UKIP Councillor Supports Scientology And Their Bogus Front Group Narconon

Scientology is a dangerous cult that needs to be stopped but we must also focus on those who are supporting and endorsing this SCAM.

I have highlighted some of their Irish supporters before, read about this here.

I have recently discovered Diana Coad.

Diana is a UKIP Councillor, she can be seen celebrating the recent opening of the Scientology Org at Birmingham and at the opening of Narconon UK in 2015, see below.

See Diana in all her UKIP glory below.

UKIP are a vile RACIST party who discriminate and divide!

Diana is a representative for the ‘National Drug Prevention Council/Alliance’

Of course it is linked to Scientology, no surprises there.

I decided to ring this Scientiology loving UKIP Councillor and our conversation speaks for itself.

Listen to my call with this woman here.

We need to shine a spotlight on those who are supporting the Scientology cult, they are the ones who are normalising Scientologys vile and criminal behaviour.

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