Sheila Mary Maclean, Scientology, Narconon And The Pulse Light Clinic

Sheila Mary Maclean is a Scientologist and director of Narconon UK.

She is also documented as being a director of the Pulse Light Clinic.

She uses the names Sheila Mary, Sheila or Mary.

Last year I found an advertisement from the Pulse Light Clinic online, it was advertising a job for a Receptionist.

They wanted to replace a member of staff whilst they carried out the well known pseudoscientific Scientology protocol known as the Purification Rundown.

There was a phone number listed and it was signed by a girl called Dearbhla.

See this advert below.

The Pulse Light Clinic specialises in treating skin conditions and offers Laser Therapy.

Sheila Maclean is listed as a registered nurse on their website, see below.

Sheila Mary Maclean is classed as a registered Nurse in document below.

See Sheila at the Pulse Light Clinic below.

I rang the Pulse Light Clinic recently and asked to speak to Sheila Maclean.

They said she was not there but confirmed that she was involved in this Clinic, hear my call confirming this information here.

I then discovered that there was another person involved in the Pulse Light Clinic, a man called Mondi Zeqaj.

See details in screenshot below.

I then decided to call the Pulse Light Clinic again and requested to speak with the other director Mondi Zeqaj.

This time I spoke to Mondi but he said Sheila Maclean was not involved in the Pulse Light Clinic and had left 5 or 6 years ago, he was very odd and would not engage with me.

Listen to my call with Mondi here.

I then checked the Pulse Light Clinic website again and found that Sheila was still advertised on their website, I also found a video of Maclean working at the Pulse Light Clinic uploaded on Youtube from November 2016, I copied the start of this video but never thought it would be removed.

However I just checked to see if this video was there and it has been removed by the Pulse Light Clinic, luckily I have my copy proving that Sheila was manager of this Clinic, watch Sheila here.

I rang Mondi back voicing my concerns about Shiela being advertised on their website but Mondi would not listen and threatened me with the Police.

Hear this call here.

I then researched Mondi Zeqaj and found him on Facebook, I could not believe my eyes when I saw his cover photo.

It was Mondi with Sheila Maclean and it looks like they are in a relationship.

See photos below.

I then scrolled through Mondis Facebook page and found countless posts about Scientology, see some of these posts below.

Mondi is friends with some well known Scientologists and one of his followers is Chris Lomas from Narconon UK, see below.

I found a Dearbhla Mc Fadden on Mondis friends list and thought it may be the same Dearbhla that wrote the advertisement for the Pulse Light Clinic.

I sent her a friendly message on Facebook and was shocked by her hostile reply, see in screenshot below.

She then blocked me, unblocked me and did not engage further.

Mondi then changed his cover photo and locked down his profile, you can only see posts from 2012 now.

This all happened after I contacted the Pulse Light Clinic.

See Mondis new cover photo below.

I have also discovered that the Pulse Light Clinic are quickly deleting all traces of Sheila Mary Maclean from their Youtube and Google + channels.

This was happening as I wrote this blog.

Mary Macleans Google channel has now got a different name, it is now called Edmond Qalliu, see this change here.

This has all happened during my investigations into Maclean.

On the 10th of January I rang Narconon in the US, I posed interest undercover using the name Mary O’Brien.

I said my Nephew had a drug problem and said I was interested in their Narconon programme.

I asked the Receptionist Joan about the new Narconon facility which is meant to open in Ireland this year.

I attended a protest in Ireland recently against Scientology and their proposed Narconon facility, learn more about this protest here, here and here.

Joan suggested that I bring my Nephew to the Narconon UK facility, she said it would be a better option for him.

She connected me with her colleague Evan Perkins, an American man working at the Narconon UK facility.

I spoke to Joan on the phone about Narconon and then spoke to Evan, he said that Narconon would literally cure my Nephew from his addiction and spoke about an 80 percent success rate.

I had several calls with Joan and Evan and it is shocking what I heard.

You can hear these calls here, here and here.

The fact is my undercover work is not far from the truth, I had a Nephew with a drug problem. This could be a true story and it is happening to many vulnerable young people right now.

Narconon UK had 9 clients at the time of me calling, I was told they had an Irish client that could share a room with my Nephew.

Evan said the programme would cost 20,000 euros and payment must be upfront.

Evan started texting me on WhatsApp.

He told me registered Doctors were involved in Narconon and spoke about Dr Sukul and Dr. Weinstein.

He reserved two rooms at a 5 star hotel in London for my Nephew, Sister and I.

You can hear confirmation of these bookings at this 5 star hotel here.

When I told Evan I had the 20,000 euros he bent over backwards and kept pushing me to attend Narconon.

I agreed to fly to London the following day and Evan said he would collect us from the Airport.

See texts I had with Evan in screenshots below.

I then received a group text with Evan and Sheila Maclean, see below.

They even had an Irish Flag as a logo for our group message.

I knew who Maclean was and jumped on the opportunity to call her.

I dialled her at the number listed above.

Remember Maclean is a Scientologist and a registered Nurse who offers unproven and bogus protocols to vulnerable people.

She was very friendly on the phone and spoke about her Narconon UK facility.

She mentioned the Irish Narconon facility and said it was set to open in May 2018.

She too sold Narconon as a miracle programne and spoke about L. Ron Hubbard and how her Narconon clinic operates.

It is basically the same bogus ‘therapies’ which are used in SCIENTOLOGY.

Bogus courses to brainwash you plus lethal doses of supplements and sweating in a sauna for hours on end.

She told me she was Irish and spoke about her clients in the UK facility.

You can here the call I had with this quack here.

I am disgusted to learn that there is no regulation into such rehab facilities.

The NHS are even promoting this cults quack shop, see below.

We will keep fighting this dangerous cult until they are banned from experimenting on vulnerable people.

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