Kieran O’Byrne CCIPR And Scientology PR/Narconon Spokesperson For Ireland

I wrote about Kieran O’Byrne of CCIPR communications and his shilling for the Scientology cult before, read about Kieran here.

Kieran is respected by many in his field and has worked for big names such as Esso, Disney, IBM, and more.

Kieran has also been involved in the SwiftQueue campaign supported by the HSE and NHS, see in screenshot below.

Kieran has been working with pro-science organisations but has since thrown science, responsibility and ethics out the window.

His passion and drive is MONEY!

I grew up in a family business and my Father used to tell me that reputation and customer satisfaction is everything.

He was right!

However Kieran does not seem to care about reputation.

The majority of people despise Scientology and all that is represents.

Their brainwashing, exploitation and promotion of quack treatments make it nothing short of a criminal gang.

Scientology is NOT a religion in Ireland but they are gaining a foothold here in recent months.

A new Centre at Firhouse is already reeking havoc, read more about this here, here and here.

Now this CULT wants to open their bogus quack facility NARCONON in Ballivor Co. Meath.

Read about this terrifying development here, here and here.

Narconon is a recipe for DEATH!

Narconon has been shut down in some Countries because of their bogus quack protocols, read more about this here.

There have been many deaths linked to Narconon, four deaths occured over a period of three years at their Arrowhead facility, learn about this here and here.

Vulnerable people, mostly young people are being experimented on, abused and brainwashed.

Families are handing out fees of 20,000 pounds or more to these quacks, these crooks.

I went undercover and posed interest at their UK Narconon facility recently, read about the horror of my experience here.

I sent my information to the CQC (Care Quality Commission) who oversee Narconon UK, they are investigating my concerns as we speak.

Kieran says he is not a Scientologist?

How can a ‘respectable’ business man promote Science and then support a CULT that experiments on vulnerable children and adults, a cult that KILLS people.

How can Kieran protect this CULT, protect their staff who threaten to BEAT Autistic children, learn about this here and here.

A Cult that imprisons their staff, promotes slave labour, interrogation, beatings and more.

How can Kieran support a CULT that experiments on Autistic children, a CULT that tells parents they can CURE Autism?

This is what Kieran and his company CCIPR are endorsing.

I have contacted Kieran several times.

Hear a call that I had with Kieran here.

Kieran seems to be involved in many projects and is even involved with BirdWatch Ireland, see in screenshots below.

He seems to be a board member for many groups, see above.

You can safely say that Kieran is an educated man and fully aware of the dangers of this CULT.

He is not naive.

I recently heard that Kieran is reaching out to members of the Ballivor community.

He wants to talk about Narconon and is posing as a spokesperson for Narconon Ireland.

My husband decided to call Kieran undercover to see if he could get any information.

Kieran was excited when my husband asked about Narconon, he told my husband that he was planning to talk to the local people of Ballivor about Narconon, in a bid to reassure them.

He asked my husband if he had someone interested in attending Narconon and offered my husband support with that.

Hear the call Kieran had with my husband here.

Kieran has gone from PR for Departments of Health to full blown QUACK promoter.

All Kierans clients should be contacted and alerted to this serious issue.

I am sure the HSE would not want to be connected to a PR firm that endorses dangerous pseudoscience.

Then I discover that Kieran has registered himself on the website.

I rang today and spoke to a lovely woman who went through Kierans ‘Returns’ with me over the phone.

Kieran is meant to be transparent about what he is lobbying for but apparently he has not done that.

I told all about Kieran and his work with the Scientology CULT.

He is now being investigated by this department as a result of my concerns.

See what Kierans ‘Intended Results’ are below.

Kieran wants to lobby Polticians so they will be brainwashed into supporting the Scientology CULTS Ideals!

These are Kierans ‘Intended Results’

This is batshit crazy!

Most ‘Intended Results’ include a lengthy description but Kieran managed one sentence, well done Kieran!

The lady I made my complaint to was also shocked by Kierans wording and vagueness and the fact that he did not disclose fully what his projects were about, but that’s Scientology in a nutshell hey!

See Kierans Returns here.

This is again more proof of how sneaky and deceptive this CULT is.


Kieran cannot be trusted, he has joined forces with this lethal CULT.

Please support our upcoming protest against Scientology and NARCONON, see details here.

Kieran is not our friend and we must fight these monstrous people and hope that we can keep our loved ones safe from these CHARLATANS!

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