

I have received threatening emails from this cult.

I have had several petitions created to try and silence me but none of them worked.

Now the Scientology cult of sunk to a new low, one that Ex Scientologists say is unheard of.

The past week I have received 5 threatening phone calls.

The first call was from one Nathan Moore.

He is a member of staff at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin.

I spoke undercover to him about their Winter wonderland event which opened last Friday the 8th of December.

I got Nathan Moores telephone number from a Funfair company, Moore had contacted them asking for quotes for hiring their equipment.

See the email sent to this Funfair company below.

I dialled Nathans number listed in this email and we spoke for roughly 20 minutes on the phone.

Ahmadiyya Promote Pseudoscientific ‘Treatment’ Homeopathy And Enjoy A Relationship With The Scientology Cult!

I have written about Ahmadiyya and their connections to Scientology in the past.

I want to talk about their involvement with the Pseudoscientific ‘treatment’ Homeopathy.

I have spoken with Irish Ahmadiyya spokespersons about this worrying issue but they seem to support this quackery and have even made statements saying that Homeopathy can cure conditions.

This promotion of quackery is dangerous and is hurting vulnerable people, it is causing unnecessary deaths, read more about this here and here.

I challenged this religious group and asked reasonable questions about their connections to Scientology and their endorsement of quackery.

I spoke to Rebeeb Mirza from the Ahmadiyya Dublin Mosque, I also spoke to Ibrahim Noonan from the Galway Mosque.

Rebeeb has been attending seminars run by Scientology spokespersons and even attended the grand opening of the new Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin on October 14th.

See Rebeeb with Irish Scientologist Kieron Swords at a Scientology event last April below.

See Rebeeb coming out of the new Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin below.

Rebeeb admitted to attending the opening of the new Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin and admitted to covering his face with a folder when he was spotted leaving their building on October 14th.

Rebeeb said he would address my concerns regarding Ahmadiyya and Scientology.

However Rebeeb did not address my concerns but instead contacted his colleague Ibrahim Noonan, see Noonan below.

Noonan spoke to me on the telephone a few times.

Noonan was at first denying any connections to Scientology and told me he would seek advice from Ahmadiyya leader Mirza Masroor Ahmad, see Mirza below.

We know that Ahmadiyya have been meeting with Scientology representatives in other Countries also.

Last March Ahmadiyya women visited the home of L. Ron Hubbard, read about this meeting here

Scientology have also made comments about their relationship with Islam, see below.

The previous leader of Ahmadiyya Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a Homeopath and claimed that Homeopathy was a miracle treatment for many conditions.

He penned a book called ‘Like Cures Like’  He made bogus claims and even claimed that Homeopathy could save his followers from a Nuclear fallout.

These claims are insane and potentially put peoples lives at risk.

I discovered that Ahmadiyya are knee deep in this quackery and found Ahmadiyya Facebook groups making bogus claims also.

See some screenshots of this dangerous quackery below.

Ahmadiyya are claiming to CURE Epilepsy and other serious conditions with these bogus sugar pills.

They are misleading vulnerable people and putting their lives at risk.

Epilepsy is a serious condition which needs professional care, without proper medication people with this SERIOUS condition could die!

I messaged the Ahmadiyya Homeopathy Facebook page asking them about ‘treating’ Autism, they said Homepathy has a 25% success rate for Autism.

However they were not able to provide any evidence for these bold claims.

See our conversation below.

Noonan never got back to me regarding his chat with his leader.

During my time of speaking with Noonan I started to receive threatening messages on social media, I was called a racist and a bigot by his supporters.

Noonan himself made ridiculous comments and threatened me with legal action.

See some of his comments below.

Some of Noonans messages were sent to me in the early hours of the morning.

Noonan does not like to be challenged on such important matters, he thinks his religious group should not be questioned regarding their dangerous promotion of quackery.

Noonan then used the ‘religious card’ against me.

Instead of dealing with this important issue he chose to threaten me with police and lawyers.

I was astonished to see such immature behaviour from the Ahmadiyya representative for Ireland.

I told him I did not appreciate his threats and he assured me that he was not going to go to the police.

This is what happened when I asked him reasonable questions about quackery and Scientology.

Noonan also reached out to my husband asking him to deal with me.

I was going to write a blog about this at the time but my campaign work took me in other directions.

However I recently discovered that Noonan did in fact contact the police about me.

I spoke to a police woman in Galway about this recently.

Noonan decided to make a complaint against me.

He reported me because I spoke out against Ahmadiyyas endorsement of pseudoscience.

I want people to know about this as I think it is important.

Just because you are part of a religious group does not mean you should be allowed to use that status to silence others, neither should you think you are protected from addressing serious valid concerns from members of the public.

Ahmadiyya scream for respect yet their spokespersons threaten, intimidate and try to silence Mothers of Autistic children. Mothers who are campaigning to protect vulnerable people from quacks and cults!

Plus the most important issue here is that this Ahmadiyya spokesperson LIED to me.

Noonan assured me that he was not contacting the police but he did.

I thought religious groups were all about speaking the truth?

I asked Noonan about Ahmadiyya and Homeopathy, I really thought he would support science and speak out against this quackery.

Noonan sadly supports this quackery and claimed Homeopathy had cured conditions also.

See Noonans text message below.

To summarise I feel that Ahmadiyya believe they are permitted to dance around serious subjects like the ones I am highlighting here.

They scream harassment and bigotry when asked reasonable questions.

They intimidate and threaten activists who are only seeking to protect the vulnerable in our communities from quacks and cults like Scientology.

I will not be silenced, censored or threatened.

I am a free woman with a voice and I will use my voice to achieve justice.

Santa Shills For Scientology Cult At Firhouse Dublin

Scientology are a vile cult who prey on vulnerable people with their brainwashing and bogus unapproved treatments.

Scientology threaten and intimidate those who speak out against them.

The new Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin is already reeking havoc and it has only been open two months.

Read more about this herehere and here.

It is bad enough that Scientology prey on adults but preying on children is horrendous.

The Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin are doing this on a regular basis.

They offer free events for children every weekend and now their Winter wonderland event is up and running.

Free Santa, free funfair, free everything for four whole weeks!

Parents are grabbing these freebies especially parents who are struggling financially.

It is the vulnerable Scientology want.

I have reported the Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin to the authorities and the police for offering unapproved bogus protocols to ‘treat’ Autism.

Scientology are luring children and adults into their insidious web of destruction.

Scientology is gaining credibility in our communities because of the businesses, charities and individuals who are supporting them.

Read about this here.

It is awful to see people supporting and working with this cult but to see Santa Claus shilling for this cult is the final straw.

Santa has been giving out gifts at the Scientology centre at Firhouse and I was curious to know who this Santa Claus was.

This picture of Santa at the Scientology centre at Firhouse is most sinister, little children being led by Santa through the hallways of Scientology.

Santa is so important in childrens lives and I cannot understand why Santa would work for this monstrous cult.

What is next, Nazi Santa?

Yesterday I was checking the Scientology cults Facebook page at Firhouse and saw a post about Santa and their Reindeer.

There were comments on this post, one was from a man called Joer Reid.

He was thanking the Scientology centre and implied that he was Santa at the Scientology centre at Firhouse.

See this post below.

I went on Joers Facebook page and saw the same post that was on the Scientology cults page.

See Joer Reids Facebook page below.

I messaged him via my husbands Facebook page.

Scientology have got me banned on Facebook until the New Year.

I asked if he was the Santa Claus at the Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin and he said yes.

Joer also spoke about Scientology staff member Nathan Moore, Nathan threatened to assault me over the phone recently.

See some of Joers messages below

You can see Joer promoting the Scientology centre and Santa on his Facebook page below.

Joer rang me on Facebook messenger and we spoke for around 50 minutes.

I explained how awful Scientology is, he said he had heard stories but doesn’t have faith in Newspapers and wanted physical proof.

He insulted an Irish Times journalist and spoke about Scientology PR representative Kieran.

He said Kieran had warned him about me.

Our conversation was bizarre to say the least!

I told him I was recording our call and told him I would write a blog about him being Santa for Scientology.

He was not happy to hear that and warned me not to write a blog about him.

I asked him to speak to me today but he ignored the messages I sent him this morning.

I reached out again tonight asking him if he regretted working at the Scientology centre and he said no.

Hear my call with Joer here.

Joer was not paid for his Santa gigs, but he has succeeded in giving further credibility to this cult.

He told me hundreds of children visited him at Firhouse.

His face is on the Scientology websites and the cult are rejoicing!

If he is so happy to be Scientology Santa why would he want to hide his name?

Well the cat is out of the bag now, Joer Reid was Santa at the Scientology Centre Firhouse Dublin.

Happy Christmas to all!


In Bed With The Scientology Cult

Ireland is under attack by the Scientology Cult.

Their new centre at Firhouse is preying on children and vulnerable people.

They are trying to reel people in by offering them free events and sadly it seems to be working for some.

I have worked with the media reporting this cult in recent weeks, read about this here and here.

I have reported this cult to the police and the department of health because they are offering dangerous unapproved treatments to Autistic children.

This reporting has led to a staff member at the Scientology centre at Firhouse to threaten me and my family, read about this here.

A criminal investigation has opened into these vile threats in the past few days.

The spotlight seems to be shining on the Scientology cult but I would like to shine this spotlight on those who are supporting, protecting and endorsing this cult in Ireland.

These ‘non Scientologists’ are giving this cult a platform, giving them credibility and normalising their vile behaviour.

This is most serious, we have discovered that there are politicians, PR companies, radio stations, charities, religious groups, staff members from the HSE, advertising agencies and more who are working with the Scientology cult in Ireland.

Scientology use their bogus front groups like Youth For Human Rights, CCHR to entrap people into their brainwashing scam.

Read more about this here and here.

I will start with Kieran O’Byrne of CCIPR PR company.

Kierans company has worked with with many respectable names including Disney, Esso, IBM and more.

Read about Kieran here.

Kieran has also been involved in the SwiftQueue campaign supported by the NHS and HSE, see below.

Kieran is representing groups and companies that promote Science however he has chosen to work with the Scientology cult at Firhouse Dublin.

Scientology are the opposite of Science, known to promote anti vaccine rhetoric.

They are also anti psychiatry and offer pseudoscientific treatments that pose serious harm to vulnerable people.

Prominent Scientologists are even endorsing the lethal banned bleach product MMS, read about MMS here.

Kieran O’Byrne has confirmed he is the PR representative for the Scientology cult at Firhouse Dublin.

I phoned him and he had no problem stating this with pride, listen to our call here.

I then phoned Kieran back a few days ago as I wanted him to be aware of this cult and their staff members threatening to beat me and my children.

Kieran refused to speak to me and put the phone down, hear this call here.

I then wrote an email to Kieran voicing my concerns about him working for a cult that experiments on Autistic children with illegal protocols and told him about the staff member at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin threatening to beat me and my children.

He did not reply to my email.

How can Kieran represent respectable companies and then work with this monstrous cult?

Then he expects people to not be concerned about this.

Does he not care about his reputation?

The money must be good with this cult!

Then we have the recent news story of the Fine Gael TD Colm Brophy inviting Scientologists to Leinster house, read about this here.

The religious groups Nation Of Islam and Ahmadiyya are also supporting this cult.

Read about this here and here.

We also have staff member Nicola Keating of the HSE and a representative from charity SARI linking in with this cult, read about this here.

Exterion Media have advertised this cults events on big TV screens at The Square shopping centre in Tallaght Dublin in recent weeks.

Nicola Moore from Homeless support group VISIT is also linked to the Scientology cult at Firhouse and admitted to taking their blood money recently, hear her admit this here.

Anyone taking money from this cult are supporting them and giving them credibility.

Nicola said she doesn’t care where donations come from and said she would take money from Nazis.

Dublin South FM radio are also endorsing this cult, they recently interviewed the Scientology swing band Jive Aces and are sharing posts on their Facebook page endorsing the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin, see below.

One of their presenters is Marian Shanley and she seems to be very involved with Scientology in Ireland.

She has a show called The Power Of Dreams, see Facebook page below.

Her partner Glenn Gannon is a well known actor and author who is also involved with the Scientology cult, read about him here.
Gannon is an Ambassador for the charity The Simon Community and Simon have confirmed this to me today on the telephone.

Shanley and Gannon have attended Scientology events in the past, Gannon spoke at their front group Youth For Human Rights event last April.

See photographs of Gannon and Shanley in the front row with Scientologists at this event last April below.

Another photograph of Shanley and Gannon at the Scientology event in April below.

See Shanley and Gannon performing with the Scientology band Jive Aces below.

Shanley and Gannon were part of the opening of the Winter Wonderland event at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse which opened last Friday the 8th of December.

See screenshots below.

It is the NON SCIENTOLOGISTS that are giving this CULT air!

They are accepting their MONEY and FREEBIES!

The Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin has only been open two months and look at all the damage they have done already.

Anyone supporting or working with this cult are just as bad as them.

We will keep exposing everyone involved with this vile SCAM!

Well Known Scientology Troll May Be Connected To Recent Abuse Against Me And My Family!

I recently reported the new Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin to the authorities. 

Scientologist Laszlo Hajdu from the Scientology Centre at Firhouse offered me the bogus and unapproved Scientology purification rundown as a miracle ‘treatment’ for my Autistic Son. He said it works 100 percent for Autism.

Please hear my calls with this Scientologist staff member from Firhouse in link below. 

I have been engaging with the council of South Dublin regarding the Scientology Centre at Firhouse operating a funfair for their winter wonderland event which opened last Friday the 8th of December.

See Scientology Santa at Firhouse below.

All funfairs are meant to notify the council 2 days prior to opening a funfair and produce safety certificates also. 

The funfair at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse have not notified the council or produced safety certs I am told.


The funfair is not from the republic, it is Mohans funfair from Co. Armagh. 

Local funfairs refused to work with Scientology. 

I spoke to a man from one of the local funfairs and he sent me an email he received from one Nathan Moore. 

Nathan was making enquiries about the cost of hiring funfair equipment. 

I have attached screenshot of this email below. 

There was a number for Nathan Moore on this email and I called it last Monday the 4th of December. 

He didn’t pick up but he called me back from the Scientology Centre Firhouse number on 015418000, this was at 17.58 pm. 

I posed interest undercover and Nathan spoke to me about the centre for 20 minutes. 

He told me local charities were supporting Scientology and said he is doing courses and working for this cult, listen to my call with Nathan Moore in link below. 

Then Nathan called me from his friend Russ’s phone at this number 0879024482 at 19.33 pm.

Russ also works at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin. 

I missed this call but rang back immedietly and Nathan Moore picked up the phone.

He threatened to box and kick me and called me a spastic geebag.

I then started to receive harassing calls from a private number, first one was on the same day the 4th of December at 10.05 pm, it was a young lad mocking Autism and threatening my kids. 

Listen to this call in link below. Then I received two more threatening calls, one was when I was shopping on Tuesday the 5th of December. 

It was around 5 pm and I was in a supermarket at the time and could not record the call, it was the same male voice threatening to beat the Autism out of me with a bat. 

Then I got another call on Thursday the 7th of December around one o’clock in the afternoon. 

I was actually with two Gardai at the time making a statement about a Mother who was giving MMS bleach to her Autistic child. 

These Gardai witnessed this threatening call. 

I received another call on the 9th of December at around 6.30 pm, I managed to record this call and it was the worst to date. 

The same male voice was threatening to beat me and my five Autistic children. 

Two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum.

He also threatened to beat protestors and he said he would put blades in me. 

He also mentioned the paedophile Jimmy Saville. 

Please listen to Nathan Moores first threatening call and the call I recorded from the 9th of December in link below. 

My husband  rang the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin and made a complaint about their staff but they never phoned back. 

I then discovered Silvia Miller, she works at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse also.

We had a conversation on Facebook messenger, she confirmed that Nathan Moore works at their Centre and said what he did was awful. 

However when she realised that I speak out against her cult she swiftly blocked me. 

See our conversation in screenshots attached below.


I tried logging into my Facbook page yesterday the 10th of December, I was locked out and a message flashed on the screen saying I was banned for 30 days. Facebook did not give me a reason for this ban.

I have recently received messages of a conversation between Scientologist Gemma Harris and somebody I would rather not identify.

Gemma is discussing me and says the ‘church’ has something planned against me.

Gemma has trolled and bullied me many times now.

Is Gemma connected to the recent abuse I have received?

Has her cult ordered these attacks? 

See screenshots from Gemma below.

I will continue to expose this CULT and their abusive practises!