Calling On Spokespersons For TAC

I have written about The Autisic Co-Operative (TAC) before.

Their head ponchos John Greally and Maqqi do not like people to challenge their narrow and controlling rhetoric.

I have received information from a reliable source that certain attacks on me may have been orchestrated by Maqqi with the consent of Greally.

I have reached out to both individuals via Facebook Messenger and Telephone but have been shunned.

I am calling on Maqqi aka Stiofan MacAmhalghaidh and John Greally to respond to my queries because the evidence I have against them is overwhelming now and their silence speaks volumes.

I am giving you a chance, I am being fair but you have ignored me up until now.

Others have reached out to me with similar concerns about TAC and its leaders.

Please read this quote from Bob Wood in screenshots below.

John your attitude to this vile behaviour is disgusting.

You think you can threaten me and advocate attacks on Facebook?

You think you govern the Autistic community?

How dare you inflict your narrow and controlling views on vulnerable people.

John Greally said I am not allowed to talk to him, instead I must talk to one of his minions on his behalf.

Hear Greally in action here.

Your minions are out of control Greally and the truth is coming.

Looking forward to your next move, you really need to catch up boys!

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