Well Known Scientology Troll May Be Connected To Recent Abuse Against Me And My Family!

I recently reported the new Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin to the authorities. 

Scientologist Laszlo Hajdu from the Scientology Centre at Firhouse offered me the bogus and unapproved Scientology purification rundown as a miracle ‘treatment’ for my Autistic Son. He said it works 100 percent for Autism.

Please hear my calls with this Scientologist staff member from Firhouse in link below. 


I have been engaging with the council of South Dublin regarding the Scientology Centre at Firhouse operating a funfair for their winter wonderland event which opened last Friday the 8th of December.

See Scientology Santa at Firhouse below.

All funfairs are meant to notify the council 2 days prior to opening a funfair and produce safety certificates also. 

The funfair at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse have not notified the council or produced safety certs I am told.


The funfair is not from the republic, it is Mohans funfair from Co. Armagh. 

Local funfairs refused to work with Scientology. 

I spoke to a man from one of the local funfairs and he sent me an email he received from one Nathan Moore. 

Nathan was making enquiries about the cost of hiring funfair equipment. 

I have attached screenshot of this email below. 

There was a number for Nathan Moore on this email and I called it last Monday the 4th of December. 

He didn’t pick up but he called me back from the Scientology Centre Firhouse number on 015418000, this was at 17.58 pm. 

I posed interest undercover and Nathan spoke to me about the centre for 20 minutes. 

He told me local charities were supporting Scientology and said he is doing courses and working for this cult, listen to my call with Nathan Moore in link below. 


Then Nathan called me from his friend Russ’s phone at this number 0879024482 at 19.33 pm.

Russ also works at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin. 

I missed this call but rang back immedietly and Nathan Moore picked up the phone.

He threatened to box and kick me and called me a spastic geebag.

I then started to receive harassing calls from a private number, first one was on the same day the 4th of December at 10.05 pm, it was a young lad mocking Autism and threatening my kids. 

Listen to this call in link below. 

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YlzSV1EQuz1-jDaTO5wOaSWj94qDJgpi/view?usp=drivesdk Then I received two more threatening calls, one was when I was shopping on Tuesday the 5th of December. 

It was around 5 pm and I was in a supermarket at the time and could not record the call, it was the same male voice threatening to beat the Autism out of me with a bat. 

Then I got another call on Thursday the 7th of December around one o’clock in the afternoon. 

I was actually with two Gardai at the time making a statement about a Mother who was giving MMS bleach to her Autistic child. 

These Gardai witnessed this threatening call. 

I received another call on the 9th of December at around 6.30 pm, I managed to record this call and it was the worst to date. 

The same male voice was threatening to beat me and my five Autistic children. 

Two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum.

He also threatened to beat protestors and he said he would put blades in me. 

He also mentioned the paedophile Jimmy Saville. 

Please listen to Nathan Moores first threatening call and the call I recorded from the 9th of December in link below. 


My husband  rang the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin and made a complaint about their staff but they never phoned back. 

I then discovered Silvia Miller, she works at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse also.

We had a conversation on Facebook messenger, she confirmed that Nathan Moore works at their Centre and said what he did was awful. 

However when she realised that I speak out against her cult she swiftly blocked me. 

See our conversation in screenshots attached below.


I tried logging into my Facbook page yesterday the 10th of December, I was locked out and a message flashed on the screen saying I was banned for 30 days. Facebook did not give me a reason for this ban.

I have recently received messages of a conversation between Scientologist Gemma Harris and somebody I would rather not identify.

Gemma is discussing me and says the ‘church’ has something planned against me.

Gemma has trolled and bullied me many times now.

Is Gemma connected to the recent abuse I have received?

Has her cult ordered these attacks? 

See screenshots from Gemma below.

I will continue to expose this CULT and their abusive practises!

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