Exposing Jewells Victims And Her Vile Behaviour

Charlatan Amanda Mary Jewell has been exposed in the media recently, read here.

She is a documented quack who is hell bent on destroying vulnerable peoples lives.

I want to introduce you to some of her victims.

One is a sixteen year old boy suffering from Brain Cancer.

His name is Graysen Richardson.

Unfortunately Graysens Mother Emel believes in quack treatments and has already taken her Son to visit this quack in Belize.

I wrote a blog about Amanda Mary Jewell recently, read here.

A man called Carl Flint Richardson reached out to me on Facebook not long after my blog was published, he told me his Son had been a client of Amanda Marys at her clinic in Belize.

We spoke on the phone and then we exchanged emails.

Carl Flint Richardson is Graysens Dad and he told me he wanted Amanda Mary to be reported to the authorities.

He told me he did not consent to his Son going to Amanda Marys clinic and that it was the fault of his wife Emel.

He told me he was in Rehab at the time of his Son attending this quack.

He told me 25,000 dollars was wired to Amanda Mary Jewells bank account.

This was his Sons college fund, every penny was given to this charlatan.

He told me his Son suffered trauma at this quack clinic, Amanda Mary and some bogus nurse were injecting his Son with banned unregulated blood product GcMAF and bogus Stem Cells.

He said his Son had a Cat Scan after visiting this quack clinic, the scan confirmed that there were cavities in this poor boys brain.

Carl believes this is because of the bogus ‘treatments’ Amanda Mary gave to his Son.

Carl promised me he would speak publicly about this abuse and experimentation, this is criminal behaviour.

I recorded our call hoping I would not have to release it.

However Carl has not spoken out and is still allowing his Son to be experimented on by this quack.

He told me his wife is injecting the banned, unregulated blood product GcMAF into his Son.

She is purchasing this dangerous product from Amanda Mary Jewell.

GcMAF is being shipped from Jewell directly to the Richardsons home in America.

I asked Carl to get me the product and take a photo of it for me.

See screenshots of this product which Carl sent me on Whatsapp below.

This product is ILLEGAL!

Read about GcMAF investigations here.

I told Carl that they could get in trouble for purchasing these products and told him to tell his wife the same.

Please listen to my call with Graysens Dad here.

Carls wife Emel was not very friendly when we spoke on Facebook messenger, I tried to offer advice but she was very rude.

She blocked me and put up a post warning people about me, Amanda Mary commented on that post and shared my home address.

Not long after Emel posted I started to receive vile emails from Amanda Mary, then came the defamatory blogs and a Radio show slandering me and my family.

See messages and posts in screenshots below.

Amanda Mary accuses me of being responsible for the deaths of 100 ‘Holistic’ Doctors, see below.

See some more of Amanda Marys defamtion below.

Amanda Mary even got her buddies from the Genesis II BLEACH cult to threaten me, see Dawn Edwards in screenshots below.

See emails from Amanda Mary, one is discussing 16 year old Graysens Brain Tumours.

Amanda Mary has been sharing the Go Fund Me page created by Emel Richardson.

The Belize authorities have sent emails confirming that they are investigating Amanda Mary and also spoke to me on Facebook messenger, see below.

Another victim of Amanda Mary is Tammy McClure from the US.

Tammy has Breast Cancer and was connected to Amanda Mary via a man called Lance Jordan.

Lance is part of Bonita Wellness.

Lance told Tammy that Amanda Mary could help her Breast Cancer, see email correspondence with Tammy, Lance and Amanda Mary below.

Amanda Mary then created a ‘Healing Oracle’ Protocol for Tammys stage 4 Breast Cancer.

A protocol offering unapproved, bogus and banned products, see this protocol below.

Tammy is vulnerable and this quack is abusing and experimenting on her with unproven, banned and dangerous products.

Tammy then decided to purchase Cannabis Oil from Amanda Mary, see this quacks information about her CBD oil below.

Tammy paid 600 dollars via PayPal for this oil, it arrived in a tin can, it is not proper CBD oil, there was no information supplied regarding its properties, THC content etc, no instructions were given. See this oil in screenshots below.

Tammy asked Amanda Mary for a refund.

Amanda Mary refused and instead chose to bully this woman who is suffering from Cancer.

She even accuses this woman of being from Ireland and says she is connected to me.

I never knew Tammy until she reached out to me recently, she lives in America and I phoned her there.

See Tammy complaining to Amanda Mary below.

See Amanda Marys response to Tammy below.

Amanda calls herself a ‘Cancer Researcher’

Imagine a REAL Doctor treating their patients this way.

Tammy fortunately could not afford Amanda Marys bogus GcMAF but she told me that she knew a woman with Cancer who purchased GcMAF from Amanda and suffered serious side effects.

This woman gave Amanda Mary thousands of dollars.

I also spoke to Amanda Marys ex husband Doug Jewell, he didn’t have anything positive to say about her either.

Doug is no saint and was just as involved in their quack scams but he assures me he has completely walked away from Amanda Mary.

Hear Dougs call here.

The Belize news stations are also exposing Jewell, see below.

If people still trust this charlatan after reading this I pity you.

Would you trust this quack with your insides?

Anyone supporting or protecting this quack is hurting vulnerable adults and children.

Think of Graysen and all the other victims who have sadly passed away, they were never CURED by this con artist.

Please share this blog and help us STOP this quack from causing further harm to vulnerable people.

2 thoughts on “Exposing Jewells Victims And Her Vile Behaviour

  1. Well done Fiona . Amanda Mary/ watts/Heath / loads of alias. She is an ex hard core porn star who dropped out is school with no qualifications. She has conned many people out of hundreds of thousands of pounds. She is a very sick minded THING who is seriously out of control and needs locking away in a very secure unit .


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