Chelation Ireland Experiments On Autistic Children And Vulnerable People With Unproven,Unregulated And Bogus Treatments

Meet Dr. Thomas Edward Gabriel Stewart, a registered Doctor who has a practise in Co. Laois Ireland. His registration number is 000853 as listed on the Irish Medical Council website.

He has a website called Chelation Ireland.

He offers Chelation therapy to patients with heart disease and other health conditions, he also advocates Chelation as a ‘treatment’ for Autism.

Chelation is not approved for Autism and many children suffer serious side effects, some children have died, read here here and here.

I campaign against quack treatments and in 2014 I rang Dr. Stewarts clinic undercover and posed interest in Chelation, B12 Injections and MMS BLEACH also known as CD Chlorine Dioxide.

I spoke to Dr. Stewarts assistant Shannyn.

Shannyn told me that Dr. Stewart does give Chelation to Autistic children along with B12 injections, she told me he charges 150 euros an hour.

I mentioned Kerri Riveras CD BLEACH protocol, she said she had heard of it and told me that I should contact a Naturopath that works with Dr. Stewart called Anne Darcy.

Please hear my phone call with Shannyn here.

Shannyn gave me Darcys number, I called Darcy and left a voice message.

Darcy phoned me back and our conversation was terrifying.

Darcy told me she had just come back from the vile AutismOne conference in Chicago.

She had attended a seminar by Kerri Rivera and was so excited by her CD BLEACH protocol.

She told me that Autism was all about the worms and I should start my Autistic children on this BLEACH straight away.

Darcy was planning to open a clinic to offer this toxic BLEACH and her only concern was were the Irish people brave enough.

Brave enough to abuse and torture their Autistic children with BLEACH!

Listen to my call with Darcy here.

The Times exposed Darcy in 2016, read here.

Please see some disturbing posts/images we took from Kerri Riveras BLEACH group CD Autism below.

Kerri Rivera doesn’t care and celebrates her BLEACH with a bottoms up!

Our campaign work had led to MMS BLEACH being banned in Ireland, read recent report here.

Dr. Stewart is hurting Autistic children and vulnerable people with these bogus therapies and making great profit in the process.

Read more about Stewart here.

Stewart has removed a lot of his quackery from his website, I suppose he does this to cover his ass.

Last Summer 2017 I rang his clinic again and posed interest undercover regarding another quack treatment he was advertising.

This ‘treatment’ is intravenous (IV) Hydrogen Peroxide, again another unapproved and dangerous treatment.

Read about a woman who died from this quackery here.

His assistant Shannyn spoke to me about the ‘benefits’ of Hydrogen Peroxide for various conditions inlcuding Heart disease, Cancer and even Asthma!

She told me Stewart was having difficulties sourcing Hydrogen Peroxide but it was being offered to vulnerable people up until Summer 2017.

Hear my call with Shannyn here.

I went to the Wayback machine and found the following information on Stewarts Chelation Ireland website, see in screenshots below.

See Dr. Stewarts recent price list below.

This QUACK is endangering children and adults lives.

I will be reporting this ‘Doctor’ to the Irish Medical Council and I hope he is struck off!

One thought on “Chelation Ireland Experiments On Autistic Children And Vulnerable People With Unproven,Unregulated And Bogus Treatments

  1. This is horrifying. I am sorry that autistic people, young and old are being tortured and abused with these poisons. On top of that, they are being swindled out of their hard earned funds which many can ill afford.


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