NarCONon Staff Member Using And Endorsing Banned Bleach Product MMS

Narconon is a drug rehab run by the Scientology cult.

It charges vulnerable people thousands of pounds for a programme based on the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Narconons ‘treatment’ plan is not evidence based and reeks of pseudoscience.

Vulnerable young people have died at Narconon Rehabs and some Narconon centres have been shut down.

Learn more about Narconon here, here and here.

Narconon has centres all around the world and will be opening Narconon Ireland in Co. Meath Ireland in the near future.

I would like to focus on their UK facility which opened in 2015.

Narconon UK is based in East Sussex, the executive director is Scientologist Sheila Maclean. I have written about Shiela and Narconon UK in the past, read here.

See Sheila in all her glory below.

Chris Lomas works at Narconon UK, see Chris below.

I am told that Chris is a Scientologist.

I spoke to Chris last year when I rang Narconon UK, Chris handles bookings and guides potential victims, luring them into this quack hell.

See Chris comment on my video against Narconon last year below.

I recently found posts on Facebook where Chris Lomas discusses banned toxic bleach product MMS.

MMS was created by ex Scientologist Jim Humble of the Genesis II church cult.

Lomas is using this lethal bleach product and recommending it to others, claimimg it CURES and TREATS various condtions, including Autism.

See Chris promote this lethal bleach product in recent posts below.

I have been campaigning against MMS for nearly five years now, our campaign work has led to MMS being banned in Ireland in 2016, read more about this here.

Chris even directs vulnerable people to a website to purchase this bleach.

The website is WPS Solutions.

WPS Solutions do not give a contact phone number or information of where they are based, they do this to circumvent the law as they know what they are doing is wrong and illegal in many Countries including Ireland.

I posed interested undercover and sent an email to WPS Solutions.

I asked where they were based and if they shipped MMS to Ireland.

They told me they were based in the UK and confirmed they can send MMS to Ireland.

I then asked about using MMS for Autism.

They said they could not talk about MMS for Autism as it is not ‘scientifically proven’

Actually admitting this BLEACH is PSEUDOSCIENCE.

It does not stop them selling it to parents of Autistic children though.

See my conversation with WPS below.

It is bad enough Chris Lomas working for the Scientology cult but to see a prominent Narconon staff member promoting an illegal bleach product to ‘treat’ and ‘cure’ conditions like Autism is criminal.

Two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum and I have Aspergers.

The quacks peddling this bleach are exploiting the Autistic community and play a significant role in the ABUSE and TORTURE of vulnerable children.

Autistic children and adults are forced to drink this BLEACH all day long, then they are pinned down whilst burning bleach enemas are forced into their bodies.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide) is BLEACH fact!

It corrodes and burns the body inside and out.

Common side effects include vomiting, burns on skin, liver and kidney failure, shedding of intestinal tissue, pink urine, breathing difficulties, seizures and more.

A woman died from ingesting MMS.

See some side effects of this TORTURE in screenshots taken from BLEACH group CD Autism below.

I decided to message Chris Lomas on Facebook and explain how dangerous MMS is and alert him to the fact that what he is doing is effectively endagering vulnerable adults and childrens lives.

Chris admits that he works for Narconon UK but ignores my concerns regarding MMS.

Instead he gloats about MMS and said he discovered MMS via my campaign work and thanked me, he says he owes me one.

This is a Scientology/Narconon spokespersons twisted, uncaring and vile response to this ABUSE of vulnerable children.

Then cowardly Chris blocked me, see some screenshots below.

I tried ringing executive director of Narconon Sheila Maclean but she did not respond, I sent her text messages also.

I then rang Narconon UK to make a complaint about Lomas.

I spoke to some guy called Dylan who was clueless, but after me persisting he finally directed me to a woman who he said would deal with my concerns regarding Lomas.

I gave my name to this woman but this Narconon representative would not give me hers.

Instead she chuckled when I said who I was and told me she could not continue our phone call.

Please listen to my call with this Narconon representative here.

This is the behaviour of a drug rehab listed on the CQC and NHS websites.

Anyone supporting MMS is supporting the abuse suffered by Autistic children and adults, Chris Lomas and NARCONON can now be added to this list.

Narconon and Scientology always deny any connection to MMS but truth is they support this toxic bleach.

Jim Humble was a Scientologist, UK Scientologist Gemma Harris supports MMS

Now Narconon UK staff are endorsing it!

People need to know the dangers of Scientology and Narconon.

Their only goal is to make money and recruit more victims for their insidious cult.

The authorities must shut down these fraudulent and shameless quacks!

Hale Clinic Harley Street London Selling Unproven Quack Treatments For Autism

I have recently discovered the Hale Clinic in Harley Street London.

It was apparently opened in the eighties by Prince Charles, see Princess Diana leaving the clinic in screenshot below.

This clinic is packed with pseudoscience and quack treatments.

They are many quacks working there and treating every condition you can think of.

My interest is Autism, two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum and I have a diagnosis of Aspergers.

I have seen many misinformed definitions of Autism but the Hale clinic really wins the trophy for most misinformed.

See Hale clinics definition of Autism here.

The Jigsaw puzzle!

Then comes the dangerous misinformation about vaccines.

An imbalance of energies?

Healers describe?

What on earth, this is a private clinic in Harley Street London.

I rang the Hale clinic undercover posing interest for my Autistic children.

The friendly and ill informed secretary Cleo suggested that I see their Homeopath Linda Crawford and said she was wonderful at ‘treating’ Autism.

She also suggested a Healer called John McGrath.

John can ‘treat’ Autism by waving his hands over you.

Wow, amazing!

Homeopath Crawford charges £100 per consult, Healer John charges £150.

I gave Cleo the secretary my telephone number and yesterday (Sunday morning) I received a text from Homeopath Linda Crawford, odd to contact me at the weekend I thought.

I rang Linda and we spoke about my Autistic Son and her ‘treatments’

Linda was very confident and said she had been ‘treating’ Autistic children for 24 years.

She said she would start by giving my Son a Bio-resonance full body scan, this is another quack treatment used by charlatans, read more about this nonsense here and here.

She said she would need to put a harness around my Sons head to perform this bogus experiment, I know that a harness on the head would be torture for many Autistic children due to sensory issues.

Linda then jumped straight into the debunked MMR theory, most Homeopaths support anti vaccine propaganda and even offer homeopathic vaccines.

Linda said that there is a possibility the MMR may have caused my Sons Autism.

She said her bogus Bio-resonance scan could detect the causes of Autism in my Son.

She said the Bio-resonance scan will cover vaccines, pathogens, foods and more.

Linda also suggested that my Son may have to remove certain foods from his diet, she is not a dietician and removing foods based on a bogus quack scan is dangerous and puts children at risk.

After my Son is experimented on by Lindas bogus scan she will then prescribe a ‘treatment’ protocol which will include sugar pills and possible changes in his diet.

Linda also talked about dangerous Chelation therapy.

She also suggested that I delay my Sons Men C vaccine booster which is due to be administered in his school this week.

Linda told me to delay the vaccine until after my appointment with her, she said I should lie to the school and say my Son is ill to avoid him getting the vaccine.

You can listen to my call with Linda here.

I am so sick of quacks experimenting on Autistic children with unproven, unregulated and bogus treatments.

My Sons deserve better than this as do all Autistic people.

Leave our kids alone quacks!

Narconon Ireland, Meet Scientology Cults Team Of Quacks!

I expose and report quacks and cults.

Scientology sells pseudoscience and quack protocols, they are most noted for their bogus and dangerous Purification Rundown.

We are trying to stop the spread of Scientology and their many scams.

We have held protests and are lobbying politicians in an attempt to bring in legislation to stop this cults dangerous quackery.

Read more about Scientology and their quackery here, here and here.

Scientology appears to have the hots for Ireland and have opened centres here in recent years.

Now they are opening Narconon, a bogus drug rehab facility which has been linked to multiple deaths and is banned in many Countries.

Narconon is a front group for Scientology and is basically another one of their scams.

Narconon experiment on vulnerable people who are suffering from addiction, they offer unregulated, unproven and dangerous protocols which are all delivered by non professionals.

Narconon charge thousands of pounds for their programme, all of Narconons methods are based on the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Learn more about Narconon here, here and here.

Irish journalist Patricia Devlin reported on Narconon recently, read her informative and disturbing article here.

I went undercover and contacted Narcon UK, hear about my experience with this cult here and here.

I then went undercover and contacted Narconon Ireland by email and got a response back from Linda.

Linda would not liase with me via email and wanted my address to post information.

Linda Alred is Co-ordinator of Narconon Ireland.

Linda advertised her email and mobile number on this leaflet below.

I rang the 0858050300 number and could not get through.

I tried again a few days later and I was connected to Linda Alred.

I posed interest undercover and again Linda was very closed and would not give me much information.

It is odd that Narconon have a leaflet but are so hesitant about discussing their plans when asked.

Linda told me construction had just begun on their facility in Ballivor Co. Meath but she was not able to tell me when Narconon Ireland would be opening.

She then sugggested that I bring my family member to one of the other Narconon facilities, she recommended Italy and told me they had eleven Narconon facilities in Italy.

Please listen to my call with Linda Alred here.

Narconon Ireland has two other spokespersons, Rehabilitation Secretary Brian McWeeney and Janet Laveau of the National Affairs Office.

See the three amigos below.

Narconon Ireland pose a threat to public health and will reek havoc on vulnerable peoples lives.

My friend John recently shared a video of a protest against Narconon and Scientology which was held at the Dàil Dublin Ireland.

John McGhee is a passionate activist.

Within 24 hours John received an email saying that his video had been blocked for viewers in Ireland due to a defamation complaint.

Scientology cult do not like to be challenged and always do their best to silence and censor people.

See Johns updates below.

If you do not play ball with the Scientology cult they will unleash OSA (Office Of Special Affairs)

OSA are like the Mafia, they intimidate and threaten anyone who criticises Scientology.

I myself have suffered their wrath, vile emails have been sent to me, petitions created, I have been threatened with legal action, received phone calls from Scientology staff threatenening to beat me and my children and I have even ended up on Scientologys Stand League website.

The Times Newspaper reported on this recently, read here.

Please see the solicitors letter I received below.

I was recently sent an OSA file, this file clearly illustrates how Scientology operates.

Scientology is NOT a religion but a criminal gang who want to take control of the world and infect it with their brainwashing and quackery.

OSA give clear instructions on how to track down anyone who opposes their views and ‘paralyse’ them.

Scientology want a ‘purified’ race!

More madness below.

For those of you that want to take a closer look at OSA, you can view their file here, be warned there are over 500 pages of madness to wade through.

I along with my dear friends and fellow activists will NEVER be silenced.

We will keep fighting until this cult is SILENCED for good!

Scientology can kiss my ass!

John Of God, Quack, Butcher And Fraud!

I expose charlatans and cults that prey on vulnerable people.

Many quacks peddle uproven, unregulated and dangerous products like the toxic bleach product MMS and more.

MMS is banned in Ireland, learn more about MMS here, here and here.

John Of God is a scam based in Abadiania Brazil.

See their website here.

A man called João de Deus is exploiting, experimenting on and even torturing vulnerable people.

He claims he can heal and cure people from various conditions including serious diseases like Cancer.

He tells people they are possesed by entities and performs exorcisms.

He sells unregulated ‘holy’ herbs for a hefty price tag and other quack merchandise.

He also performs psychic surgeries along with butchery.

John Of God or JOG as he is fondly referred to assaults people by shoving scissors far up peoples noses until they start haemorrhaging.

He also cuts peoples bodies with blunt knives that look like kitchen knives.

He scrapes peoples eyeballs with scalpels and does not use anaesthesia, neither does he wear gloves.

Look at images of this butchery below.

Please watch videos of this torture here and here.

This is a quack, he is not a doctor nor a surgeon.

John Of God is receiving massive amounts of cash for his scam.

Vulnerable people are spending thousands of pounds attending his retreats in Brazil.

Then there is the massive amounts of quack merchandise for sale.

John Of God herbs are being sold as part of the healing scam.

These herbs are derived from Passion flower which is offered as a sedative and can have serious side effects and interact with medications.

John Of God tells their victims that these ‘herbs’ are safe, have no side effects and do not interact with medications.

I found comments in some of the many John Of God Facebook groups online.

Victims complain about these herbs, they are complaining of being in pain, see in screenshots below.

John Of God has many people working for him, they call themselves guides and Sons and Daughters of the Casa.

They organise trips to Brazil and sell quack merchandise.

Gail Thackray is one of these Daughters of the Casa.

Gail used to be in the porn industry and then decided to become a Psychic and even claims she can talk to animals.

Learn about Gail here and here.

Gail sells ‘blessed’ wooden triangles and ‘magical’ crystals from her quack shop, see her website here.

See some of her merhandise below.

Gail also sells JOG trips to Brazil, see below.

The most expensive quack product is the crystal bed.

This bed is one of John Of Gods biggest earners.

People are told this bed can ‘heal’ all conditions with its colourful crystals.

Most can’t afford this bed and instead travel to holistic practitioners to avail of hourly sessions.

This crystal bed quackery is daylight robbery costing a huge $7111!

These beds are being shipped into all Countries including Ireland where I live.

One person offering sessions based in Northern Ireland told me that they can even help children.

See our conversation below.

I spoke with another John Of God ‘guide’ on Facebook who is obviously deluded and said I should seek permission from John Of God entities before publishing anything.

Another guide working for John Of God is Josie, see her posts below.

If you cannot afford the huge cost of traveling to Brazil, do not worry, you can be HEALED over the internet, see below.

In fairness John Of God has the whole quack industry sewn up, exploiting vulnerable people from all angles.

Remember children are also being abused by this scam, children with serious diseases are being exploited by these snake oil salesmen.

Many of John Of Gods clients are not rich and struggle to raise funds for this quack.

They are forced to borrow money and some are even remortgaging their homes.

People are being exploited by this scam all over the world.

I have spoken to a man in West Cork Ireland where I live about this fraud John Of God.

This man sadly believes in this quackery and visits the Casa of John Of God regulary.

What I do not like is watching this man endorse this pseudoscience and encouraging vulnerable people to attend this quack.

Someone that I care about has been brainwashed by the John Of God scam.

This person was vulnerable when she was targeted some years ago, John Of God and his team knew that.

She was not in a stable frame of mind but they still took advantage of her and slowly broke her down.

Five years on she is still being exploited and right now is in a terrible condition.

She believes enities are talking to her, has purcahased most of the quack merchandise I display above and has been to Brazil at least twice in the past five years.

She is self harming and cannot communictate with her family anymore.

We know that John Of God and his supporters have done this to her.

I spoke to a man that exploited this vulnerable woman in Brazil, this man is called Tony Selimi.

I found Tony on this womans Facebook page.

He is also another quack offering ‘healing’ and coaching.

He says he has trained under John Of God.

See Tonys website here.

Tony is telling people they can heal themselves, see his healoneself website here.

Tony is one of the most expensive quacks I have seen, his fees can be as high as £90,000 for his diamond tier coaching.

Tony and I had a brief exchange on Facbook recently which led to him calling me on Facebook messenger from Miami.

Our call addressed my concerns about this woman I care about, luckily my husband recorded this call.

Tony Selimi was immediately aggressive and on the defensive, certainly not serene or calm like he is professing via his various scams.

He also told me that he did not care about this woman I am worried about.

So basically exploit vulnerable people, take their money, destroy and brainwash them and walk away!

People can hear my call with Tony Selimi here.

My husband Tim has a few words to say about this scam.

“The evil of the John Of God cult has all but destroyed my sister, a vulnerable young woman who has suffered great tragedy in her life. She has been broken down and brainwashed, her spirit crushed by the lies of this horrendous cult. The John Of God scam has robbed her financially and worse still they have robbed her peace of mind and infected her soul with their poison”

This recent post from a Mother shows how desperate people can be.

These quacks need to be shut down and vulnerable people must be protected.

I will continue to campaign to protect the vulnerable and I live in hope that one day these charlatans will be held accountable for their crimes.