Irish Vaccination Awareness Spreading Misinformation And Harm

Vaccination programmes have saved millions of lives and many deadly diseases no longer threaten our loved ones.

However Andrew Wakefield and his cohorts have managed to infiltrate society with their anti-vaccine cult and sadly we are seeing preventable diseases returning to our communities.

Babies, children and adults are being subjected to needless suffering and many deaths have occurred because of this anti vaccine propaganda.

Wakefield has been spreading misinformation and lies for twenty years now, read more about Wakefield and the anti-vaccine cult here, here and here.

We also see homeopaths and other quacks aiding the anti-vaccine cult, many politicians have also bought into this pseudoscience.

Many parents are resorting to taking medical advice from non professionals and choose to trust parents who offer quack treatments on Facebook and other social media sites.

There are many Facebook groups and pages playing Doctor, this misinformation is endangering children and vulnerable peoples lives.

Autistic children seem to be the ones that suffer the most from these anti-vaccine quack groups.

Parents are being told that Autism can be ‘treated’ even ‘cured’ by restricted diets, Cannabis, Chelation, HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), Stem Cells, GcMAF, MMS BLEACH and more.

None of these ‘treatments’ are scientifically proven, they are unregulated and come with serious side effects.

I have been campaigning against quack treatments for many years now and our campaign work led to the bleach product MMS being banned in Ireland in 2016.

I want to focus on a movement based in Ireland called ‘Irish Vaccination Awareness’

It was founded by a woman called Catherine Weitbrecht, I rang Catherine a few days ago and tried to speak to her about this movement.

See Catherine below.

Catherine confirmed she was the founder but said she was working and asked me to call back later that evening at 8pm, I tried calling at the time arranged but her phone seemed to be turned off, I tried again today but she was again unreachable.

Listen to my brief phone call with Catherine here.

This movement has a closed group on Facebook, it also has a Facebook page.

Their Facebook page is very different to their closed group.

Their page spreads misinformation but not to the extent that their closed group does.

The closed group offers bogus medical advice and encourages parents not to vaccinate their children.

The group is closed because its members want to hide their reckless behaviour and many want to hide their identity also.

I have been watching this group for some time now and what I have read from members is shocking.

Many members are Mothers of young children, some are pregnant women and then we sadly see professionals partaking in this pseudoscience.

I am used to seeing lay people spew quackery but it is much more concerning when we witness professionals boarding the quack train.

There are many nurses and teachers in this anti-vaccine group.

I have seen crazy posts and comments from nurses, encouraging parents not to vaccinate, supporting unproven quack treatments.

Some brag about how they are advising their colleagues and patients not to vaccinate, some have even destroyed vaccination programme literature at the hospitals they work at.

These are professionals who are meant to stand with Science, they are endangering patients lives by spreading this misinformation.

I am going to show you some posts and comments from two nurses in Ireland from this closed group, they are Sue Noonan and Tina Furdom.

The comments from these nurses speak for themselves, meet Sue below.

sue noonan


Tina Furdoms posts and comments below.

There are other nurses in this closed group but I am giving you two examples.

I now want to draw your attention to the teachers in this group.

We send our children to school hoping that they will be in a safe environment.

We trust teachers to deliver factual information and we certainly do not want our precious children exposed to preventable and deadly diseases.

You will now read comments from four teachers in Ireland, they are Clare O’Reilly, Suzanne Byrnes, Louise Byrne, Lee Nic An Rì.

As a parent to school going children these posts and comments disgust me.

Here are some more terrifying posts from other members below.

There are thousands more!

The other shocking thing about this group is the promotion of dangerous, unproven treatments like MMS BLEACH, Chelation and GcMAF.

See founder Catherine advertise our 2015 Primetime documentary about MMS below.

Notice how she does not condemn this abusive practice.

Then I can’t believe that MMS peddler Anthony Carlin who featured in the Primetime documentary is advertising MMS in this group just three months ago, see below.

Carlin is an ex Policeman from Northern Ireland who gave this toxic Bleach to Autistic children.

See some of Anthonys posts about MMS below.

Anthony Carlin threatened to assault me on a post Jim Corr shared about me last year, see below.

Read more about Anthony Carlin here.

Then this group promotes deadly Chelation which has killed children, see below.

They advertise Dr. Stewarts Irish Chelation clinic ‘Chelation Ireland‘ which is currently under investigation by the Irish Medical Council.

They also promote banned unregulated blood product GcMAF, see below.

This is just one of many groups promoting pseudoscience in Ireland and this misinformation, especially from professionals, frightens me.

Maybe these members will be taught a lesson and hopefully the ‘professionals’ in this group will be investigated for their callous and reckless behaviour!

5 thoughts on “Irish Vaccination Awareness Spreading Misinformation And Harm

  1. It’s absolutely fascinating to observe. It’s a little like a cult. There’s a universe constructed and reinforced without recourse to the outside world. Nothing is challenged. There’s a presumption to knowledge that surpasses arrogance and suggests some sort of other psychological disorder.
    Worrying that common and necessary medications for fever are even frowned on in favour of, eh, garlic suppositories.
    How do people get to the point where they think or even “discover” the medicinal properties of anally-inserted plants?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. An absolutely vile attack on strangers you do not know. Their group is closed and not ‘peddling’ to anyone who hasn’t joined for information. You have gone as far as to re-post some of their personal addresses? Is this to incite a reaction to them personally?
    From what I can see there are those with more extreme views, however this is the case in every single social media group going. The admins can not control everything in any group 24/7.


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