Scientology Cult Firhouse Sink To Depths Of Depravity!

I campaign against the Scientology Cult, their dangerous brainwashing and their quack treatments.

I recently reported their new Centre at Firhouse Dublin to the authorities and the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation and HSE (department of health) are investigation this cults vile behaviour as we speak.

Read more about this here and in screenshot below.

I have received threatening emails from this cult.

I have had several petitions created to try and silence me but none of them worked.

Now the Scientology cult of sunk to a new low, one that Ex Scientologists say is unheard of.

The past week I have received 5 threatening phone calls.

The first call was from one Nathan Moore.

He is a member of staff at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin.

I spoke undercover to him about their Winter wonderland event which opened last Friday the 8th of December.

I got Nathan Moores telephone number from a Funfair company, Moore had contacted them asking for quotes for hiring their equipment.

See the email sent to this Funfair company below.

I dialled Nathans number listed in this email and we spoke for roughly 20 minutes on the phone.

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