Santa Shills For Scientology Cult At Firhouse Dublin

Scientology are a vile cult who prey on vulnerable people with their brainwashing and bogus unapproved treatments.

Scientology threaten and intimidate those who speak out against them.

The new Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin is already reeking havoc and it has only been open two months.

Read more about this herehere and here.

It is bad enough that Scientology prey on adults but preying on children is horrendous.

The Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin are doing this on a regular basis.

They offer free events for children every weekend and now their Winter wonderland event is up and running.

Free Santa, free funfair, free everything for four whole weeks!

Parents are grabbing these freebies especially parents who are struggling financially.

It is the vulnerable Scientology want.

I have reported the Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin to the authorities and the police for offering unapproved bogus protocols to ‘treat’ Autism.

Scientology are luring children and adults into their insidious web of destruction.

Scientology is gaining credibility in our communities because of the businesses, charities and individuals who are supporting them.

Read about this here.

It is awful to see people supporting and working with this cult but to see Santa Claus shilling for this cult is the final straw.

Santa has been giving out gifts at the Scientology centre at Firhouse and I was curious to know who this Santa Claus was.

This picture of Santa at the Scientology centre at Firhouse is most sinister, little children being led by Santa through the hallways of Scientology.

Santa is so important in childrens lives and I cannot understand why Santa would work for this monstrous cult.

What is next, Nazi Santa?

Yesterday I was checking the Scientology cults Facebook page at Firhouse and saw a post about Santa and their Reindeer.

There were comments on this post, one was from a man called Joer Reid.

He was thanking the Scientology centre and implied that he was Santa at the Scientology centre at Firhouse.

See this post below.

I went on Joers Facebook page and saw the same post that was on the Scientology cults page.

See Joer Reids Facebook page below.

I messaged him via my husbands Facebook page.

Scientology have got me banned on Facebook until the New Year.

I asked if he was the Santa Claus at the Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin and he said yes.

Joer also spoke about Scientology staff member Nathan Moore, Nathan threatened to assault me over the phone recently.

See some of Joers messages below

You can see Joer promoting the Scientology centre and Santa on his Facebook page below.

Joer rang me on Facebook messenger and we spoke for around 50 minutes.

I explained how awful Scientology is, he said he had heard stories but doesn’t have faith in Newspapers and wanted physical proof.

He insulted an Irish Times journalist and spoke about Scientology PR representative Kieran.

He said Kieran had warned him about me.

Our conversation was bizarre to say the least!

I told him I was recording our call and told him I would write a blog about him being Santa for Scientology.

He was not happy to hear that and warned me not to write a blog about him.

I asked him to speak to me today but he ignored the messages I sent him this morning.

I reached out again tonight asking him if he regretted working at the Scientology centre and he said no.

Hear my call with Joer here.

Joer was not paid for his Santa gigs, but he has succeeded in giving further credibility to this cult.

He told me hundreds of children visited him at Firhouse.

His face is on the Scientology websites and the cult are rejoicing!

If he is so happy to be Scientology Santa why would he want to hide his name?

Well the cat is out of the bag now, Joer Reid was Santa at the Scientology Centre Firhouse Dublin.

Happy Christmas to all!


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