Agony Autie Remove Video Slandering Me Now!

Agony Autie is an Autistic Advocate who disccuses Autism via Vlogs on Facebook and YouTube.

Agony Autie is run by Autistic woman Sara Jane Harvey.

Sara published a very distressing video a few days ago talking about going to hospital claiming Autistic advocates had sent her abusive messages that day.

She claimed that I had sent these abusive messages and states my name Fiona O’Leary.

She makes it sound like these messages have driven her to being sent to hospital.

These are serious accusations, her video is emotionally driven, it makes me sound like some kind of monster.

She provides no evidence for these serious accusations.

I did NOT message Agony Autie that day or any day in recent months.

The only contact I’ve had with this woman was once when we spoke about the National Autistic Society and the court case regarding quack treatment MMS back in October 2017 and February of this year, the only other contact I had with her was via Emma Dalmayne in April this year.

Emma questioned Agony Auties Go Fund Me page which asks for money for expensive equipment, things like cameras, laptops and microphones.

See some screenshots below.


Emma and I noticed there were vulnerable people donating, Autistic people who survive on Disability Allowance and have little to give.

We felt that this was something that should be addressed.

Emma opened a private message on Facebook with Agony Autie and added me to this message.

Agony Autie was approached in a civil manner but Emma and I got nowhere and it ended up with Agony Auties husband attacking us, Agony Autie then got aggressive, I managed to save one of her aggressive messages, listen to her voice recording in Emmas Facebook message calling me toxic here.

I let this all go, I am busy campaigning against quack treatments, I give evidence in court cases and I am due to give evidence regarding MMS again in July.

I receive a lot of abuse from quacks but have also been in receipt of abuse from Autistic people, read about this here.

It has got a lot worse in recent weeks and now Agony Autie making a video slandering me is just appalling.

Agony Autie has admitted that she lied about me and told me she would apologise and remove her video lying about me.

However she is not true to her word and her video is still on her pages and groups as we speak, it has more than 10,000 views and nearly 500 comments.

All her viewers are being fed lies about me.

This is not professional behaviour for an advocate and these lies are causing huge hurt to me and my family.

My Autistic children, family and friends can see these lies.

This is defamation and I have no choice but to expose Agony Autie for this vile act.

Please listen to Agony Autie telling me she will remove this video and apologise here and here.

Listen to Agony Autie saying I did not message her but instead blames another person called Siobhan here.

I want a public apology from Agony Autie and these lies retracted or legal action will be taken.

Anyone out there calling themselves advocates that tell lies to garner attention should be ashamed of themselves.

Such people are not worthy of the title of advocate.

6 thoughts on “Agony Autie Remove Video Slandering Me Now!

  1. This woman is just awful! Her recent attack on the A&E staff at a hospital is unbelievable. She is still receiving gifts and donations from people via a PO Box address. I find it very worrying. Did you ever find out if anything can be done to investigate her??


  2. Finally someone who sees it!
    I am disgusted by Sara’s behaviour. Autistic or not, her attacks against people on the rail system and in medical settings are out of proportion. Her most recent tantrum on social media showed her son frank running around on a train platform alone and distressed while she live filmed herself shouting at people. I was amazed to see she set up a go fund me and then had the cheek to talk about how she can’t pay rent and what was raised ‘isn’t enough’. Talk about gratitude! I noticed recently in an Instagram story a physio therapist explained on camera why she is in fact pretty normal anatomically. Instead of being glad she slandered him on social media saying he’s not specialist enough for her complexities. Oh please! She needs to learn to be an adult. Shameful behaviour.


  3. This woman is so deeply suspicious. I truly believe this person has munchausen syndrome, if not also munchausen syndrome by proxy. She is disruptive and manipulative and I truly feel she should be exposed.


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