Hale Clinic Harley Street London Selling Unproven Quack Treatments For Autism

I have recently discovered the Hale Clinic in Harley Street London.

It was apparently opened in the eighties by Prince Charles, see Princess Diana leaving the clinic in screenshot below.

This clinic is packed with pseudoscience and quack treatments.

They are many quacks working there and treating every condition you can think of.

My interest is Autism, two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum and I have a diagnosis of Aspergers.

I have seen many misinformed definitions of Autism but the Hale clinic really wins the trophy for most misinformed.

See Hale clinics definition of Autism here.

The Jigsaw puzzle!

Then comes the dangerous misinformation about vaccines.

An imbalance of energies?

Healers describe?

What on earth, this is a private clinic in Harley Street London.

I rang the Hale clinic undercover posing interest for my Autistic children.

The friendly and ill informed secretary Cleo suggested that I see their Homeopath Linda Crawford and said she was wonderful at ‘treating’ Autism.

She also suggested a Healer called John McGrath.

John can ‘treat’ Autism by waving his hands over you.

Wow, amazing!

Homeopath Crawford charges £100 per consult, Healer John charges £150.

I gave Cleo the secretary my telephone number and yesterday (Sunday morning) I received a text from Homeopath Linda Crawford, odd to contact me at the weekend I thought.

I rang Linda and we spoke about my Autistic Son and her ‘treatments’

Linda was very confident and said she had been ‘treating’ Autistic children for 24 years.

She said she would start by giving my Son a Bio-resonance full body scan, this is another quack treatment used by charlatans, read more about this nonsense here and here.

She said she would need to put a harness around my Sons head to perform this bogus experiment, I know that a harness on the head would be torture for many Autistic children due to sensory issues.

Linda then jumped straight into the debunked MMR theory, most Homeopaths support anti vaccine propaganda and even offer homeopathic vaccines.

Linda said that there is a possibility the MMR may have caused my Sons Autism.

She said her bogus Bio-resonance scan could detect the causes of Autism in my Son.

She said the Bio-resonance scan will cover vaccines, pathogens, foods and more.

Linda also suggested that my Son may have to remove certain foods from his diet, she is not a dietician and removing foods based on a bogus quack scan is dangerous and puts children at risk.

After my Son is experimented on by Lindas bogus scan she will then prescribe a ‘treatment’ protocol which will include sugar pills and possible changes in his diet.

Linda also talked about dangerous Chelation therapy.

She also suggested that I delay my Sons Men C vaccine booster which is due to be administered in his school this week.

Linda told me to delay the vaccine until after my appointment with her, she said I should lie to the school and say my Son is ill to avoid him getting the vaccine.

You can listen to my call with Linda here.

I am so sick of quacks experimenting on Autistic children with unproven, unregulated and bogus treatments.

My Sons deserve better than this as do all Autistic people.

Leave our kids alone quacks!

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