Evidence Suggests Sovereign Movement May Have Brought MMS BLEACH Cult To Ireland

I have been campaigning against quack treatments for many years now.

I have exposed, reported and helped to prosecute those who peddle a lethal bleach product known as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) or CD (Chlorine Dioxide)

Read more about my campaign work here, here and here.

I am due to give evidence regarding another MMS case in two weeks time.

I have five children, two of my children are on the Autism spectrum.

Autistic children are being experimented on and abused with quack treatments like this BLEACH product MMS.

They are being poisoned, forced to drink this toxic BLEACH all day long, then they are pinned down whilst burning BLEACH ENEMAS are forced into their bodies.

All government bodies, Child Protection Agencies, the HSE and the Gardai call MMS child abuse.

Investigations are ongoing into parents who gave this toxic BLEACH to their Autistic children.

Patrick Merlehan was found guilty of manufacturing and selling MMS as a treatment for Autism in 2016, I was a witness in this case.

MMS was banned in Ireland in 2016.

I have fought hard to end this abuse of vulnerable adults and children.

I have done this on a voluntary basis, sacrificing my time to help protect people from this vile quackery.

I have suffered vile abuse from peddlers of MMS and other unproven quack treatments, anti vaxxers and their fan clubs.

It has been extremely traumatic and upsetting.

It is one thing trying to comprehend quacks abusing Autistic children but to see professionals involved in this abuse is shocking.

Dr Magee was a registered Doctor offering MMS to Autistic children, read about him here and here.

After five years exposing and speaking out against MMS I have discovered that the Sovereign Movement are closely linked to the abusive MMS practise here in Ireland, learn more about this here.

Convicted MMS peddler Patrick Merlehan is involved in the Sovereign Movement, he used Sovereign techniques to try and wiggle his way through the courts.

Of course these ‘techniques’ failed him dreadfully.

Merlehan seems brainwashed and appears to be duped by the Sovereign Movement, they are nothing more than a cult.

Many vulnerable people are duped by peddlers of Sovereign pseudolaws, they sadly end up losing in the courts.

I am told that some of these vulnerable people offer sums of cash to the Sovereign Movement, they put their trust in this cult.

The Sovereign Movement is most commonly known for its exploitation of vulnerable families who are facing eviction due to repossession of their homes.

I want to draw attention to an even darker side of the Sovereign cult.

Spokespersons for the Sovereign Movement include Ben Gilroy and Billy Maguire.

Read more about these two here, here and here.

Then there are the online radio shows that promote the Sovereign cult, I know of two, Tir Na Saor and Peoples Internet Radio.

These radio shows spew pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.

I think Tir Na Saor is not operating anymore but Peoples Internet Radio is still running unfortunately.

I have written about Vincent Byrne of Peoples Internet Radio before and his endorsement of MMS, read about this here.

Vin Byrne wants research into MMS abuse, see below.

Byrnes friends like his posts about MMS, Ben Gilroy is one, see below.

I have pleaded with Byrne and asked him not to endorse a product that tortures Autistic children and vulnerable people.

He did not listen to me and instead chose to bully and harass me online.

Byrne has dedicated radio shows to me, he slanders and abuses me and others who are trying to end MMS abuse.

He even jokes about the abuse of women, listen here.

Byrne also endorses anti-vaccine propaganda.

Byrnes colleague Sean Maguire also advocates MMS and regularly interviews and promotes the quacks who peddle this poison.

He started promoting MMS back in 2010, see screenshots below.

See Maguire to the right in screenshot below.

Maguire has also harassed me and is in my opinion a dangerous individual.

Listen to Maguire here.

Then we have pop star Jim Corr of the Corrs promoting this toxic BLEACH in the past, he even directed people to websites to purchase this poison, see below.

Jim Corr is also involved in the Sovereign cult and a documented conspiracy theorist.

Patrick Merlehan, Vincent Byrne, Jim Corr, Sean Maguire are all involved in the Sovereign and BLEACH cult!

Primetime did a great exposè about MMS in 2015, they went to Merlehans home undercover when an MMS seminar was being hosted by the Genesis II Church cult.

Jim Humble is the creator of MMS, once a Scientologist but decided to start his own cult with BLEACH.

Jim Humble founded the Genesis II Church and his seminars are held all over the world.

Vincent Byrnes Peoples Internet Radio advertised Genesis II Church seminars back in 2013, see in screenshot below.

You can see that the Seminar above discusses Kerri Rivera, she is also in the BLEACH cult and is the person who created MMS BLEACH as a ‘treatment’ for Autism.

See Kerri in screenshot below.

Read about this monstrous woman here.

Rivera has had her groups shut down on Facebook because of our campaign work and the many complaints made by myself and others.

However she has recently opened another group called Kerri Rivera.

See some posts which include a member wanting to put this toxic BLEACH into a newborns eyes and more in screenshots below.

Peoples Internet Radio also endorsed Kerri Rivera, see below.

A person called Reverend Rashers shared Riveras ‘Curing’ Autism with BLEACH video.

The ‘Reverend’ title is given when you join the Genesis II Church cult.

I have been wondering who this Reverend Rashers was for many years now and I was recently able to identify him.

The Sovereign Movement ‘Tir Na Saor’ group messaged me on Facebook and gave me his name, his name is Andrew Bradshaw.

I do not know why they did this, I have asked them about him before but they refused to help.

See this message below.

I searched for posts linking Andrew Bradshaw to MMS and sadly found many, see below.

I found an article on RTE news about Andrew Bradshaw facing eviction, he was looking for pity regarding his financial situation but at the same he time he was involved in this abusive BLEACH cult.

Don’t forget that Bradshaw is also linked to the Sovereign cult.

Bradshaw aka Reverend Rashers and his Sovereign buddies seem to have started this toxic BLEACH cult way back in 2010.

Ex Policeman Anthony Carlin from Northern Ireland was also involved in the BLEACH cult, he too is involved in the Sovereign cult.

Read about Carlin here.

See screenshots from some other Irish people linked to the Sovereign and MMS BLEACH cult below.

The fact is that citizens of Ireland contributed to the torture of Autistic children and vulnerable people, many of them profited from this abuse.

I tried to contact some of the individuals in this blog but they chose to ignore me, some blocked me on Facebook.

Are these people still involved in this abusive practise?

Here is a small reminder of what MMS BLEACH does to Autistic children, upsetting images below.


Everyone mentioned in this blog should be questioned by the Gardai and the HPRA.

I will continue to fight to help end this abuse and seek justice for Autistic children.

We must protect our children from these insidious charlatans.

4 thoughts on “Evidence Suggests Sovereign Movement May Have Brought MMS BLEACH Cult To Ireland

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    Disturbing content.
    We have entered a new Dark Age where people reject science, form cults and just believe whatever they want in order to feel important. Which is bad enough to begin with but when used to justify the abuse of children it is especially heinous.


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