Meet The Man Who Apparently Brought Toxic BLEACH Product MMS To Ireland

I have spent the last five years of my life campaigning against a toxic, unproven and dangerous BLEACH product called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide)

I have done this on a voluntary basis.

I have reported people who were selling and using MMS to the authorities.

It has been exhausting and traumatic, I have suffered awful abuse for speaking out.

Learn more about MMS ABUSE here, here and here.

In 2016 MMS was banned in Ireland, Irish man Patrick Merlehan was found guilty of manufacturing and selling MMS as a medicine to treat diseases and conditions like Autism.

In 2014 I received an email from Mark Kishon Christopher of the Genesis II Church, see screenshots below.

Mark was hosting a seminar in Ireland instructing people on how to poison themselves with MMS BLEACH.

He was organiser and key speaker at this event, another speaker was one Reverend Richard Sharpe.

Mark Kishon sent information to me about Reverend Sharpe, he described Richard Sharpe as the first person to bring MMS to Ireland, a business man and a ‘Common Law Lawyer’, see screenshot below.

See other MMS seminars Richard Sharpe was part of in screenshots below.

I have been trying to trace Richard Sharpe for many years now.

To think that this man may be the root cause of MMS in Ireland makes me so angry.

All the Autistic children who have suffered and still suffer from this torture, all the BLEACH enemas, pain and fear.

Here is another reminder of what MMS does to vulnerable children, see in screenshots below.

How can any human endorse this torture?

The Genesis II Church and their members do this for one reason, MONEY!

They are selling a proven scam, they do not care about the Autistic children writhing in pain nor the vulnerable people they are duping.

Mark Kishon Christopher introduced me to Richard Sharpe but Mr. Sharpe has been very silent in recent years.

I started to delve into Richard Sharpes background and discovered that he is based in Co. Wicklow, Avoca I believe.

I discovered that he was connected to the Common Law Society and was involved in the group ‘Attack The Tax’ and the company Acorn To Oak Communications.

Sharpe offered bogus legal advice to people and apparently took money from individuals for his misinformed advice.

Sharpe is also listed as Director of Companies Enviro and Sharp Fuels, see in screenshots below.

I rang a contact number listed on Acorn To Oak Communications and got through to a lady at their old Dublin office, she told me that Sharpes company Acorn To Oak Communications was shut down and called it a scam, she says many people ring her looking for information on Sharpe, she said that the company had apparently been reported to the Gardai.

Facebook posts discuss Acorn To Oak Communications and Attack The Tax, read here, here and here.

More information about Attack The Tax/Acorn To Oak Communications here.

Richard Sharpe is linked to the Common Law Society also known as the Sovereign Movement.

I have been talking about the links between the Common Law Society and MMS for a long time now.

We know that Patrick Merlehan used Common Law tactics in the Courts but these pseudolaws failed him dreadfully.

The MMS Ireland website advertised the Common Law Society, see how ‘Attack The Tax’ is listed on the Common Law Society website, see in screenshots below.

See the Common Law Society website here.

I kept searching for information on Richard Sharpe and found a director listed on one of his companies, a man called Jonathan sharpe, see in screenshot below.

I put Jonathan Sharpes name into Facebook with Avoca attached and a post appeared of a woman looking to purchase coal from Jonathan sharpe, another woman replied sharing Jonathans mobile number, see screenshot below.

I rang Jonathan Sharpe but he never picked up, I left a voice message asking about Richard.

He phoned me back but I missed his call, he texted me and we arranged a call yesterday evening.

I rang Jonathan yesterday evening and he told me that he was Richard Sharpes brother and lived in Wicklow.

He confirmed that Richard lived in the same area.

He also confirmed that Richard was a Reverend of the Genesis II Church and was involved in MMS.

He also knew of Mark Kishon Christopher.

I asked Jonathan for Richards number, Jonathan gave me his number.

Hear my call with Jonathan sharpe here.

I then rang Richard Sharpe on his mobile, he picked up but was eating at the time, he said he would call me back.

Hear my first brief call with Richard Sharpe here.

Richard did ring me back as promised.

I posed interest undercover, saying I was looking for MMS for my friend.

Richard confirmed that he is a Reverend of the Genesis II Church and said he could get me MMS, he asked me to text him an email address and talked about a company in Germany that offers this bleach for sale.

He also said that he was one of the first people to bring MMS to Ireland just like Mark Kishon Christopher had stated.

He seemed proud of that!

Richard was very cautious and suspicious during our conversation.

Listen to my second call with Richard Sharpe here.

I texted an email address to Richard Sharpe but I have not received any information yet.

I plan to report Sharpe to the authorities but I also believe that those involved in the BLEACH cult should be named and shamed.

Autistic children like my children are suffering because of people like Sharpe.

They are giving talks, telling vulnerable people to ingest this poisonous substance.

Sharpe portrays himself as a business man and is probably popular because of that.

However he is part of the MMS chain and just like the song is running in the shadows.

We must BREAK the MMS chain!

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