Kerri Rivera And Her Bleachers!

I have been campaigning for over four years now, trying to stop the bleach cult and their vile abusive MMS/CD BLEACH protocol.

Autistic children are being tortured, forced to drink this poisonous substance and forced to have burning BLEACH enemas.

Learn more about this torture here, here and here.

Emma Dalmayne, along with myself and a handful of activists have been campaigning to end this abuse and we were delighted to finally see the founder of the CD protocol Kerri Rivera lose her groups on Facebook recently.

It has taken Facebook many years to act.

However Rivera being the monster she is swiftly created secret groups, CD Autism With Kerrri Rivera was created but we managed to get Facebook to shut it down with the the help of a journalist called Grace.

Her main groups CD Autism and CD Health are now shut down.

Rivera still has secret groups called Keto Kerri and Kerri Rivera Consult, see Keto Kerri below.

Kerri is not only offering the Toxic BLEACH product MMS to Autistic children but she is also selling her own version of the BANNED product GcMAF, see Chondroitin Sulfate below.

Rivera tortures Autistic children further by starving them and placing them on unproven and restricted diets like her Keto Kerri diet.

Another secret group of Kerris is Mod Squad 2.

Mod Squad 2 is a group for Kerri Rivera and her BLEACH team, here they share vile posts, plot and scheme.

Rivera made a video recently about her plans to continue this TORTURE of Autistic children, watch this witch here.

Rivera is now living in Bremerhaven in Germany and is married to an Eye Doctor called Alper Bilgic.

Bilgic gave this BLEACH to his Autistic Son and is supporting Rivera, read more about Bilgic here.

I rang Dr. Bilgics Eye clinic recently and spoke to his colleague Ulla, she knew Kerri Rivera and was horrified when I told her about the BLEACH she is giving to Autistic children. She was in shock, listen to my call with Ulla here.

Ulla gave me a number to contact Dr. Bilgic on and I called him, Bilgic came to the phone but swiftly hung up when he knew it was me, hear my brief call with Bilgic here.

See Bilgic and Kerri below.

Bilgics tiny Son with Bleach witch below.

Bilgic even put his Son in a bath of BLEACH, see below.

This is a DOCTOR abusing his Son with BLEACH!

This Doctor is celebrated in Germany but wait till the Authorities catch up with him.

Bilgic in ‘Doctor’ mode below.

Riveras cohorts include Randy Short, a maniac who has been torturing his Autistic Son for many years now.

Randy is head admin in Riveras groups and tells parents to poison their Autistic children with BLEACH.

Emma Dalmayne and I reported Randy to the US Authorities last year and I am happy to know that they are now investigating him.

His Autistic son Donald told Child Protection Services that he was being molested, BLEACH enemas would explain that!

Randy has had to employ a Lawyer to deal with these charges.

See Randy discuss this in screenshot below.

A German man is also operating Bleach groups on Facebook and assisting Kerri Rivera.

His name is Chris Tiaan, see him below.

Rivera has been advising people to hunt me down and come to my home in West Cork.

She has been getting support from two different email accounts.

One is, Rivera has been receiving emails from this account since 2015, see screenshots below.

My friend helped me trace this email account and I am disgusted to find that it belongs to the FAKE Psychologist Caroline Goldsmith. links to Goldsmiths email, this was the email she communicated with me on, see below.

Goldsmith diagnosed me with Aspergers in 2013, I and others discovered that she was not qualified in 2014.

I received a proper diagnosis from a professional Autism team not long after discovering Goldsmith was a Charlatan.

Goldsmith diagnoses everyone Autistic for a hefty fee!

Sadly we still do not have regulation in Psychology in Ireland and anyone can set up a quack shop and prey on vulnerable people.

Goldsmith was exposed in the Irish Media in 2015, Goldsmith then started to bully and threaten me. I wrote about my awful experience with Goldsmith here.

Goldsmith also helped bring the anti vaccine cult VAXXED to Ireland last year, see her with Polly Tommey below.

Goldsmiths Son Hassan Bal has also been charged with acts of Terrorism, read about this shocking news here.

Goldsmith has been working with Kerri Rivera and her BLEACH cult for three years now, supporting this ABUSE and TORTURE of Autistic children whilst posing as a Psychologist and is diagnosing children and adults in Ireland as we speak.

She has been scamming and exploiting vulnerable people for over ten years now.

The Gardai are aware of her vile behaviour and I am hoping she will be held accountable for her actions soon.

Goldsmith has breached the Data Protection Act by sharing my personal information in emails with Rivera, she has also shared details about my children, my spouse and my address.

She has incited a hate mob against me and instructed Rivera on how to come after me.

Another email shared by Rivera recently is from the fake account

I believe this email account is also Goldsmith, she uses many fake emails in her scam.

Edmurph email advised people to protest my home and gave detailed directions of where I live including the make of my car, see screenshot below.

Goldsmith would have this information about me in her files.

I thought proper ‘Doctors’ were trustworthy and would not use clients personal details to harass and abuse them, however Goldmsith does this because she is a dangerous, unscrupulous QUACK!

I believe Goldsmith is behind all the online abuse, hate petitions and bullying I have suffered over the past three years.

How can Goldsmith work with child abusers and then diagnose children?

I actually feel physically sick thinking about this.

I plan to sue Goldsmith for all the trauma she has inflicted on me and my family.

I am sharing some posts from Kerris groups below and people can see how evil and dangerous these monsters are.

Rivera and Co we are coming for you and you will not escape the arms of justice.

Your days abusing Autistic children are numbered!

Bye Bye Kerri….

5 thoughts on “Kerri Rivera And Her Bleachers!

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  2. The only thing your blog proves is that you are a very skilled but unhinged stalker. following individuals over the world on a wild crazed goose chase with a series of calls and stalking behaviour and false allegations.

    Nobody is abusing kids and MMS is not bleach on any level. You r ego has given you a false mission =. Maybe its not autism you have but an obsessive condition. You are in nee of help an should stop stalking lovely people. Maybe turn your skills to something less evil and more productive for autiasm?
    MMS is proven as safe for consumption – I use it myself and have save my life with it. It would be a cure for all humanity to use and love but you are not clever or educate enough to see that or do proper research. I think you may believe in your head you are a good person but believe me you are doing more harm to our community than anyone. You are not an advocate or a hero or speaking the truth. You have not one shred of evidence behind you and you have not even researched this topic. I hope you will one day realise that that you are helping to shut down a cure that could save and help the most poorest people in the world. Praying for you Fiona and your family.


    • Hi Charisse, thanks for the prayers but I think AMJ needs them now, not me.
      It’s sad you still believe in the bleach cult but then you are brainwashed.
      It is never too late to walk away.
      Best wishes Fiona


  3. Fiona,

    First of all, I’m a women with Asperger’s and my older brother has autism as well. I agree that MMS is dangerous chemical that is harming children in the autism community. Parents are doing it out of fear, because it’s the only way out. This so-call cure should be illegal everywhere in the world. I’m glad MMS is banned in Ireland and Canada, but I’m not so sure about US. I hope MMS is already banned in America.


  4. This is hilarious, if people want to drink bleach I say let them. I’ll just be eating my popcorn while people work on earning their Darwin Awards.


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