A Planned Attack On Me Orchestrated By Men

An Autistic man called Maqqi apparently discussed me in a phone conversation last August.

Maqqi spoke to another Autistic male called Roderik.

They discussed myself and Emma Dalmayne.

Maqqi apparently said he wanted revenge and was planning an attack on me.

John Greally another Autistic male consented to this attack.

I have suffered vile abuse online, publicly defamed and abused in Reddit blogs and Change.org petitions, all carried out by an anonymous bully.

Roderik told me that he believes Maqqi is behind the Reddit blogs about me and said one blog had the content of their phone conversation in it.

I am obviously very upset and concerned about males planning an attack on me.

These blogs are disgusting, abusive and sexist.

I have reached out to both Maqqi and Greally.

At first Maqqi was unresponsive but when I told him I had a recording of my conversation with Roderik he quickly changed his tune.

He says Roderick is lying.

Greally would not speak to me but sent aggressive messages to me on Facebook.

I will not tolerate men abusing women.

My Mother was a victim of domestic violence.

A man saying he wants to attack a woman is not normal and I have tried to find the truth regarding this abuse.

I now have no choice but to share segments of my phone call with Roderik in a bid to push these abusers to the surface.

Maybe all involved will learn a lesson and think twice about targeting Mothers who spend their precious time campaigning to protect Autistic children from quacks.

Hear brief segments of my call with Roderick here.

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