Stand Strong, A Tale Of Abuse And Control…

I have been through hell lately, targeted harassment orchestrated and delivered by male Autistic advocates.

All of the suspects present themselves as noble, accepting and caring individuals.

Last February one of these ‘advocates’ messaged me on Facebook.

His name is John Greally and is well known in the Autistic community. He runs many Facebook pages and groups.

People have warned me about his aggressive and bullying behaviour, John makes up rules and if you do not like his rules he will toss you out and defame you.

I was added to a group called TAC (The Autistic Cooperative) last February.

I questioned their narrow and unhealthy manifesto and was immediately met with aggression and warnings, ‘it’s my way or the highway’ rhetoric.

Kieran Rose is one of the admins in TAC and shared this manifesto, see below.

Autism is compared to Religion by another member of TAC, she also proudly confirms their ‘No debate’ rule.

How unhealthy is that?

Vulnerable people not allowed to question or debate, this can only lead to a negative outcome.

I was swiftly removed from TAC and not long after ostracised by Greally and his minions.

Greally is founder of TAC and refers to admins as his appointees, meaning they work for him.

Read about my experience with TAC here.

My Mother was rushed to hospital whilst all this drama was happening.

She was seriously ill and I was so worried about her.

My Autistic Son also had to have surgery on his toe.

I also had an appointment with an eye surgeon about my complex eye condition.

On top of that I had to go to court to give evidence regarding MMS, read here.

This was all happening at the same time.

It was safe to say I had a lot on my plate and certainly did not need aggression and bullying from Greally and Co.

However Greally didn’t care and proceeded to send disgusting messages targeting my seriously ill Mother, telling me to shut up about her and my eyes, see below.

I really didn’t think he could be this twisted but he is.

After winning in court regarding MMS, I then had to deal with a series of vile blogs penned anonymously on the Reddit website by ‘Autistic Lives Matter’

This Reddit user registered the same time all this drama happened with Greally and TAC and discusses it at length.

The blogs are defamatory and abusive, sexist and drag members of my family into them.

See ‘Autistic Lives Matter’ blogs here.

It is evident they are linked to Greally and Co, Greallys Au (Autistic Union) rules are mentioned and they mention a phone call I had with Greally, nobody knew about that call but Greally and his other minion Maqqi.

See some snippets of these blogs below.

Then I receive a phone call from another Autistic male called Roderik Plas who tells me that John Greallys colleague Maqqi had spoken to him about me on the telephone last August 2017.

See Maqqis Facebook profile below.

Maqqi had told Roderik he wanted to seek revenge and was planning an attack on me, he said John Greally had given his approval to attack me.

Read about this scary and vile harassment here.

I confronted both Maqqi and John about this serious issue and they both ran away and would not engage, Greally refused to speak to me, listen to him here.

Then Greally sent an aggressive message on Facebook from his other Jung Gui Li profile, mentioning my Mother again, see below.

Greally has multiple profiles he uses to spy and bully with.

Maqqi then changed his tune when I told him that I had a recording of my conversation with Roderik accusing him of this targeted harassment.

Maqqi starts to panic and demands the phone recording, see below.

Then Maqqi starts to point blame at others.

Craig Frattura another Autistic male is someone that I knew a few years back.

We had differing views, we parted and went our seperate ways.

Maqqi immediately blames Craig for these blogs and says it’s the general consensus.

So here we have Greally and his cohorts linked to a planned attack on me, blogs were written discussing Greallys dictatorship and then they point the blame at Craig.

Well Craig has messaged me and has given me consent to share our messages.

Craig believes that Greally wrote these vile blogs, he says it’s his writing style and spoke about how Greally has abused, threatened and bullied his friends in the past.

See our messages below.

He then sent me a conversation he had with Greally, it’s Greally ordering Craig and telling him it’s over.

Remeber there is NO debate with dictator Greally!

See conversation below.


“This is a personal conversation where John Greally makes all sorts of untrue and outlandish claims. Asking for evidence finishes our relationship together.

Hi Craig,

The sickest character attacking autistics at present is a ‘Darien Darko’, self-publicising as the ‘worst psychopathic nightmare you could meet’.

He founded and runs Aspie Fight Club. Hospitalized two so far. There is a 41-strong Autistic Admin group that has just the task of keeping him at bay.

His deviousness is beyond imagination.

His aliases are many – as fast as FB closes his accounts, he opens a new one.

Currently he is MIKARO WARD, an anagram for I AM DARKO RAW.

I almost lost my bank account, ISP, FB a/c to him yesterday morn. My pages/groups were down for 2 hours till I recovered with help from FB. His technical capabilities are almost sufficient to wreak havoc.
September 21st, 1:10am
Wow ! What i can’t understand is that is I added Mikardo Ward into the group today but this facebook page is years old ? Shouldn’t it have been shut down ?

How do you know it was him ?
Sorry all this has happened to you
My mistake . Only opened account August 30.
Mikado Ward Âû
is this the person who apparently works at Arby’s ?
September 21st, 7:53am

I don’t know where her works as I have him blocked. I only know from his attacks on 13-16 year olds, and then he came after me. Then, his person I never spoke to in my life, taunted me the day of the worst attacks by messaging me “Is there anything I can do to help”. He went back to his AFC bully group and had two hours fun with that. Matt Bevan and Connor Lamphard and Xandra Black and AJ Marotto are in the group watching who he goes after next (confidential). He thinks they are his friends, but they loathe what he does.

The picture you sent I cannot get access to.

All Darien’s accounts must be new, because so many people (60+ Admins did last time) report him whenever he re-appears (wherever vulnerable young boys like Mitchell Thomas, Randell Porter, Alex Harpur, Dominic Heath are – always young lads with well-under 90 IQ’s).
September 21st, 10:17am

My most senior trusted deputy is Matt Bevan, he is in your group, and Mikaro Ward just appointed him an Admin of his evil group (to his great shock! this morning). Ask him anything, but mark it “in confidence”. He knows so much more than I can, as I have positive stuff to focus on like you.
Wow what an opportunity to take the group down ! Although easy to rebuild

Sadly, every time FB takes one of theirs down (6 so far), they rebuild. we have to wait till they get bored. Autistically speaking, that could be a year or two. Lol.
Thanks John, I may ask for some info from Matt. Nice to know exactly what is going on
Sunday 10:44am

Hi Craig,
You are not listening to me. In fact, you are doing the opposite of listening to me. I warned you about very bad people. So YOU went and joined with them in their groups. The opposite of what I expected as a reasonable and senior member of the autistic community.

This has now come to reflect very poorly on your judgement in the eyes of other Admins, many of them. They no longer trust you. You can imagine where that leads to over a period of time inevitably.

Darien Darko is a psychopath. You are in his groups that he manipulates from above in master or senior groups. I am in those groups and see him laughing at you being duped.

In the first attachment you will see that Mikaro Ward, Darien Darko, is commenting on your page when I have him blocked and cannot see.

In another group that Darien runs, he is laughing at how you and others are duped.

He is making fun of how he stripped my Au from my name. he is a BULLY Craig. Do you get that? Have you missed something? He is their leader.

Autismo Ceto Au has been nearly driven to suicide by this. Craig, you are supporting that behaviour.

Craig, it is very disheartening to see a person supporting someone who has so viciously attacked me and others, hospitalizing some, costing some accommodation, causing some to lose their FB accounts, using Randell Porter and Dominic Heath, mere children.

Darien is focusing on you, because he can’t get in anywhere else. He is not seeking rehabilitation. he is seeking power – and you are his dupe.

Before long, as part of the procedure to quarantine Darien, it will become necessary to quarantine not only you, but also 3000 further people from the 57,000 in the groups covered by the Admins.

If you cannot see that he is behaving like scum, and that you are coddling him – we are FINISHED HERE.

I need your assurance that he will be gone.

You may think I am the antagonist in this picture, but I am not. I am the ONLY person advocating for you, and that is something I have done against MANY from Day 1 when I became aware of your existence.
John, I am not being duped by anyone. I am seeking to find information about him, which others have not being able to provide.

He has been very helpful in producing some good material for the ban cd mms website and i am grateful for that. I am wary of him based on everything you have told me, but I still haven’t seen any evidence against him.
If people don’t trust me, it shows to me that there are too many rumours circulating without fact.
Why hasn’t Matt Bevan provided me with any facts ?
Moe’s au wasn’t taken away by Darien.
I am not and will not support any bad behaviour of any kind.
Sunday 7:06pm

The material you say he produced Craig, if you read it again is YOU and others being duped by a psycho who loves LOVES to talk about anuses and use every dirty word he can. It is plagiarised from To2 site – with the dirty words added in. You are being duper Craig. I bet my whole life and everything I own and have every done on THAT FACT.

Craig, Matt will not provide evidence to you BECAUSE HE DOES NOT TRUST YOU ANYMORE. No one will provide you with evidence any more. This is a LAST DITCH EFFORT to wake you up before abandoning you as a lost cause.

If you were to show Mikaro Ward what I gave you today from Matt – it would destroy my best friendship and cause Matt to be thrown out from AFC.

Moe’s Au was taken by Marcus Morris, a pedophile that ONLY goes to teen groups. Every major Admin knows who he is, how he does what he does, why police will not act. There is a reason you do not know about this, and that is BECAUSE MIKARO WARD WAS NOT IN YOUR GROUP BEFORE, NOR MARCUS, NOR ZACHARY, NOR AMELIA. If they were, many would have warned you. Instead they asked ME to do that job.

it’s been, from my perspective, a waste of time.
Marcus isn’t in my group. Sorry that excuse about Matt not trusting me any more doesn’t make any sense. He has never provided evidence to me, before I had even spoken to “Mikado” .
As you have stated I have the evidence to destroy the relationship between Mikado and Matt, so why not actually show me some real evidence that I can act on ? Not trusting me is totally ridiculous, I would have already destroyed their relationship if |I was untrustworthy.
Sunday 9:07pm

Craig, your EVERY conversation with AFC, Uncensored, Mikaro is bared to me. When you say out loud that “I am not friend’s with John” and everything else… it comes back to me as hard-copy. Why is that so? Because you are supping with wolves.

I just spoke to Matt and he is of the opinion to leave you once again to be taken down by some appalling person you trusted wrongly and to learn the hard way yet again.

It hurts that you would rate Mikado over me and Matt and all the other Admins too, so I will end this conversation here – stripped as I am of the symbol of autistic progress I have made for my brothers and sisters, stripped by your friend that you value.

This is goodbye Craig”


Greally is a control freak and a bully.

Others have reached out to me sharing similar stories about Greally but are afraid to speak out for fear of being met with similar abuse that I have to endure.

Some have said that Greally has tracked down where they live and work, created files and blacklists of those he does not like, of those that do not follow his orders.

If this is not fascist behaviour I don’t know what is.

All I know is that I will not tolerate abuse or threats, especially from men.

These groups run by Greally and Co pose great risk to vulnerable people, people like my Autistic children, they could be easily sucked in and exploited by Greally and his minions.

This is why we must speak out and expose such vile behaviour.

These people are not accepting, they are not advocates for the Autistic community.

They only support those who agree with Greallys terms, it’s disgusting.

Groups like TAC are growing on social media, I am told Greally and his ‘appointees’ are infiltrating Autistic groups and pages on Facebook, bullying people and taking control.

Greally is a cult and his movement is robbing vulnerable people of their RIGHT to an opinion, their RIGHT to free thought.

This is how Nazi Germany started, when you disallow debate and form rules that must be obeyed, elitism and segregation will follow.

It is especially wrong when Greally knows how vulnerable Autistic people are.

Autistic people are the perfect community to exploit.

I will always speak out against injustice, quackery and abuse.

I am not afraid of the Greallys of this world.

As for the male Autistic advocates who blame each other for the abuse I have received, take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and think about what you have become.

The fact that you target women anonymously proves how despicable you are.

It is obvious that either one, two or all three of you are responsible for the abuse I am suffering.

Let’s see if you three can deliver some truth?

Some advice, always think for yourself, steer clear from groups governed by dictators like Greally.

Question everything and please look after yourself!

One thought on “Stand Strong, A Tale Of Abuse And Control…

  1. Greally should think again. IDing oneself as an Aspie is not a divisive tactic at all – unless it is being done openly to differ from Autism rather than be alongside it, which is not the same thing. Autism is a Spectrum which includes Asperger’s – like it or not. Taking that attitude poses no threat to the concept of neurodiversity at all. Banning it in effect is playing right into the hater’s hands, not the other way around.

    I’m all for shutting down the negativity – but we need to do it by facing it down, not sweeping it under carpet like it doesn’t exist. That, again, plays into the hands of the haters. Everyone who supports Greally needs to abandon him. He is not the solution. He is part of problem.


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