MMS/CD Protocol Is Child Abuse FACT!

For those of you who justify the abuse of Autistic children and believe that MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide) is safe.

Please see screenshots of this ABUSE taken from Kerri Riveras CD Autism Facebook group below.

2 thoughts on “MMS/CD Protocol Is Child Abuse FACT!

  1. That last remark from Rivera says it all. “I fear autism so much I am consumed by finding the whole picture”. Qualification to that – the whole picture HAS to prove it’s a disease to be cured! Otherwise, no whole picture. Screw you, Rivera! The whole picture of Autism is that it is genetic, part of the natural variation of the human race, and requires adjustment including avoiding sensory overload of any description. One sensory overload is pain, and there have been occasions when gut pain has caused an overload. Instead of finding the real source of the gut pain, people are blaming Autism and trying to cure the Autism to stop the pain. It doesn’t work like that! It’s here where parents are falling for this MMS bull! (The chelation protocol also applies here).

    It’s a shame chelation can’t be banned, because it is the correct process for heavy metal poisoning. But there is NO correct process for MMS! NONE! It is bleach as Fiona has said, and each of the horrific results being shown above are the proof! People who refuse to see this have lost their right to be parents, and those who promote this rubbish are trying to protect identities for one simple reason. The parent who is doing this WILL have their child taken off them. Be honest, you lot. Stop fearing Autism and start understanding it – properly. Then you’ll have no need for any treatment like this – at all – because as long as you make the change while your Autistic child is young, you’ll get improvement from any issues that do need to be calmed (ie feces smearing, self injury, that sort of thing). There are legit ways to do it, and it starts by not fearing Autism.

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