NarCONon Staff Member Using And Endorsing Banned Bleach Product MMS

Narconon is a drug rehab run by the Scientology cult.

It charges vulnerable people thousands of pounds for a programme based on the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Narconons ‘treatment’ plan is not evidence based and reeks of pseudoscience.

Vulnerable young people have died at Narconon Rehabs and some Narconon centres have been shut down.

Learn more about Narconon here, here and here.

Narconon has centres all around the world and will be opening Narconon Ireland in Co. Meath Ireland in the near future.

I would like to focus on their UK facility which opened in 2015.

Narconon UK is based in East Sussex, the executive director is Scientologist Sheila Maclean. I have written about Shiela and Narconon UK in the past, read here.

See Sheila in all her glory below.

Chris Lomas works at Narconon UK, see Chris below.

I am told that Chris is a Scientologist.

I spoke to Chris last year when I rang Narconon UK, Chris handles bookings and guides potential victims, luring them into this quack hell.

See Chris comment on my video against Narconon last year below.

I recently found posts on Facebook where Chris Lomas discusses banned toxic bleach product MMS.

MMS was created by ex Scientologist Jim Humble of the Genesis II church cult.

Lomas is using this lethal bleach product and recommending it to others, claimimg it CURES and TREATS various condtions, including Autism.

See Chris promote this lethal bleach product in recent posts below.

I have been campaigning against MMS for nearly five years now, our campaign work has led to MMS being banned in Ireland in 2016, read more about this here.

Chris even directs vulnerable people to a website to purchase this bleach.

The website is WPS Solutions.

WPS Solutions do not give a contact phone number or information of where they are based, they do this to circumvent the law as they know what they are doing is wrong and illegal in many Countries including Ireland.

I posed interested undercover and sent an email to WPS Solutions.

I asked where they were based and if they shipped MMS to Ireland.

They told me they were based in the UK and confirmed they can send MMS to Ireland.

I then asked about using MMS for Autism.

They said they could not talk about MMS for Autism as it is not ‘scientifically proven’

Actually admitting this BLEACH is PSEUDOSCIENCE.

It does not stop them selling it to parents of Autistic children though.

See my conversation with WPS below.

It is bad enough Chris Lomas working for the Scientology cult but to see a prominent Narconon staff member promoting an illegal bleach product to ‘treat’ and ‘cure’ conditions like Autism is criminal.

Two of my five children are on the Autism spectrum and I have Aspergers.

The quacks peddling this bleach are exploiting the Autistic community and play a significant role in the ABUSE and TORTURE of vulnerable children.

Autistic children and adults are forced to drink this BLEACH all day long, then they are pinned down whilst burning bleach enemas are forced into their bodies.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide) is BLEACH fact!

It corrodes and burns the body inside and out.

Common side effects include vomiting, burns on skin, liver and kidney failure, shedding of intestinal tissue, pink urine, breathing difficulties, seizures and more.

A woman died from ingesting MMS.

See some side effects of this TORTURE in screenshots taken from BLEACH group CD Autism below.

I decided to message Chris Lomas on Facebook and explain how dangerous MMS is and alert him to the fact that what he is doing is effectively endagering vulnerable adults and childrens lives.

Chris admits that he works for Narconon UK but ignores my concerns regarding MMS.

Instead he gloats about MMS and said he discovered MMS via my campaign work and thanked me, he says he owes me one.

This is a Scientology/Narconon spokespersons twisted, uncaring and vile response to this ABUSE of vulnerable children.

Then cowardly Chris blocked me, see some screenshots below.

I tried ringing executive director of Narconon Sheila Maclean but she did not respond, I sent her text messages also.

I then rang Narconon UK to make a complaint about Lomas.

I spoke to some guy called Dylan who was clueless, but after me persisting he finally directed me to a woman who he said would deal with my concerns regarding Lomas.

I gave my name to this woman but this Narconon representative would not give me hers.

Instead she chuckled when I said who I was and told me she could not continue our phone call.

Please listen to my call with this Narconon representative here.

This is the behaviour of a drug rehab listed on the CQC and NHS websites.

Anyone supporting MMS is supporting the abuse suffered by Autistic children and adults, Chris Lomas and NARCONON can now be added to this list.

Narconon and Scientology always deny any connection to MMS but truth is they support this toxic bleach.

Jim Humble was a Scientologist, UK Scientologist Gemma Harris supports MMS

Now Narconon UK staff are endorsing it!

People need to know the dangers of Scientology and Narconon.

Their only goal is to make money and recruit more victims for their insidious cult.

The authorities must shut down these fraudulent and shameless quacks!

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