Narconon Ireland, Meet Scientology Cults Team Of Quacks!

I expose and report quacks and cults.

Scientology sells pseudoscience and quack protocols, they are most noted for their bogus and dangerous Purification Rundown.

We are trying to stop the spread of Scientology and their many scams.

We have held protests and are lobbying politicians in an attempt to bring in legislation to stop this cults dangerous quackery.

Read more about Scientology and their quackery here, here and here.

Scientology appears to have the hots for Ireland and have opened centres here in recent years.

Now they are opening Narconon, a bogus drug rehab facility which has been linked to multiple deaths and is banned in many Countries.

Narconon is a front group for Scientology and is basically another one of their scams.

Narconon experiment on vulnerable people who are suffering from addiction, they offer unregulated, unproven and dangerous protocols which are all delivered by non professionals.

Narconon charge thousands of pounds for their programme, all of Narconons methods are based on the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Learn more about Narconon here, here and here.

Irish journalist Patricia Devlin reported on Narconon recently, read her informative and disturbing article here.

I went undercover and contacted Narcon UK, hear about my experience with this cult here and here.

I then went undercover and contacted Narconon Ireland by email and got a response back from Linda.

Linda would not liase with me via email and wanted my address to post information.

Linda Alred is Co-ordinator of Narconon Ireland.

Linda advertised her email and mobile number on this leaflet below.

I rang the 0858050300 number and could not get through.

I tried again a few days later and I was connected to Linda Alred.

I posed interest undercover and again Linda was very closed and would not give me much information.

It is odd that Narconon have a leaflet but are so hesitant about discussing their plans when asked.

Linda told me construction had just begun on their facility in Ballivor Co. Meath but she was not able to tell me when Narconon Ireland would be opening.

She then sugggested that I bring my family member to one of the other Narconon facilities, she recommended Italy and told me they had eleven Narconon facilities in Italy.

Please listen to my call with Linda Alred here.

Narconon Ireland has two other spokespersons, Rehabilitation Secretary Brian McWeeney and Janet Laveau of the National Affairs Office.

See the three amigos below.

Narconon Ireland pose a threat to public health and will reek havoc on vulnerable peoples lives.

My friend John recently shared a video of a protest against Narconon and Scientology which was held at the Dàil Dublin Ireland.

John McGhee is a passionate activist.

Within 24 hours John received an email saying that his video had been blocked for viewers in Ireland due to a defamation complaint.

Scientology cult do not like to be challenged and always do their best to silence and censor people.

See Johns updates below.

If you do not play ball with the Scientology cult they will unleash OSA (Office Of Special Affairs)

OSA are like the Mafia, they intimidate and threaten anyone who criticises Scientology.

I myself have suffered their wrath, vile emails have been sent to me, petitions created, I have been threatened with legal action, received phone calls from Scientology staff threatenening to beat me and my children and I have even ended up on Scientologys Stand League website.

The Times Newspaper reported on this recently, read here.

Please see the solicitors letter I received below.

I was recently sent an OSA file, this file clearly illustrates how Scientology operates.

Scientology is NOT a religion but a criminal gang who want to take control of the world and infect it with their brainwashing and quackery.

OSA give clear instructions on how to track down anyone who opposes their views and ‘paralyse’ them.

Scientology want a ‘purified’ race!

More madness below.

For those of you that want to take a closer look at OSA, you can view their file here, be warned there are over 500 pages of madness to wade through.

I along with my dear friends and fellow activists will NEVER be silenced.

We will keep fighting until this cult is SILENCED for good!

Scientology can kiss my ass!

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