In Bed With The Scientology Cult

Ireland is under attack by the Scientology Cult.

Their new centre at Firhouse is preying on children and vulnerable people.

They are trying to reel people in by offering them free events and sadly it seems to be working for some.

I have worked with the media reporting this cult in recent weeks, read about this here and here.

I have reported this cult to the police and the department of health because they are offering dangerous unapproved treatments to Autistic children.

This reporting has led to a staff member at the Scientology centre at Firhouse to threaten me and my family, read about this here.

A criminal investigation has opened into these vile threats in the past few days.

The spotlight seems to be shining on the Scientology cult but I would like to shine this spotlight on those who are supporting, protecting and endorsing this cult in Ireland.

These ‘non Scientologists’ are giving this cult a platform, giving them credibility and normalising their vile behaviour.

This is most serious, we have discovered that there are politicians, PR companies, radio stations, charities, religious groups, staff members from the HSE, advertising agencies and more who are working with the Scientology cult in Ireland.

Scientology use their bogus front groups like Youth For Human Rights, CCHR to entrap people into their brainwashing scam.

Read more about this here and here.

I will start with Kieran O’Byrne of CCIPR PR company.

Kierans company has worked with with many respectable names including Disney, Esso, IBM and more.

Read about Kieran here.

Kieran has also been involved in the SwiftQueue campaign supported by the NHS and HSE, see below.

Kieran is representing groups and companies that promote Science however he has chosen to work with the Scientology cult at Firhouse Dublin.

Scientology are the opposite of Science, known to promote anti vaccine rhetoric.

They are also anti psychiatry and offer pseudoscientific treatments that pose serious harm to vulnerable people.

Prominent Scientologists are even endorsing the lethal banned bleach product MMS, read about MMS here.

Kieran O’Byrne has confirmed he is the PR representative for the Scientology cult at Firhouse Dublin.

I phoned him and he had no problem stating this with pride, listen to our call here.

I then phoned Kieran back a few days ago as I wanted him to be aware of this cult and their staff members threatening to beat me and my children.

Kieran refused to speak to me and put the phone down, hear this call here.

I then wrote an email to Kieran voicing my concerns about him working for a cult that experiments on Autistic children with illegal protocols and told him about the staff member at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin threatening to beat me and my children.

He did not reply to my email.

How can Kieran represent respectable companies and then work with this monstrous cult?

Then he expects people to not be concerned about this.

Does he not care about his reputation?

The money must be good with this cult!

Then we have the recent news story of the Fine Gael TD Colm Brophy inviting Scientologists to Leinster house, read about this here.

The religious groups Nation Of Islam and Ahmadiyya are also supporting this cult.

Read about this here and here.

We also have staff member Nicola Keating of the HSE and a representative from charity SARI linking in with this cult, read about this here.

Exterion Media have advertised this cults events on big TV screens at The Square shopping centre in Tallaght Dublin in recent weeks.

Nicola Moore from Homeless support group VISIT is also linked to the Scientology cult at Firhouse and admitted to taking their blood money recently, hear her admit this here.

Anyone taking money from this cult are supporting them and giving them credibility.

Nicola said she doesn’t care where donations come from and said she would take money from Nazis.

Dublin South FM radio are also endorsing this cult, they recently interviewed the Scientology swing band Jive Aces and are sharing posts on their Facebook page endorsing the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin, see below.

One of their presenters is Marian Shanley and she seems to be very involved with Scientology in Ireland.

She has a show called The Power Of Dreams, see Facebook page below.

Her partner Glenn Gannon is a well known actor and author who is also involved with the Scientology cult, read about him here.
Gannon is an Ambassador for the charity The Simon Community and Simon have confirmed this to me today on the telephone.

Shanley and Gannon have attended Scientology events in the past, Gannon spoke at their front group Youth For Human Rights event last April.

See photographs of Gannon and Shanley in the front row with Scientologists at this event last April below.

Another photograph of Shanley and Gannon at the Scientology event in April below.

See Shanley and Gannon performing with the Scientology band Jive Aces below.

Shanley and Gannon were part of the opening of the Winter Wonderland event at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse which opened last Friday the 8th of December.

See screenshots below.

It is the NON SCIENTOLOGISTS that are giving this CULT air!

They are accepting their MONEY and FREEBIES!

The Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin has only been open two months and look at all the damage they have done already.

Anyone supporting or working with this cult are just as bad as them.

We will keep exposing everyone involved with this vile SCAM!

5 thoughts on “In Bed With The Scientology Cult

    • So True Billy!!! I don’t think they would take money from Charles Manson, but would from this dirty Corporation Scientology! Amazes me.. makes me think of the saying “Lay with dogs, then expect to be treated as one”
      “You are the company you keep”!!
      It is sad that some of these Groups/People HAD a reputable reputation on doing good deeds… No longer! Scientology will had them as members in their counts, and the will have a File in the central office now!!
      Great Job Fiona!


  1. Well Done Fiona on exposing the facts, as always! The problem with accepting money from Scientology or working with them is they will exploit them! They will put them in ads, commercials and fake accounts!! You are doing an amazing job keeping the awareness of Scientology’s HATE and Harassment of others that don’t agree with the abuse!!
    I’m so proud of you and honored to call you my amazing fighting Friend!! I will continue supporting you by sharing all the information you post, and reporting accounts that condone illegal activities!
    BE SAFE…

    Liked by 1 person

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