MMS Cases And The Heartless Charlatans Who Peddle BLEACH For Profit

I will never recover from when I first learned about MMS and how Autistic children were being forced to drink MMS BLEACH and being forced to suffer burning BLEACH enemas.

Irish Newspapers acted swiftly and published an article in 2014.

After campaigning against MMS BLEACH for many years the tears still fall regularly, it does not get any easier.

People can learn about MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide) here, here and here.

I now face another MMS hearing, I have to stand up and fight for Autistic children once more.

My evidence helped to convict an MMS peddler called Patrick Merlehan in 2016, read about this here and here.

I now face a professional who was selling MMS and advocating it as a ‘treatment’ for Autism.

A fitness to practise hearing will happen in a few days time.

This ‘professional’ seems to lack remorse and has not expressed any feelings of regret to date.

I reported this professional in 2014 and it has taken four years to get to this point.

Tell me do these images upset you?

Do you think MMS protocols should be banned worldwide?

I have been speaking out against MMS for nearly five years now, I have tried to educate parents and help prevent this torture.

However the truth is those that advocate MMS are trapped inside conspiracy bubbles, they are beyond reach.

They are anti-vaccine and anti-science.

They are anti-government and spend their days staring at ‘chemtrails’

Many of them support right wing politics, they spew God talk, trying to convince themselves that they are good people.

It is really twisted and macabre.

Those promoting and selling MMS must be stopped, they are maiming and torturing children.

Minimum jail terms must be introduced to end this abuse of vulnerable adults and children.

I am now being sued by people because I speak out against MMS.

I am a witness in an MMS case and being sued for speaking out all at the same time!

MMS has changed my life, I am happy knowing we have protected many children but we need to do more.

I want everyone to view MMS abuse from an Autistic childs perspective.

Not from a parent of an Autistic child but from the child.

Walk in their shoes if you will for a few minutes.

Imagine their fear, their confusion, their dread.

Imagine them running away from the enema hose which is full of burning BLEACH.

Imagine them passing blood, intestinal tissue.

Imagine their pain.

Imagine them swallowing this BLEACH, their tiny throats being burned with every drop, watch here!

Imagine them vomiting.

Imagine them fainting, screaming, lacking oxygen, having seizures, covered in sores and burn marks on their skin.

Imagine them enduring this torture every day.

Everyday some Autistic children are drinking BLEACH all day long coupled with burning BLEACH ENEMAS.

Imagine them watching their parents and carers place their insides, intestinal tissue on paper plates.

Photos are then taken of their insides and uploaded on the internet for the whole world to see.

Imagine that humiliation, invasion of privacy.

I will never forget the words of a Mother discussing how she and her family members pinned down their Autistic child and stuck a hose of BLEACH into their rectum.

The Autistic child was trying to run away, they did not want this torture.

They sat on this Autistic child and pinned them down, they were gloating about achieving this torture.

Thousands of Autistic children and adults are being abused with MMS and other quack treatments.

It must stop.

When you read about this abuse, remember what it feels like for them.

They are the victims, not the parents.

I will continue to speak out and fight for justice.

I will think of these beautiful children on Thursday.

This is for them.

Wish me luck!

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