Trolls Posing As Activists

Last Thursday I went to court with the Irish Authorities (HPRA), I was a witness in a very important case concerning a man who manufactured and sold MMS BLEACH to Autistic children.

This was my third time in court regarding this awful issue.

Patrick Merlehan was found guilty in 2016, read about this here.

He appealed his case, last Thursday Merlehan lost his appeal, this means his conviction now stands, read more about this here.

There is only one other person convicted in the world in relation to this BLEACH product, one Daniel Smith from Washington, read about him here.

After nearly five years campaigning against this BLEACH product I felt such relief knowing that Merlehans conviction will be upheld.

My campaign work has been very hard and upsetting, the abuse I have seen, the threats and abuse I have received from MMS quacks and their cohorts has taken its toll on my health and my heart.

Read more about this here.

Many good people sent thanks and positive wishes to me after our win in court.

However I immediately received unpleasant comments on social media.

A person posing as ‘Jan Ology’ attacked me on Twitter.

She shared a post from Scientologist John Wood, a vile blog slandering me.

She then said I had nothing to do with the court case, I was they key witness and the one who made the complaint to the HPRA back in 2014.

She said she would donate to a Go Fund Me page for a one way ticket to Syria for me.

She attacked my appearance, making personal insults about my hair and even discussed my bra?

This person calls herself a campaigner against the Scientology cult.

However she hides her identity and wears a mask.

She dishes out abuse yet is afraid to show her face or name.

I am not the only victim of her abuse.

Many people have contacted me about her behaviour.

On Facebook she uses another fake name ‘Georgina Smith’

See her Facebook account here.

What I find strange is this woman shares posts against Scientology but then works with Scientologists and shares their hate propaganda.

See her supoorting vile Scientologists John Wood and Gemma Harris who promote quack treatments and the banned BLEACH product MMS in screenshot below.

See some more screenshots of her bullying below.

The anti Scientology community need to know that this woman is a fraud and not genuine.

All she does is pick fights and slander activists who are really fighting the Scientology cult and are not afraid to use their REAL names and do not hide behind masks.

Her recent attack proves she doesn’t care about the cause but is more concerned about tearing peoples characters apart.

At least I’m not afraid to show my face.

I’m told her ‘real’ name is Linda, I am told this is her to the left in screenshot below.

This woman also accuses members of our Irish anti Scientology group of sharing Irish rebel songs.

I looked in our group but could not find any rebel songs but so what if they did!

I shared a few rebel songs myself after her crazy comments and she immediately accuses me of supporting the IRA.

The woman needs help and I feel for her truly.

However she will NEVER censor me and maybe one day she will quench her aggression and actually do something constructive.


I live in hope…

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