Leader Of Irish Political Party Direct Democracy Ireland Is Endorsing Pseudoscience And Treating Vulnerable Cancer Patients With Unlicensed, Unproven And Dangerous Treatments.

Pat Greene is leader of Irish political party Direct Democracy Ireland.

Learn more about Direct Democracy Ireland here.

Pat Greene promotes pseudoscience on his Facebook page, see some posts below.

He shares misinformation about vaccines also, see below.

Pat also signed a petition against me last year which supports MMS BLEACH peddlers. He accuses me of harming people and says my opinions are ill founded, see in screenshot below.

If this is not bad enough I have tortured myself by listening to a recent interview Pat gave on the Irish quack radio show ‘Open Your Mind’ in May of this year.

Pat Greene is introduced as leader of Direct Democracy Ireland.

The show is filled with quack talk, Pat talks about the dangers of white rice, pasta and ice cold water but has no issue with signing and sharing a petition that supports MMS BLEACH PEDDLERS!

I could not believe my ears, especially since this comes from a leader of a political party.

Thank goodness these quacks are not elected.

As I was nearing the end of this torturous quackery my concerns grew even more, Pat Greene started to talk about how he had ‘treated’ a woman with Cancer.

Pat Greene is NOT a doctor nor a Cancer specialist yet he took it upon himself to prey on a vulnerable woman with a serious Cancer diagnosis.

This woman was 38 years old when Pat experimented on her with unlicensed, unproven and dangerous treatments.

He says he used Ozone therapy, IV Vitamin C therapy, Gerson therapy on this woman and more.

These documented quack treatments and scams have injured many people.

They involve invasive procedures, where is Pat Greene carrying out these experiments?

Read about these dangerous quack treatments here, here, here and here.

Listen to a segment from the interview with Pat Greene on Open Your Mind radio here.

People can listen to the full interview here.

Pat says this woman eventually died, his quackery never cured her, he blames chemotherapy medication for her death and suggests that Cannabis Oil could have saved her.

I am disgusted with this man, this charlatan who thinks he can experiment on the seriously ill with dangerous quack treatments.

I have complained to the communications officer of Direct Democracy Ireland today and they say they will investigate their leaders behaviour.

However I see that previous leaders/members of Direct Democracy Ireland have also endorsed pseudoscience, like Jan Van De Ven, see in screenshots below.

Direct Democracy Ireland must stop their leaders and spokespersons endorsing dangerous and misinformed quackery.

I will be reporting Pat Greene to the Authorities.

Pat Greene will not respond to my concerns, even after I made several attempts to contact him.

4 thoughts on “Leader Of Irish Political Party Direct Democracy Ireland Is Endorsing Pseudoscience And Treating Vulnerable Cancer Patients With Unlicensed, Unproven And Dangerous Treatments.

  1. I can’t believe there are so many nonsensical junk science activists out there. People who have no proper understanding of science and their beliefs rooted in mysticism and irrational thinking. We are living in an age of primitive intellectuality here: flat earthers, moon hoax believers, those who believe in corporate corruption that is unfounded or hysterical, etc.

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