Charlatan Jewell Is Still Experimenting On Vulnerable People

Amanda Mary Jewell is a quack who experiments on seriously ill people and Autistic children with unregulated and banned products.

She promises terminally ill people miracle cures.

She robs them of thousands of pounds.

She started out giving MMS BLEACH to Autistic children and was a member of the Genesis II Church cult, see below.

She operates ‘Mother Nature And You’ and used to sell MMS BLEACH and other snake oil, see in screenshots below.

Jewell sent me mesages on Facebook gloating about giving MMS BLEACH to Autistic children and praises the other BLEACH monster Kerri Rivera, see below.

See Jewell with Genesis II CULT leader Mark Grenon below.

Jewell also sold unregulated and banned blood product GcMAF to her victims.

Read about GcMAF here and here.

Then she moved on to Stem Cells and Surgery!

See Jewell displaying one of her victims insides below.

Jewell has NO medical qualifications whatsoever.

Jewell is wanted by the UK Authorities for her criminal activities, she is a UK citizen but is now hiding and operating from a quack centre in Belize, see her Facebook page below.

Read more about Jewell here and here.

I have witnessed her victims plight, I have seen an Irish woman hand over thousands of pounds to this charlatan.

See screenshots of messages from Jewells Facebook group sent to the daughter of this Irish woman below.

This Irish woman died.

Read my blogs about Jewell and her cohorts here and here.

Another victim was a woman called Freddie Alpin Mansfield from the UK, again promised miracles and told to ignore REAL Doctors, this woman also died.

A man from the US also fell for her quackery and even started to work with Jewell and was promoting her snake oil, see screenshots below.

Steve Kellogg had a Go Fund me created to raise funds to pay this charlatan, see in screenshots below.

Steve also passed away, see in screenshot below.

Other victims died at a hotel she ran in Bulgaria, she was giving terminally ill people BLEACH enemas.

This article from a Bulgarian Newspaper is no longer available online.

Here is the translation of this Bulgarian Newspaper article about an illegal medical centre; treating serious conditions, set up in Bulgaria By Amanda and Doug Jewell.

Hotel near Smolyan works as illegal medical center that treated severely ill foreigners. The site, located on the road to Smolyan Lakes, is not registered for such activity, but through it have passed dozens suffering from cancer, paresis and various skin diseases. Infirmary named “Pearl Lodge” and is owned by Englishwoman Mary Amanda Jane Herzog. For years, the lady developed a very successful business in the region and if it were two deaths of her compatriots within five days, the health establishment advertiser hard alternative medical methods, they would not understand.

The basis of the treatment is the solution MMS, representing the chlorine dioxide – preparation of a controversial alternative medicine healing qualities, the spread of which also requires registration in RHI. A successful practice English told the official forum site, filed on October 31, 2011 in the name of her husband William Douglas Jewell. The hotel is advertised in Europe as famous medical center in Bulgaria, which treat “cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.”
Tuesday night after several attempts to talk to the lady, the site was deleted, but traces of it remain in the cache of Google. In shocking stories cured of cancer are described methods applied in the clinic. Healed even call Amanda Mary – Mary Bishop. She herself early gives specific examples of patients who have undergone “Pearl Lodge” and applied treatment. Suffering from various forms of cancer are France, USA, Turkey, Israel, Denmark, Canada, Africa, and even two of Bulgaria.
“We work with some of the leading scientists in the world. We offer high quality healthcare, combined with modern services, which provide an effective treatment with a comfortable stay, “the site of Amanda and Douglas. From there it becomes clear that the course of treatment is 21 days, but the price paid by the patient – 5000 euros. Therapies are used – oxygen, Rife machines, hydrogen peroxide, massages, acupuncture, crystals, Chinese medicines, DMSO therapy, MMS, CDS, DCA, Gcmaf, Goliec, hormone therapy and much more. “If you have a companion who would like to join you and share the same room, extra fee is € 1,500 for full board,” stated another website. The latest available date, which is referred to, is May 28, 2014 Healers not forget to note that they are very busy and there is a waiting list for the remaining months of this year. in the forum wrote that Amanda herself years ago with cancer, but cured by MMS, so it willingly advertised.
At first glance, “Pearl house” looks like an ordinary newly constructed hotel, with the difference that access to it is proved prohibited. Not only journalists, but also inspectors from the Regional Health Inspectorate, which made verification signal to the media were not allowed on Tuesday to cross the threshold of the “reception”. And the fact that on the same day telltale sites that led us to the illegal clinic were downloaded from the internet, showed that there is still something wrong with the tourist site. In complete secrecy was sunk five-story building. Terrible smell seeped from cracks in the doors and windows. Frowning employee greeted us with the words: “I can not let you go without permission, you have to ask.” Mustache man introduced himself to guard the “Pearl Lodge” and noted that the hotel is not working. Plate or a message that the site is closed, there placed anywhere. The parking lot was parked three cars with English registration and of the staff and Britons could be seen on the terraces, the restaurant and around the hotel. “I chase them from the main entrance, and they enter the door to the yard,” talking on the phone to journalists at the guard, holding a stick in his hand. According to him, the complex does not work, accidentally noticed around Englishmen were apartment owners.
At the same time there were staying and relatives of the deceased in Stoykite Englishman who wanted to be alive cremated and his ashes to be scattered over the Rhodope Mountains.
On the parade ground on the underside visible sallow foreigner and a blonde woman basking sitting on two chairs. Even when our descent staff frantically rushed to lock the glass doors leading to the bar, restaurant and spa, which cut off all access to outsiders even to the public part of the hotel. Minutes later, two foreigners were harvested and hidden from the eyes of reporters. The guard held several conversations with the owner Amanda. We learned that it is working in Smolyan and does not know when it will come.
Chilling story about what is happening behind the thick walls of the building make a former employee of the hotel who asked at this stage to remain anonymous. “In the beginning they developed such medical activities. They started receiving patients in 2012. In summer they enjoyed basis as a medical center, and winter – for tourists. Came sick, mainly from cancer, I’ve seen people with leprosy and very severe skin condition on his hands. My bosses explained that come to treatment, although the hotel to no nurses and doctors, “said the man. The main treatment was with MMS. Former employee Amanda and her husband Douglas were members of a European church for environmentally sound living.
“Much misery is inside, and the smell that you experienced is MMS. Check them, but obviously they have some or back, or pay someone. It has visited police signal Amanda Douglas because former employee who left. Their goal was to intimidate him to keep quiet. I know, they have some ownership in Stoykite ago to build a hotel. I’ve seen miracles happen there. Come are people watching him dying it is two weeks leave, if anything it is not. I have also tried MMS and know that there are people who are cured of it, “added the official.
Bewildered how many years no institution is aware of what is happening behind the walls of “Pearl Lodge”. But the fact is that since last year to cancer patients now two strangers – a man and a woman were found dead there. A third case of died of cancer at a hotel near the stand from this Sunday is also associated living in the area with British businessmen. Local saw him last Saturday, when he was walking with Amanda in the village center.
Hotel “Pearl Lodge” is owned by “Orpheus Properties” Ltd, whose sole owner is Amanda and manager – her husband Douglas. The initial registration of the company from 2008 shows that the owners were offshore company “Sentinel Technologies” – Panama, Valentin Milanov and Angel Iliev. A year later, the Bulgarians transferred its share of the foreign company, and in 2010, Amanda became the sole shareholder. The Company is listed on the major debtors to the state. Amanda debts, according to information from the National Revenue Agency are 289,172

Levs Coroner Dr. Todor Dobrev: Both Englishmen were in the last stage of cancerBoth died last week were in the last stages of cancer. The disease Stephen Kalig proven skenegrafski and radiographically. It was in a very difficult phase and it is a cause of death. In 2010-2011 he lays in the Smolyan hospital, but has yet to check the documentation. The first died – Timothy Rupel is a huge tumor of the lung. Four days before he died has passed through the hospital in Smolyan, he made his research. Colleagues wondered how he lived. Anything that can be taken for testing was taken from me. There is nothing that can disturb me.
Chief of the RHI Dr. Mimi Kubateva: A man who has used their services said that in the case of people with end-stage, it is registered in the RHI in August 2010 as a hotel with pool and spa. Is checked, the latter in January. Were not detected violations. Comply with hygiene requirements. Not worked pool and sauna. What has changed is that from 2012 until now remained to work only the first floor as a hotel, the other apartments are sold out. After your request yesterday, our staff have been verified, but the hotel was not working. There was a guard who has not let inspectors inside. We will attempt to continue with checks to further clarified the situation. We do not have registered a hospital. If it is a business that uses MMS, it is classified as an unconventional method to influence individual health. In these cases, according to the Health Act, the person who exercises it must be registered in the RHI. No such registration and if described in their website already downloaded, so means committing illegal activities. I spoke with someone who has used their services, and he said he is concerned about people in the terminal stage, desperate of all.

Another article from Bulgarian Newspapers is available online, see here.

See translated text below.

Jewell is still selling unproven and banned products and was even interviewed on a very small Irish online quack radio site last Wednesday night.

Hear this monster talk to Out Of Bag quack here.

Jewell also experimented on a young Mother from the UK with a terminal illness, she pulled the fillings out of her mouth and gave her dangerous banned products.

Watch this poor womans husband Martin Buckwell talk about his wife Aliki here.

This young Mothers husband Martin seemed to be part of this experimentation and torture.

See screenshots below.

This young Mother DIED and now this charlatan is in a relationship with this dead womans husband, see below.

Martin Buckwell is obviously big into quack treatments and in my opinion should also be held accountable for what his poor wife went through.

Jewell also has her clutches on this poor dead Mothers tiny daughter now.

See her with this little girl below.

This poor child will be encouraged to stay way from proper medication and vaccines.

See Jewells video about vaccines here.

See some of Jewells experimentation and torture below.

More madness from this quack below.

Jewell has a sister called Carol May who operates a beauty parlour, see her Facebook page below.

I have spoken to Carol May on the phone many times and again recently.

I have asked her to report her sister to the Authorities but she keeps saying that she doesn’t engage with Amanda and does not know where she is.

However I found comments from Carol May having a very cosy exchange with Amanda Mary from last December, see in screenshots below.

It’s obvious that Carol knows about Amanda Marys quack scam but does not seem concerned about it.

If a member of my family was destoying vulnerable peoples lives I would do everything in my power to stop them.

Jewell and her cohorts should be jailed for their crimes against vulnerable people.

One day the law will catch up with you Amanda and ‘Love and Light’ will be no more.


Kieran O’Byrne CCIPR And Scientology PR/Narconon Spokesperson For Ireland

I wrote about Kieran O’Byrne of CCIPR communications and his shilling for the Scientology cult before, read about Kieran here.

Kieran is respected by many in his field and has worked for big names such as Esso, Disney, IBM, and more.

Kieran has also been involved in the SwiftQueue campaign supported by the HSE and NHS, see in screenshot below.

Kieran has been working with pro-science organisations but has since thrown science, responsibility and ethics out the window.

His passion and drive is MONEY!

I grew up in a family business and my Father used to tell me that reputation and customer satisfaction is everything.

He was right!

However Kieran does not seem to care about reputation.

The majority of people despise Scientology and all that is represents.

Their brainwashing, exploitation and promotion of quack treatments make it nothing short of a criminal gang.

Scientology is NOT a religion in Ireland but they are gaining a foothold here in recent months.

A new Centre at Firhouse is already reeking havoc, read more about this here, here and here.

Now this CULT wants to open their bogus quack facility NARCONON in Ballivor Co. Meath.

Read about this terrifying development here, here and here.

Narconon is a recipe for DEATH!

Narconon has been shut down in some Countries because of their bogus quack protocols, read more about this here.

There have been many deaths linked to Narconon, four deaths occured over a period of three years at their Arrowhead facility, learn about this here and here.

Vulnerable people, mostly young people are being experimented on, abused and brainwashed.

Families are handing out fees of 20,000 pounds or more to these quacks, these crooks.

I went undercover and posed interest at their UK Narconon facility recently, read about the horror of my experience here.

I sent my information to the CQC (Care Quality Commission) who oversee Narconon UK, they are investigating my concerns as we speak.

Kieran says he is not a Scientologist?

How can a ‘respectable’ business man promote Science and then support a CULT that experiments on vulnerable children and adults, a cult that KILLS people.

How can Kieran protect this CULT, protect their staff who threaten to BEAT Autistic children, learn about this here and here.

A Cult that imprisons their staff, promotes slave labour, interrogation, beatings and more.

How can Kieran support a CULT that experiments on Autistic children, a CULT that tells parents they can CURE Autism?

This is what Kieran and his company CCIPR are endorsing.

I have contacted Kieran several times.

Hear a call that I had with Kieran here.

Kieran seems to be involved in many projects and is even involved with BirdWatch Ireland, see in screenshots below.

He seems to be a board member for many groups, see above.

You can safely say that Kieran is an educated man and fully aware of the dangers of this CULT.

He is not naive.

I recently heard that Kieran is reaching out to members of the Ballivor community.

He wants to talk about Narconon and is posing as a spokesperson for Narconon Ireland.

My husband decided to call Kieran undercover to see if he could get any information.

Kieran was excited when my husband asked about Narconon, he told my husband that he was planning to talk to the local people of Ballivor about Narconon, in a bid to reassure them.

He asked my husband if he had someone interested in attending Narconon and offered my husband support with that.

Hear the call Kieran had with my husband here.

Kieran has gone from PR for Departments of Health to full blown QUACK promoter.

All Kierans clients should be contacted and alerted to this serious issue.

I am sure the HSE would not want to be connected to a PR firm that endorses dangerous pseudoscience.

Then I discover that Kieran has registered himself on the website.

I rang today and spoke to a lovely woman who went through Kierans ‘Returns’ with me over the phone.

Kieran is meant to be transparent about what he is lobbying for but apparently he has not done that.

I told all about Kieran and his work with the Scientology CULT.

He is now being investigated by this department as a result of my concerns.

See what Kierans ‘Intended Results’ are below.

Kieran wants to lobby Polticians so they will be brainwashed into supporting the Scientology CULTS Ideals!

These are Kierans ‘Intended Results’

This is batshit crazy!

Most ‘Intended Results’ include a lengthy description but Kieran managed one sentence, well done Kieran!

The lady I made my complaint to was also shocked by Kierans wording and vagueness and the fact that he did not disclose fully what his projects were about, but that’s Scientology in a nutshell hey!

See Kierans Returns here.

This is again more proof of how sneaky and deceptive this CULT is.


Kieran cannot be trusted, he has joined forces with this lethal CULT.

Please support our upcoming protest against Scientology and NARCONON, see details here.

Kieran is not our friend and we must fight these monstrous people and hope that we can keep our loved ones safe from these CHARLATANS!

The Aspergers/Autistic Divide

I was diagnosed with Aspergers in 2013, Aspergers is part of Autism Spectrum Condition.

Read about Aspergers here.

Two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum, my eldest Son has a diagnosis of Autism and my other Son a diagnosis of Aspergers.

Those with Aspergers are often portrayed as ‘high functioning’, sometimes displaying savant abilities.

Savant abilities are very rare and not a true depiction of Aspergers.

My Son who is diagnosed with Aspergers does not have savant abilities, he has average IQ, has many challenges and needs daily supports.

My Son with an Autism diagnosis also has challenges coupled with a learning disability.

Both my Sons need support.

Some Autism campaigners are against the term Aspergers and are accusing those that use this term of being elitist, damaging and supremacists.

I have no problem with either the Aspergers or Autistic term and do not see any evidence of an overflow of supremacy with those who refer to themselves as ‘Aspergers’

There are individuals who will behave badly within the Autism community, feeling that they are better than or more superior than others on the Autism spectrum.

I have witnessed this nasty behaviour on social media.

However I do not see those using the term Aspergers as the main offenders of this elitist behaviour, this supremacy can be seen from those identifying as both Autistic and Aspergers.

Autism Spectrum Condition is not the cause for this narcissistic behaviour.

In fact I am witnessing more supremacy from those who identify themselves as Autistic lately.

The term Aspergers was removed from the DSM-5 in 2013 but many Doctors and Clinicians still use the term to this day.

Read more about diagnostic manuals and the DSM- 5 here.

I have no problem with either the Aspergers or Autistic term and use both terms regularly.

I campaign against quack ‘treatments’ and I have stood in the Irish courts to help prosecute Charlatans who peddle these ‘treatments’ to Autistic children, read about our success in the Irish courts recently here.

I support debate and discussion and if someone has concerns I believe they should be free to voice those concerns.

Recently I was added to a Facebook group without my consent.

This group is called the Autistic Cooperative, it is a secret group with around 500 members.

I do not like people adding me to groups unless I know what they are about.

This group has a charter of rights and rules you must adhere to, there is no room for debate or discussion.

These rules have been made by admins who possess very rigid and inflexible views.

I find this most concerning, members are not free to challenge these rigid views and if they ask questions they are removed and blocked.

I know as this was my brief experience in this group.

I challenged a statement shared by admin Kieran Rose.

See this statement in screenshots below.

This statement is contradictory and filled with misinformation.

It is not about inclusion but more about dictatorship and divide.

They say ‘if you use Aspergers, you are not promoting Neurodiversity’

What utter nonsense!

Kieran warns people that if they identify themselves as ‘Aspie’ they will not remain.

Imagine a vulnerable Asperger/Autistic person facing this bullying behaviour, joining a group for support to be met with this controlling and threatening rhetoric.

Then implying that Aspergers is damaging and promotes exclusion.

These comments are incorrect and downright disgusting.

I do not believe I am damaging others or promoting exclusion, I work hard to protect the Autism community from quack treatments. I believe we need to be mixing with all different groups in society and not forming cults that do not accept others which will only lead to conflict and divide.

What I find most disgusting is this groups inability to discuss concerns.

When I raised my concerns about this statement I was set upon and was told I had to stick to their rules or I would be removed.

One person compared Autism to Religion, Kieran Rose author of this statement said he was disappointed with me, see in screenshot below.

Kierans words are again untrue and very hurtful, implying that the Aspergers term is linked to ‘cures’ is unacceptable and a personal insult.

I felt like I was in a far right group, a cult of sorts.

See some more comments I received from members in screenshots below.

I tried to express my concerns politely but within minutes I was removed and blocked.

I then tried to reach out to Kieran Rose on Facebook, see below.

He never replied, I made another attempt a week later but nothing.

Kieran calls himself an Advocate?

But only if you agree with his terms and rules, he will not permit debate or discussion, is that an Advocate?

I don’t think so.

My Son could meet this bullying and misinformed rhetoric online in future years, the Autism community needs to be aware of groups like Autistic Cooperative.

I was so angered by this group, kieran, and his statement that I decided to make a video voicing my concerns, watch here.

I shared this video on my Facebook timeline and in some groups, one of them was Neurodiverse UK, see below.

This group is led by those connected to the Autism organisation Autistic UK.

Ryan Hendry is one of the spokespersons for this orgsnisation, see below.

Hendry lives in the same Country as me but has never offered me support in my campaign work against quack treatments.

I was going to post an update in Neurodiverse UK recently about the court case I was involved in, I could not find the group when I went to search for it.

I tried to find the group under my husbands Facebook account and I could see it immediately.

I then realised I was blocked.

I messaged Ryan Hendry and he said I broke the rules by sharing my video discussing my concerns about the statement in the Autistic Cooperative group.

Ryan didn’t have the decency to message me regarding this issue like most group admins would, instead I was booted and blocked.

Ryan did not address this statement and supported Kieran Rose.

Again no debate!

I then received aggressive messages from John Greally, another self appointed Advocate.

Many people from the Autism community have complained to me about Greally, people saying they fear him and have been victims of his abuse and bullying.

For years I tried to keep a balanced perspective regarding Greally, that was until I experienced his wrath.

I never mentioned Greally in my video, I didn’t even know he was part of Kierans group at the time.

My Mum was rushed to hospital the same time Greally messaged me, Greally was threatening and said he owned the group and other groups too, he seems to also own Kieran and referred to him as his ‘appointee’

I told him my concerns lay with Kieran but he wouldn’t listen.

He then mentioned my sick Mother.

This hurt like hell.

He then blocked me.

Such a professional Advocate hey!

See his messages below.

Greally thinks he is the boss of the Autism community and sadly many people follow him.

I have received messages from members of the Autism community, one woman asked me to share her words, see below.

“So I left the autistic cooperative because of their oppressive mandate that I can’t refer to myself as Aspie in an autism group. An admin messaged me told me I did more harm then good with me leaving. And I told them that I didn’t feel safe in the group anymore because it emotionally bashed people because some random person down the line hurt someone else who happened to be a supremecist and happened to be Aspie at the same time.

Then less then 24 hrs later. I got blacklisted from all the other autism sister groups. So the allies of autistic cooperative and autistics worldwide I was blacklisted from. I was basically shunned for how I identify in my own community because I didn’t want to be painted with the same brush that everyone likes to paint me as. I didn’t want to be demonized. And then I said some things with regards to the groups online…. It wasn’t even on other group pages it was my own personal page. And they blacklisted me. So they intentionally stalked me online to get evidence to shun me from things. This has created an isolating and bullying behaviour that really makes me feel unsafe in the autistic community now. John greally especially because no matter where I look he’s everywhere and he’s always an admin in these groups. If he’s not admin he’s still a moderator. A very powerful one at that. He doesn’t like people who speak up. He’s probably also an Aspie and he’s probably the one putting shit in people’s heads that aspies who identify as aspies are supremecists. So I’ve removed myself from most groups associated with him. I thought I had a safe space with a community that’s accepting. The cooperative was just the beginning of people trying to blacklist people. And it’s unfortunate because this bullshit is just creating a further divide amongst us”

By Mizheekay Ikway.

Others told me they were thrown out of this group too and felt confused and hurt.

Greally and Co are bullying the people they are claiming to be advocating for.

I want the Autism community to feel safe and not afraid to express themselves.

Aspergers/Autistic who cares.

Love and respect each other!

Trolls Posing As Activists

Last Thursday I went to court with the Irish Authorities (HPRA), I was a witness in a very important case concerning a man who manufactured and sold MMS BLEACH to Autistic children.

This was my third time in court regarding this awful issue.

Patrick Merlehan was found guilty in 2016, read about this here.

He appealed his case, last Thursday Merlehan lost his appeal, this means his conviction now stands, read more about this here.

There is only one other person convicted in the world in relation to this BLEACH product, one Daniel Smith from Washington, read about him here.

After nearly five years campaigning against this BLEACH product I felt such relief knowing that Merlehans conviction will be upheld.

My campaign work has been very hard and upsetting, the abuse I have seen, the threats and abuse I have received from MMS quacks and their cohorts has taken its toll on my health and my heart.

Read more about this here.

Many good people sent thanks and positive wishes to me after our win in court.

However I immediately received unpleasant comments on social media.

A person posing as ‘Jan Ology’ attacked me on Twitter.

She shared a post from Scientologist John Wood, a vile blog slandering me.

She then said I had nothing to do with the court case, I was they key witness and the one who made the complaint to the HPRA back in 2014.

She said she would donate to a Go Fund Me page for a one way ticket to Syria for me.

She attacked my appearance, making personal insults about my hair and even discussed my bra?

This person calls herself a campaigner against the Scientology cult.

However she hides her identity and wears a mask.

She dishes out abuse yet is afraid to show her face or name.

I am not the only victim of her abuse.

Many people have contacted me about her behaviour.

On Facebook she uses another fake name ‘Georgina Smith’

See her Facebook account here.

What I find strange is this woman shares posts against Scientology but then works with Scientologists and shares their hate propaganda.

See her supoorting vile Scientologists John Wood and Gemma Harris who promote quack treatments and the banned BLEACH product MMS in screenshot below.

See some more screenshots of her bullying below.

The anti Scientology community need to know that this woman is a fraud and not genuine.

All she does is pick fights and slander activists who are really fighting the Scientology cult and are not afraid to use their REAL names and do not hide behind masks.

Her recent attack proves she doesn’t care about the cause but is more concerned about tearing peoples characters apart.

At least I’m not afraid to show my face.

I’m told her ‘real’ name is Linda, I am told this is her to the left in screenshot below.

This woman also accuses members of our Irish anti Scientology group of sharing Irish rebel songs.

I looked in our group but could not find any rebel songs but so what if they did!

I shared a few rebel songs myself after her crazy comments and she immediately accuses me of supporting the IRA.

The woman needs help and I feel for her truly.

However she will NEVER censor me and maybe one day she will quench her aggression and actually do something constructive.


I live in hope…

Kerri Rivera And Her Bleachers!

I have been campaigning for over four years now, trying to stop the bleach cult and their vile abusive MMS/CD BLEACH protocol.

Autistic children are being tortured, forced to drink this poisonous substance and forced to have burning BLEACH enemas.

Learn more about this torture here, here and here.

Emma Dalmayne, along with myself and a handful of activists have been campaigning to end this abuse and we were delighted to finally see the founder of the CD protocol Kerri Rivera lose her groups on Facebook recently.

It has taken Facebook many years to act.

However Rivera being the monster she is swiftly created secret groups, CD Autism With Kerrri Rivera was created but we managed to get Facebook to shut it down with the the help of a journalist called Grace.

Her main groups CD Autism and CD Health are now shut down.

Rivera still has secret groups called Keto Kerri and Kerri Rivera Consult, see Keto Kerri below.

Kerri is not only offering the Toxic BLEACH product MMS to Autistic children but she is also selling her own version of the BANNED product GcMAF, see Chondroitin Sulfate below.

Rivera tortures Autistic children further by starving them and placing them on unproven and restricted diets like her Keto Kerri diet.

Another secret group of Kerris is Mod Squad 2.

Mod Squad 2 is a group for Kerri Rivera and her BLEACH team, here they share vile posts, plot and scheme.

Rivera made a video recently about her plans to continue this TORTURE of Autistic children, watch this witch here.

Rivera is now living in Bremerhaven in Germany and is married to an Eye Doctor called Alper Bilgic.

Bilgic gave this BLEACH to his Autistic Son and is supporting Rivera, read more about Bilgic here.

I rang Dr. Bilgics Eye clinic recently and spoke to his colleague Ulla, she knew Kerri Rivera and was horrified when I told her about the BLEACH she is giving to Autistic children. She was in shock, listen to my call with Ulla here.

Ulla gave me a number to contact Dr. Bilgic on and I called him, Bilgic came to the phone but swiftly hung up when he knew it was me, hear my brief call with Bilgic here.

See Bilgic and Kerri below.

Bilgics tiny Son with Bleach witch below.

Bilgic even put his Son in a bath of BLEACH, see below.

This is a DOCTOR abusing his Son with BLEACH!

This Doctor is celebrated in Germany but wait till the Authorities catch up with him.

Bilgic in ‘Doctor’ mode below.

Riveras cohorts include Randy Short, a maniac who has been torturing his Autistic Son for many years now.

Randy is head admin in Riveras groups and tells parents to poison their Autistic children with BLEACH.

Emma Dalmayne and I reported Randy to the US Authorities last year and I am happy to know that they are now investigating him.

His Autistic son Donald told Child Protection Services that he was being molested, BLEACH enemas would explain that!

Randy has had to employ a Lawyer to deal with these charges.

See Randy discuss this in screenshot below.

A German man is also operating Bleach groups on Facebook and assisting Kerri Rivera.

His name is Chris Tiaan, see him below.

Rivera has been advising people to hunt me down and come to my home in West Cork.

She has been getting support from two different email accounts.

One is, Rivera has been receiving emails from this account since 2015, see screenshots below.

My friend helped me trace this email account and I am disgusted to find that it belongs to the FAKE Psychologist Caroline Goldsmith. links to Goldsmiths email, this was the email she communicated with me on, see below.

Goldsmith diagnosed me with Aspergers in 2013, I and others discovered that she was not qualified in 2014.

I received a proper diagnosis from a professional Autism team not long after discovering Goldsmith was a Charlatan.

Goldsmith diagnoses everyone Autistic for a hefty fee!

Sadly we still do not have regulation in Psychology in Ireland and anyone can set up a quack shop and prey on vulnerable people.

Goldsmith was exposed in the Irish Media in 2015, Goldsmith then started to bully and threaten me. I wrote about my awful experience with Goldsmith here.

Goldsmith also helped bring the anti vaccine cult VAXXED to Ireland last year, see her with Polly Tommey below.

Goldsmiths Son Hassan Bal has also been charged with acts of Terrorism, read about this shocking news here.

Goldsmith has been working with Kerri Rivera and her BLEACH cult for three years now, supporting this ABUSE and TORTURE of Autistic children whilst posing as a Psychologist and is diagnosing children and adults in Ireland as we speak.

She has been scamming and exploiting vulnerable people for over ten years now.

The Gardai are aware of her vile behaviour and I am hoping she will be held accountable for her actions soon.

Goldsmith has breached the Data Protection Act by sharing my personal information in emails with Rivera, she has also shared details about my children, my spouse and my address.

She has incited a hate mob against me and instructed Rivera on how to come after me.

Another email shared by Rivera recently is from the fake account

I believe this email account is also Goldsmith, she uses many fake emails in her scam.

Edmurph email advised people to protest my home and gave detailed directions of where I live including the make of my car, see screenshot below.

Goldsmith would have this information about me in her files.

I thought proper ‘Doctors’ were trustworthy and would not use clients personal details to harass and abuse them, however Goldmsith does this because she is a dangerous, unscrupulous QUACK!

I believe Goldsmith is behind all the online abuse, hate petitions and bullying I have suffered over the past three years.

How can Goldsmith work with child abusers and then diagnose children?

I actually feel physically sick thinking about this.

I plan to sue Goldsmith for all the trauma she has inflicted on me and my family.

I am sharing some posts from Kerris groups below and people can see how evil and dangerous these monsters are.

Rivera and Co we are coming for you and you will not escape the arms of justice.

Your days abusing Autistic children are numbered!

Bye Bye Kerri….

Hunted Down By Ahmadiyya Representatives For Exposing Their Quackery!

I wrote a blog about Ahmadi and their links to Scientology and the Quack ‘treatment’ Homeopathy, people can read about this here.

Not long after my blog was published I started to receive abuse on social media from male members of the Ahmadi movement.

The Ahmadi Imam in Ireland Mr. Noonan called on all Ahmadis to report me, see in screenshot below.

Noonan started a witch hunt on Twitter which then led to further harassment on my Youtube channel.

Noonan accuses me of bigotry and defamation because I highlight Ahmadis clear involvement with Scientology and Homeopathy.

Ahmadi Homeopaths are promising vulnerable people miracle cures, claiming they can treat and cure serious diseases and conditions with their sugar pills.

See in screenshots below.

The previous Ahmadi leader was a Homeopath and spread so much misinformation and harm.

He even claimed that Homeopathy could save people from a Nuclear Fallout.

Vulnerable people, especially poor people are trusting Ahmadi and being duped by their snakeoil.

Ahmadi are now building a huge Homeopathic hospital in Pakistan, it is being constructed as we speak, learn more about this here.

I have been talking to a young man in the Ahmadi movement who shares my concerns about their quack treatments.

He says Ahmadis are not allowed to think for themselves and that they must obey their leader.

Ahmadis present leader also believes in this pseudoscience and would have given his support to this new quack hospital.

Homeopathy is a proven fraud.

The NHS and other departments of health are issuing warnings and clamping down on its advertising and sales.

Ahmadi are not concerned about these warnings and this information has been sent to them multiple times.

Their response to this information is that I work for ‘Big Pharma’

Some Ahmadi reps are even accusing me of having a hidden agenda, see below.

Ahmadi are offering this quackery worldwide including Ireland where I live.

Imam Noonan lives in Galway, he has been at the forefront of a hate campaign against me for some time now.

He has harassed me on Twitter, sometimes into the early hours of the morning.

He has reported me to the Police and continues to slander me.

I run a group called Autistic Rights Together, see what Noonan has shared about my group below.

Noonan shared a blog written by a well known quack and anti vaxxer.

This blog is anti LGBT, so I presume Noonan supports these hate filled views also.

Ahmadi have a motto ‘Love for all, Hatred for none’

Well I can confirm that they do not practise what they preach!

In fact they are quite sinister and I believe that this needs to be highlighted.

All the intimidation and abuse I have received has been from men from this movement.

Some comments include F**k Off, why dont you clean your filthy kitchen, comments about ridding Autism from my children and more.

Then there are the comments about how ‘Big Pharma’ are corrupt and trying to stop their Homeopathic ‘cure’

It is the typical quack talk that I am sadly used to, however it seems to be organised and only happened after Noonan gave his orders, it is targeted harassement.

Then Ahmadi love to use the ‘Religious Card’

You are not able to discuss serious concerns or they will cry bigotry.

Imam Noonan is misleading people, he is endorsing pseudoscience and unproven ‘treatments’

The strange thing is, during our conversations on Twitter Noonan managed to keep something very well hidden.

If Noonan is so convinced and happy to endorse Homeopathy why did he not tell us about his wife?

Noonans wife Qanita is a Homeopath but he had not uttered a single word about this.

She has a quack shop in Galway and I called her undercover.

She was so very strange over the phone but told me she ‘treats’ Autistic children.

Homeopaths are offering a bogus treatment called C.E.A.S.E therapy to Autistic children.

The name alone is digusting, it stands for Complete Elimination Of Autistic Spectrum Expression, like the final solution!

Remember Homeopathy is bulls**t.

Imagine an Autistic child hearing this term, eliminating your expression and then subjecting them to this quackery.

Homeopaths charge between 60 and 100 euros for a visit.

Noonans wife wanted 60 euros to experiment on my child with her bogus sugar pills.

Noonan says his wife did not say she would ‘treat’ my Autistic child, listen to my call with Mrs. Noonan here.

Qanita Noonan also endorses anti vaccine nonsense, see below.

Then I see Ahmadi reps saying they do not charge for Homeopathy, well they do!

Some Countries offer this quackery to the very poor, free of charge, many of these people are desperate and suffering from life threatening diseases.

They experiment on and use these poor people for research into their quack industry.

They extract money from those who can afford it and then exploit the poor!

Nobody wins, both rich and poor are being lied too.

Ahmadi are taking vulnerable people away from proper care and people die because of this.

I do not see the Pope peddling quack cures and if he did l would be addressing it also.

This has nothing to do with religion, I expose quacks and Ahmadi are guilty of peddling quack ‘treatments’

This HATE trail is not abating and now I have been told something really concerning.

A guy I know had an interview recently, there were some Muslims reps on the interview panel.

These individuals questioned this guy about me, asking him if he knew me.

It was men from a Dublin mosque. This is not normal, this is somebody at a job interview being questioned about me, a Mother who campaigns against quack treatments.

Am I on an Ahmadi watch list?

Please see screenshots of a handful of comments I have received from Ahmadi reps below.

I will not be censored or set upon.

I am free to voice my concerns about pseudoscience whenever it raises its ugly head.

Love for all, Hatred for none!