The Aspergers/Autistic Divide

I was diagnosed with Aspergers in 2013, Aspergers is part of Autism Spectrum Condition.

Read about Aspergers here.

Two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum, my eldest Son has a diagnosis of Autism and my other Son a diagnosis of Aspergers.

Those with Aspergers are often portrayed as ‘high functioning’, sometimes displaying savant abilities.

Savant abilities are very rare and not a true depiction of Aspergers.

My Son who is diagnosed with Aspergers does not have savant abilities, he has average IQ, has many challenges and needs daily supports.

My Son with an Autism diagnosis also has challenges coupled with a learning disability.

Both my Sons need support.

Some Autism campaigners are against the term Aspergers and are accusing those that use this term of being elitist, damaging and supremacists.

I have no problem with either the Aspergers or Autistic term and do not see any evidence of an overflow of supremacy with those who refer to themselves as ‘Aspergers’

There are individuals who will behave badly within the Autism community, feeling that they are better than or more superior than others on the Autism spectrum.

I have witnessed this nasty behaviour on social media.

However I do not see those using the term Aspergers as the main offenders of this elitist behaviour, this supremacy can be seen from those identifying as both Autistic and Aspergers.

Autism Spectrum Condition is not the cause for this narcissistic behaviour.

In fact I am witnessing more supremacy from those who identify themselves as Autistic lately.

The term Aspergers was removed from the DSM-5 in 2013 but many Doctors and Clinicians still use the term to this day.

Read more about diagnostic manuals and the DSM- 5 here.

I have no problem with either the Aspergers or Autistic term and use both terms regularly.

I campaign against quack ‘treatments’ and I have stood in the Irish courts to help prosecute Charlatans who peddle these ‘treatments’ to Autistic children, read about our success in the Irish courts recently here.

I support debate and discussion and if someone has concerns I believe they should be free to voice those concerns.

Recently I was added to a Facebook group without my consent.

This group is called the Autistic Cooperative, it is a secret group with around 500 members.

I do not like people adding me to groups unless I know what they are about.

This group has a charter of rights and rules you must adhere to, there is no room for debate or discussion.

These rules have been made by admins who possess very rigid and inflexible views.

I find this most concerning, members are not free to challenge these rigid views and if they ask questions they are removed and blocked.

I know as this was my brief experience in this group.

I challenged a statement shared by admin Kieran Rose.

See this statement in screenshots below.

This statement is contradictory and filled with misinformation.

It is not about inclusion but more about dictatorship and divide.

They say ‘if you use Aspergers, you are not promoting Neurodiversity’

What utter nonsense!

Kieran warns people that if they identify themselves as ‘Aspie’ they will not remain.

Imagine a vulnerable Asperger/Autistic person facing this bullying behaviour, joining a group for support to be met with this controlling and threatening rhetoric.

Then implying that Aspergers is damaging and promotes exclusion.

These comments are incorrect and downright disgusting.

I do not believe I am damaging others or promoting exclusion, I work hard to protect the Autism community from quack treatments. I believe we need to be mixing with all different groups in society and not forming cults that do not accept others which will only lead to conflict and divide.

What I find most disgusting is this groups inability to discuss concerns.

When I raised my concerns about this statement I was set upon and was told I had to stick to their rules or I would be removed.

One person compared Autism to Religion, Kieran Rose author of this statement said he was disappointed with me, see in screenshot below.

Kierans words are again untrue and very hurtful, implying that the Aspergers term is linked to ‘cures’ is unacceptable and a personal insult.

I felt like I was in a far right group, a cult of sorts.

See some more comments I received from members in screenshots below.

I tried to express my concerns politely but within minutes I was removed and blocked.

I then tried to reach out to Kieran Rose on Facebook, see below.

He never replied, I made another attempt a week later but nothing.

Kieran calls himself an Advocate?

But only if you agree with his terms and rules, he will not permit debate or discussion, is that an Advocate?

I don’t think so.

My Son could meet this bullying and misinformed rhetoric online in future years, the Autism community needs to be aware of groups like Autistic Cooperative.

I was so angered by this group, kieran, and his statement that I decided to make a video voicing my concerns, watch here.

I shared this video on my Facebook timeline and in some groups, one of them was Neurodiverse UK, see below.

This group is led by those connected to the Autism organisation Autistic UK.

Ryan Hendry is one of the spokespersons for this orgsnisation, see below.

Hendry lives in the same Country as me but has never offered me support in my campaign work against quack treatments.

I was going to post an update in Neurodiverse UK recently about the court case I was involved in, I could not find the group when I went to search for it.

I tried to find the group under my husbands Facebook account and I could see it immediately.

I then realised I was blocked.

I messaged Ryan Hendry and he said I broke the rules by sharing my video discussing my concerns about the statement in the Autistic Cooperative group.

Ryan didn’t have the decency to message me regarding this issue like most group admins would, instead I was booted and blocked.

Ryan did not address this statement and supported Kieran Rose.

Again no debate!

I then received aggressive messages from John Greally, another self appointed Advocate.

Many people from the Autism community have complained to me about Greally, people saying they fear him and have been victims of his abuse and bullying.

For years I tried to keep a balanced perspective regarding Greally, that was until I experienced his wrath.

I never mentioned Greally in my video, I didn’t even know he was part of Kierans group at the time.

My Mum was rushed to hospital the same time Greally messaged me, Greally was threatening and said he owned the group and other groups too, he seems to also own Kieran and referred to him as his ‘appointee’

I told him my concerns lay with Kieran but he wouldn’t listen.

He then mentioned my sick Mother.

This hurt like hell.

He then blocked me.

Such a professional Advocate hey!

See his messages below.

Greally thinks he is the boss of the Autism community and sadly many people follow him.

I have received messages from members of the Autism community, one woman asked me to share her words, see below.

“So I left the autistic cooperative because of their oppressive mandate that I can’t refer to myself as Aspie in an autism group. An admin messaged me told me I did more harm then good with me leaving. And I told them that I didn’t feel safe in the group anymore because it emotionally bashed people because some random person down the line hurt someone else who happened to be a supremecist and happened to be Aspie at the same time.

Then less then 24 hrs later. I got blacklisted from all the other autism sister groups. So the allies of autistic cooperative and autistics worldwide I was blacklisted from. I was basically shunned for how I identify in my own community because I didn’t want to be painted with the same brush that everyone likes to paint me as. I didn’t want to be demonized. And then I said some things with regards to the groups online…. It wasn’t even on other group pages it was my own personal page. And they blacklisted me. So they intentionally stalked me online to get evidence to shun me from things. This has created an isolating and bullying behaviour that really makes me feel unsafe in the autistic community now. John greally especially because no matter where I look he’s everywhere and he’s always an admin in these groups. If he’s not admin he’s still a moderator. A very powerful one at that. He doesn’t like people who speak up. He’s probably also an Aspie and he’s probably the one putting shit in people’s heads that aspies who identify as aspies are supremecists. So I’ve removed myself from most groups associated with him. I thought I had a safe space with a community that’s accepting. The cooperative was just the beginning of people trying to blacklist people. And it’s unfortunate because this bullshit is just creating a further divide amongst us”

By Mizheekay Ikway.

Others told me they were thrown out of this group too and felt confused and hurt.

Greally and Co are bullying the people they are claiming to be advocating for.

I want the Autism community to feel safe and not afraid to express themselves.

Aspergers/Autistic who cares.

Love and respect each other!

3 thoughts on “The Aspergers/Autistic Divide

  1. When I first read about this on your timeline, in particular about Greally, I checked my friends list and he was on it. I unfriended him immediately.

    But then I saw something that I’m not sure you noticed – and I hate to mention it but it’s true.

    Emma is Greally’s wife.

    Sorry, but when I saw that I unfriended her as well and got out of her group (whatever the name was).

    Setting rules like that is divisive. Autism isn’t a religion. It’s a natural way of being. It’s a Spectrum. Yes, Asperger’s is still diagnosed, but honestly I wish it wasn’t because it feeds this feeling of supremacy that you mentioned. I was DXed was Asperger’s in 1997. It was updated to Autism in 2013. We are all Autistic. That’s just the way it is. We need to work together, and setting unrealistic rules like this just divides us and allows the haters who yell at us for being “retarded”, “vaccine-injured” and so on have a victory. And so do those Autistics who hate being Autistic and want a cure.

    That’s what Kieran, Ryan and John are promoting in effect. A continuation of that nonsense. We need to fight the haters, both on our side (that is the ones who want a cure) and the ones against us. We aren’t going to get the laws in place that we all need if this rock solid routine of theirs that belongs at the lower end of the Spectrum (and I say that NOT to put down the low functioning) continues. Flexibility is essential – within reason of course – but being totally black and white will not get the job done. That’s a fact, and it always has been and it always will be.


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